Allegiant Pet Policy – Cost, Weight Limit, Requirements, and Restrictions

Allegiant Pet Policy

It can be very stressful when you are traveling with your pet on a plane. Just because of your pet, you have to take care of so many things, such as an allegiant pet policy, a comfortable flight, in-flight amenities, charges, restrictions, carrier requirements, and much more. The Allegiant Air Pet Policy now allows your pet to travel safely. 

As per Allegiant Air Guidelines, you can carry domestic dogs and cats on flights. You cannot carry your pet on flights to or from Hawaii or US regions because Allegiant Air does not allow pets for transportation in the cargo hold or as checked baggage. If you also have a pet and you are going to travel with Allegiant Air, then check out this complete guide first.

Allegiant Air Pet Policy – Requirements For Pets To Carry In Flight

  • Under Allegiant Pet Policy, you can carry only domestic animals like dogs and cats on the flight.
  • Allegiant Air limits passengers to two personal items per flight. If you are carrying a pet carrier with you on a flight, then the airline will count it in your personal baggage allowance, and you will be able to carry only one other item.
  • For each way, you have to spend $50 as a fee for a single pet carrier.
  • Passengers are only permitted to bring one pet on board.
  • Pets are restricted from coming out of the carrier, and you have to handle the carrier in your hand throughout the journey.
  • Allegiant Air may bar you from future travel if you fail to follow any of its rules.
  • At the time of takeoff or landing, you are allowed to put your pet’s carrier on the floor.
  • Allegiant Air restricts sick and aggressive pets.
  • Passengers with pets are not allowed to sit on the exit seats.
  • Passengers with pets must have reached the airport at least one hour prior to the departure so that the airline staff can check if the pet matches the airline’s policy or not.
  • A health certificate is mandatory for pets to get on the flight.
  • Also, Allegiant Air will not be responsible for your pet’s health and other medical issues. If you are traveling with your pet then it must be healthy or else you will be responsible.

Allegiant Pet In Cabin Policy & TSA Restrictions

  • Per TSA restrictions, each passenger is only permitted to bring two items onto the plane.
  • According to Allegiant Airlines Official Site, Pets are not allowed to travel with passengers along with personal items or checked bags.

Allegiant Pet Carrier Dimensions Requirement

Allegiant Pet Carrier Dimension
  • Under Allegiant Air Pet Policy, the Allegiant Air Pet Carrier’s height should be 9 inches.
  • The width should match 16 inches.
  • There should be no more than 19 dimensions.
  • In a single carrier, there is more space in which you can carry two pets.
  • The surface of the carrier is completely waterproof.

Age Requirements And Restrictions For Pets

Allegiant Air Pet Age Requirement
  • The age of a passenger carrying a pet should not be less than 15 years old.
  • The pet’s age should be above 8 weeks.
  • If you have a second pet, you must pay fees for it.
  • Pets are not allowed to travel to and from Hawaii.

Allegiant Pet Fee Is Required To Check-in

Passengers with a single pet must pay a $100 allegiant pet fee for each way. If you have two pets, then the cost will increase. Also, you should note that the airline charges the fees according to the distance of your travel location and the carrier size. You must also provide all necessary documents to the live person at Allegiant Airline 45 minutes before the scheduled flight. If you are taking your pet with you in the flight cabin, then you have to pay $50. Through the Allegiant Airlines Manage Booking section, you can add a pet or see all the charges required to travel with your pet.

Guide To Add Pet In Your Reservation At Allegiant Airlines

To add a pet to your reservation with Allegiant Airlines, you can use both online and offline methods. If you want to add a pet online, then go to the Allegiant Airlines official site or mobile app first. Now, navigate to the traveler’s section. After that, hit on the “Add a pet to your cabin” link and then proceed with the rest of the on-screen instructions. To add your pet offline, dial toll-free number and ask the live representative at Allegiant Airlines to add your pet on your behalf.

Allegiant Airlines Pet Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Allegiant allow pets to fly?

The answer is yes. You can travel with your domestic cats and dogs on a plane, but they should be small in size so that they can be adjusted in the carrier. In addition, if you fly first or in business class, you are permitted to bring two complimentary pieces of carry-on luggage. If you are carrying your pet’s carrier along with one personal item, then the airline will count the carrier as a personal item.

How strict is Allegiant with pet carriers?

In terms of pets, Allegiant can’t take risks. If your pet is aggressive or sick, you will not be allowed to check in. Also, throughout the whole journey, your pet must be in the carrier, whether you are on a flight or at the airport. At the airport, you can put the carrier on the floor, but your pet should not come outside the carrier. Also, your pet’s carrier size should match Allegiant’s requirements and must be able to fit under the seat.

What size dog can fly on Allegiant?

Your dog’s carrier’s dimensions should be 19 inches by 16 inches by 9 inches. The age of the pet should not be less than 3 months, or else you will not be allowed to fly. Additionally, if your dog is traveling with you in the flight cabin, it must not weigh more than 20 pounds. If the dog weighs more than 30 pounds, it must be transported in cargo. 

How do you fly with a dog that doesn’t fit in a carrier?

If the weight of your pet is above 20 pounds and it is larger in size than the requirement, then obviously it will not be able to fit in the carrier. The pet can fit in the carrier and is only allowed to travel in the cabin. If your pet is too large to fit in the carrier, you will have to ship it as checked baggage.

Can you let your dog walk out of its carrier in the airport?

No, the passenger is not allowed to take the pet out of the carrier at the airport or on the flight. When you land on the floor, your pet’s carrier must be handled in your hand until you come out of the airport, or you can just put the carrier on the floor.

How do I add a pet to Allegiant app?

If you want to add your pet online via the Allegiant Application, then you have to sign up with your credentials first. After signing up, go to the travelers’ sections. In the traveler’s section, click on the “Add a pet to your cabin” link. You can add your pet here by providing accurate information about your pet. If somehow you are unable to add your pet online, you can dial toll-free number to make it happen via a live representative.

How much does Allegiant charge for a small dog?

First of all, you should know that the fee for pets on Allegiant Airlines is non-refundable. If you are transporting a small pet in the cabin, you must pay $50 each way. If your pet weighs more than 30 pounds, you must pay more. 

Can a 25 pound dog fly in cabin?

If your pet is around 25 pounds and is able to fit under the seat, then you will be able to carry it along with you in the cabin. Also, the airline will not charge an extra amount for that. It is clear that dogs weighing up to 25 pounds can travel in the cabin, but they should be able to fit in the small pet carrier.

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  1. John Satterfield

    My wife suffers from anxiety in small places(airplanes) but has had no panic attacks when traveling with her support dog Mino 15lbs.. He has been ESA trained, has the Documentation ,Support Vest, Health Certificate and a letter from my wife’s doctor. Can he travel on her lap out of the carrier, according to ACAA section 504 federal rehabilitations act. We have no problem paying the extra fees, but don’t want to have to cancel a flight due to her disability .

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