How To Change Name On Turkish Airlines Ticket? (2024)

Turkish Airlines Name Change Policy

Turkish Airlines Name Change Policy and procedure are easy to understand. Minor name correction (misspellings) can be done without any name change fee. You can request a name change on the ticket by calling the airline and contacting travel agencies. Read further for details on the name change policy, the online procedure to change the passenger’s name on the ticket, and more.

Turkish Airlines Name Change Policy

Turkish Airlines Name Change Rules

If you have made mistakes in your name while booking then you need not worry. Here we mentioned the Turkish Airlines Name Correction policies so that you can understand the process better.

  • You can modify your name by following the particular policies 
  • Passengers who want to modify their name free of cost need to correct their name within twenty-four hours of purchase time.
  • Turkish Airlines’ Name change policy says you can change only spelling mistakes, not a full name.
  • There is only one chance to have a single passenger correct their name.
  • You can select as per your convenience whether you want to change your name online or offline.
  • Moreover, a name change is permissible if you are changing your name after marriage or divorce.
  • After the check-in process, no person is allowed to change their name.
  • The Turkish Airlines name correction policy applies to all tickets issued on TK documentation and flown by Turkish Airlines.
  • As per the policy, Turkish Airlines customers are allowed to amend their name only up to four characters.
  • Passengers who reserved their tickets frequent flyers, and mileage points then such a customer are not significant persons to raise the request against Name correction.

Ways to Change Your Name on a Turkish Airlines Reservation

We know you’ve come to find out how to correct your Turkish Airlines name. In general, individuals use the internet to look for information on topics they are unfamiliar with. But we are here to assist you; we have thoroughly discussed both the online and offline methods of changing your name. Examine both strategies and find a solution to your situation.

Turkish Airlines Name Change Online Process

Turkish Airlines Name Change Online
  • Visit the Turkish Airlines website or call the Turkish helpline at +1-888-906-0670.
  • Now You should go to the manage tab on the home page
  • Followed by you should Enter the six-digit booking reference number and the user’s last name  
  • Following that, you may look through the list of bookings to choose the one that is right for you.
  • Following that, you may follow the on-screen instructions to make any necessary adjustments and double-check the information before completing the application.
  • In addition, a client must pay the name correction cost (if applicable) to complete the online transaction.
  • Finally, Turkish Airlines will send you a confirmation email if your name has been changed.

Turkish Airlines Name Change Offline Process

Turkish Airlines Name Change Offline
  • You might change your name in the offline approach in two ways: by phone and at the airport ticket counter. Passengers who have purchased their tickets at the airport counter can go to the nearest airport. Now, once you arrive at the airport, you should provide your credentials with your problem, and they will handle it quickly.

Turkish Airlines Name Correction via Phone Number

It is also a fantastic method to amend any mistakes you make while reserving your ticket. Simply contact the Turkish Airlines Manage Booking team or dial +1-888-906-0670. The officials will answer your phone, during which point you should share the specifics of your ticket as well as your concerns. They will address your problem quickly.

Request Name Change At Airport

Passengers are allowed to visit the nearest airport if they have purchased their ticket from the airport ticket counter. And by giving the necessary information, they will be able to rectify their misspelled name.

Turkish Airlines Name Correction Fee

In terms of service fees, the Turkey-based airline offers a plethora of enticing options for travelers. Significantly, it allows consumers to make name modifications for free during the first 24 hours after booking. Under some conditions, Turkish Airlines Name Change Fee can go up to US$300. The cost of the service varies depending on the fare type, service class, location, and time of the request. As a result, it is prudent to obtain the most recent fee circumstances from the official website or by dialing a toll-free number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions commonly asked by flyers regarding any name change on Turkish Airlines tickets are answered below:

Can I Transfer My Turkish Airline Ticket to another person?

No, this ticket can only be used by the individual whose surname, middle name, and first name are written on it. This is why you are unable to transfer your ticket to another person. It is also recommended that you travel only when the name on the ticket exactly matches your name. Otherwise, you’ll be returning from the airport gate.

Can I change the passenger name on Turkish Airlines?

Yes, you can change the name of a passenger on Turkish Airlines. But you have to pay some charges to the airline for making the name changes. To change the name you need to call the airline executive. They will ask you to share your personal details. After that, they’ll change your name.

Can I change my name on a flight already booked?

Yes, you can change your name on a flight that is already booked. So, if you have booked your flight using your before-marriage name, then you can contact the airline and provide them with all the relevant documents as proof of name change.

Why do Airlines not allow name changes?

If the airline does not allow travelers to change or modify their name, then it is to ensure that all the flyers have been screened against the watchlist of the government and are permitted to travel.

Why name change is not allowed in flight?

If the airline is not allowing you to change your name on your ticket, then security can be the reason for it. Verifying the identity of a traveler is necessary for the safety of international regulations. Also, if the airline allows the passenger to change their name frequently, it might lead to misuse or fraud.

Is name change allowed on international flights?

Yes, the name change is allowed on International flights. However, travelers have to pay a specific amount for making the name changes

What if the name is wrong on the airline ticket?

If your name is wrong on the airline’s ticket, then you correct it by contacting the airline executive. It is necessary to make the correction because the airline will not allow you to travel if your name is found incorrect.

Do airlines charge to change the name on the ticket?

Yes, the airline charges fees to change the name on the ticket. Usually, minor name changes and spelling are free.

How much does it cost to change a flight ticket name?

If you want to modify your name change on the flight tickets, then you need to contact the airline. Also, you have to pay a specific amount for making the modifications. However, the fee for changing the name can vary from $50 to $200

Is name correction possible on a flight ticket?

Yes, name correction is possible on the flight tickets. However, to make all the alterations, the airline will charge administrative fees to the passengers.

Is it a problem if my name is spelled wrong on my plane ticket?

Yes, it can be a difficult situation for a passenger if their name is written incorrectly on their flight ticket. The airline can refuse them to board the flight. Hence, the name on the ticket and on the government-issued ID must be the same.

Is It Possible to Modify the Name on the Turkish Airlines Ticket?

Yes, a Name change is permissible only if your name has been legally changed after divorce/marriage.

Is it possible to change the name on my Turkish Airlines ticket?

Correcting and changing your name is not the same thing. According to Turkish Airlines’ rules and regulations, you are not permitted to modify your whole name. Only you have the authority to change your name letters up to four characters. change the name on my Turkish Airlines ticket by calling customer service at +1-888-906-0670, on the other hand, allows you to correct your middle, first, and last names.

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  2. Basically I made one spelling mistake in my surname ,but Turkish airlines said I have to buy new ticket ,then they will refund me the cheaper one

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