Jetblue Vacation Packages – All Inclusive Deals & Promotion Codes

JetBlue Vacation Packages

Making travel plans? You don’t know where to start and you are anxious about how to move forward with the vacation plan. We all want our vacations to be filled with excitement and we want them to be pre-planned. Vacations are our ideal love and relaxation spots, we want them to be perfect always. To make them perfect, Jetblue Vacation packages are the solution for your upcoming trip. You can save more and travel more. Want to know the benefits of having Jetblue vacation packages, continue reading the blog and find out.

What Is A JetBlue Vacation Package?

Jetblue vacations consist of airline tickets and vacation packages to your favorite destination. Do you also want to book a round trip to your most loved preferred destination? You can have the benefit of booking Jetblue vacation deals or packages which will include round-trip flights, hotels and cruises, and a rental car. You can use hotel, cruise, and rental car facilities depending on the package you choose by visiting

Details of The “Explore Package” option

The website of Jetblue allows you to explore top-notch vacation packages through which you can save a lot on your journey. Following are the benefits you get through the “Explore package” option,

  • Featured cruises- Here you will get the most popular vacation packages and also some of the amazing destination packages for Alaska, the Bahamas, the Caribbean, and Mexico.
  • You will get information about their cruise partners and the ships which consist of Carnival Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruises, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian Cruise Line.

Jetblue Vacation Deals & Promo Code

There are Jetblue vacation deals and a wide range of promotions on the website Here you can take advantage of notable deals and offers for selected destinations. Moreover, you can find the following special options on the website,

  • Current offers & promos
  • Explore best hotel promotions
  • Featured destinations 

How to get and apply the promo code?

  • You can get a promo code when you sign up for JetBlue Vacations emails. Here you can get the latest deals and promotions.
  • Before proceeding with booking pay for your vacation. Fill in the details of the promo code on the payment screen. 
  • You can use it for hotel and JetBlue promotions

Base airfare discount 

A Jetblue package booked by you will include a free discount on base airfare, but will not include government taxes or fees.

Note: Hotel costs and taxes are not included in the base airfare discount. 

What do Hotel Promotions Include And How To Apply?

  • Hotel promotions include free nights, resort credit, free room upgrades, ground transfers, and much more. 
  • Hotel promotions are seen on room selection pages and hotel pages.

What Is The Cancellation Process And Is It Refundable?

  • No Jetblue vacation package is non-refundable as per JetBlue Cancellation Policy; it will cost around $100 per person fee cancellations which includes all flight and hotel packages. Cancellation can be done online or through a call. 
  • When you cancel a package, the cancellation fee will be deducted from the original price. JetBlue Vacations will give you the remaining amount as credit, which you may use to book another vacation. 

JetBlue vacation packages to Orlando & Boston 

If you are planning a trip to Orlando to explore its beauty, you can go for the Jetblue vacation package and discover the different options available. You can browse the options here at Jetblue Vacations Orlando. Following are some of the benefits you receive:

  • Popular hotels in Orlando 
  • Family-friendly hotels in Orlando
  • Jetblue offers these attractions to explore in your vacation package Universal Orlando Resort, Walt Disney World Resort, Blue Springs State Park, and other Orlando attractions

Get theme park tickets and car rentals

When you book your package to Orlando, on you can get Universal Orlando tickets and exclusive deals on car rentals.

VIP Treatment

You can get VIP treatment by booking a flight with a hotel and selecting a point package to select resorts. By availing of this you can get resort credits, high-value resort perks worth $125 upgrades, and welcome gifts and freebies.

How To Add The Vacation Spots?  

When you select your flight, room type, and hotel then select “add extras” and add vacation spots you want to travel to in Orlando. Moreover, you can add Jetblue vacation packages from Boston, if you are coming or traveling from Boston.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How do I contact JetBlue about vacation packages?

You can call +1844-528-2229 and here you can inquire about vacation packages, cancellation policy refundable options, and many more things. 

How to book JetBlue Vacations?

One can book Jetblue vacations over the phone and also online. If you want to do it online you can visit the website or If you want to book Jetblue vacations you can book over the phone.

What is the explore package option in Jetblue Vacations? 

On the explore package option you can find different packages of destinations like Alaska, Bahamas, the Caribbean, and Mexico.  

Who are the cruise partners of Jetblue Vacations?

The cruise partners of Jetblue vacations are Carnival Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruises, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian Cruise Line.   

How to get a base airfare discount?

A free discount on base airfare will be given when you book an eligible base airfare discount. It will not comprise government taxes and fees.

How can we get a Promo code? 

You will have to sign up on JetBlue Vacations emails to get a promo code. Here you will get promo codes and promotions.

How to apply for a promo code?

You can apply for a promo code on the payment screen and the payment screen comes before the booking process. They are applied to hotel and JetBlue promotions.

What do Hotel promotions consist of? 

Hotel promotions can consist of a free night, free tote bag, resort credit, free room upgrade, ground transfer, and more.

What does the VIP treatment of JetBlue vacation packages to Orlando include?

If you avail of VIP treatment you can get resort credits, high-value resort perks worth $125 upgrades, and welcome gifts and freebies.

How can we add the vacation spots on Jetblue vacation?

After selecting your flight, room type, and hotel you have to click on “add extras” and then add the vacation spot you want.

Can I change my hotel on JetBlue Vacations?

Yes, you can change your hotel on Jetblue Vacations over their phone number and changes to your hotel or flight will result in a $100 per person fee.

Does JetBlue Vacations include carry-on?

Yes, all Jetblue vacation travelers receive a free carry-on bag, you will acquire access to overhead bins without any additional cost.  

Where Jetblue promo code can be applied? 

Jetblue promo code can be applied to hotel and JetBlue promotions. If you have signed up for Jetblue vacation emails, you can get a promo code there.  

Can you acquire gift certificates for Jetblue vacation packages?

No gift certificates can be acquired for Jetblue vacation packages. You can call on their phone number to use Jetblue vacation credit. 

What are all the tours included in the Jetblue vacation package to Ornaldo? 

Tours in vacation package to Ornaldo include Universal Orlando Resort, Walt Disney World Resort, Blue Springs State Park.

Where can we add car rental, activities, and insurance?

One can add car rentals, insurance, and activities during checkout online which is done after your hotel room selection.

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