Frontier Change Flight – Fee, Process, and Flexibility Policy

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Frontier Change Flight

A flight change comes with a lot of rules and restrictions, but Frontier Airlines comes with a flexible flight change policy. Before starting the procedure, travellers who are about to purchase a ticket or who need to make changes to an existing one should consider the significance of Frontier Airlines change policy.

A Brief on Frontier Airlines Change Policy

You can change your flight with Frontier. When you wish to fly on another day than the one that was previously scheduled, However, you must follow rules. 

  • To avoid fees, Frontier Airlines clients must submit their change request within  24 hours of the purchase of the reservation. Bookings must be made, however, a minimum of 7 days before departure.
  • You should be willing to pay a specific amount as a ticket change fee if you fail within the risk-free window.
  • However, the airline does not allow customers from transferring tickets to another person.
  • You can make changes with the airline up until the day of your flight. 
  • You can change your flight as long as your booking details are correct. The airline may also request these details and any others related to the reservation. The changes won’t happen unless you submit them.

Online & Offline Ways to Change Frontier Flight

According to Frontier Airlines change flight policy, passengers can change their flight via a different method, i.e., online and offline methods. Follow the given steps and make the required changes to your itinerary.

Frontier Change Flight via Website – Online Way

1. First, log in with your credentials by visiting the Frontier Airlines website or mobile app.

Frontier Airlines Change Policy
Frontier Airlines Login Portal

2. When asked, enter the confirmation code and the last name listed on the original ticket on the Frontier Airlines Manage Booking page.

Frontier Airlines Manage Booking
Frontier Airlines Manage Booking Login Portal

3. Look for the “change flight” option on the trip confirmation page and click it.

4. You will now notice a pop-up titled “flight change” on the right side of the screen. 

5. You can modify a single flight or a number of them from your itinerary. 

6. To edit the origin and destination airports along with the flight departure date, pick all the flights you wish to modify.

Change Frontier Airlines Flight via Call – Offline Way

  1. To change a Frontier Airlines flight, dial the toll-free number. According to the Frontier change flight policy, you must provide the correct information to start the process. So please provide the requested information once you get connected with an agent.
  2. The representative will check the information and the reservation in detail.
  3. Then, a Frontier representative will make the changes on your behalf.
  4. If necessary, you need to pay a fee for changing your flight. 
  5. Please wait for confirmation made from the airline to ensure that the changes have been made.

A Brief on Flexibility Flight Change Policy

Similar to WORKS, which ensures flexible flight changes, Flight Flexibility is another option. When you choose to utilize this option, know the following guidelines:

  • You can change your ticket to a different one, but you must pay for the additional ticket and make sure there are no remaining funds.
  • The Frontier Flight Change Policy’s section on flight flexibility specifies that you may only utilize this option once per session. 
  • Once you do, then you have the option to adjust the round-trip itinerary’s both directions as well as the battle dates. As a result, you should make all the necessary changes at once.
  • You must use the official site or the official app to make any changes you want.

Steps-by-Step Guide on Flight Date and Time Change (Using Flight Flexibility)

Flight Flexibility works in accordance with the Frontier policy regarding flight changes. You can use the airline’s website or app to take advantage of this benefit. Your flight’s date and time will be changed as often as you’d like. The Confirmation Code for this flight will be required during the procedure.

  1. Make sure the “Flight Flexibility” perk has been included in your reservation.
  2. Visit “” after that.
  3. To continue, look for “My Trips” and choose it.
  4. Go to “My Flights” if you’re using the Frontier mobile app.
  5. Make the necessary changes to your flight now.
  6. Confirm your changes to finish the change process. 

Frontier Change Flight Fee Depends On The Time

Frontier Airlines keeps its travel costs low, even when there are changes. Because of this, this operator offers discounted modifications. The amount of time left before the departure date is the primary determinant of these prices. Interestingly, free adjustments are also conceivable based on the same.

  • You can make modifications without paying a fee when there are 60 days or more until your departure.
  • The Frontier flight change fee is imposed for departures occurring 59 to 7 days in advance and is $49 per change.
  • There is also an additional $79 charge. When the departure date will be in less than six days, the question will be asked.
  • Last-minute modifications can cost up to $99 in fees.


Can I change my booked Frontier flight?

For the applicable cost per ticket, which may be found here, plus any fare difference, if extra, you can change or cancel tickets through Frontier reservations or online. When swapped for a purchase of a lower value, all trades have no residual value.

How much does it cost to change an airline ticket on Frontier?

No change costs apply if booked 60 days or more in advance of departure. $49. From 7 to 59 days before departure $79 if booked less than six days before departure. Last-minute changes can cost you up to $99 as a change fee.

How do I avoid Frontier change fees?

As long as the change is made eight days or more prior to the departure date, there is no additional charge. However, there is a $99 cost if you decide to cancel at the last minute, which according to Frontier is 7 days or less ahead of your journey.

When you cancel a trip with Frontier do you get your money back?

Passengers can cancel their tickets and get a full refund if changing their flight within 24 hours of purchase. The airline will not charge any cancellation fee. To request your ticket refund, you must visit the Manage booking section of Frontier Airlines.

Can you change Frontier flights within 24 hours?

All tickets may be canceled for a full refund within 24 hours of purchase if the date of travel is more than 7 days away. There is no penalty for cancelling. Refund requests can be made through Manage My Booking.

How many days before my flight can I change my flight?

As long as a ticket is purchased at least 7 days before a flight, the Department of Transportation does have a long-standing policy requiring airlines to offer free modifications to customers within 24 hours of purchase.

How to avoid Frontier change fees?

You can contact Delta toll-free. You won’t be charged a change fee if you modify your flight within 24 hours of booking it, but you need to pay the price difference.

Can you cancel for free on frontier within 24 hours?

Passengers can cancel their flight ticket within the first 24 hours of buying the tickets. However, your scheduled departure must at least In these circumstances, you will get the full refund of the value of your ticket in the original form of payment. And, you do not need to pay any cancellation fee. Passengers can request their ticket refund on the Manage Booking page after logging into the My Trips section.

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