Spirit Airlines Manage Booking: How To Check My Reservation?

Spirit Airlines Manage Booking

Spirit Airlines Manage Booking can help passengers in multiple ways. It allows them to make changes to the reservation and customize it to suit their needs. You can make modifications at Spirit Airlines quickly and easily by paying an additional fee for the change. Flyers can view and make changes to their current Spirit Airlines Reservations through the Spirit Airlines Manage Booking or My Trips option. Learn all you can do and help passengers get at manage booking. On this page, get details on how to make changes or cancellations, and the steps to use Manage Booking with Spirit Airlines.

Spirit Airlines Manage Booking – Video Guide

How do I check my reservation on Spirit Airlines?

You can check your reservation on Spirit Airlines using the ‘My Trip’ option. To check your reservation online, go to Spirit Airlines Manage Booking and then log into the My Trip or My Reservation option with your Spirit confirmation number and last name in the appropriate fields. After that, you’ll see a wide list of your flight itineraries on your screen. You can select any of them to check your reservation.

Steps To Use Spirit Airlines Manage Booking

You can easily access Spirit Airlines Manage Booking online through the airline’s website or mobile app. Steps to retrieve and manage Spirit Airlines bookings are explained below:

Manage Flight via Website

It is most convenient to manage bookings through the official site. Spirit Airlines Manage Booking offers its passengers the opportunity to make modifications to their flight bookings as and when they want. They can make changes anytime and from anywhere in the world through Spirit Airlines’ official site.

1. Firstly, visit Spirit Airlines’ official website through the browser, phone, or PC.

2. Go on to the manage booking or my trips option or dial the Spirit helpline number.

My Trips Spirit Airlines Manage Booking

3. Add your booking details, including the confirmation number and passenger details.

Find Spirit Flight Trip via Manage Booking

4. Then click on search for my booking.

5. When you see your booking reflected on your screen, click on the preferred section.

6. Lastly, you can see your booking, click on edit, and follow the instructions on the screen to make changes or cancel your booking.

Manage Flight via App

  1. From the Google Play Store or Apple Store, download the Spirit Airlines Mobile App.
  2. Login to the Spirit Airlines My Trips Feature.
  3. Find your flight using your last name and flight confirmation code.
  4. Choose a flight in which you want to make changes.
  5. Now follow the on-screen instructions.

Note: Spirit Airlines allows passengers to make changes to their reservation one hour prior to the departure. With the help of this feature, you can modify your reservation even from your home.

Features At Spirit Airlines Manage Booking

Here are some of the things that can be managed under Spirit Airlines Manage Booking:-

Web Check-In

Passengers can check-in for their flights online through the manage booking or My Trips tab. Early check-in helps save time and avoid the last-moment hassle at the airport. Passengers can benefit from checking in online for their Spirit Airlines flights and being stress-free last moment.

Cancel Your Flight and Get a Refund

Emergencies can occur to anyone. Spirit Airlines has a Spirit Airlines Cancellation feature to allow its passengers to make a cancellation without any additional charges. Cancellation needs to be done sometime before the departure. If cancellation is from the airline side, passengers are provided complete compensation. Refunds are provided for canceled flights.

Flight Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your flight with Spirit within 24 hours of booking without paying any cancellation charges. Plus, you will get a full refund if you cancel your flight within 24 hours of the ticket purchase.

If canceling beyond 24 hours of the original booking, you need to pay cancellation charges as per the fare tickets and class you had booked. However, the refund and the cancellation procedure may differ from one fare to another that you select to fly. For instance, if you pass a flex or standard ticket, you must pay $90. As far as the award tickets are concerned, the cancellation charges will be $110.

Read further on Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Fee

Spirit Airlines follows a tier system for the Spirit Airlines Cancellation/Change Fee. Read the table below to understand the Cancellation/Change fee better.

Days From DepartureCancellation/Change Charges
0-6 days$79
7-14 days$59
15-59 days$39
60+ daysFree
Spirit Airlines Cancellation Fees

Online Refund Request

Spirit Airlines does not include refundable tickets in its fare types as it already offers the lowest possible fare tickets. You may cancel or change your reservations but can not receive the refund amount back. Even Spirit Saver Club Members are not allowed to get refunds.

The only exceptions to this refund policy may apply if the flyer’s sudden death before or during the flight. However, the passenger’s relatives need to show the death certificate as an attachment to the Department of Guest Relations. Or you can email the said documents to the Help Center of the airline.

Make a call on the Spirit Airlines Manage Booking number to gather more details about your booking and resolve any queries related to your reservation. Agents are available around the clock to assist passengers and provide relevant information to ensure a happy and safe journey.

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Check Flight Status

Checking the status of a flight is one crucial thing to do to be stress-free at the airport. Knowing the current flight status allows passengers to know beforehand if the flight is delayed or canceled.

Add Extra Baggage To Your Itinerary

Spirit does not add any free bags to its base fare of tickets, not even the carry-on bags. Moreover, the baggage allowance fee will increase closer to the departure date.

All the checked baggage should be less than 40 pounds in weight and 62 inches in dimension. When calculating a fee, Spirit Airlines considers various things such as travel dates, routes, fare types, and saver club.

Spirit Airlines passengers are free to add extra baggage to their existing reservations. This is for the people who are willing to carry more bags than allowed. They can purchase excess baggage online by paying the Spirit Airlines Baggage Fee with their reservation through the manage booking option. This will enable them to travel with their choice of bags.

Advance Seat Selection

Spirit Airlines allows passengers to choose their seats through the manage booking option available on the website and mobile app. Customers can also select their seats for Spirit Airlines flights through the airport counter. Passengers are free to choose a seat of their choice from the aisle to the window or the one with more legroom. It provides them with a more comfortable and memorable flying experience.

Pet Travel, Special Services, and More!

Spirit Airlines passengers can avail of services like adding meals to their reservation or any other extra service like a wheelchair, pet, etc. They can book their meals and satisfy their cravings with the best menu of Spirit Airlines offering a variety of meals. Booking meals online also gives passengers discounts and deals.

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Change Flight Date or Destination

We understand that plans change. That’s why Spirit Airlines offers various other options to make flight changes effortless. Passengers are allowed to make any changes at least 60 days or more before the departure date of their flight free of cost. Follow the step-by-step guide given below to modify your bookings with ease:

  1. Firstly, visit Spirit’s website or contact our spirit team.
  2. Then choose the ‘Manage Booking’ option.
  3. After visiting there, provide your reservation code and last name in the corresponding field.
  4. Then tap the ‘continue’ button. Now your booking details are available on your screen.
  5. Select the flights you need to modify, Then tap on the ‘Change’ button. Also, Do not forget to read the Spirit Airlines Change Flight Policy before going to make changes.
  6. After that, you need to choose alternative flights. Pay the amount for change or excess fare if applicable.

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Get Spirit’s Flight Flex Add-On

Flight Flex is the protection against the changes or modifications you may need to make in the future. You can find this protection on the Extras page while booking through the official website. By adding this flight flex to your itinerary, you are eligible to alter your booking online up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure with no change fee. However, you need to pay the fare difference amount or any additional fees or taxes. Remember these pointers:

  1. It is only applicable to bookings done on the official website or through the selected travel portals.
  2. You can only buy the flight flex during your initial flight bookings.
  3. It does not apply to the existing bookings.
  4.  Flight flex can be used to waive modification fees only once for one flex purchase.
  5. You can only change the date, time, name, or destination/origin of tickets.

How to change the name on a ticket of Spirit Airlines? If we talk about policies related to changing the name of Spirit Airlines, many travelers wondered if they were allowed to switch passengers or if they had entered the wrong name on their boarding pass.

Change Or Correct Passenger’s Name On Ticket

If you made a mistake in your name when booking a flight ticket with Spirit, you can easily correct it through the Spirit Airlines Manage Booking facility. Here are the guidelines you need to note:

  1. Without any risk, the passengers can rename or amend their flights within Twenty-Four hours, according to the Spirit Renaming Policy. There is a cancellation period available. Spirit Airlines does not charge a fee for changing your name.
  2. The flight needs to be carried out by Spirit Airlines, and the ticket inventory number must begin with 095.
  3. Airlines are prohibited from changing the ownership of bookings under Spirit Airlines’ re-branding policy.

Alternatively, you can speak to a live person at Spirit to request a passenger’s name change or correction.

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FAQs – Spirit Airlines Manage Booking

How can I change or cancel my reservation?
You can change or cancel your reservation with the help of the My Trip tool. For this, you have to log into your My Trip account using your confirmation number and last name. After that proceed with the on-screen instructions to cancel or change your flight reservation.

Can I change my spirit flight for free?
If you are traveling with Spirit Airlines, the airline allows you to change your flight for free. But you must ensure that you are canceling or changing your flight at least 60 days before its departure. You can make cancellations or changes in your flight using the ‘My Trip’ tool online.

How can I see my flight booking?
You can see your flight booking online via the My Trip option. To check your flight booking online, you need to log into your My Trip account by entering your flight booking reference number and last name. And once you log into your account all your flight reservation lists will be displayed on your device’s screen.

How do I speak to a live person at Spirit Airlines?
You can speak to a live person at Spirit Airlines via a call. You can get connected with the executive by dialing  1 (855) 728-3555. After that share your issues or problems with them to get a reliable solution.

How can I change my flight date for free?
You can change the date of your flight date for free by changing it to 60 or more days. You can make these changes online. All you have to do is visit the official website and then the MyTrip section and log into your account. Furthermore, follow the on-screen to make the required changes.

Where is the Manage Travel tab for Spirit Airlines?
Manage Travel or My Trip feature allows the flyers to modify their travel plans as per their needs. The passengers can find the Manage Travel Tab on the official website. This tool can be used for making last-minute changes, online check-in, adding more baggage, upgrading seats, and much more. 

How do I change my flight schedule on Spirit Airlines?
You can change your flight schedule on Spirit Airlines via the My Trip option. To modify your flight itinerary, go to the My Trip section and log into your account using your last name and booking reference number. Once you log into your account successfully, follow the further steps to change your flight schedule.

How long does a reservation credit last on Spirit?
If the passenger cancels a flight with Spirit Airlines, then Spirit Reservation is credited to the flyer’s account. These credits are non-transferable, which means that travelers can not book a flight for others using these credits. Also, these credits usually expire within 90 days of issuance.

How do I find my trip on Spirit?
You can find your trip on Spirit under the My Trip section. But to find the trip you need to enter your last name and booking reference code to log into your account. After logging into your account, you’ll see a list of your past and upcoming trips on the screen. You can click on any of the flight itineraries to check the details.

Can you change the passenger name on Spirit Airlines?
A free name change is available for reservations with minor misspellings or legal name changes. Please click here to speak with us right now, or call us at 1-855-728-3555 if you need help with the name changes.

Can you get a refund on Spirit Airlines?
Reservations made more than 7 days (168 hours) before departure will only be refunded if a refund request is submitted within 24 hours of the original reservation.

What happens if Spirit cancels the flight?
If Spirit Airlines cancels a flight, travelers are entitled to a refund of their ticket purchase. However, you are not entitled to a refund if you voluntarily cancel your booked flight.

How much in advance can passengers make changes to their Spirit Airlines reservations?
Passengers can make changes to their reservations until 24 hours before departure. Cancellations are also possible last minute.

Can I cancel my Spirit reservation?
Spirit Airlines allows its passengers to cancel without additional charges through the Spirit Airlines Manage Booking tool. Cancellation needs to be done sometime before the departure.

Is there a 24-hour cancellation policy on Spirit?
Yes, you can cancel your flight bookings within a 24-hour risk-free window without paying any modification fee.

How to get a boarding pass online?
When a person opts for the web check-in, on completing the procedure, they are given an e-boarding pass that can be printed or used as it is. The boarding pass is also sent via email so the passengers can save it. It is only sent after successful check-in.

Is extra baggage chargeable?
Yes, carrying extra baggage is possible on Spirit Airlines flights, but it costs some. Passengers need to check the baggage fee at the baggage calculator available on the official site to know about the baggage fees.

Can I transfer my Spirit ticket to someone else?
Yes, you may transfer your Spirit ticket to another person by following the rules and regulations of Spirit Airlines. Any flyer can do this activity of sharing their ticket with others

Is there any fee to modify bookings for Spirit Airlines?
Yes, you need to pay $90 to modify bookings at Spirit Airlines beyond the 24-hour grace period. Plus, the passengers need to pay the difference amount if they change their flight or opt for an additional service.

Modify My Trips/Reservations

Enter Your Information To Look Up a Trip. After that you can Modify your reservations. In order to book a flight or make reservations, call on our Number.

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