How to Cancel ANA Flight and Get a Refund?

ANA Cancellation Policy

People often face difficulties while canceling their tickets in an emergency. For instance, when a passenger or their immediate family member dies or has any legal issues that led to the cancellation of the flight tickets. However, travelers are afraid of losing their money because of the cancellation. But when it comes to All Nippon Airways, rules and regulations are flexible and convenient. All Nippon Airways Cancellation Policy gives the flyers the benefit of canceling the ticket within 24 hours of booking for free and later by paying certain charges. 

However, ANA has recently revised its cancellation policy. If you have a booking on ANA flights, then read the blog till the end to get aware of the new reforms.

ANA Flight Cancellation Policy

ANA Cancellation Policy – Latest Guidelines

ANA cancellation policy has different guidelines and restrictions for domestic and international flights. 

  • Passengers may cancel because of any mishappening:
    • The sudden death of a family member.
    • Bad weather.
    • Due to legal orders.
    • Passport theft.
  • Travelers can cancel their flights through the official website or by calling the ANA helpline number.
  • However, flyers are not eligible to cancel the booking online if they:
    • Bookings are made by paying in cash with non-AMC members.
    • Purchasing a ticket through a travel agency.
    • Also, purchasing a ticket via Mexican websites. 
    • Bookings which includes upgraded flight.
    • Single-passenger ticket cancellation under a booking with multiple flyers.
  • Under the All Nippon Airways Cancellation Policy, when a flight is from/to the United States, flyers can cancel their flight within 24 hours of booking for free.
  • If a passenger or their immediate family member dies, then the ANA will provide the refund without deducting any fee after the traveler submits the death certificate. 
  • When flyer books their tickets from a third party, they must contact the travel agency to cancel their tickets. 
  • All Nippon Airways will only provide a refund to the person named on the ticket. 

ANA Cancellation Policy for Domestic Flights 

Passengers who are traveling within Japan have to pay charges for both cancellation and refund fees, depending upon the fare conditions. Flyers don’t have to pay ANA cancellation fees if they cancel the booking 55 days before departure. All Nippon Airways Cancellation Policy states that if a traveler cancels the booking after the flight departure, there will be a 100% loss of ticket value. The airline will refund only the Passenger Facility Charge. 

Additionally, if travelers fail to cancel the booking before departure, they cannot request a refund online.

ANA incurs a charge of JPY 440 when purchased on or after 1 October 2019. Moreover, when passengers request a refund for a connecting or return journey, the fee is incurred for sectors for the following fares:

  • Premium ANA card holder’s discount fare.
  • ANA card holder discount fare.
  • ANA value transit/ transit 7/ transit 28. 

Moreover, no refund charges are applicable for 

  • Individual tour fares
  • Biz and Premium Biz. 

ANA Cancellation Policy for International Flights

The cancellation policy for ANA international flights is comprehensive. Passengers can cancel their ANA international flight depending on their fare eligibility. Also, the cancellation fee varies according to the destination. The flights originating from the US are eligible for risk-free flight cancellation. As the departure date comes closer the penalty charges increase. 

All Nippon Airways 24-Hour Free Cancellation Rule

The 24-hour cancellation policy of All Nippon Airways is only applicable to passengers traveling to or from the United States. It allows flyers to cancel their tickets within 24 hours of booking for free. The flyers get a complete refund even if they have purchased a non-refundable ticket. However, passengers should remember that the rule is only applicable up until 7 days before the flight departure. Also, travelers must have purchased the ticket via ANA SKY WEB U.S., ANA Sales Office, or ticketing counters at U.S. airports.

After canceling the ticket, flyers can request a refund by calling the ANA assistance office. 

ANA Award Ticket Cancellation Policy

If you have purchased an award redemption ticket, then the cancellation policy is slightly different on ANA. 

  • Passengers should have not flown any flight segment.
  • ANA will deduct miles as a penalty after cancellation and refund the remaining miles back to the account. 
  • If a passenger has used their award tickets, then they will not receive any refund after cancellation. 
  • According to All Nippon Airways Cancellation Policy, award tickets are not eligible for accommodation and alternate transport in the event of a delay or involuntary cancellation.
  • Travelers should cancel their award redemption tickets before departure.

How to Cancel All Nippon Airways Flights?

Travelers can cancel their flights in several ways, including the official website or by calling the airline. These methods are convenient to use for passengers. The airline does not allow passengers to cancel tickets when the booking is from a third party. 

Cancel ANA Flight through Manage My Booking

  • Travelers can visit the official website of ANA.
  • Now, continue with the ANA Manage Booking option.
  • Passengers must mention the booking number and passenger details.
  • After confirming the trip details, choose the flight cancellation option.
  • Select the passenger(s).
  • Choose the continue key to cancel the tickets.
  • The airline will show the cancellation fee on the screen. The charges will be according to the All Nippon Airways Cancellation Policy.
  • Approve the cancellation by clicking on the continue button. 
  • After the fee payment, ANA will cancel the ticket. 

Speak To ANA Live Person To Cancel Flight

  • Call the official helpline number of the ANA.
  • Follow the IVR instructions and press the desired key.
  • After connecting with an executive, request them to cancel the booking.
  • The executive will ask about the passenger’s details and booking number.
  • Now, the agent will cancel the tickets, which the passenger has asked for.
  • Also, the passenger has to pay the cancellation fee as per the ANA cancellation policy if necessary.
  • Passengers can also ask the executive for a refund if they are eligible.

ANA Flight Cancellation Fees

All Nippon Airways charges a fee when passengers cancel their tickets within 24 hours of booking only for the United States, according to the cancellation policy. The price depends upon the distance and time of canceling the ticket. 

ANA Cancellation Fees For Inclusive Tour Fare 

Time of Cancellation Cancellation Fee 
55 days before departure 500 JPY
Between 54 to 21 days before departure2000 JPY
Between 20 to 8 days before departure3000 JPY
From 7 to 1 day before departure6000 JPY
Until departure time 9000 JPY 
Flight Cancellation Fees (Inclusive Tour Fare)

Domestic Flights Cancellation Fees for ANA Supper Value 28, Super Value 75/5545/28/21, and Super Value Sale Fares:

Time of Cancellation Cancellation Fee 
55 days before flight departure No cancellation charges
Between 54 to 45 days before departure30% of the ticket value 
Between 44 to 28 days before departure40% of the ticket value
From 27 to 14 days before departure50% of the fare 
13 days before departure time 60% of the fare 
Flight Cancellation Fees (Super Value Fares)

ANA VALUE PREMIUM 3, ANA VALUE 1/3/7, ANA VALUE TRANSIT 1/3/7, Senior Special, Youth Special:

Cancellation Time Cancellation Fee
After booking a ticket but before departure5% of the ticket value
After departure 100% of the ticket value 
Flight Cancellation Fees (ANA Value Fares)

For AMC Companion Fares

Cancellation Time Cancellation Fee
After booking a ticket but before departure50% of the fare value
After departure No refund 
Flight Cancellation Fees (AMC Companion Fares)

Domestic Flight Cancellation Charges for Premium Fares, Premium ANA card holder’s discount, Shareholder’s Benefit Discount, Biz, Islands Ticket, Premium Disability Discount Fares, fares, ANA card holder discount fares, Caregiver Fares, and Premium Child Fares, Disability Discount:

Cancellation Time Cancellation Fee
After booking a ticket but before departureNo charges for cancellation but a refund fee applies
After departure 20% of the ticket value 
Flight Cancellation Fees (Other Fares)

According to All Nippon Airways Cancellation Policy, if the passenger owns an Award Ticket and wants to cancel it, then the airline will deduct 3000 miles

Compensation For Cancelled ANA Flights

If ANA cancels due to technical issues, the airline tries to provide an alternative flight and provide accommodation facilities for the travelers. However, if the passenger does not want to travel on the rebooked flight, they have the choice of booking an alternate flight on their own or requesting a full refund. 

Passengers should provide the receipt of alternate transport and accommodation for reimbursement. The maximum reimbursement can be JPY 15,000.

Further Guidelines For Refund Eligibility At ANA

ANA has a very comprehensive refund policy. According to the fare eligibility and route, passengers receive a refund. ANA does not automatically transfer the refund. Thus, travelers should remember that they have to make a refund request. 

  • For ANA domestic flights, travelers have a maximum of 30 days after the expiration of the ticket to make a refund request. It includes both changeable and non-changeable fares. 
  • According to All Nippon Airways refund policy, in the case of international flights,  ANA accepts the refund request within one year and 30 days of the first flight segment. 

When a passenger cancels the booking before flight departure, the refund amount includes handling fees subtracted from the total amount. In case certain flight segments are completed, passengers will get a refund amount for the remaining sectors upon cancellation. 

The refund will be processed in the original form of payment. Thus, for credit card purchases, it can take up to 1 to 2 months for a refund to reflect in the traveler’s account. In case of cash purchases, the airline will deposit the refund amount in the flyer’s bank account within seven days. On the other hand, for bookings done via ANA SKY Coins, the refund will be processed instantly in the same mode. 

  • After the process of the refund, ANA will send a refund statement via email. 
  • In case, passengers have purchased through a travel agency, they must contact them for a refund.
  • Travelers who want a refund for an award ticket, must call the airline and ask for the miles to be credited to their account. 
  • When the passengers have paid for services from ANA, they can get a free refund by calling the helpline number of the airline. 

How to Claim a Refund from ANA?

Depending on the mode of ticket purchase, flyers can fill out the All Nippon Airways Refund Request form. 

Mode of Ticket PurchaseRefund Request Channels
ANA website, ANA sales office, ANA reservation counterANA website, ANA domestic office
ANA domestic airport desk ANA domestic sales office, ANA domestic airport counter
Third Party or AgentThrough the same third-party/agents
ANA BizANA Biz website, ANA website, ANA Biz helpline
ANA Refund Request Channels

Passenger should make the refund by calling the same country phone line via which they have booked their ticket. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to cancel a flight on All Nippon Airways?

Passengers can cancel their flights through the ANA website and by calling the airline. They can also visit the ANA sales office. However, passengers should use the same mode for cancelation that they have used for booking the ticket.

What is the 24-hour cancellation policy of ANA?

Passenger can cancel their ticket within 24 hours of booking with no cancellation fee if they are traveling from or to the United States. Moreover, the following policy applies to all tickets. However, the flight departure should be at least 7 days ahead. 

When can I receive my refund from All Nippon Airways?

According to the All Nippon Airways Refund Policy after the approval of the refund, the process gets started. Credit card payment takes 1 to 2 months and cash refunds take 7 days. 

What is the deadline for making an ANA flight refund request?

Passengers can make domestic flight refund requests till 30 days after the ticket expiration date. On the other hand, passengers can fill out the refund form up to one year and 30 days after the date of issue of the ticket. 

Can I cancel my tickets one day before departure?

Yes, you can cancel your tickets on ANA up to 24 hours before departure. However, a certain charge will be applicable that depends upon the distance and fare.

What happens if All Nippon Airways cancels the flight?

Because of any reason, if ANA cancels the flight, the airline will book an alternate flight. It will reimburse for accommodation. However, if passengers are not comfortable traveling on the flight, passengers can claim compensation and the airline will have to offer a complete amount without deducting any charges. 

What are the charges for AMC companion fare on ANA?

All Nippon Airways asks flyers with AMC companion fares to pay a specific cancellation fee. Passengers are liable to pay 50% of the ticket value as the revocation charges if they cancel the flight before departure.

How much is the cancellation fee for ANA award tickets?

Under the All Nippon Airways cancellation policy, flyers are liable to pay 3000 miles as cancellation charges for award tickets. Travelers with ANA award tickets can call the airline’s assistance number and request a cancellation. The airline does not entertain award ticket cancellation at the airport counters.

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