Emirates Student Discount Eligibility, Perks & Methods

Emirates Student Discount

Are you searching to get knowledge about Emirates student discount? If Yes, then you are at the right place.  In the exciting yet financially challenging journey of education, students want to discover new places and broaden their horizons.

Therefore, Emirates Airlines understands the condition of students and offers student discounts. Under the student discount program, the airline provides a solution that helps the travel aspirants into budget-friendly realities. With the amazing offers provided by Emirates Airlines, students can explore the world without straining their wallets.

On Emirates Airlines, students can save up to 10% on their fares, which makes international travel budget-friendly and enhances their educational experiences as well. There are several perks of student discounts, but before applying for the Emirates student discount, students must be aware of the guidelines and eligibility criteria of this program.

So, in this guide, we have included all the details that a student must know about this program. Now, let’s quickly dive into the details.

What is the Emirates Student Discount?

  • The Emirates Airlines Student Discount is a special program program that is dedicatedly designed for students who are 16 to 31 years old. 
  • So, whether these students are going to explore a new country for educational purposes or simply seeking a getaway, they can avail of this special student discount. 
  • Students of the Economy class can enjoy a discount of up to 10%, whereas the Business class students only get up to 5% student discount.
  • Students can use the promo code STUDENT to get a discount while booking a flight ticket. However, the fare ticket’s reduction depends upon the selected fare category.
  • On Emirates Airlines, if you are traveling as a student, then you’ll get an additional 10kg of baggage allowance or one extra piece of baggage in addition to the standard baggage allowance. But excluding any promotional allowances included in your itinerary.

Eligibility Criteria for the Emirates Student Discount Program

If you are a student who is traveling with Emirates Airlines and wants to grab the student discount, then you must meet the following terms and conditions:

  • Emirates Airlines only offers student discounts to those students who are pursuing full-time courses. Therefore, you must be enrolled in an accredited postgraduate or undergraduate degree program. It includes colleges, universities, and vocational schools reorganized by reputable educational authorities.
  • Also, you must be enrolled in an academic quarter or active semester. Your student status should be valid during the dates of travel. 
  • Moreover,  as per the student discount program, you must be between 16-31 years of age while traveling on an outbound flight.
  • Additionally, you must have proof of enrollment from your educational institution or a valid student ID card. If you are unable to provide a valid student ID, then Emirates Airlines will forfeit your tickets and benefits.

What Are The Benefits of Emirates Student Discounts?

As a student balancing out personal life and academic demands, exploring the dream of exploring the world can often feel like a distant reality. Therefore, Emirates Airlines has crafted a student discount program to make the travel experience more affordable, accessible, and enriching. There are multiple advantages of the Emirates student discount, including:

Cost Savings

One of the primary advantages of the Emirates Airlines student discount program is the cost-saving offered to the students. Traveling can be expensive, and the discounts can help the students eliminate the financial burden and make it easier for them to embark on their journeys. 

Increased Accessibility to Travel

Another perk of the student discount is it aims to increase the accessibility of air travel for students who might find it financially challenging to travel by air. This inclusivity permits the students to explore new horizons and enrich their educational experiences.

Building Brand Loyalty

Emirates Airlines knows the value of building brand loyalty among students. By offering the discounts the airline not only forms a connection that might extend into their professional lives but also supports students during their academic journey.

How to Use Emirates Student Discount?

Booking a flight on Emirates Airlines is easy. Students can use their Emirates student discount by following the given steps mentioned below:

Emirates Student Flight Booking Portal
Emirates Student Flight Booking Portal
  • Firstly, they need to go to the official website of Emirates Airlines.
  • Next, tap on the “Book” option.
  • Now, go through the “Book Flight” section.
  • After that, click on the “Special Offer” option.
  • Once you open the “Special Offer” page, a new page will appear.
  • On the new page, you’ll get the “Special Fares and Extras for Students” option. So, click on it.
  • After that, you’ll be directed to a new page. 
  • Hit on the “Book Now” tab.
  • Also, log into your Emirates Skyward account.
  • Select the following:
  • Return 
  • One Way
  • Advance Search
  • Next, add your arrival and departure airports
  • Also, enter the returning and departing dates.
  • Select your preferred class – Business or Economy Class.
  • Choose the number of travelers.
  • Enter your promotional code in the “Promotional Offers” field.
  • Once you enter your code, the discount will be applied automatically.

Note- To avail the student of the student discount on Emirates Airlines, apply the promo code “STUDENT” while booking a flight ticket.

In Conclusion 

With Emirates Airlines student discounts, students can travel whenever they want without being stressed about expensive travel tickets. Students can avail of the tickets at discounted prices and save more. So, next time if the student plans to visit somewhere, then they can travel using the discount coupon for an affordable air journey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Does Emirates check student IDs?

Yes, Emirates Airlines checks the student ID. As per the student discount program of the airline, if the student fails to provide valid student identification, then it can lead to forfeiting the student’s travel ticket and other perks. Therefore, it is essential to carry the student’s valid ID card to avoid any travel inconvenience.

How to add a student discount promo code in Emirates?

Adding a student discount promo code on Emirates Airlines flights is super easy. All you need to do is visit the official website of the airline and find out the field of  “Promotional Offers.” Once you find it, add your promo code to this field, and it will validate your coupon code automatically.

Can I use my student ID to fly on Emirates?

Yes, you can use your student ID to fly on Emirates Airlines. The airline is very strict when it comes to the safety of the students. Therefore, you must make sure that you provide your school acceptance letter or a valid student ID  at check-in to get started on your trip. 

Does Emirates Airlines have a discount code for the students?

Yes, Emirates Airlines has a special discount code for students. The passengers who are traveling as students can enter the code “Student” to avail of the reduction on their fare type.

Do international students have passports?

Yes, all the students, including the international students, have passports. It is necessary to all international students to maintain a valid passport issued by the country of citizenship. Moreover, it is necessary to have a passport with them as proof of their status.

Do students get free WIFI on Emirates?

Yes, students get the facility to use free wifi on Emirates Airlines. However, it is essential to add the Emirates Skywards membership number to the reservation on the Emirates app or via the manage booking option before the departure of the flight. After that, use your account details and remember your password to access the free W-Fi facility during your flight.

How can I avail the Emirates discount code?

If you are a student who is traveling with Emirates, then you can use the discount code by reserving your flight through the official website. In addition, you can enjoy up to 10% off on your economy class and 5% on business class tickets.

Can I merge my discount with existing sales?

No, you cannot combine the student discount with any other ongoing promotions or sales of Emirates Airlines. Therefore, you must ensure that you use the discount code separately.

Who qualifies for the student discount on Emirates?

All the students between the age group of 16-32 are eligible for the student discount on Emirates Airlines. However, as per Emirates Airlines policy, students must present their valid student ID card to verify their eligibility.

Is the student discount applicable to all products of Emirates Airlines flights?

No, the Emirates student discount is not applicable to all the products of the airline. It is only applicable to the flight fares. Therefore, it is not extended to any other products or services offered by the airline.

Does Emirates offer student discounts?

Yes, Emirates Airlines offers student discounts. However, it is only offered to the students who are enrolled in the full-time undergraduate or graduate programs at a recognized university to qualify for this discount. Plus, a valid ID is a must to be provided to the airline representative to grab the offers and discounts.

How much is the Emirates student discount?

According to the Emirates Airlines discount program all students who are 16-31 years old can avail of the student discount through the airline’s official website. Emirates offers a discount of up to 10% for all Economy class passengers and a 5% discount for business class students.

What is the main advantage of using Emirates student discount?

The main advantage of using the Emirates student discount is saving the cost of travel tickets. Traveling by air is really expensive. That’s why Emirates offers special student discount codes to reduce the financial burden of the students.

How to use a discount code with Emirates?

On Emirates Airlines the promotional code is a seven-letter code that is related to a special offer that is provided to all the students of the 16-31 age group. The students can enter this code at the beginning of the reservation which permits them to view their flight ticket after reducing the amount offered in the coupon code.

How can I increase the value of my student discount on Emirates?

You can increase the value of your student discount on Emirates by being flexible with the travel dates, which can lead to substantial savings. Moreover, you can plan your trips during the off-peak travel duration or on weekdays. So, in this way, you can enjoy a more cost-effective way without compromising the memorable experience.

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