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    Last updated on October 4th, 2022 at 06:44 am

    Kuwait Airways is one of the best Kuwait airlines in passenger’s opinion. Their luxurious facilities and excellent service have made them a popular choice among other airways. However, in my opinion, you should explore Kuwait Airways Manage Booking. It will help you better to enhance your travel experience. In this blog, we intend to tell you the benefits that manage booking provides, and if you can claim it then how?

    Kuwait Airways Manage Booking Steps

    If you want to manage your Kuwait Airways ticket, you just need to follow a few easy steps.

    • Firstly, visit the official website.
    • Secondly, login with your account using pre-register credentials.
    • On the homepage you will get manage booking tab.
    • Click on the tab.
    • Then, you have to enter your last name, and booking reference or PNR number in the required column.
    • Finally, you can make the required changes or even cancel tickets if you want to.
    • After you are complete with managing your tickets you will get the fresh ticket on your e-mail id.

    Benefits of Kuwait Airways manage booking

    Kuwait Airways manage booking provides its passengers with several benefits. Some of them are listed below;

    1. Flight Change
    2. Name change
    3. Date Change
    4. Add an extra seat
    5. Add extra meals
    6. Cancel flight
    7. Additional baggage
    8. Upgrade seat
    9. Add any special service request
    10.  Refund request

    Let us know us all this in detail.

    1. Kuwait Airways Flight Changes
    2. Policy
    3. All non-refundable and refundable flights flow under the Kuwait Airways.
    4. Any changes done after the change window closes is chargeable.
    5. You may even have to pay the additional charges if your ticket, seat, or destination is been upgrade.
    6. Kuwait Airways ticket change is accessible only on online booking from official website, or from counters.
    7. If your change is due to covid-19 positivity or death in first family, then you won’t have to pay the charges for the changes.
    8. Transfer of ticket is not allowed by the airlines.
    9. Lastly, no tickets can be changed after you are done with the check-in process.
    10. Change Fee

    It cost around $75-$400 to make changes in your Kuwait Airways tickets. The variation in the charges depends on type of change made, type of ticket you are holding, etc. Also, it will depend on domestic or international flight.

    • Kuwait Airways Name Change

    If you enter your name wrong or is there any spelling error? With Kuwait Airways name change policy you can easily make the changes. Therefore, you don’t have to cancel your tickets in such a situation.

    • Name Change Policy
    • You can make the changes only if there is a slight spelling error in your name.
    • If your first name or surname is entirely different then you cannot make the changes.
    • For making the changes you are just required to make a call on the toll free number (8022138448).
    • Else you can go for an online name change process from the official website.
    • Kuwait Airways Date Change

    Changes in the date of travel are a common thing passengers look for. To help you out with this we are providing you the process in which you can make the change in you date easily.

    • Visit the Kuwait Airways official website.
    • Go to ‘manage booking’ tab to make changes in Kuwait Airways flight date.
    • Enter your surname and a six-digit character code involving characters and numbers.
    • Click on the ‘Change trip to continue’, and pick the new travel dates, as well as objective you wish to change.
    • Confirm the changes you made.
    • Click on the flight choice that suits you, and then ‘Proceed’ to continue.
    • Click on ‘Yes’ button to agree with the Kuwait Airways change policy.
    • Finally you have complete the transaction phase.
    • After this you will receive an email with your fresh ticket attached to it.
    • Also you can contact on toll free no 8446730381.
    • Kuwait Airways Reschedule Policy
    • According to Kuwait Airways change flight policy, you have to provide your contact details.
    • If the changes in your tickets are because of the airlines then you can claim for full refund.
    • Then, you should carry your waiver number to reschedule your tickets, delay or cancel your flight.
    • In case of your volunteer change, you have to pay the change fees.
    • Kuwait Airways Meal Change Feature

    Kuwait Airways doesn’t restrict you to book order your meal onboard. As they do not want to disappoint you by saying “sorry sir/ma’am we don’t have that at the moment.” You can pre order your meal 48 hours before the flight’s departure. And enjoy your choice of the meal within the options in air. Isn’t it relaxing?

    • Kuwait Airways Cancelation Policies
    • This policy works on both non-refundable and refundable tickets.
    • Secondly, the tickets should be booked from official website.
    • Thirdly, you will get the refund within a week or two, in the mode of transaction you did.
    • If your flight delays due to airline’s fault and you are not happy with the new timings, then you can ask for full return.
    • Refund Policy
    • Kuwait Airways ticket refund come to you within 7-10 days.
    • Assuming that the charge of the Kuwait Airways reservation states ‘Confined Fare’, therefore you just have to pay the fees and taxes.
    • Under any uncontrollable issues at hand, for example, the demise of a traveler or a close relative, a full discount would be applicable subsequent to approving the significant records and endorsements.
    • On account of ticket types, where Kuwait Airways reservation holds a mix of confined and non-limited charge administers, the most confined toll rule would be applied while asserting a discount on the booking.
    • Lastly, all Kuwait Airways ticket refunds will come after tax deduction.

    For any other information

    Most Frequently Asked Question

    Q1. How can I upgrade my seat on Kuwait Airways?

    You can upgrade your seat by visiting official website. Go to manage booking and follow the steps as mention above. You will be charged for the up gradation of your seat. And finally you are done. You will receive you’re your fresh ticket on your e-mail id.

    Q2. How can I change my flight date in Kuwait Airways?

    Yes, if you want then you can make changes in your travel date. This will charge you for the change fee plus difference in flight charges. You can call on toll free no. 171 or visiting the nearest Kuwait Airways office.

    Q3. How do I contact Kuwait Airways?

    To Contactwith Kuwait Airways you can call on a toll free no. 12015829200 or 844673038.
    Or else you can mail on their official e-mail id. that is customer-realations@kuwaitairways.com.

    Q4. Can I carry alcohol in Kuwait Airways?

    No, you cannot carry alcohol in Kuwait Airways as it is completely dry airlines. It is even prohibited in your check-in luggage.

    Q5. Which terminal is Kuwait Airways?

    It is mostly 4th terminal of KWI Kuwait International Airport, from where all Kuwait Airways take off.

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