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    Travel plans on hold? Don’t worry. We understand your dilemma and, in our process, to serve you better, the airline has planned a rescheduling policy. Whenever you are ready to make your travel plan, you can visit their website, and under the Allegiant Air Manage Booking option, you are allowed to change your booking. In light of the ongoing situation, you might not take your flight. 

    Travel hassle-free with Allegiant Air Manage Booking 

    Allegiant offers several vacation packages at attractive prices and makes travel convenient and reasonable. We want to be the one airline you think of when you need a great vacation at a great price. Allegiant is a leisure airline furnished with an all-coach arrangement. For your relief, Allegiant offers extra Legroom seating options available for purchase on select flights. Allegiant is a domestic carrier. Passengers can change their travel plans without paying change or cancellation fees. Cancellations and changes can be made directly by visiting the Allegiant Air Manage Booking section on the website or the app. Visit Allegiant Air Manage Booking to change or cancel your booking, upgrade to priority access, select seats, and pre-purchase bags. 

    Allegiant Air Manage Booking- Online method

    • To make modifications to your reservation, visit or dial +1-805-270-2709 helpline number and locate the tab ‘Manage Travel.’ 
    • Enter your details, such as your First and Last name, in the spaces provided. Be careful not to mix up the names. 
    • Next, enter your Booking confirmation number. You can find the number in your email. 
    • Now, click on ‘My Trip.’ This will take you to your itinerary. Pick the latest flight you wish to make changes to Confirm your changes. 
    • You can also call the airlines on the registered number and get proper assistance. 

    Welcome to My Trips!

    How can we help you today?

    Start here to change or cancel your flight reservation, select seats, pre-purchase bags, upgrade to Priority Access, or add a hotel room or rental car.

    Choose one of the methods below to access your itinerary.

    By cwonfirmation #By emailBy credit/debit card

      Things one can do via allegiant air manage booking option-

      • Cancellation

      To cancel an entire itinerary, visit. Allegiant Air Manage Booking to access your online Trip Summary, select the “Cancel my Entire Trip.” You will get a complete refund in the original form of payment for cancellations made within 24 hours of your initial purchase. You can also cancel your reservation and receive a full refund in an Allegiant coupon for your next journey, which is excellent for two years from the original reservation date. 

      Allegiant Credit Vouchers can be applied immediately online towards your next travel

      reservation. Travel must be completed within two years of the initial reservation date. 

      • Make changes 

      You may change your flight to any other scheduled Allegiant flight at no additional cost. Additionally, one can make changes to their traveling dates, name, etc. 

      • Add seats

      You can reserve a seat for an in low-priced when you make your reservation online or by visiting us at any time. Unfortunately, exit row seating is not available to families with children under 15 due to safety guidelines. 

      You can add a seat of your liking (if available) through the website,, or the official app. 

      Please keep in mind that any modifications done to your booking through the website can only be done for the tickets bought directly from the airlines. 

      • Add additional services and facilities 

      In-Flight Refreshments & Services 

      For your ease, Allegiant offers a variety of drinks and snacks onboard. You can pick from a great collection of onboard menus. Enjoy the delightful snack and a refreshing drink from the comfort of your seat. 

      Booking Reservations For Children

      Kids love to visit different destinations, and Allegiant loves flying them there!

      Passengers under 14 years old on the date of travel are considered children.

      For children under the age of 24 months on the date of travel. Allegiant

      supports safe travel for children of all ages. Please show identification proof

      stating the age if you are traveling with an infant. 

      Flight Disruptions 

      Allegiant understands that flight cancellations and delays are frustrating. They can influence your travel plans, but getting you to your destination comfortably and safely is always the airline’s number one priority. Allegiant is doing everything possible to lower troubles and stay on schedule. However, the airline advises you to include your contact information in your reservation, such as your phone or email. 

      Essential policies to know about-

      • Change flight policy

      Go through the information given below and find out the change policy of allegiant airlines for both without trip flex and with trip flex. 

      • Without Trip Flex 
      • Firstly, individuals are eligible to change their flight within seven days before the departure date of their flight. 
      • Furthermore, specific flight changes depend on the availability at that time. 
      • Moreover, the passengers might have to pay the fee of $25 per person if they decide to complete the flight change procedure. 
      • With Trip Flex 

      For the passengers who have trip flex included in their reservation, then they get to enjoy certain benefits. Go through the points given below and find out about the change flight in this case. Furthermore, remember one can go ahead to complete this procedure by using the allegiant air manage booking option available on the official website and dialing +1-805-270-2709 for help. 

      • Firstly, the passengers with trip flex can cancel their Bookings within 24 hours of Purchasing it, and they will get the total amount as a refund. 
      • No flyer with the triplex has to pay any amount as the change fee. 
      • Furthermore, Allegiant airlines offer this as a one-time use. If you decide to make a change the second time, you will have to follow the rules set for the individuals without trip flex. 
      • Lastly, if any passenger cancels their trip via the online method, they will receive a voucher that they can use in the future for travel. 
      • Name change or correction policy
      • According to the name change policy of allegiant airlines and individuals can make minor changes in the name. Example- spelling mistake. 
      • Furthermore, one can change up to four characters in the full name. 
      • No passenger is eligible to transfer their ticket to any other person’s name. 
      • Moreover, if there are significant changes in your name, you will first have to cancel your reservation and then rebook it. 
      • In case of marriage or divorce, you can change the name by providing the required documents. 
      • Cancellations policy 

      Allegiant Airlines Cancellation 24-Hours Policy 

      • According to the 24-hour cancellation policy, an individual can cancel within 24 hours without paying any cancellation fee or charges. 
      • If you cancel within this time, the airline will provide the refund back via the original source of payment. 
      • Furthermore, you can use the allegiant air manage booking option on the official website to complete the cancellation process. 
      • Moreover, individuals need to pay $75 as a cancellation fee if they want to cancel their reservation. This is the rule when you do not cancel within 24 hours. 
      • The airline will not provide any credits or refund if one does not cancel their booking in less than one week from their departure date.
      • Refund policy 
      • Firstly, according to the 24-hour allegiant airline refund policy, an individual can get a refund if they cancel within 24 hours of making the booking. If one does not cancel within this time, they’re not eligible for getting their full refund. 
      • Furthermore, the individuals who bought non-refundable flight tickets can also get the refund amount if they cancel within 24 hours. 
      • Only the contrary, if the 24 hours window passes, the airline will not provide any refund. 
      • Missed flight policy
      • According to the missed flight policy, the airline will not provide any credit if you do not reach the airport. Therefore, the airline will fortify your total fare if you miss your flight, including the taxes. 
      • Furthermore, if the passenger does not cancel within the required period, they will not get any credit amount. 
      • Moreover, the allegiant airline does not provide any compensation for the missed flight. However, you are eligible to get a refund if you cancel within the right time. 
      • Baggage policy 

      Passengers may take one personal item in-flight for no charge. However, charges may apply if you carry a personal bag or checked luggage. Prices at the airport are higher. Visit the Allegiant Air Manage Booking page to reserve your bags before taking off. 

      You can bring one free personal item with you to the cabin. However, your item, like a small backpack, a purse, or a briefcase, must be kept entirely in front of your seat. According to the airlines’ policy, the maximum size dimension is 7 x 15 x 16 inches. If the baggage exceeds the limit, it will be registered as oversized baggage. 

      How to add and purchase extra baggage on Allegiant Air Manage Booking 

      • Visit the website,, or dial +1-805-270-2709 for help. You can perform the same function by opening the Allegiant App. 
      • Locate the tab, Manage travel on the homepage, and click on it. 
      • Moreover, you have three ways to access your itinerary. You can enter your Confirmation Number, Email, or credit/debit card details. 
      • If you pick the first option, i.e., By Confirmation Number, enter your First Name, Last Name, and your flight confirmation number. 
      • Select Find My Trip. Your recent itinerary will be displayed on the screen. 
      • You can add baggage, update your travel class to a higher level or change the flight dates. You can also purchase your seats in advance. 
      • Pet policy 
      • According to the pet policy of allegiant airlines, if you have small cats or dogs, you can carry them in the cabin.  
      • Furthermore, the carrier for your pet should be waterproof, and there should be enough space for them to stand and move around. 
      • The pet policy of this airline allows small domestic cats and dogs only. 
      • The passengers who have a pet traveling with them need to be at least 15 years old. Furthermore, the age of the pet should be minimum of 8 weeks. 
      • Also, remember the pet carrier is not considered a part of carry-on baggage. So, the passengers need to pay the additional amount for the same. 
      • Your pet’s carrier should not be larger than 9″ H x 16″ W x 19″ D.
      I have the Allegiant App. Can I manage my booking there?

      Yes, the app is efficiently designed to help you manage and modify your bookings. You can check in online and save your boarding pass. 
      I want to change my flight date. What is the quickest way?
      You could change the flight date online if you booked your ticket directly through Allegiant Airlines. Just visit or download the Allegiant App. However, if you booked your tickets through a travel agency, please contact them to make changes name on the allegiant

      Can I use my travel voucher to book tickets?

      Yes, you can use your travel voucher to book a flight. Please get in touch with the airlines if you are willing to use your voucher. 

      Do I have to pay for a personal item?

      No, Allegiant allows you to bring one personal item to the cabin for no charge. You can carry a small item such as a small backpack, purse, or laptop for no extra cost. The item should be small enough to fit in the space provided

      What is Allegiant’s 24- hour cancellation policy?

      As per the policy, if you make changes or cancel your reservation within 24 hours of booking, you will not have to pay any fee. However, if you decide to rebook your flight or switch to a different flight, you must pay the fare difference. 

      How to speak to a person at allegiant air? 

      If you wish to speak to a person at the allegiant airlines, you can contact them via their phone number. Firstly, visit the official website and find the phone number there, dial +1-805-270-2709 helpline number, contact the travel expert of this airline, and ask all your queries. 

      Does allegiant charge if you miss your flight? 

      The airline will charge you $75 if you are part of the no-show. So, you will get the remaining amount back. Only $75 will be deducted from the total amount. 

      Is there a free baggage allowance on an allegiant flight?

      All the Flyers of Regent airlines are eligible to bring one personal item free of charge. Furthermore, if one decides to bring additional carry-on baggage or check luggage, they will have to pay certain charges.  

      How do I cancel my flight with allegiant? 

      To complete the cancellation process of your flight, visit the official website and use the allegiant air manage booking option click on this option and follow the steps given their complete cancellation procedure. 

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