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Swiss Airlines offers easy bookings. Enter about your trip, along with other important information. Fix your next journey with Swiss Airlines. However, you may need to change these details because you face some emergencies. Wherein you may not be able to make your journey as planned. Visit the Swiss Air Manage Booking webpage to alter your bookings. Modify the details of your next planned trip to your destination.

Moreover, you can do a world of modifications and additions to your journey. You can see your booked seats change or confirm them. Save yourself the trouble of going anywhere for your travel change needs. Just visit the website and do all of it at once in just one stop.

Fly Into The World Stress-Free With Swiss Air Manage Booking, SWR

While you can modify, upgrade or cancel flights in just a few clicks at the Swiss Air Manage Booking Official Website. The procedure to do so is also smooth to handle. Nevertheless, if you need help, customer care executives are the best to help.

You may call for help, chat with them or email them. Get instant help by navigating the Swiss Manage Booking page.

Moreover, you can choose your seat, enter your new details, and add in-flight entertainment services. Without any hassle, get your new itinerary ready. Even for current flights, there is a link in Swiss Manage Booking. It makes it users easy to book a flight and easier to manage later.

Swiss Air Manage My Booking – Refund, Seat Selection, Check-in, & Other Special Amenities

Travelers reserved with Swiss Airlines can change their booking specifications. Here is a list of services under the Swiss Air Manage Booking tab:

Request Refund Through Swiss Airlines Manage My Booking

You can make the request for a refund for your canceled or delayed Swiss Airlines flights. Regardless of fare type, you will get a refund for tickets that you canceled within 24 hours of booking.

Got Some Important work? Check-in Online & Save More Time!

You can check in early via the web check-in facility for Swiss Airlines flights. Swiss Air allows passengers to do online check-in to make the process hassle-free. In addition, you can print or share Swiss Airlines flight tickets.

Add Special Amenities To Your List

You can add any special request such as in-flight meals, entertainment, medical assistance, or more. Regardless of fare type, passengers can add special services through the Swiss Air Manage Booking Tool.

On Missing Your Flight, Re-book or Rescheduled Your Swiss Airlines Seat

If somehow you missed your flight then still you don’t need to worry. You can transfer yourself to the next available flight on the same day. Re-booking is an amazing feature in Swiss Airlines Manage My Booking that any individual can use by spending little amount on Rebooking fees.

Use Miles (Travel Reward) Instead Of Money To Make a Payment

You can book flights via miles with the Swiss Air Manage booking page. With the help of Miles, you can pay for any sort of changes in your booking. Also, Airlines Miles will also help you in booking Tickets, Hotels, and also rental cars.

When You are Stuck in Trouble, Change/Cancel Your SWS Flight With no Fees

Swiss Air Manage Booking offers you to change flights and cancel flight features even on the same day or later. You just need to remember that you will get a complete refund for canceling your tickets within 24hrs.

Not Comfortable With Your Previous Seat? Choose Your Favourite Seat Through Seat Selection Feature

Select your desired seating arrangement on your Swiss Airlines flights. Moreover, you can preselect your favorite seat through the Swiss Air Manage Booking option.

Review your Bookings & Make Changes Anytime When You Feel It’s Required

You can view details of your old bookings with Swiss Airlines swiftly. Isn’t it a great feature? You can now see the whole details of your booking and can change anything anytime when you feel it is required.

Avail of all the services mentioned above freely. Apart from it, if you need any assistance, contact the customer service team. They will help you in every way possible. Get help with all the nitty-gritty of booking, rebooking as well as alterations. Make necessary modifications according to the new conditions of your journey plans.

Benefits of Swiss Air Manage Booking FeatureAvail of it!

Swiss Air Manage Booking offers exclusive ways to manage bookings. The advantages of visiting the webpage are many:

  • Passengers can make flight schedule upgrades. Also, make changes to the Manage Booking options.
  • Swiss Air Manage Booking service also assists passengers. Add extra services such as special meals, excess baggage, entertainment audio/visuals, etc., to the itinerary.
  • Travelers can change areas like flight date, time, route, etc.
  • Swiss Airlines passengers can view travel booking specifications and modify contact information. Moreover, it is helpful if you enter some erroneous information while booking.
  • You can also pick and get any available seat of your liking with Swiss Airlines. You could use it to modify seat preferences even if you booked the seat previously.
  • Canceling your ticket is another excellent convenience with Swiss Air Manage Booking.

Step-by-Step Guide To Make Any Change in Your Booking By Swiss Air Manage Booking

Manage Booking includes correcting a name or changing flight date/time or destination. In addition, it also offers- the cancellation, booking meals, adding special services, and many more.

The below-mentioned will help you with Swiss Airline’s booking alterations quickly.

  1. Visit the Official Website of Swiss Airlines or dial the helpline number.
  2. Login with your email address and password.
  3. Select the ‘Manage Booking’ tab and move to the select your flight with the code.
  4. Then, enter the passenger’s name and phone number and press ‘next’.
  5. Make the desired changes and click on the apply button.
  6. The changes will appear in the new itinerary. You will get your new ticket in your email ID.

Moreover, you can also make other changes to the Swiss Manage booking page.

Step-by-Step Guide To Make Seat Reservations

While making seat reservations, you will need to provide information. And now you can do it on your own through mobile phone or online. You will be able to access the details through Swiss Air Manage Booking:

  1. Go to the official website of Swiss Airlines. Then you have to click on the login option.
  2. Enter the username and password of your account.
  3. Now select the “Manage Booking” tab. Further, select the flight which you want to manage.
  4. Then, enter the passenger’s name and mobile number.
  5. You will get all the options to manage the flight booking
  6. All available seats will display on the screen. You can select the desired seat and move forward.
  7. You have to follow the on-screen instruction to complete the action.

Step-by-Step Guide To Change Your Flight Date

Changing flight dates after reservations can be confusing. But, worry not. The Swiss Air Manage Booking will help you through. You can easily manage your flight. Follow the further steps to change the flight date on Swiss Airlines:

  1. Always the first step is to go to the Official Website.
  2. Enter your login credentials.
  3. Select the flight that you want to make the modifications to.
  4. Then, enter the passenger’s name and mobile number to open the Manage Booking tab.
  5. Click on the Date of the Flight.
  6. Enter the New Date of the Flight.
  7. Click on the ‘Apply’ button.
  8. You may have to pay in case of a difference in flight fares.
  9. Make the payment online. After completion, click on save.
  10.  Your new ticket will be ready and sent to you in your mailbox to confirm the flight change. 

Hence, if you need to make any changes to the itinerary, you can easily do it. Just go to the Swiss Airlines page. All your problems will resolve instantly. So, without any delay, make full use of it.

Some Important Policy Of Swiss Air Manage My Booking – SWS

Looking For Flight Cancellation? Check-out What is inside Swiss Cancellation Policy

Swiss air allows its passengers to cancel and get refunds quickly at more reasonable costs anytime. Read the below points to know more about the Swiss Air Cancellation Policy:

  • The 24-Hour cancellation policy works for basic Economy fares where flyers can receive a full refund. However, they are not allowed to make any alterations.
  • In addition, Swiss Air 24- Hour is not applicable on the reward tickets and group fares.
  • Swiss air’s cancellation policy is not applicable for tickets purchased outside the Swiss Air Official Portal, Customers Services phone number, and through the airport counter.
  • The 24-cancellation policy ensures a full refund of their ticket booking value to the passengers.

Claim For Refund Under Swiss Airlines Refund Policy

  1. The refund for the Swiss air tickets is applicable on the open jaw fares, One-way, and round trip.
  2. According to the Swiss air cancellation policy, you can cancel both refundable and non-refundable tickets regardless of what ticket conditions are applied on reservations you hold.
  3. However, only confirmed tickets are allowed to get refunds. 

Travelers Can Add Extra Baggage Through the Swiss Air Baggage Policy

Read the given table to know more about the Baggage policy for each fare type.

  Baggage TypeFares Types
EconomyPremium EconomyBusinessFirst
Hand BaggageOne maximum 8 kg Dimensions: 55x40x23 cmOne maximum 8 kg Dimensions: 55x40x23 cmTwo maximum 8 kg Dimensions: 55x40x23 cmTwo maximum 8 kg Dimensions: 55x40x23 cm
Checked BaggageOne maximum 23 kg Size: 158 cmOne maximum 23 kg Size: 158 cmTwo maximum 32 kg Size: 292 cmTwo maximum 32 kg Size: 292 cm

If you are still facing issues managing your booking then directly contact swiss airlines and tell the experts about your issues. Connecting with the Live representative of the airline is the best way to get an instant and reliable assistance.


Can you make changes to only one passenger online on the Swiss Airlines Ticket?

No, you cannot make a change for one passenger only. Moreover, the changes will apply to all the passengers in the itinerary.

Does “Hold the Booking” apply to Swiss Airlines?

Fortunately, Swiss Airlines does allow the ‘Hold the Booking’ option. You can hold your booking without making the entire payment for a specific period. You can either confirm on the Swiss Air Manage Booking page.

What is the refund policy of Swiss Airlines?

Swiss Airlines allows refunds against cancellation. But, if you want to re-book your flights, it is best not to get a refund. You can easily adjust the cancellation amount. Further, if you process your refund, you will not re-book. At the same time, you can make new bookings.

Is it possible to reserve seats in advance?

Yes, Swiss Airlines offers seat reservations 48 hours before departure. However, you may book your seats while booing as well. Moreover, go to the Swiss Air Manage Booking page for more guidance.

What is the Swiss Airlines Cancellation Policy?

Although, You are free to cancel your flights anytime. Canceling flights within the first 24 hours from booking is free of cost. However, it depends that the cancellation is a week before the departure date. Moreover, you can still cancel flights after 24 hours with a cancellation fee. Then, easily cancel the tickets through Swiss Air Manage Booking.

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