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Do you intend to travel with Lufthansa? Have your trip plans had to change for any reason? If yes, then you are in luck as Lufthansa allows passengers to interact with their bookings. In addition to that, passengers can also amend their bookings using Lufthansa Airlines Manage Booking.

So, buckle up and keep on reading to learn more about My Bookings with Lufthansa Airlines.

A Little Bit About Lufthansa Airlines Manage Booking

The official website of Lufthansa Airlines allows customers to easily manage their Flight Booking. The reservations can be changed to meet your needs. Customers of Lufthansa Airlines can manage their reservations, making modifications such as cancellation, adding extra services, etc.

Flight cancellation can also be made using the manage your booking feature on the official website. Using this facility, passengers can easily request refunds on their flight reservations. Changes to reservations can be made quickly and easily by using Manage My Booking.

Get Access to Lufthansa Manage Booking on the Official Site

Lufthansa airlines are well known for its variety of services and various deals for its passengers. The manager booking service is one of the major facility that this airline provides and thus assist the passengers in modifying their flights and making custom changes. The following changes that customers can make:

  • Flights date and time
  • Cancelation and refund request
  • Advance seat selection
  • Seat upgrades
  • Request additional services such as special food and beverages
  • Select wifi and entertainment options

Steps to Retrieve Flight Reservations Using My Bookings

Lufthansa Airlines Manage Booking is the best thing for passengers. It is one of those features that customers need all the time due to unavoidable changes that makes them cancel or make changes in their reservation.

Here’s how you can manage your Lufthansa airlines booking through the manage my booking option on the official site:-

  1. First, visit the Lufthansa Airlines official website.
  2. Next, select the primary menu option for “see & update flight details.” Put the booking code and the passenger’s last name on the next page.
  3. The “submit button” will obtain your itinerary when you click on it. Then, alterations to their schedule can be made in accordance with the situation.
  4. Changes may be made to the date, origin, or destination. In addition, you can cancel and get a refund via Lufthansa Airlines Manage Booking.
  5. If you want to upgrade your seat, you must pay the additional fee to Lufthansa in order to secure your reservation.
  6. A confirmation message and revised e-ticket will be issued to the passenger’s phone or email after paying the fee difference amount.

Rules & Regulations – Lufthansa Policy for Name Change, Cancellation & Refund, Baggage, Missed Flights, and Pet Accommodation

Amend Your Name on the Fare – Name Change Policy

Lufthansa provides a name change facility to its clients so they can make modifications to their tickets under name change policy hassle-free.

  • You can only fix your incorrect name by up to 3 characters, and you may need to present the supporting documents.
  • Recently married passengers can show their marriage certificate for a legal name change.
  • If you booked your flight with the airline’s representatives, you must contact them.

Lufthansa Flight Cancellation & Refund Policy

In response to the demands and circumstances of its customers, Lufthansa has implemented a 24-hour cancellation policy. When handling reservations, Lufthansa gives customers more freedom and rewards.

Passengers may cancel a trip planned on Lufthansa before 24 hours of the purchase, following the airline’s 24-hour cancellation policy. If you buy your flight with Lufthansa more than a week before it departs, the airline will give you a full refund of the ticket price. Though, Lufthansa Airlines can change its 24-hour cancelation policy at any moment.

In order to cancel their flight reservations, passengers may visit the Lufthansa Airlines Manage Booking section.

A full refund is only available under the following conditions:

  • If the airline cancels your flight without finding a replacement.
  • At your departing airport, the scheduled flight departure time was either earlier by more than an hour or late by at least two hours.
  • Your arrival at your destination will be later than expected by a maximum of two hours.
  • In the event of temporary flight problems, the original departure time was shifted by more than five hours on either the present day or the following day.
  • Reimbursement is subject to requirements in other circumstances, such as voluntarily canceling, traveling, or having medical restrictions. At the time of booking, we informed you of this. Passengers will get reimbursement for only taxes & fees for their non-refundable airfare.

Baggage Policy – Rules for Your Personal Items on the Flight

Due to the weight and space limitations of an aircraft, airlines put strict guidelines for baggage on flights. So, let’s discuss these rules.

Excess Baggage Policy

When a piece of luggage in Economy & Premium Economy Class contains over 23 kg (up to a limit of 32 kg) and/or measures more than 158 cm (the total of width X + height Y + depth Z with a maximum of 292 cm), it is deemed excess baggage.

When a piece of luggage’s overall dimensions seem to be greater than 158 cm and up to 292 cm in Business and First Class, it is deemed excess baggage.

Delayed Baggage Policy

Unfavorable weather, technical issues in the baggage handling areas, a bag tag coming off, and other occurrences can sometimes result in baggage goods being destroyed or not reaching the destination airport at the exact time as their owners. These events include the current state of the airline business, which is plagued by bottlenecks and a staffing shortage,  technical problems in the bag handling areas, adverse weather conditions, and bad weather circumstances.

When this occurs, we always apologize deeply and take all necessary measures to return your luggage to you as quickly as possible or even to reimburse you for any harm it may have sustained.

Missed Flight Policy for When You’re Running Late

If passengers missed their flight with the airlines and due to that they issued their flight, the passengers can claim their compensation from the airline under the Missed Flight Policy.

If the available flight is not suitable for you, you can cancel and Rebook Flight later according to your schedule.

Pet Policy – Accommodation & Restrictions

Transport is available for an additional expense, and it can either be done as extra carry-on luggage in the main cabin or as extra baggage in the air-conditioned cargo hold of the airplane, depending on the type of animal, the size and weight, and the restrictions that apply in various countries.

Passengers can use Lufthansa Cargo to transport the animals and some other species above. Assistance dogs are subject to different rules. Please be aware that there are some locations where it is not possible to transport big animals in the compartment due to local laws and regulations.

Steps for Utilizing Some of the Services of Lufthansa Manage Booking – Flight Change, Cancellation & Advanced Seat Reservation

Amend Your Travel Date & Time – Change Flight Procedure

Lufthansa provides its passengers with an easy procedure to Change Flight. Passengers at Lufthansa can make changes in a few clicks in the comfort of their homes.

  1. First, visit the Lufthansa Airlines website or the Lufthansa Flights Modify Online mobile app.
  2. In the upper right corner, select Menu.
  3. On the left side of the screen, select “Book & Manage.”
  4. Select “View & modify flight details.”
  5. Use your Booking code, Lufthansa ID,  and Miles & more to access your account in a separate window.
  6. Make all the necessary changes to your flight after logging in, then select a new, more suited flight.
  7. You will receive confirmation of your new flight reservation through email or phone once you pay the fare difference (if any).

Make it Easier to Apply for Flight Cancellation

Here are the measures one can take to cancel your bookings and request a refund for the same, keeping a few points of Lufthansa Airlines’ cancellation policy in mind.

  • The passenger must go to the airline’s website to cancel their reservations online.
  • To read the trip summary, select the My Booking section and log into your account.
  • The traveler will get information about the bookings which he needs to cancel after logging in.
  • The user must now select the cancel button located next to the specific flight ticket.
  • The passenger must then affirm that everything is as expected and continue.
  • Travelers will get a cancelation confirmation and after that, they will receive a refund to their original method of payment.

Advanced Seat Reservation – Learn How to Do it

  1. Use the browser’s search bar to find Lufthansa Airlines’ official website.
  2. To continue, pick “Manage Travel” from the drop-down menu at the top of the page. Select “Next” after entering your last name exactly as it appears on your flight ticket and reservation number.
  3. Once the website retrieves your reservation, tap it to reveal the Seat Selection option.
  4. You will see the seating configurations and the entire schedule on a screen.
  5. After selecting the appropriate seat and entering your name and other information, click “Next.”
  6. You must now input your personal information and select a payment method in order to receive your seat reservations.
  7. Pay the fees to complete the reservations.
  8. Follow the above steps and select the seat after booking your flight reservation. Passengers can reserve their seats at check-in time as well.

For assistance, you can contact the agent anytime at the Lufthansa Airlines Manage Booking support number.


How to manage the Lufthansa flights?

Passengers can manage their Lufthansa airlines reservations by going to the official site, via the mobile app, or by calling on the customer service number.

Till when booking can be managed?

Passengers need to make changes or cancellation in their flight bookings at least 24 hours before the departure time.

How do I get my Lufthansa booking code?

First, visit the official site of Lufthansa. Tap on the My Bookings option. Go to the dropdown menu and then provide your First and Last name, and your ticket reservation code.

Do you get refunds if Lufthansa cancels your flights?

Yes, refunds are provided for canceled flight bookings keeping in mind certain restrictions. Access your booking through Lufthansa Airlines Manage Booking to continue with the cancelation process.

Are there agents available to assist customers with their bookings?

Yes, agents are available round the clock to help customers with managing their reservations.

How will you manage your bookings through a third party?

Passengers can not make changes to their bookings done through a third party by the passenger through the phone or computer. The person needs to get in touch with the agent for any changes in the booking.

How many extra bags can I check on Lufthansa?

Baggage Allowance aboard Lufthansa depends on your fare class, for example-

Fare ClassBaggage Limit
Economy Class (Up to 50 lbs. each)1
Business Class (Up to 70 lbs. each)2
First Class (Up to 70 lbs. each)3
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