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British Airways Manage Booking

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British Airways is the first priority of every individual and is based on passengers carried, and fleet size is the second-largest airline in the United Kingdom. Marked with luxurious amenities and passenger comfort, British Airways is loved and widely traveled across destinations within the country. So come aboard British Airways with the most effortless ticket reservation on the call and online. While booking processes are easy, the British Airways Manage My Booking page makes your seat reservation accessible and changeable when the need arises. 

Manage your flight booking in one place with emergency cancellations, rebooking, passenger detail changes, Add-On Baggage, extra assistance, etc., using the manage my booking option.

British Airways Booking can do all these and much more for you once you get there. One can access their British Manage Booking through the official British Airways site with just the help of your booking reference and last name. 

Managing bookings at British airways is very beneficial and effortless for all the flyers. So let’s get to know all about them in detail. 

British Airways Manage Booking

We never know when we will have such unpredictable situations. So, at that time, travel plans get affected the most. For all the individuals looking to manage their bookings via the official site of British airways, they can do without facing errors. The process of managing British airways’ reservations is simple. Refer to the steps below and find how one can manage their bookings- 

Video Guide British Airways Manage My Booking – My Trips & Reservations
  • Open the official site of British Airways to fetch the manage my booking option.
  • Use your login credentials and log in to your account. 
  • Once you log in successfully, select the option of “British Airways Manage Booking.” 
  • Next, enter your booking number along with your last name. Once you enter this information, you will see that information on your screen. 
  • When your booking appears on the screen, click on the “edit” option.
  • The flyer can now manage their booking by making the changes they want to.
British Airways Manage Booking Login

What All Can Be Done Via British Airways Manage My Booking?

Manage booking option helps the flyers of British Airways in endless ways. There is a process that one needs to follow. If you also have a similar situation and want to manage your bookings, here are the things you can do with the availability of this option- 

Flight Cancellation

Firstly, cancellation is one of the options an individual can do with the manage booking option. Follow these steps and make flight cancellation as per British Airways Cancellation Policy without any hassle- 

  • Open the official website of British Airways. 
  • Find the option of British Airways Manage Booking as soon as the official site opens. You need to enter the information so that the booking that you are looking to cancel pops up on your screen. 
  • Click on the option of cancel when the bookings appear on the screen. 

Add-On Baggage

Are you need to carry more baggage after finalizing your bookings? No issues. You can do this as per British Airways Baggage Allowance. Manage booking options at British Airways will make the process easy for you. 

  • Enter “” on your web browser. This will open the official site of British Airways. 
  • Press the option of “manage booking” on the official site. 
  • You will now see the option of adding more bags. Click on this option. 
  • One has to pay the fee decided by British Airways for adding more baggage to their bookings. 

Flight Rebooking

Another thing that one can do is rebook their flight through the manage booking option. Follow these steps and make the rebooking of your flight in no time. 

  • Visit the official website of British Airways.
  • Go to the option to “manage bookings.” 
  • Enter your PNR number in addition to your last name or mail. 
  • Furthermore, choose the reservation that you want to rebook. 
  • Select that booking and choose the option of “rebooking.” 

Change Flight 

Furthermore, if you wish to change your flight due to any last-minute situation, then do it using the British Airways manage booking option. This is because we never know when individuals might have to change their traveling plans. And because of that, we have to change our flight. So if you are one such flyer, then take advantage of the managing booking tool for completing this procedure. 

Name Date Change 

Do you have to make some modifications to your bookings? Yes, it is possible as per British Airways Change Flight Policy. One can do it by using the manage booking option. Some of the changes one can make with this option are Flight Date Change, the time, the flyer’s name, etc. 

In addition to flight changes, British Airways passengers are eligible to change their name on tickets as per British Airways Change Name On Ticket Policy and the date of flying. If you want to change the passenger’s name, then do it using the British Airways manage booking option. Furthermore, you can also complete the date change procedure using the British Airways Manage Booking tool. Visit the official website of this airline and complete the name and date change procedure in no time. 

Add & Buy Extra Seats 

Do you have to add more seats to your reservations? This is also possible with the manage booking option. Follow each step here and add more seats to your reservation- 

  • Visit the British Airways official site. 
  • Please select the option of “manage my booking” as soon as the home page appears in front of you. 
  • Now, add more seats to your booking. Add in the seat of your choice and finalize the booking. 

Steps to Request Extra Assistance 

Passengers might realize that they need to add extra assistance to their bookings. However, it is no longer a huge task because the British Airways Manage Booking option makes it easy. Here’s how you can ask for extra assistance after making the booking. 

  • Open the British Airways official site on your device. 
  • Log in to your bookings on the official site. 
  • Now, go to the option of “quick links.” Moreover, you
  • need to select the option of “disability and mobility assistance.” 
  • Then, choose the assistance you are looking for. Also, one
  • must try to request assistance at least 48 hours before the departure time of the flight. 
  • Once you add in the assistance, confirm it. 

*Reach the airport at least 2 hours earlier and get in touch with the team of British Airlines. 

Get Your Seat Upgrade Quickly

Moreover, individuals find the need to make an upgrade in their seats after they are finalized with their bookings. If you are one such individual and want to complete the seat upgrade procedure, then use the British Airways manage booking option. Once you open the official website, you will find the option for a seat upgrade there. 

British Airways Reservations

When it comes to booking flights, we usually spend most of our time on the Internet, and due to this, we waste a lot of time. If you want to make British Airways Reservations hassle-free and without wasting much time, then you are at the right place. In this guide, you will get to know everything related to making British Airways reservations with an easy step-by-step guide, British Airways ticket costs, and much more. There are several ways to make British Airways Reservations online and offline. To make your reservation online, you can visit the official site of British Airways and other partner sites to book with awards. If you want to book your flight offline, then you can use the given details below.

Through British Airways Official Site – Online Method

British Airways Booking
  1. Search for
  2. Select the “Agree to Terms and Conditions” checkbox.
  3. Now, you will see three different sections in the lobby. Click on the flights.
  4. Scroll down a little and fill in all the important information to proceed.
  5. After filling out the details, click on the search icon.
  6. On the next page, you will see the available flights with dates of departure and prices. Choose one of the flights based on your requirements.
  7. When you click on one flight, you will see the amenities of three different cabin classes, which will help you make your decision easier.
  8. After selecting the flight, you need to review all the information that you’ve provided and complete the payment process.

Through British Airways Avios

  1. Open the official British Airways site.
  2. Click on the “Book with Avios” option.
  3. Log in to your Executive Club account.
  4. Provide all the details that are necessary to book a flight.
  5. Choose one of the given flights.
  6. Examine the information you’ve provided to make British Airways Reservations and pay Avios for your flight. 

Making mistakes when filling out the reservation form is very common. If you have made any mistakes in your reservation form and want to correct them but don’t know how don’t worry! You can navigate to the British Airways Manage Booking section to correct the mistake or change the information.

How much Avois do You Require To Book British Airways Flights?

  • American Airlines offers domestic flights within the country for 9,000 Avios each way.
  • On domestic U.S. flights, lie-flat business class is available for 16,500 Avios.
  • Flights from Ireland to the Northeastern United States start at 13,000 Avios one way.
  • Hawaii-bound flights from the U.S. West Coast are available for 13,000 Avios for a one-way trip.
  • Traveling between the Southeast and the Caribbean will cost you 7,500 Avios for a one-way trip.
  • A round-trip flight from the West Coast to Japan will cost 25,750 Avios. 

List of Partners You Can Reserve

  • Royal Air Maroc
  • Royal Jordanian
  • S7
  • Alaska Airlines
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Finnair
  • SriLankan Airlines
  • Iberia
  • Japan Airlines
  • Malaysia Airlines
  • Qantas
  • Qatar
  • American Airlines

Through Flights Booking Number – Offline Method

  • Through your Android or Apple iOS device, dial the toll-free number.
  • After the first ring, listen to the IVR voice menu and follow the right instructions.
  • Connect with a live person at British Airways by pressing the right key.
  • Ask them to make your on-call reservation.
  • Provide the necessary information to book your flight.
  • When you pay for the ticket, you will get your boarding pass within 15 minutes.

British Airways In-flight Premium Benefits

In British Airways First Class

  • Personal Car Service from Your Hotel or Home to the Airport
  • Personal Lounge (waiting space) at the terminal
  • On-Flight Complimentary Drinks
  • Special meals on the flight
  • wider seat with extra legroom.

In British Airways Business Class

  • Free Wi-Fi access
  • electric boards to charge your electronic devices.
  • Extra luggage storage
  • Wider Seats.
  • complementary drinks and snacks.

In British Airways Economy Class

  • One Blanket.
  • Travel Kit.
  • Headphones
  • Complementary Non-alcoholic beverages.

In British Airways Premium Economy Class

  • Extra Recline.
  • Back support to prevent back pain.
  • More Legroom.
  • Complementary Drinks include Alcoholics.
  • Complementary Food.

Tips To Save Money On Flight Booking with British Airways

  • Wait for the right day according to the Low Fare Calendar to book a flight.
  • Set it to incognito or private mode while searching for flights.
  • maintain awareness of the fare alerts.
  • Keep an eye on inexpensive tourist locations.
  • Buy your tickets in advance.
  • Use Avios or points to book a flight.
  • When booking, compare the cost of the flights.
  • Bring food from home.
  • Find hotels and overnight trips that are free.
  • Avoid paying for checked bags by packing light.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

How do I change my booking on British Airways?

If you want to change your flight bookings on British Airways, then you can use the manage booking feature. This feature allows the passengers to make modifications to their flight itinerary online. However, the travelers have to pay some fees for making the alterations to their reservation.

How do I check my British Airways flight details after booking?

If you want to check your flight details after booking, then follow the given steps:

  • Visit the official website of British Airlines.
  • Next, select the Manage/Edit booking opinion.
  • After that log into your manage booking account using your PNR or Booking reference number along with your last name.
  • Lastly, hit on the ‘Get Itinerary’ option, to get your flight details after booking.

Can I change the date of my British Airways flight?

Yes, you can change the date of your British Airways Flight. For this, you need to go to the manage booking section. Log into your manage booking account and then select the flight in which you want to make the date changes. Not only this, you can modify the timings of your flights using the manage booking tool.

Can you pre-order meals on a British Airways International flight?

Yes, you can pre-order your meals on an international flight with British Airways. For this, you need to log into your manage booking account using your last name and booking reference number. And after that, they can add the meal of their choice. The manage booking feature is an amazing tool as you can select your meal as per your dietary requirements.

How do I check my British Airways flight status?

To check your flight status on British Airways flight, go to your manage booking account and log into it. After logging into your account, you’ll be able to see all your past and upcoming flight details including their flight status. And that’s how you can check the current status of your flight whether it’s delayed or canceled or it is on time.

Can an individual postpone their British flight ticket? 

Yes, the flyers can postpone their tickets. They need to visit the official site of and then visit the option of managing booking or connect with the helpline number at 

How many do I have to make modifications to my bookings? 

Individuals can make changes to their bookings 48 before the original departure time. 

Can I make the cancellations using the British Airways Manage Booking option?

Yes, you are eligible to cancel your reservations using the British Airways Manage Booking Option. Just visit the official website to make the cancellation. 

If I change my booking, do I have to do it for all passengers in my bookings? 

No, once you make the changes in booking, it will apply to all the flyers on your bookings. 

How do I know the changes I have made to my booking are confirmed? 

Once you make the changes, the team at British Airways will send you a confirmation message stating that your changes are confirmed. 

What do I need to manage my bookings? 

You only need to have the last name of the passenger in addition to the booking reference number. With this information, one can manage their bookings.

How do I check my flight reservation online?

You can access the details of your reservation in your account profile, whether you made it directly through the website of the airline or via an online travel agency. After login, you just have to navigate to the user’s profile, where all the information related to that user will be visible on the screen.

Do I have to pay to reserve a flight?

There is no need to pay in advance to book a flight. You can book a flight and pay for it later in convenient monthly installments with the “book now, pay later” option. If the flight ticket is not in your budget, then you can avail of this to make your journey possible.

How do I find my booking reference number?

In the email section and next to the order number in your confirmation, you will see the booking reference number. After booking your ticket online or offline, the airline will send you the booking reference number within 15 minutes if the details you’ve provided are correct.

Are flight prices cheaper on Tuesdays?

Flight tickets will be the cheapest not only on Tuesday but also on Monday and Wednesday. This is because many airlines are reducing their ticket prices these days. You may also receive significant discounts on your tickets on these days. 

Is it cheaper to book a flight at the airport instead of online?

Always try to book a flight online instead of at the airport to get the cheapest tickets. When you book a flight offline, you may miss out on current discounts due to the rush. If you are making your reservation online, you will be able to see the whole chart of low fares, and you will also get discounts on each ticket, including group booking.

How do I get British Airways on the phone?

To connect with a live representative of British Airways on call, you have to dial the toll-free number. After dialing this number, you have to listen to the IVR voice menu and follow the same instructions accordingly.

How do I find my flight?

To find your flight details, you have to visit the official site. Sign in to your account, then navigate to the Manage Booking or My Trip section. Here, you can change, edit, or review the previously provided details.

How to find the cheapest flight?

The best option to find the cheapest flight is to navigate to the low-fare calendar. In the low-fare calendar, you will be able to see all the cheapest tickets for the same month datewise. Additionally, you can book your tickets on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to get the cheapest tickets.

Modify My Trips/Reservations

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