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Austrian airline is one of the airlines people rely on for all their air travel. One of the options which it provides to make things easier for its travelers is the option for managing their bookings. Flyers often get stressed because they are unaware of the managing booking process. This airline makes sure that managing the bookings is easy so that all flyers understand it. 

Are you in search of detailed information on managing bookings? Then you are at the right place. Each piece of information here will explain the procedure of managing bookings. In addition to the process, get to know what all things one can do with the Austrian airlines manage booking option.

Firstly, let’s learn about managing bookings through the official website.

A Detailed Guide to Manage Your Booking Through the Official Site 

Austrian airlines ensure that people don’t have to follow a complicated procedure for managing bookings. This is because not all passengers are used to following the online process. Also, we never know when any situation may arise, and we have to make changes or edit our bookings. So, one must follow the steps given below to manage their bookings. 

Steps-by-Step Process of Austrian Airlines Manage Booking

  1. Firstly, visit the official site of Austrian airlines. Now, log in to your account by entering the correct information. 
  2. When the site opens, click on the option “Austrian Airlines Manage Booking.” You will find this tab on the home page. Enter the last name of the flyer along with the reservation number in the blanks. 
  3. When you enter the information in the blanks, you will see your booking on the screen. 
  4. Once the booking appears on the screen, an individual becomes eligible to make the changes to their reservation. So go ahead to make the changes in the flyer’s name, timings, date, seat, etc. 
  5. Once you make the changes in your bookings; confirm all those changes. Once you confirm the changes, Austrian airlines will send you a notification confirming your changes. 

Essential Changes That One Can Make Using Austrian Airlines Manage Booking Feature 

If you are traveling with Austrian Airlines and facing trouble while managing your bookings, then reach our Austrian Airlines manage booking and resolve all your traveling issues with the help of experienced travel associates. Our executives are available throughout all day and help travelers get essential facilities like- choice of desired seats, cancellation, and extra assistance in addition to this one can make manage their baggage allowance services as well. Some of the services the Austrian Manage Booking helpdesk provides to deliver the utmost satisfaction to travelers traveling with Austrian Airlines- 

Flight Cancellation Procedure to Cancel Your Flights

We all need assistance while canceling our online reservations. One can make a hassle-free cancellation by following the steps given below- 

  1. Visit the official site of Austrian airlines. 
  2. Once you visit the home page, press the option of “manage your booking.” Here enter the details and retrieve your itinerary. 
  3. When your bookings open up on the screen, select the option of “cancellation.” 

*Remember that an individual is eligible for making the changes only if they didn’t check in online yet. 

Baggage Allowance Process to Buy Baggage Add-Ons

Another thing that one can do with the manage booking option is to buy baggage add-ons. Follow these steps to add more baggage to your bookings- 

  1. Visit the official site of Austrian airlines.
  2. Click on the option of “trips” on the home page. 
  3. Now, select the option of “my booking” and enter the details correctly. 
  4. Lastly, add more baggage to your booking. You can do so before the 2 hours of flight departure. 

Easy Steps to Rebook Your Flight 

One is also eligible for making the re-booking of their flights using the Austrian airlines manage booking option. One needs to follow all the steps in the right order to re-book their flight. 

  1. Firstly, open the web browser on your device. 
  2. Visit the official site of this airline and use your ID and password to log in. 
  3. Now, visit the “manage booking tab.” 
  4. Select your previous reservation and enter your reservation number. Also, you need to enter the last name of the passenger. 
  5. Enter all the details that are asked in this step and then select the option of “re-booking.” 
  6. In addition to the above steps, one might have to pay the airfare difference to re-book their flight. 
  7. Once you follow all the steps, the team will send you the confirmation on the registered phone number or e-mail. 

In Need of Extra seats? Grab Your Seats in Advance

When an individual visits the official site of Austrian Airlines, they will find the “Seat map.” Using this seat map, one can see the seat they want to book. 

To add extra seats to your bookings, here are the steps that you need to follow- 

  1. Visit the official site of Austrian airlines.
  2. Then on the home page, select the option of “my bookings.” 
  3. Once you do so, you can now add the seat of your choice. Choose from a window, aisle, or center seat. 

Flight Changes – Modify Your Name and Date on Your Tickets 

In addition to all the things above, an individual is also eligible for making changes or modifications to their bookings. One can make changes to the timings, date, and much more through the option of Austrian airlines manage booking. 

Alter Your Bookings in No Time  

Furthermore, the passengers of this airline are eligible to change their flight with the option of Austrian airlines manage booking. Change Flight with Austrian Airlines can only be changed under Change Flight Policy. However, there are times when individuals have to change their flights due to a change in travel plans. If you are one such flyer, use the modification tab to complete the procedure in no time. 

Pre Select Your Seats With Manage Booking 

If any flyer wishes to change their seat due to comfort reasons, they can do it in no time. Furthermore, people find the need to upgrade their booking and thus look for a seat of their choice. If you want to do the same, use the manage booking tab. 

Austrian Airlines’ Updated Policies to Know About 

Easy Flight Cancellation – Cancellation Policy, Fee, & Refunds

  • Firstly, the passenger can cancel their tickets within 24 hours of making their reservation. If they complete the cancellation within this time, they will not have to pay any charges or fees. 
  • Furthermore, you must carry a refundable ticket to get a refund from Austrian Airlines. You are not eligible to get a refund if you hold a nonrefundable ticket if you do not cancel within 24 hours. 
  • Moreover, you must buy your ticket at least seven days before the departure of your flight. 
  • Remember, you will not get any pet discount or infant discount if you completely cancel these two. 

Make the Refund Requests After Cancelling Your Flights

  • Firstly, you need to follow the 24-hour cancellation policy to get a refund from the airline. No amount will be deducted from the refund amount if you do so. 
  • Furthermore, you can get a full refund if you cancel within 24 hours of booking a flight. Also, your departure date should be at least one week away. 
  • Moreover, the airline provides a refund in a travel voucher. This means an individual can use this travel voucher for their future flights. However, remember you are eligible to use this voucher for up to one year from the date of issue. 
  • If you book the nonrefundable ticket and you missed your flight, then under these conditions, you are not eligible to get a refund of any kind.  

Get Details on Rebooking Policy Eligibility & Criteria

You are eligible for rebooking if there are empty seats and the flight date before the departure date changes on the flyer’s request. 

An individual requests to change the final destination, departure, or arrival airport, then they need to pay the fee set by Austrian Airlines. Remember to visit the official website of this airline and use the Austrian Airlines manage booking option to complete the re-booking procedure.

Moreover, the passenger can complete the re-booking procedure two hours before the departure time. Also, remember that re-booking charges are not refunded if you make the cancellation. 

Baggage Policy – For Carry-Ons & Checked Baggage 

Allowance for Carry-On Baggage 

  • The flyers of this airline are eligible to carry the baggage of this type according to the travel class. 
  • Individuals can carry one piece of carry-on baggage for the economy and premium economy class. 
  • Furthermore, business class flyers can carry two pieces of carry-on baggage. 
  • Remember, the dimensions of this type should not exceed 55cmx40cmx23cm. Moreover, the total weight of this baggage should not be more than 8 kg. 
  • This baggage should fit in the overhead cabin or under the seat in front of you. 
  • Lastly, the dimensions of the personal item that you carry should not be more than 40cmx30cmx10cm. 

Allowance for Checked Baggage

An individual’s amount to pay for the checked baggage depends on the flight route. However, this airline offers its passengers some baggage as free baggage. 

Economy Lightno baggage
Economy Classic & Flex1 x 23kg
Business2 x 32kg

You can add in additional baggage by using the option of Austrian airlines manage booking.

Additional Service Provided by Austrian Airlines 

Passengers who choose Austrian airlines enjoy various additional services that this airline offers. Go through the information given below to learn about all the additional services that this airline provides- 

Baggage Add-Ons You Can Buy or Include in Your Bookings

You have the freedom to carry your own sports equipment, musical instruments, etc. This airline allows people to take things like this. Furthermore, the safety of your items is kept in mind at all times. Add in such services by using the Austrian airlines manage booking option. 

Special Menus to Add Special Food

Passengers can choose their favorite meal from the menu that this airline provides. If you have any particular diet, you can order the food accordingly. 

Get Your Insurance Cover 

Go ahead to get the insurance package which will include all the covid-19 advantages. Due to this, people can explore various countries much more carefreely. 

Devices for Impaired Individuals 

Go ahead to get the devices for the individuals with some impairment. You can ask the team at this airline to provide the equipment, but you need to make your flight hassle-free. Use the Austrian airlines manage booking option to add these to your current booking. 

Additional help for children and elderly people 

it is not easy to travel when you have older members of the family or children with you. So, if you need any equipment or things to make your air travel comfortable, ask this airline’s team. You can add certain items to your existing reservation with Austrian Airlines Manage Booking option. 


How much time before the departure can I make the bookings?

An individual can make the bookings 72 hours to three hours before the departure time. So, make sure you make the bookings accordingly. 

What things can I re-book at Austrian airlines?

An individual is eligible to re-bookings the following things when they choose Austrian airlines- 

  • Timings of the bookings 
  • Date of reservation 
  • The reservation class of the ticket 

What are the terms and conditions for making the re-booking the flight?

The terms and conditions that one needs to fulfill to re-book their flight are the followings- 
An individual must make the booking via the official website of Austrian airlines. 
Your fare conditions should allow you to make the re-booking. 

For which fares can one re-book an earlier flight on the same day?

The flyer can re-book an earlier flight on the same day on the following fares within Europe- 

  • Economy
  • Flex (FLX) 
  • Business
  • Flex (BUZ) 

Can I change my flight date with Austrian Airlines Manage Booking option?

Yes, an individual can change the flight date using this option. Just visit the official website and use the Austrian Airlines manage booking option or dial Austrian Airlines toll-free number.

+1-888-906-0670 Call For Changes