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Delta My Trips – A Complete Guide on Manage Delta Bookings

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Last updated on October 19th, 2022 at 01:36 pm

If you need to manage your airline reservations, Delta Air Lines provides a Delta Airlines Manage Booking service that allows you to see all of your journey details in one place. So make your Delta Airlines reservations as soon as possible to ensure a relaxing and enjoyable trip. According to most travelers, Delta Air Lines is one of the most popular airlines in the United States and worldwide. It is well-liked by the general population due to its high-quality services and timely arrivals.

Delta Manage Booking – Access & Customize Your Reservations

Delta Airlines Manage Booking is an amazing way to make your trip fully loaded with benefits. Furthermore, adding many additional facilities to the delta flight you have already booked is one way. Therefore, Delta Airlines Manage Booking is an excellent method to change your existing one. Passengers may also track their checked baggage, which is really helpful.

Follow The Steps Below To Use Delta Manage My Trip

  1. Visit Delta Airlines official website.
  2. Go to Delta My Trips option.
  3. Fill in your login details.
  4. Give the booking reference number, as well as the ticketed passenger’s first and last names.
  5. Select the check-in/to find my flight option to retrieve all the flight details.
  6. Choose one of the following options after you have your flight information.
    • Cancel/Change the flight.
    • Add extra meal
    • Add extra baggage
    • Change name, date, or time of flight
    • Add passengers
    • Check-in
    • Apply for priority check-in
    • Seat upgrade or Seat selection
  7. Follow instructions for making desired changes and confirm changes.
  8. Pay if necessary.
  9. Your changes will be confirmed once you receive a message.

You can also find the Delta book a flight option if you’re wishing to book a new flight.

Delta Airlines policies are incredibly flexible. Let us go over some key policies with you.

Benefits of Using Delta Airlines Manage My Trips Option

  1. It’s simple to change your flight when necessary.
  2. You can cancel the flight at any moment and rebook later.
  3. You can seek a refund by filling out the appropriate form.
  4. The reward points can be used on future Delta flights.
  5. You can upgrade your booking to change the existing fare class.
  6. You can change or update your account’s billing information.
  7. Add/remove extra features from your booking and use them as needed.
  8. Keep track of your flight’s status and make any required changes.
  9. Passengers can complain regarding a company’s customer service.

You can manage your Delta Flight Booking without hassles using the Delta Airlines Manage booking option. It serves you the best when you use it properly by following its procedure and guidelines. You can always contact customer care and get directions for any assistance. In addition, you can connect with the delta airlines support team either by calling them or chatting with them.

Alternatives Ways to Get In Touch with Delta Airlines – Customer Service

Honestly, everyone looks for information when they are not fully aware of policies and terms and conditions. The experienced and well-trained customer support executives assist the traveler in booking things to get done properly to enjoy the trip thoroughly.

Customer support executives give some wonderful services, and they are as below:

  1. Help you with in understanding the Delta Cancellation Policy and cancel or modify your flight if you ask them to do so.
  2. Assist with check-ins, boarding services, and desired seat upgrades.
  3. Guide for baggage allowance issues, rebooking, or raising refund requests.
  4. Give you an update on your flight status.
  5. Most importantly, updates on the best deals on flights and tour packages.

Ways To Connect With Delta Airlines Customer Service

There are three mediums you can connect with delta customer executives.

  1. Phone
  2. Mail
  3. Chatbox
  4. Social Media Platforms

Let’s discuss in detail all three ways.

Delta Airlines Customer Service Phone Number

If you face any challenge, you can dial the Delta Airlines customer service number available 24/7. The customer support executives always aim to serve you with the best resolutions in all possible ways. You can clear any doubt with them if you don’t understand how to use Delta Flight Manage Booking. And also queries such as web check-in, baggage policy, cancellation policy, refund policy, flight status, last-minute travel, and much more.

Delta Airlines Customer Care E-mail Id

If you want to ask any query or complain about any service issues, you can drop an email to Delta’s email support address, i.e.,

Delta Airlines Social Media Platforms

So the passengers also have an option to connect with Delta’s Customer support for exploring Delta Airlines Manage booking, Delta Airlines reservations online, flight cancellations, or any specific queries via Delta’s social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Delta Airlines Customer Support Chatbox

A live chat option is also available for customer help. Go to Delta Airlines official website and select the customer assistance option to use the chatbox. You must write your problem in the chatbox, and a customer service representative will look into it and provide a suitable solution.

Enjoy a Selection of Services on the Tips of Your Fingers with Delta Manage Booking

Fly with Your Pet Onboard Delta Airlines

If you wish to carry your pet with you on a flight, you need to make their booking in advance on Delta Airlines to make them part of your trip. Delta understands travelers’ concerns and allows them to bring their pets on the flight without obstacles. However, only a limited number of pets are allowed, and thus passengers need to make bookings in advance before the seats get full.

Passengers are suggested to go through Delta airlines’ pet policy before booking a flight with Delta.

  1. Pets can travel in cargo or flight cabins depending on their size and weight.
  2. The pet kennel can be stowed under the seat in front of the passenger.
  3. Small dogs, birds, and cats are permitted to travel in the cabin at a one-way cost.
  4. Pets must be transported in a ventilated pet container to stand the entire trip.
  5. The pet container must be large enough to accommodate the pet comfortably.
  6. Travelers must pay an additional fee to bring their dogs on board, and the fee varies depending on the location.
  7. Passengers are allowed to transport two pets of the same breed in one kennel, but they must be at least ten weeks old.

Know More Regarding Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy

All penalties for catching a flight have been lifted by Delta Airlines. The customer’s ticket type determines the reimbursement for that Delta flight. If you need to cancel your flight for any reason, you can do it online using the website, mobile app, or by contacting customer support directly.

Get Your Ticket Refund through Manage My Booking

To request a refund for an upcoming trip, fill out the form. The ticket you purchased must be refundable. Your refund will be sent to the payment method you used when you made the purchase. Delta will issue a refund when a ticket is canceled within 24 hours of purchase.

Add and Enjoy Unlimited Meals Options on Flight

When it comes to restoring service, Delta has been conservative. At the end of March, Delta had stated that it aimed to resume lunch service on transcontinental routes in early June and add more service from July onwards. “Local ingredients and favorite items” will be included in the warm meals. Ginger beer-braised Osso Bucco, chicken cacciatore, wild mushroom ravioli, and French bread pizza will be among the menu’s highlights.

Make Hassle-Free and Easy Group Reservations

You can customize your Delta flight trip for groups of 10 or more passengers traveling on the same flight. You’ll get the advantage of competitive fares, flexible ticketing options, and support in booking and managing group’s travel.

Reschedule your Flight with New Details

If you want to change the date and time of your scheduled flight, Delta Airlines gives you this flexibility. If your ticket types allow the changes, you can change your flight online through the app or over the call.

Baggage Add-Ons and Allowance Policy

The exact Delta checked baggage cost you’ll pay depends on your fare class, frequent flyer status, and the route you’re flying. To calculate the exact fee you will pay, go to Delta,com, or you can Contact Delta Customer Service.

Change or Correct Errors in Passengers Name

There would be no need to be concerned if you entered your name incorrectly when booking a flight with Delta Airlines. To ensure their comfort, Delta Airlines allows passengers to change the names on their tickets. Delta Airlines Name Change method is uncomplicated and straightforward, and it can be completed in no time.

Use Manage My Booking for Further Flight Changes

Our travel plans sometimes are not just ours and change. Delta airlines also understand this and give an option to rebook a flight, be it a date or time. But you need to go through the policies. You can change the refundable and non-refundable booking online by navigating to the My Trip section on the How to change a flight on the Delta Airlines booking portal. You can also speak to customer support for good assistance.

Add, Upgrade or Select your Seats

Everyone wants to travel comfortably, so they need a comfortable seat to sit. So it is good to know that we can select our preferred seat on Delta flights and travel joyfully. Delta airlines offer advanced reservations for their passengers. Also, passengers can get a seat upgrade facility, but passengers are advised to go through the policy and talk to customer support.

Additional Services offered by Delta Airlines

The services offered by delta airlines are so amazing that one can never be bored on the flight. Delta Airlines aim to make your trip fantastic with its superb services to give you a memorable trip. The best part is that Delta Airlines offer its services 24/7 days so that you can take maximum advantage to travel any time or any day of the year.

The following services offered by Delta Airlines to its passengers are discussed below:

  • In fight Meal Services

Delta Airlines offers its passengers tasty meals, fresh juices, and snacks. In addition, airlines have various types of meals full of flavors inspired by regions and seasons. As a result, passengers can choose from a wide variety to suit their tongue and give a treat to themselves with a taste of local favorites.

  • Medical Services

Using Delta Airlines’ manage booking option, passengers can fly worry-free to their destinations. The airline also allows passengers to carry their required and necessary medical devices on board. As a result, you don’t need to pay any charges for your medical equipment, and that’s why Delta airlines are the best to travel with a medical emergency.

  • Entertainment Services

Delta Airlines makes your flight experience really enjoyable by providing entertainment to engage you entirely in it. Passengers can listen to music, watch movies, and play games, among other activities. The airline wants to ensure that its passengers have a good time onboard. Inflight Entertainment’s service on Delta First Class is truly remarkable.

  • In fight Wi-Fi Services

The airline also offers in-flight Wi-Fi services to its passengers to connect with their family, friends, and relatives. Passengers can also attend their business meetings and much more.


Q. How to speak to a live person at Delta?

Dial 1800 123 6645 (OTA No) or 1 (800) 221-1212 if you need to speak with a live person at Delta Airlines. Choose 5 from the first menu, 1 from the second, and 6 from the third. After that, you’ll be connected to a live Delta customer service representative.

Q. How to change a flight date on Delta?

Follow the steps to change your flight date:

  • Visit the official website and click My Trips.
  • Choose the date of the flight you need to change.
  • Click ‘Modify Flight’
  • Then select ‘Delta Change Flight
  • Select new flight(s)
  • Pay the fare difference, if any, and complete checkout.
  • Get your flight date change confirmation.

Q. How to choose my seat on Delta Airlines Manage Booking?

If you have purchased a Delta Airlines flight ticket, you can easily select a seat because the airline permits passengers to do so. In addition, seat assignments can be purchased in advance for a cost.
Following the steps below, you can select a seat of your choice online after purchasing a seat selection:
●       Visit Delta Airlines’ official website.
●       Log in to My Trips using your reservation information.
●       Next, select the flight for which you want to buy a ticket.
●       After that, choose a seat in the drop-down menu.
●       Now go through the available seats and choose one.

Q. Can I cancel a non-refundable delta flight?

You can cancel a non-refundable delta flight booking even if your ticket is non-refundable. You have one year from the ticket’s original issue date to use the ticket and reschedule your journey without losing the entire value of the ticket, subject to any applicable waivers that may extend this expiration period.

Q. How long will it take to process an online refund request?

Any refund requests are subject to the ticketed fare’s conditions, which may include fees or penalties. However, you can expect the refunds and eligible credits to be processed within 7 business days.

Q. Does Delta Airlines require a covid test?

Yes, Delta encourages all travelers, including permanent residents of the United States who have lived in the country for two years or longer, to get tested before flying. Passengers flying to and from the United States should also present a negative COVID-19 test result by signing an attestation form. Furthermore, the report must be submitted at least 72 hours before the flight’s takeoff.

Q. Does Delta Airlines charge for baggage?

You must be concerned about the baggage allowance when you plan to book Delta Airlines flights to a specified place. Then you’ll be relieved to know that Delta Airlines charges a minimal luggage fee. However, any item that exceeds the authorized limit may be subject to excess baggage charges.

Q. Can I chat with a Delta representative?

Customers can contact a Delta Virtual Assistant to get quick answers to their frequently asked inquiries.

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