What is Lufthansa Airlines Missed Flight Policy?

Lufthansa Airlines Missed Flight Policy

In case you find yourself as a victim of a Lufthansa missed flight, you don’t need to worry about it. Airlines do understand these genuine issues and especially Lufthansa airlines are one of them.

Lufthansa Airlines is one of the customer-centric airlines. Whatever the reason for missing the flight first you need to contact the customer care staff. The general reasons are bad weather, airlines fault, or unavoidable life circumstances. Do not stress yourself if you have booked a flight with Lufthansa airlines and missed it for any reason. Read this blog carefully to clear all your doubts regarding the Lufthansa Missed Flight Policy.

What can I do if I miss my flight?

Lufthansa Airlines Missed Flight Rules
Lufthansa Airlines Missed Flight Policy
  • If you know you will miss the flight, get in touch with Lufthansa Airlines‘ customer service team because occasionally, the airline will accommodate the passengers on the subsequent flight, saving your trip.
  • Secondly, depending on the terms of your fare, you may rebook or refund your fare.
  • Lufthansa will issue a boarding pass for the next subsequent flight available & send it to your mobile device. However, this is only possible for passengers who have a mobile boarding pass for their next connecting flight.

Flight Delays

  • Regulation (EC) 261/2004 indicates that delays are possible when departure times are delayed
    • by at least 4 hours in the case of flights of more than 3,500 km,
    • by at least 3 hours in the case of flights of between 1,500 & 3,500 km and flights of more than 1,500 km within the EU, and
    • by 2 hours in the case of flights of up to 1,500 km.
  • In case of a significant flight delay, you have the right to receive care from the airline.
  • You will then be able to enjoy meals & refreshments in reasonable proportion to the waiting time, possibly stay in a hotel including transportation costs, and have the opportunity to make two brief phone calls or to send two brief e-mails or faxes.
  • The airline is not required to provide this care if you are responsible for a further delay of your departing flight.
  • If you experience a delay of more than five hours, you have the right to receive a refund within seven days, regardless of you traveling or not.
  • When the purpose of the trip cannot be achieved due to the delay, a return flight to the point of the first departure is available as soon as possible.
  • According to Lufthansa Missed Flight Policy, flight delays of more than three hours are eligible for compensations.
  • All reasonable measures could not prevent the delay due to exceptional circumstances.
  • There are many reasons why an aircraft may have difficulty flying safely, including security risks, poor weather conditions, strikes, political instability, & unexpected problems with in-flight safety equipment.

Compensation for a delayed Lufthansa flight

flights of fewer than 1,500 km£220
flights between 1,500 and 3,500 km£350
flights of over 1,500 kilometers within the EU£350
flights of over 3,500 kilometers outside of the EU£520

If your flight was delayed for less than four hours, the total amount may be reduced by half.

Under what conditions can I rebook?

  • If the fare conditions of your ticket allow it, you can change your flight reservations.
  • You can check your booking confirmation to see if your ticket can be rebooked and if there is a fee for doing so, or you can contact your travel agency or the Service Centre.
  • You can also rebook your flight information under My Bookings.

Rebooking options on your Lufthansa flight

If you are dealing with a Lufthansa missed flight policy, then, one other option for you is to rebook your flight. So, let’s discuss more about Lufthansa rebooking:

In case of a cancellation by the airline within 2 days of departure:

  • Lufthansa will proactively and automatically rebook you on an alternate flight to the same destination and in the same travel class at no additional cost.
  • Lufthansa may be unable to rebook you on an alternate flight in some cases proactively.
  • In such cases, you can choose an alternative based on specific criteria.
  • Alternatively, you can book this option if a Lufthansa alternative doesn’t fit your schedule.
  • The rebooking must be done within the ticket’s validity period (usually one year from the original departure date).
  • Please visit My Bookings or contact our Service Center or your travel agent as soon as possible.
  • If your alternative flight is unavailable on the same day, Lufthansa will provide overnight accommodations or pay a portion of the costs.
  • You are also eligible for additional assistance services. These can be found under the Passenger Rights section.
  • In case of a domestic flight cancellation, we may offer you alternative transportation with Deutsche Bahn in certain circumstances.
  • In this case, we will gladly exchange your domestic ticket for a rail ticket at no cost.

Canceled by the airline before departure (travel start date more than 3 days in advance):

  • If Lufthansa cancels your flight, you will either be automatically and free of charge rebooked on a different flight to the same destination or in the same class of travel.
  • If your flight is canceled, you will be notified and asked to contact the Service Center for alternative flights.
  • The rebooking must be done within the ticket’s validity period (usually one year from the original departure date).

When the airline doesn’t cancel, but you still want to rebook:

  • Many of the fares are bookable.
  • For any exceptions, please read the fare rules.
  • Due to fare differences, you may have to pay an additional fee for a higher fare.
  • Passengers must complete the rebooking, before the originally scheduled travel date.
  • You can rebook easily and quickly through My Bookings or contact your travel agent.

Flight Cancellation & Refund

Travel plans can frequently change without notice. Passengers can cancel Lufthansa flight bookings and request a refund online 24 hours before departure using the online refund option. The reimbursement of airfare is subject to the fare conditions.

Lufthansa Airlines Cancellation and Refund Rules
  • Refunds are available based on the fare conditions.
  • There are restrictions on the refundability of the purchased fare.
  • The airline calculates the refund value of the fees, fare, and taxes and issues a refund to the original payment method depending on the fare conditions and ticket segments used.
  • Your booking confirmation email will include information about your ticket’s refund policies under the heading “Fare conditions.”

Procedure and Steps:

You can cancel your trip and request a refund 24 hours before departure by going to My bookings:

  • To access the login page for your booking summary, click My bookings.
  • Enter your surname and booking code to log in.
  • Any booking you cancel is visible as a “Cancellation” button in your booking summary.
  • On the following page, click the “Cancellation” button next to the relevant booking and confirm your selection.
  • After canceling a flight reservation, you will receive an automatic confirmation email shortly.
  • If you purchased your ticket online at lufthansa.com or at a Lufthansa Office, the airline would process it automatically without further action.
  • We recommend contacting a travel agency if you purchase your tickets through them.
  • If you do not receive a timely response or if it appears necessary for other reasons, please contact us again for further processing. visit lufthansa airlines manage booking team for instant help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Lufthansa charge a no show fee?

No, Lufthansa doesn’t charge passengers a no show fee.

Q. What happens if you miss flight Lufthansa?

As noted above, according to the Lufthansa Missed Flight policy, if a passenger miss a flight, the airline will book them on a subsequent flight.

Q. Does Lufthansa have a free cancellation policy?

No, Lufthansa charges passengers a fee for fare cancelation, except for Business Flex fares.

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