What happens If I Miss My Flight Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines Missed Flight Policy

Travelers racing to the airports’ gates is not new and is a climax scene in many Hollywood movies. But have you ever thought about that what you would do if you missed your flight in real?

There could be endless reasons for your Turkish Airlines Missed Flight. It depends upon various factors such as oversleeping, mechanical issues, weather problems, or what type of ticket you are holding. 

This guide will get a closer look at what to do if you miss your flight, Turkish Airlines Missed Flight and Turkish Delayed Flight policies, and a few tricks and tickets to avoid the last-minute hassle.

What is the Turkish Missed Flight Policy?

Turkish Airlines Missed Flight Rules

If you have not boarded your flight yet, in that case, your roundtrip flight will be canceled. However, if you provide information about missing your flight beforehand, you can save the rest of your itinerary.

You can avoid canceling your connecting ticket by choosing the same time and same destination flight within 24 hours. However, you need to contact the customer service team at +1-855-565-0030.

If you do not wish to fly the next flight, you can look for a refund for the value of your ticket. To get the refund, contact the customer support team, or you can fill out the refund form online.

How to Make Changes in Your Flight if you Missed?

Turkish Airlines Make Changes in Reservation Process
  • Firstly, go to Turkish Airlines’ official website or dial +1-855-565-0030 for help.
  • Then locate my trip option after visiting the official website.
  • Now, press on the manage booking tab, and it will redirect you to another page.
  • Then provide your last name and reservation number on the corresponding field, your ticket PNR number, and other itinerary information.
  • After doing that, you will get access to your reservation with Turkish Airlines.
  • Select the booking in which you need to make modifications.
  • Now make the changes flight ticket if you want to make. You can cancel your itinerary if you wish to and proceed with the process by tapping on the cancel button.
  • Lastly, pay the amount if applicable and confirm your changes.

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What will you do if you miss your Turkish flight?

You have missed your flight. Now, what next! Whether it is because of you, the airline, or the weather, you missed your flight, you should hurry and contact the airline. And if you are not able to catch your flight, you will be put under the ‘no show’ category. Turkish Airlines will cancel your whole itinerary, giving you a few options for rebooking and refunds.

When contacting the airline help desk, you can contact them online if it takes too long. It will save your time and effort. Turkish Airline allows travelers to rebook their flights easily by themselves. Try to be proactive in whatever you are thinking to do or your strategy after missing your flight. Also, remember that you should be humble and polite when talking to an agent. It could be good for you and gain a favorable outcome in the long run. 

What Will You Do In the Case of Turkish Delayed Flight?

  • First and foremost is that you will call the airline helpdesk and ask them about your Turkish delayed flight confirmation. After confirming, ask them the reasons behind it.
  • Carry your travel documents, like your boarding pass, along with you.
  • Keep all your documents, such as receipts and travel vouchers.
  • You can use the Turkish Airlines delay compensation calculator to check the amount.
  • You can also ask the staff for food and accommodation if your flight is delayed more than 2 hours.

Are you entitled to get any compensation for the Turkish Delayed Flight?

As a traveler, you are entitled to compensation for the Turkish Delayed Flight. The following are the cases in which you can claim compensation:

Overbooking: If you cannot board your scheduled flight because of overboarding.

Missed Connection Flight: If you miss your connecting flight because of a delay caused by your previous flight. Then the airline will be responsible for compensating you for that.

Turkish Cancelled Flight: If the Turkish Airline cancels your flight, it tells you about that 14 days or less before departure.

Turkish delayed flight: If your Turkish flight is delayed for more than 3 hours.

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What is the Compensation Amount for the Turkish Delayed Flight?

Turkish Airlines Delayed Flight Compensation amount

The regulation authority of Turkish Airlines sets the compensation amount. It is based on the distance you covered on your route. This also considers if there is a connecting flight. The compensation amount is as follows:

If your flight covers 1500 kilometers, you will get $243 per passenger as a compensation amount.

If it covers 1500- 3500 kilometers, compensation is $390 per passenger.

Moreover, if it is more than 3500 kilometers, you will get 586 for compensation for your delayed or canceled flight.

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What happens if you miss your flight?

If you do not show up on time for your flight, you will be mentioned as a “no show.” It means that the airline has the right to cancel the rest of the ticket. In addition, it will also not give you many options after canceling your flight for refunds or rebooking.

Can you reschedule a flight?

Yes, you can reschedule your Turkish Airlines Missed flight as per the Turkish airline’s policy, which varies according to the ticket type you hold. Without paying a fee, you can modify your itinerary in most cases. The best way to cancel or change your flight is to do within the first 24 hours of your flight purchase.

Is it possible to get a refund from Turkish Airlines?

Yes, you can get a refund for the canceled flight. Get in touch with the sales offices or call center and get a refund for the value of your ticket. If you want a voucher refund, go to the Manage My Booking section on the official website or fill out the request form, or you can also contact Turkish Airlines Manage Booking team or call the Turkish helpline at +1-855-565-0030.

How long does it take to get a refund from Turkish Airlines?

If you used your credit card when booking your Turkish Airlines ticket, you would get the refund amount on the credit card within seven to eight business days after requesting. If you book your reservation through cash or check, it will take longer than usual. You will get your refund amount twenty business days after requesting. In addition, you can also contact the Turkish Airlines reservation team and ask them for your refund amount.

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