How To Change A Name On Delta Airlines Ticket?

Have you ever booked your flight with delta airlines but now wish to change your delta flight flexibly and comfortably? Delta Name Change Policy helps its passengers at any time and gives them the best solutions anytime.

Creating any issue and hindrance is a part of everyone’s life. It is not possible that one will not make errors when they are doing any task. It is very obvious that people don’t want to make mistakes intentionally.

There are things in which making mistakes might affect our plans or tasks. One of such things is when we make the bookings for the air tickets. There are so many times when people enter the wrong name on their air tickets. Most people nowadays choose air tickets instead of any other way of transportation.

If you are the flyer who made the bookings with Delta Name Change Policy and made a mistake in your name, then all the information here will help you. there are times when an individual might make the bookings with the wrong name. But does this make you worried about it? There is nothing to worry about if you also did the same mistake. Delta airlines allow an individual to change the name on the flight ticket.

Before knowing how can an individual change their name on the delta airlines ticket, they should know about the name change policy of this airline.

About The Delta Name Change Policy

To make the whole name-changing process very easy and effortless, there is a policy that delta airlines have set up. When there is a specific policy set by airline for each thing, the functioning of all those things becomes much easier. Refer to the points below to find out all about the name change policy of Delta Name Change Policy or call the customer service at +1-202-982-2463

  • To make the change on your name on the ticket, you need to make sure that you request for changing the name seven days to 24 hours before your flights departure time.
  • All the individuals who make the bookings with delta airlines can make change in their first and middle name. They can do it without the use of a waiver code.
  • For the individuals who are looking to change their last name, there first and middle both the names are correct.

After knowing about the name change policy of delta airlines, one should get to know about the steps that they need to follow to make the change in name. Whether your spelling is wrong or you wrote the wrong spelling, one has the right to make changes in both the changes.

For all the individuals who are looking to change their names, here are the steps they should follow in the right order-

  • Go to the official website of delta airlines or dial +1-202-982-2463 for help.
  • On the official site, you will find the option of “manage my travels”. Click on this option on the top of the page.
  • In this step, you need to enter your last name with your reservation number. Make sure to enter the name which is there on your password.
  • Here, you will find your bookings. So, you need to select the part of booking which one wants to change or edit.
  • Press the option of “edit” in this step.
  • You can start making the changes you want to in your reservation. In this step, one becomes eligible for changing itinerary details, flights information, and at the last step, your personal information too.
  • As you are looking to change your name, that means you need to head to the third part i.e., the personal details. Skip directly to the third part and make the changes in your name.
  • Once the individual has made the changes, they need to click on the option of “confirm”.
  • Finalize and confirm your changes. Save the changes in this step. You can now get the print of your edited ticket.

About The Fee Structure Of Changing Name-

Another question that people want to know is what is the fee structure of changing the name. There is a fee that the flyers need to pay for making for the same. Also, one must know that the fee an individual has to pay is not fixed. The amount varies from $75-$500.

However, the amount that the flyers pay for changing their name depends on the type of ticket that the flyer made the booking for. In addition to all this information, there are other points too which people need to keep in mind. Those points are given below-

  • For the individuals who want to change their name because of marriage or divorce, they need to show all the important documents that prove the same.
  • Furthermore, you need to request the airline 24 hours to seven days from your departure date to make the change in name.
  • Flyers are eligible for changing the spelling of their name without paying any amount to the Delta Name Change Policy.
  • No passenger can make the corrections in their last name if there first and middle name isn’t correct. So, make sure your first and middle name is correct then only you can change the last name.
  • You are eligible for changing the name if you entered the nick name by mistake.
  • Another very important thing one need to know is that you cannot transfer the ticket of your name to someone else’s name.
  • There is no need for using the waiver code for changing your first and middle name.
  • No flyer is eligible for changing their surname from Jr. to Sr. and vice versa.

Can I Change A Flight Booked With SkyMiles?

Are you the individual who has made the bookings with SkyMiles? Do you want to change the flight for which you made the bookings using sky miles? If yes, you can use all the information and steps given below to make the changes.

  • Open your web browser.
  • Enter or simply visit the official site of delta airlines or dial +1-202-982-2463.
  • When you will enter this link, you will find the complete list of trips. From among those trips, go ahead to find the trip from that list.
  • Select the flight in which you want to make the changes. You need to hit the airport code for the same. You can also click on the option of “details”. When you will click on this option, you will receive the trip details page on your screen.
  • Finally, click on the option of change and make the changes you want to.

In addition to this, another most asked question that flyers want to know is Can I transfer my delta E Credit to someone else? Delta airlines do not allow the flyers to transfer their E credit to any other individual.

Can I Cancel A Flight & Get A Full Refund?

What about cancellations and refunds? There are individuals who want to make know all about the cancellation process and about the refund too. When an individual cancels the bookings with delta airlines, there are some simple steps that they need to follow. Using these steps, one can cancel their reservations.

The steps that an individual needs to follow are the following-

  • Go to the official website of delta airlines.
  • When the official site opens up, you need to find the option of “my trip”.
  • In this step, click the option of “modify flight”. Also, you need to press the option of “flight cancellation”.
  • After following all these steps, finally one will cancel their bookings.

However, it is essential to understand that the passengers of delta airlines are eligible for canceling their flight before the date of their departure. Moreover, an individual can use the amount which is unused when they decide to buy a new one.

When one is done with the cancellation, they want to know more about the refund policy. There are some things on which the amount of refund depends. Those factors are the type of ticket an individual books, the type of fare and in addition to this, the way which one used to buy their ticket.

If you’re still facing changing the name on delta tickets then you can connect with Delta Airlines Manage Booking or call the delta helpline at +1-202-982-2463. For all the flyers who cancel their bookings within the time period of 24 hours, they don’t have to pay any penalty for the same. Whether you have a refundable, non-refundable, or basic economy ticket, individuals will receive the amount of refund to the original refund payment mode.