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Do you wish to make changes to your Royal Jordanian Airlines ticket? Perhaps, you want to avail some additional services. Either way, through the help of Royal Jordanian Manage My Booking, flyers can modify and make changes to their original tickets as they wish. 

Although, before making any changes, make sure to go through all the policies, terms & conditions, along with the procedure given in the blog mentioned below. 

 Table of Content 

  • Royal Jordanian Manage My Bookings possible.
  • How to proceed with this Manage My Booking feature?
  • Guidelines of Royal Jordanian Manage My Bookings.
  • FAQ.

Royal Jordanian Manage My Booking

As noted above, many passengers make several mistakes while booking or filling in details for their airline ticket reservations. 

Well, flyers don’t need to worry or panic about these mistakes. Royal Jordanian is one of the best airlines focusing on providing its customers with the best facilities, services, and offers. 

Therefore, airlines provide a ‘Manage My Bookings’ feature that helps to modify and change details in the original tickets.

How to Proceed with Royal Jordanian Manage My Booking Feature? 

Manage My Bookings is a flexible Online Feature provided by the airlines that help to make changes in the original reservations in case of any errors or incorrect details. For example. 

  • Flight Time
  • Date of Travel
  • Flight Status
  • Advanced Seat Selection
  • Details of passengers
  • Cancellation and Reschedule
  • Baggage
  • Refund
  • Travel Class
  • On-Board Service.
  • Advance Check-In.
  • Other Services.

Below is mentioned the procedure for making these changes. Follow it step by step and proceed with your ‘Manage My Bookings.’ 

  • Firstly, visit the official website of Royal Jordanian.
  • Secondly, click on the tab ‘Manage My Bookings.’ 
  • Then, a new page will open asking you for some details.
  • Therefore, enter your Booking Reference number and your Last name. 
  • Afterward, the page will display the details of your original flight.
  • Then scroll down and click the change you want to make in your flight.
  • Therefore, follow the steps carefully.
  • Then, after making the changes click on ‘confirm’ or ‘save changes.
  • Afterward, make the payment if required. 
  • Therefore, wait to receive the confirmation message or mail regarding your Royal Jordanian Manage My Booking.
  • Lastly, the airline will provide flyers with their new E-Tickets on their respective screens and confirmed emails. 

What are the guidelines of ‘Manage My Bookings’?

As noted above, the Manage My Bookings policy is offered to passengers in case they want to modify or change the details of their flight tickets.

Flight Change

Flight Change policy includes Date Change and Time Change of original flight reservations. 

  • Passengers can change their flight date and time according to their schedule. 
  • There is a specific period for making these changes. 
  • Airlines allow modifying flight dates and times within 24 hours of ticket purchase. 
  • However, airlines will charge fare differences.
  • If done after 24 hours, airlines will charge changing fee. 
  • The fee ranges from $100-$500. 
  • Moreover, airlines don’t accept any flight change requests before 24 hours of the original flight departure. 

Name Change

Royal Jordanian Airlines offers its flyers two types of name change: Legal Name Change and Minor Name Change. 

  • Airlines only allow Name Changes to reservations made through the airlines’ official site.
  • The airlines allow passengers to correct up to 3 letters in their full name free of cost.
  • Passengers can make the name change request within 24 hours of ticket purchase.
  • If passengers want to change or modify their full name, they need to pay more charges.
  • If a request is made after 24 hours and it’s an emergency case, therefore, passengers need to pay charges.
  • Airlines don’t allow passengers to delete any of their names.
  • Passengers are not allowed to change any prefix title on the tickets.
  • Passengers need to submit government documents in case of a legal name change.
  • Airlines don’t accept any name change requests if done on the same day of flight departure. 
  • Passengers can only make one change per ticket; if they wish to make more changes airline will ask for an extra fee. 

Cancelation Policy 

  • Passengers can make ticket cancelation within 24 hours of ticket purchase to avoid cancelation fees.
  • Airlines only cancel the tickets purchased from the airline’s site.
  • If cancelation is made after 24 hours of ticket purchase, the airline will ask for a cancelation fee.
  • This cancelation fee depends on the travel dates, type of ticket purchased, and destination.
  • The airline will only allow the cancelation of tickets in case of emergency if made on the same day of flight departure.
  • However, airlines don’t accept cancelation requests if tickets are purchased from a third party. 

Refund Policy

  • If flyers make the cancelation request within 24 hours of reservations, they will receive their full refund.
  • The airline will deduct some amount from the refundable amount if a cancelation is made after 24 hours of reservation.
  • Airlines only provide refunds for refundable tickets.
  • Passengers don’t receive any refund for Non-Refundable tickets.
  • Airlines also offer vouchers to passengers instead of refunds. Therefore, passengers are free to accept these vouchers or they can request a refund. 
  • Passengers with Non-Refundable tickets receives future flight credits if they cancel their tickets. 
  • These future flight credits can be used to book the next flight tickets.
  • Passengers should use these credits within one year of the issued date. 
  • Airlines will provide a full refund to the flyers if the flight is canceled by the airlines.

Baggage Policy

  • Carry-On Allowance.
  • As per Royal Jordanian policy, passengers in economy class can carry one bag on the flight.
  • However, passengers traveling on Embraer Aircraft can carry two bags on the flight.
  • These bags should not exceed the maximum weight limit of 7kg.
  • Airlines allow passengers to carry small items such as a Small Camera, Umbrella, Coat, and Blanket to the cabin free of cost.
  • Suppose passengers wish to carry any other electronic items such as a laptop. It should not exceed the weight limit as given by the airline. 
  • Checked-Baggage Allowances.
    • Airlines allow one piece of Checked Baggage per person.
Maximum Dimension62 linear inches/ 158 cm.
Maximum Weight30 kg.
  • Therefore, passengers must pay $150 per piece if they exceed the baggage limit.
    • In case of overweight baggage, passengers must pay the airline $50 per piece.

Cabin Class / Seat Selection

  • As per airline policy, passengers can make seat selections as they wish.
  • Passengers can also change their seat arrangements after making all the reservations.
  • Therefore, after 24 hours of ticket purchase, the airline will ask you to pay a fee to change your preferred seat.
  • Moreover, this fee is different for all the cabin classes. 

Note: If the cost of a new flight is higher than the original flight, passengers have to pay fare charges. On the other hand, if the fare is lower, then the airline will reimburse you partially. 


Q. Does Royal Jordanian allow pets in flight cabins?

Yes, passenegrs can carry their pets to the flight cabin. Therefore, passengers should go through all the pet policies before making a reservation for pets.

Q. What happens if a flight gets canceled by the airline?

Suppose the flight got canceled by the airline. In that case, the airline will rebook the passenger’s ticket to another flight with the same destinations in the same cabin class without asking for any extra flight change or rebooking charges. 

Q. Can passenegrs make the changes to their tickets via customer care service?

Yes, passengers are free to contact the airline’s customer care number. Therefore, they can make changes through the help of customer care agents who are available 24/7 to help the passengers.

On the other hand, if you have access to the internet, you can make these changes through the official website. Just access your booking through the Royal Jordanian Manage My Booking page, and make the changes you desire.

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