How To Transfer Southwest Travel Funds?

Transfer Southwest Travel Funds

Are you looking to buy someone you know a Southwest ticket? If yes, then you might be thinking of buying that ticket using your travel credits. So, is it possible to transfer Southwest Travel Funds to someone else?

Southwest’s flexible cancellation policy may allow you to keep your travel funds. Southwest Airlines offers one of the favorite perks, which lets us cancel a flight and use the money saved for another trip.

The moment has come to take advantage of this incentive if you have travel plans in the future. On their subsequent journey, travelers can use their savings to book a free flight. Do you have Southwest Travel Funds but are unsure of what they are, let alone how to use them? Every step of the journey, we’re here to support you.

In order to know everything about it, read the blog below.

What is Transferable Southwest Travel Funds / Flight Credit?

Transfer Southwest Travel Funds Process
  • If you cancel a reservation with a Wanna Get Away Plus, Anytime, or Business Select fare, you can only transfer your Transferable Flight Credit once.
  • Flight Credits that have not expired or were created before July 28, 2022, do not expire but will continue to display expiration dates until the system is updated.
  • A Transferable Flight Credit with an expiration date of July 27, 2022, or later is no longer valid and cannot be used.
  • Only two Rapid Rewards members can share a Transferable Flight Credit.
  • To check if you have a flight credit or a transferable flight credit, log into your Rapid Rewards account through My Account. You may also get your confirmation number by clicking the Check Travel Funds link on Flight credits that can be transferred more than once are known as transferable flight credits.
  • Click “Transfer to someone else” while seeing your Transferable Flight Credit in your Rapid Rewards account while logged in. Before starting the transfer, you must add your Rapid Rewards number if it was not there when you canceled the reservation.
  • A single person may only receive the full amount of the transferable flight credit.
  • Passengers can transfer Southwest travel funds with ease if they know the procedure.

Recent Update – Transfer Southwest Travel Funds

  • Transferable Flight Credits that were issued on or after July 28, 2022, and have not yet expired, will not.
  • You don’t need to do anything! As of July 28, any unused Transferable Flight Credits will not expire and will be available for use.
  • The updating of systems to reflect the new policy will take some time.
  • Your unused Transferable Flight Credits may have an expiration date, so keep that in mind.

Can someone else use my flight credit?

It is important to know the policy and rules on whether one can transfer Southwest travel funds or not. Transferable Flight Credit is available for Anytime, Business Select, & Wanna Get Away Plus fares.

It is possible to transfer the flight credit to another person. Both must be members of Rapid Rewards, and only one transfer is possible. Bookings made through a Southwest Business channel can only be transferred between employees within the organization. Wanna Get Away fares include a flight credit that one cannot transfer to another person.

How to use Southwest Travel Funds

To find out how much you may contribute to your next trip, check your travel funds on the Southwest website.

  • Log into your Rapid Rewards account and click “View Travel Funds” to see your available balance if you received the funds on or after December 3, 2019.
  • You’ll have to manually enter the travel fund details when making your new flight reservations when you’re ready to use the money.
  • Before December 3, 2019, a different process is required for travel funding.
  • Check the Check Travel Funds page for Southwest to find your details.
  • You can enter up to four confirmation numbers simultaneously when entering your name and the confirmation number for your canceled ticket.
  • Keep track of your flight confirmation numbers if you want to use the lookup tool since you won’t be able to access this data from your Rapid Rewards account.
  • Try looking for your Southwest confirmation email if you’ve lost your flight confirmation number.

Go here to book flights using your Southwest Travel Funds:

  • Select a flight, then begin the checkout procedure.
  • Under “payment method,” you can choose “Southwest gift card, Travel Funds, or LUV Voucher.”
  • Put the needed details in (e.g., your LUV voucher number, canceled flight confirmation number, or Southwest gift card number).

To redeem your unused ticket, you can also phone Southwest or visit a ticket counter.

How to make the most of your Southwest Travel Funds

Your Southwest Travel Funds may not always be sufficient to cover the cost of your flight. This can be aggravating, especially if you weren’t planning on traveling and simply wanted to put your money to good use. If you purchase Southwest Rapid Rewards, you will always earn bonus points.

If your Southwest Travel Funds are insufficient to cover the cost of your upcoming flight, consider applying for a Southwest credit card to make up the difference. The Southwest credit cards are issued by Chase, but you will earn Southwest rewards rather than Chase Ultimate Rewards. You’ll earn a lot of Southwest points and benefits if you use one of these credit cards, which are known for being among the best airline credit cards.

A Southwest credit card, for example, can help you earn the Companion Pass faster, which allows you to bring a travel companion for free on all Southwest flights, excluding taxes and fees. It is also possible to combine travel funds with Rapid Rewards points or Southwest gift cards.

Southwest’s cancellation policy is one of the many reasons we enjoy flying with them. Although their cards are among the best travel credit cards, you still have to understand the rules for using Southwest Travel Funds, as well as keep track of any information you’ll need to do so. With these tips in mind, you can worry less about missing flights due to a travel disaster and start saving for your next adventure.

Book a flight with Southwest travel funds

You can use your travel funds to book flights online, by phone, or at a Southwest Airlines ticket counter.

Flight Booking with Southwest travel funds Process

1. Keep your original ticket confirmation number close at hand.

Print or write down the travel funds reservation number(s) that you want to use before making a reservation. During the booking process, Southwest’s website does not allow you to select from a list.

2. View and choose your flight options.

You will select your travel dates, cities, and times as usual during the booking process.

3. Implement your travel funds

By clicking on the “Apply Travel Funds, LUV Vouchers, and Gift Cards” section on the “Passenger & Payment Info” page, you will expand the section. Before clicking “Apply funds,” enter the confirmation number for your travel funds as well as your first and last name. Then, proceed with the booking process, as usual, paying any outstanding balance with your preferred method of payment, such as the Southwest Rapid Rewards Priority Credit Card.

Again, you can use your travel funds to pay for cash fares or taxes and fees on award tickets. It may not be possible to apply travel funds from other passengers to your ticket.

4. Get confirmation

In your email inbox, you should receive a confirmation email after entering all the required information.

What is the reason that my flight credits do not appear in My Account?

There are several reasons why your flight credit may not appear in your account:

Booking, canceling, or changing a flight without including your Rapid Rewards number could result in lost points. If this is the case, you can check your flight credits here by entering your six-digit confirmation number.

They don’t belong to you.

Flight credits for another Passenger will not appear in your account.

They were valid until July 28, 2022.

How can I check my flight credit balance?

There are two ways to check your flight credit balance:

Checking flight credit balance Process
  • Navigate to the Payments section of My Account. Please sign in to My Account.
  • On the change/cancel email, you can find your six-digit confirmation number in green at the top, which you can enter on the Check Travel Funds page.

Please note that the confirmation code or booking reference number is a unique six-digit code that does not include the numbers 0 (zero) or 1. (one).

Once you check your flight credit balance then you can transfer Southwest travel funds. visit the southwest airlines manage booking team.


How will I know whether or not the transfer Southwest travel funds was successful?

Once you transfer Southwest travel funds, both you and the recipient will receive a confirmation email.

Why does my Transferable Flight Credit not appear in My Account?

The transferable flight credit might not have a Rapid Rewards account number attached to it or it might have run out of time before July 28, 2022.

What should I do if my attempt to transfer a Transferable Flight Credit is unsuccessful?

● Before July 28, 2022, the flight credit might have become invalid.
● The recipient’s information may differ from the information in the Rapid Rewards account.
● The flight credit cannot be transferred until the original owner’s Rapid Rewards account is linked.

Do Rapid Rewards points transferable flight credits apply to tickets purchased with them?

When you cancel a reservation with Rapid Rewards points, you receive the points to your buyer’s account. If you paid an Anytime, Business Select or Wanna Get Away Plus fare and decide to hold the taxes and fees for future travel rather than asking for a refund, you will receive a Transferable Flight Credit for the sum total of those taxes and fees.

What fares come with the benefit of a transferable flight credit?

Anytime, Business Select and Wanna Get Away Plus rates include the transferable flight credit advantage.

How do I add my Rapid Rewards number to my Transferable Flight Credit?

Enter your Rapid Rewards account login information, then select the Payment tab. To locate the flight credit, click “flight credit lookup.” Then, on the flight credit page, click the “Add to My Account” link

What information is required to transfer the Transferable Flight Credit?

To transfer the transferable flight credit to the recipient, you will need their name, email address, and Rapid Rewards Account number.

How many transfers of a transferable flight credit are feasible for one person?

Each Transferable Flight Credit is only eligible for one transfer, and once a flight credit has been transferred, it cannot be taken back.

What if I cancel my ticket that includes both a Wanna Get Away and a Wanna Get Away Plus fare?

If a Customer cancels a ticket with one Wanna Get Away fare (not eligible for Transferable Flight Credit) and one Wanna Get Away Plus fare (eligible for Transferable Flight Credit), the Customer will receive Transferable Flight Credit for the entire canceled ticket.

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