Hawaiian Airlines Change Flight

Hawaiian Airlines Change Flight

Did you make bookings with Hawaiian Airlines for your next air trip? When one makes the bookings for their trip, there are times when they have to make changes to their flight. Furthermore, when this situation arises, people tend to get very worried, and they do not know what they need to do in this case. However, one of the airlines which people trust is Hawaiian Airlines.

So, Hawaiian Airlines’ change flight option will allow them to make changes to their flight as they want to. Once you go through the information below, you will learn about the policy of change flight, its procedure, and much more. 

How To Change Flight On Hawaiian Airlines?

Hawaiian Airlines Change Flight Guidelines, Fees, and online & offline process

Before we proceed to know about the procedure of flight change, it is essential to know about its policy. Information on the policy will help in completing the process of flight change in a hassle-free

manner. Furthermore, Hawaiian Airlines has set up the policy in a way that it caters to the needs of all its passengers. Go through the points given below to find out the right change policy of Hawaiian airline in detail- 

  • Firstly, Hawaiian Airlines allows its Flyers to make changes to their flight till the day of their departure. 
  • Furthermore, according to the Hawaiian Airlines change flight policy an individual eligible to make changes without paying any fee or charges up to 24 hours after the booking. 
  • If the changes in the flight are done by the airline, then one does not have to pay any charges or fees for the same. 
  • Individuals traveling with a discount or promotional tickets cannot make any changes to their tickets.
  • Also, remember that if you bought the ticket via the offline method, you are not eligible to change it via the online one. This means you are allowed to make the changes in the same way as you bought your ticket. 

Hawaiian Airlines change flight Process 

Passengers can easily change their flight by knowing about three methods set by Hawaiian Airlines Manage Booking. To make the procedure manageable and easy for its Flyers, there are two different ways set by the airline. Furthermore, as there are three ways, Flyers have enough freedom to choose the best one for themselves. Once you go through the information below, you will first know about the online method of flight change. 

  • Online method

Firstly, the method with which you can change your flight is by visiting the official website of Hawaiian Airlines. As this is the online method, it becomes easy for people to complete the procedure in no time. Furthermore, by following some steps on the official website, an individual can complete this procedure by sitting at home. 

The steps you need to follow by visiting the official website are given below- 

Hawaiian Airlines Change Flight Process

1. Firstly, open your web browser and open the official website of Hawaiian Airlines or dial +1-888-906-0670 for help. 

2. Now in this step, click on the option of my trips. You will find this option on the home page itself. 

3. Furthermore, enter the last name of the flyer with the confirmation E-ticket number.  

4. Once you enter this information, you need to click on “view my trip.” 

5. Once your booking opens up, you will find the “change my flights” tab in this step. Click on this option. 

6. Now go ahead by following the instructions you will see on your screen. 

7. Here you need to pay the change fee and the fare difference in the flight fare if applicable. 

8. Lastly, you will get the new ticket confirmation via call or email.

  • Offline method

Another method that people can use for Hawaiian Airlines change flight is the offline method. To use the offline method of a flight change, you need to get the phone number of Hawaiian Airlines from the official website. Furthermore, use that number to contact travel experts of Hawaiian Airlines. Once you connect with them, go ahead and ask them to make all the changes you want to in your bookings. 

  • Through the app 

Lastly, you can even complete the Hawaiian Airlines change flight procedure via are the phone application. To make the whole procedure hassle-free for its Flyers, there is an application using which one can do this process. Firstly, download the application on your device. And then, follow these steps given on the application for completing the flight change process. 

Hawaiian airlines change flight fees- 

In addition to all the information given above, another essential thing passengers need to know is Hawaiian airlines change flight Fee. Go through the points given below and find out about the change fee set by Hawaiian Airlines in detail.

Hawaiian Airlines Change Flight Fee
  • Firstly, Hawaiian airline charges a change fee on the non-refundable tickets if you want to change the time, date, and flight route. 
  • Another essential thing to know about the Hawaiian Airlines change flight fee is that the change fee varies according to the type of flight and its origin place. 
  • Furthermore, for the international flight change, the fee varies from $50 to $300. If you booked tickets through the Hawaiian miles, you need to pay the fee of $50. 
  • Moreover, for the domestic flights, the Hawaiian Airlines change fee is $200. dial the helpline at +1-888-906-0670 for help.

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Till what time can I make changes to my flight?

Hawaiian Airlines allows you to make changes in your flight till the day of your departure. Furthermore, you are eligible for making the changes one hour before the departure time of your flight.

What is the fee I need to pay for changing my flight?

The fee set by Hawaiian Airlines varies according to flight type and origin. Furthermore, the change flight fee varies from $52 to $300.

Do I need to pay Hawaiian Airlines change flight fee for the non-refundable tickets?

Yes, an individual need to pay the fee on a non-refundable ticket if they make changes in date, time, and the flight route.

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