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Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy

As per the Hawaiian Carry-on Size, the bag must safely fit under the seat in front of you or the overhead bin. The size of the carry-on bag must not exceed 9 inches* 14 inches* 22 inches or 45 linear inches, and the weight must not exceed 11kg. 

All the passengers are limited to carry one bag and one personal item in Hawaiian Carry-on Size. The carry-on bag must fit under the seat in front of you or the overhead bin, following the weight and size requirements. 

The airline reserves the right to stow any item from carry-on to cargo according to the type of aircraft and storage. 

A personal item is also allowed to each passenger. The item must be small enough to fit under the seat. Personal items include a purse, briefcase, laptop, small backpack, etc. The item must safely fit under the seat. 

Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy

Hawaiian Airlines Checked and Carry-on Baggage Allowance & Fees

According to the Hawaiian airline’s baggage policy in the basic fare class, passengers are allowed carry-on baggage, one personal item, and one carry-on item for free. The checked baggage is charged a fee that increases with the number of bags checked.

Overweight and oversize bags are charged a fee depending on the weight and size categories. Also, certain sports items have applicable fees by calling the helpline at +1-888-906-0670.

Carry-on Baggage

  • Hawaiian Airlines allows one carry-on bag and one personal item to every passenger for free.
  • The carry-on baggage must not exceed the following size and weight allowance:-
  • The size of baggage must not exceed 45 linear inches.
  • The bag must fit under the seat or in the overhead bin.
  • The personal item must not exceed the size so it can fit under the seat in front of you.
  • Personal items include jacket, umbrella, assistive device, duty-free items, etc.

Checked Baggage

  • Hawaiian airlines allow checked bags to certain passengers.
  • The passengers are allowed 2 bags and they can carry an additional maximum of 10 bags.
  • The size of the baggage must not exceed 62 linear inches.
  • The weight of baggage must not exceed 23kg.

Fees for Baggage 

At times the fee is applied for checked baggage. The fee depends on the cabin class and destination. The frequent flyer program members and the Hawaiian credit cardholders get a discount and at times free additional checked baggage. 

The checked baggage fee for domestic flights is as below:-

Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Fee
  • The first checked bag costs- $30 ( $25 for Hawaiian miles members and credit cardholders).
  • The second checked bag- is $40 ($35 for Hawaiian miles members and credit cardholders). 
  • Hawaiian Airlines doesn’t charge a fee for international flights to or from the US for the first two bags. 

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Excess Baggage

Hawaiian Airlines charges $50 per bag for excess baggage on neighbor island flight bookings and $100 on North American flight bookings, and $150 on international bookings for three or more bags. Bags greater than 80 linear inches are not accepted as checked baggage. 

Overweight Baggage 

  • Hawaiian Airlines charges a fee for bags that weigh more than 23kg. 
  • For bags weighing between 24-32kg, the fee is $50 per bag. 
  • For the bags weighing 33 to 46kg- $200 per bag. 
  • Bags weighing more than 33kg are not allowed on flights to and from Australia. 
  • Bags weighing more than 46kg are not accepted as checked baggage on Hawaiian Carry-on Size

Sports Equipment

Sports equipment like skis, fishing equipment, hockey, golf bags, etc. is accepted on Hawaiian airlines flights. The weight and size limits count as a checked bag. 

Here are the steps to add excess baggage to your reservation;

1. Open the Hawaiian Airlines official website.

2. Click on the Manage Flights option.

3. Click on the My Trips option.

Hawaiian Airlines My Trips
Hawaiian Airlines My Trips Section

4. Fill in your details.

Hawaiian Airlines My Trips Login Portal
Hawaiian Airlines Excess Baggage Adding portal

5. Hit on the view my trips option and choose a reservation.

6. Search and click on add baggage option, then provide the necessary details of your baggage.

7. Proceed with the on-screen instructions and complete the payment process.

Is carry-on free on Hawaiian airlines?                           

Yes, passengers on Hawaiian airlines can bring one carry-on bag and one personal item per passenger free of cost. The carry-on item should not exceed the weight and size restrictions which are 45 linear inches including the handles and wheels. Carry-on items include a purse, laptop, briefcase, backpack, etc.

Hawaiian Airlines carry-on baggage weight limit domestic

Hawaiian Airlines allows passengers to carry 25 pounds (11kg) of carry-on baggage. The carry-on bag must fit under the front seat or in the overhead bin. The item must not exceed 45 linear inches as per the allowance for domestic flights. The children paying 50% of the adult fare are allotted the same carry-on baggage allowance.

The passengers on Hawaiian airlines are allowed to carry one carry-on item and one personal item.

What type of bag is best for travel?

All of us know luggage goes a long way it is not a one-time thing. While choosing luggage keep the following things in mind for a better experience.

  • Check luggage restrictions on www.hawaiianairlines.com or dial +1-888-906-0670 for help.
  • Choose a bag that is lightweight so you can stuff more inside.
  • Try choosing a compact bag for traveling.
  • Make sure the bag has wheels and a proper handle.
  • Look for better quality over price as it goes a long way.

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How do I fit everything in my suitcase?

Pack light to avoid overweight fees. Check out the tips below to learn how you can fit everything in your suitcase:- know about the baggage policy, fees, and additional service with hawaiian airlines manage booking.

  • Roll your clothes in a smaller size.
  • Use travel pouches to separate things and saving space.
  • Put things inside your shoes.
  • Use bundle packing method to save space.
  • Packing folders are best used to fit more stuff.
  • Buy a bag that is expandable so you can put more stuff inside.

Is the Nomatic travel bag worth it? 

Undoubtedly, the Nomatic backpack is not a cheaper one. It costs more than two high-end backpacks or a high-end suitcase. It surely has some of the best features that justify its high price. The bag is no doubt durable with exceptional quality. It still lacks a lot of features a bag should have which would make it a great bag. In my opinion, it is not worth spending so much money on a backpack, especially when it lacks a lot of features.

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