SAS Airlines Change Flight Policy – Fee, Date, 24-Hour Rule [2024]

SAS Airlines Change Flight Policy

SAS Airlines is one of the most trusted airlines with customer-friendly policies. If you have booked a flight with the airline but wish to get the flight date, time, or destination changed, you can do so both online and offline. Before you request a flight change, be sure to go through the SAS Airlines Change Flight Policy. It offers details on flight change fees, same-day flight change, the 24-hour rule, and more. 

SAS Airlines Change Flight Policy – Latest Guidelines

SAS Airlines Change Flight Policy, Fees, & Step-by-Step Guide
  • You can modify and cancel Star Alliance and SAS Bonus trips before 24 hours of your departure if the points are still valid. 
  • You cannot make use of the point you already lost. The points will never be credited to your EuroBonus account if you cancel the booking less than 24 hours before the departure. Taxes and fees are refundable if levied by the carrier. 
  • You must contact SAS customer service if you want to change the flight after making a reservation for Asia or US. 
  • You are free to modify your reservations online with SAS Airlines. You have to pay some extra fee for it in addition to the price difference. 
  • You have the allowance to change your flight tickets and change your name up to one hour before your departure time. 

Eligibility Criteria For Changing SAS Airlines Flights

  • You need to make the initial reservations on the official websites. It is essential to do so. 
  • If you finalized your travel with a travel agent, you are ineligible to modify your flight date online. 
  • You cannot change your departure date if you have the flight booked with economy class. You have to rebook after canceling the initial for it. 
  • If you have done the online check-in, you cannot modify the reservation. 
  • There are so many various ways with which you can switch your flight. Choose the best process at your convenience. 
  • With various alterations, SAS Airlines make ticket maintenance simple and worthwhile. 
  • You must follow these eligibility criteria to undergo a flight change procedure. 

SAS Airlines 24-Hour Flight Change Rule

SAS Airlines 24 Hours Change Flight Policy
  • If you have made the flight changes within 24 hours of departure, there will be no extra flight change fee applicable. 
  • If you change your flight after 24 hours of departure, you must pay extra charges depending on the number of modifications. 
  • The change in flight from the old one, then you have to pay some extra depending on the fare difference between the old and new flight (if the new flight is costlier than the old one). If the flight you booked is cheaper than the old flight, the airline will pay you the compensation in your credit account. 
  • If you have made your bookings via a travel agent or third party, you must contact them for any flight changes. You can’t make changes through the website or by contacting SAS customer services. 

Same-Day Flight Change Guidelines

  • If there are a few vacant seats available on the flight you switch for on the same day, you have permission to board it. You just have to appear at the boarding gate, and the flight attendant will exchange the flight details and boarding card.
  • The process is invalid for later flights. If you want to switch your flight for later, visit the airport at the SAS service counters or call SAS customer service. The charges will depend on the type of ticket you possess. 

SAS Airlines Change Fee – How Much Does Flight Change Cost?

SAS Airlines Change Flight Fee
  • If you haven’t yet begun your trip, SAS airline allows changes, and the fare is 600 DKK/600 NOK/600 SEK/ €65/$80 (US) and $96 (Asia) per flight ticket. 
  • The changes done to SAS StarBonus and Star Alliance apply a few extra charges are applicable. 

How To Change SAS Airlines Flight Date?

If you wish to change your flight date, time, or destination, SAS Airlines gives you the option to do so via the official online and offline channels. To change your flight online, you must do so by visiting the SAS Airlines Manage Booking facility. To change flights offline, either contact the airline via phone call or directly at the airport.

Change SAS Airlines Flight through Manage Booking

1. For the flight process change, you must visit the SAS Airlines website

2. Once you open the website, move to the login page and sign up with your log in account. 

3. Then move and click on the ‘Manage My Booking’ page. 

4. After this, fill in all your details that, include your reference number and last name. 

5. You will see a list of flights and then click on the flight most suitable for you. Click on the change button. 

6. Ultimately, you can make suitable changes to your flight, like passenger details, schedule or timings, etc. 

7. If there is a flight change fee for every switch, you can pay the fee with different modes. It can be done either offline or online means. 

Request Flight Change by Contacting SAS Airlines Representative

If you don’t feel like doing the flight changing procedure online, you can go for the offline option. For the offline process, we mean contacting the SAS customer service for SAS Airlines Change Flight procedure. The team consists of problem-solving specialists who will help you change flights with ease. You can contact us through the toll-free number or the customer helpline number available on the SAS Airlines website. Before applying any change to the flight, the executive will go through all the details. After the thorough check, you have to pay a few extra service charges and the fee difference between the old and the new flights. 

Change Flight Directly At The Airport

If you are uncomfortable with changing your flight online, you can opt for yet another offline method. The other offline procedure is by visiting the ticket counter. For a SAS Airlines Change Flight, you have to visit the SAS customer service counter at the airport. The staff members at the airport will help you figure out the change flight procedure. Ensure you carry all the important credentials like your photo ID proofs and travel details. Try to be vocal about the problem you are facing, and the customer service providers will deal with the issue with ease.  

How To Rebook SAS Flight And What Are The Charges?

SAS Airlines has issued specific guidelines for rebooking a flight ticket. For the more expensive fares, you won’t be required to pay a flight change fee.

SAS Airlines Rebooking Policy

  • Regular tickets can be rebooked one hour from the departure time.
  • If the points are valid, you can rebook the tickets until departure time.
  • If you have booked a costlier switch flight than the original flight, you have to pay the difference in fare for old and new flights. 
  • For regular flight bookings, you can switch 361 days ahead. Whereas, for StarBonus flights, the switch booking is valid 330 days and depends upon the availability of seats. 
  • Ticket fees will be applicable depending on the ticket rules. 
  • If you have made your bookings with a travel agent, you can ask them for more rebooking options. 

Rebooking Fee Charged By SAS Airlines

  • You can enjoy the free rebooking services for SAS Go Pro, SAS Plus Pro, and SAS Business Pro tickets.  
  • The rebooking fee will be applicable for SAS Bonus ticket passengers based on flight and traveler.
  • For Domestic Flights: 25 EUR/250 SEK/250 NOK/175 DKK/25 USD/32 CAD
  • To/From Asia and America: 75 EUR/750 SEK/750 NOK/525 DKK /75 USD/96 CAD
  • The fare difference will apply depending on the cost of the flights you are switching to and from. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What happens if I miss my SAS flight?

You can go for rebooking and a refund. The airlines will try their best to get you to your destination soon if it is possible to rebook for an available flight with SAS under favorable and comparable conditions. 

Does SAS cancel a lot of flights?

According to recent data, the airlines had cleared around 8 flights within 24 hours. Only 1.13% of domestic flights were canceled over the years, and 0.14% of international flights were canceled. 

Is SAS Airways still a popular airline?

SAS has become the undisputed market leader in the commercial analytic space. The program offers many statistical functions with a great GUI (Enterprise Guide and Miner) for individuals to learn fast and special technical issues. 

Who owns SAS Airlines?

The government of Sweden and Denmark partially owns the SAS airline, i.e., with 14.82% and 14.24%. Some private shareholders own the remaining 70.92%. 

Does SAS arrive on time?

According to a 2022 survey, SAS flights are punctual, with 85.9 percent arriving on time. The flights usually arrive within 15 minutes of the specified time. 

Which airline is the partner of SAS Airway?

Star Alliance is the partner airline to SAS. It provides the customer with seamless travel products and services worldwide. Scandinavian is the founding member of Star Alliance. 

What is the way to change flight dates?

Yes, you have the right to reschedule or cancel a flight. You have to pay some extra fee for a change of flight depending upon the type of flight you choose and the class you choose. 

How to rebook a flight with SAS?

You can rebook a flight by following a few easy steps;

  • Go to your booking account.
  • Manage your new trip and pick the flight you find cheaper to switch for. 
  • Now select the option to change your flight or booking. 
  • Enter the exact date and time of the flight. Now proceed with rebooking. 
  • Now receive a voucher for the fare difference. 

What are the rebooking fees?

You have to pay a change fee when you switch a flight with a change in date and time. Sometimes, you have to pay the difference in the fare if you choose an expensive flight from the original flight. 

Can I change your flight as many times as you want?

If you book a flight with refundable airfare, you can change the flight as many times as you want. Refundable airfare is for business travelers, and for regular passengers purchasing refundable airfare will not be budget-friendly.  

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