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    Last updated on October 4th, 2022 at 06:13 am

    Manage Your Bookings Effortlessly With Manage My Booking Option

    British Airways is the first priority of every individual and is based on passengers carried, and fleet size is the second-largest airline in the United Kingdom. Marked with luxurious amenities and passenger comfort, British Airways is loved and widely traveled across destinations within the country. So come aboard British Airways with the most effortless ticket reservation on the call and online. While booking processes are easy, the British Airways Manage Booking page makes your seat reservation accessible and changeable when the need arises. 

    Manage your flight booking in one place with emergency cancellations, rebooking, passenger detail changes, extra baggage, extra assistance, etc., using the manage my booking option.

    British Airways Booking can do all these and much more for you once you get there. One can access their British Manage Booking through the official British Airways site with just the help of your booking reference and last name. 

    Managing bookings at British airways is very beneficial and effortless for all the flyers. So let’s get to know all about them in detail. 

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      How to Manage Your British Airways Manage Booking?

      We never know when we will have such unpredictable situations. So, at that time, travel plans get affected the most. For all the individuals looking to manage their bookings via the official site of British airways, they can do without facing errors. The process of managing British airways’ reservations is simple. Refer to the steps below and find how one can manage their bookings- 

      • Open the official site of British airways – manage my booking.
      • Use your login credentials and log in to your account. 
      • Once you log in successfully, select the option of “British Airways Manage Booking.” 
      • Next, enter your booking number along with your last name. Once you enter this information, you will see that information on your screen. 
      • When your booking appears on the screen, click on the “edit” option.
      • The flyer can now manage their booking by making the changes they want to.

      How is the option of British Airways Manage Booking beneficial for flyers? 

      Manage booking option helps the flyers of British airways in endless ways. There is a process that one needs to follow. If you also have a similar situation and want to manage your bookings, here are the things which you can do with the availability of this option- 


      • Firstly, cancellation is one of the options an individual can do with the manage booking option. 
      • Follow the following steps and make the British airways cancellations without any hassle- 
      • Open the official website of British airways. 
      • Find the option of British Airways Manage Booking as soon as the official site opens. You need to enter the information so that the booking which you are looking to cancel pops up on your screen. 
      • Click on the option of cancel when the bookings appear on the screen. 

      Baggage Allowance 

      Are you need to carry more baggage after finalizing your bookings? No issues. Manage booking options at British airways will make the process easy for you. 

      • Enter “” on your web browser. This will open the official site of British airways. 
      • Press the option of “manage booking” on the official site. 
      • You will now see the option of adding more bags. Click on this option. 
      • One has to pay the fee decided by the British airways for adding more baggage to their bookings. 


      Another thing that one can do is rebook their flight through the manage booking option. Follow these steps and make the rebooking of your flight in no time. 

      • Visit the official website of British airways.
      • Go to the option to “manage bookings.” 
      • Enter your PNR number in addition to your last name or mail. 
      • Furthermore, choose the reservation which you want to rebook. 
      • Select that booking and choose the option of “rebooking.” 


      Do you have to make some modifications to your bookings? Yes, it is possible. One can do it by using the manage booking option. Some of the changes one can make with this option are changing the date of travel, the time, the flyer’s name, etc. 

      Add in extra seats 

      Do you have to add more seats to your reservations? This is also possible with the manage booking option. Follow each step here and add more seats to your reservation- 

      • Visit the British airways official site. 
      • Please select the option of “manage my booking” as soon as the home page appears in front of you. 
      • Now, Add in more seats to your booking. Add in the seat of your choice and finalize the booking. 

      Add extra assistance 

      Passengers might realize that they need to add extra assistance to their bookings. However, it is no longer a huge task because the British Airways Manage Booking option makes it easy. Here’s how you can ask for extra assistance after making the booking. 

      • Open the British airways official site on your device. 
      • Log in to your bookings on the official site. 
      • Now, go to the option of “quick links.” Moreover, you
      • need to select the option of “disability and mobility assistance.” 
      • Then, choose the assistance you are looking for. Also, one
      • must try to request assistance at least 48 hours before the departure time of the flight. 
      • Once you add in the assistance, confirm it. 

      *Reach the airport at least 2 hours earlier and get in touch with the team of British airlines. 

      Change Flight 

      Furthermore, if you wish to change your flight due to any last-minute situation, then do it using the British Airways manage booking option. This is because we never know when individuals might have to change their traveling plans. And because of that, we have to change our flight. So if you are one such flyer, then take advantage of the managing booking tool for completing this procedure. 

      Name Change and Date Change 

      In addition to flight changes, British Airways passengers are eligible for making changes in name and date of flying. If you want to change the passenger’s name, then do it using the British airways manage booking option. Furthermore, you can also complete the date change procedure using the British Airways Manage Booking tool. Visit the official website of this airline and complete the name and date change procedure in no time. 

      Upgrade Seat 

      Moreover, individuals find the need to make an upgradation in their seats after they are finalized with their bookings. If you are one such individual and want to complete the seat upgradation procedure, then use the British Airways manage booking option. Once you open the official website, you will find the option of seat upgradation there. 

      Essential policies to know about- 

      Cancellations Policy 

      Go through the points given below and find out about the cancellation policy of British Airways in detail- 

      • Firstly, if an individual cancels within 24 hours, they do not have to pay any fee or charges. However, if you cancel your bookings after this period, you need to pay the costs set by this airline. 
      • Furthermore, if British Airways cancels your flight, the airline is responsible for it, and they will provide you with another flight to your destination. 
      • Moreover, if you cancel your booking and are eligible for a refund, you will get the whole amount via the original method of payment. 
      • Make sure to cancel your bookings within 24 hours if you do not want to pay the charges or fees. You can cancel the reservations using British Airways Manage Booking option.

      Refund Policy 

      • Firstly, if you hold a non-refundable ticket, you are eligible to get only taxes as a refund. You will not get the rest of the amount as a refund from British Airways. 
      • Furthermore, passengers can get a refund either online or offline. If you wish to get a refund online, fill out the form available on the British Airways official website. 
      • Moreover, British Airways provide a refund within four to six weeks of making the refund request. So, make sure to be patient after you place a refund request. 
      • If your connecting flight gets delayed and now you do not wish to reach your destination, you are eligible to ask for a refund from British Airways. 

      Baggage Policy 

      British Airways Hand Baggage 

      • Firstly, British Airways passengers are eligible to carry one piece of personal item. This includes any hand luggage like a laptop, a handbag, etc. 
      • Furthermore, the dimensions, in this case, should not exceed 56 centimeter X 45 centimeter X 25 centimeter. Also, this small item should not exceed the dimensions of 40 centimeters X30 centimeters X 15 centimeters. 
      • The total weight of both these cannot be more than 23 kgs. 

       British Airways Checked Baggage 

      • Firstly, the passenger should know that the allowance of checked baggage of British Airways relies on their route, fare type, ticket type, and booking. 
      • Furthermore, the dimensions of one piece of checked baggage should not be more than 90 centimeter X 75 centimeter X 43 centimeter. Remember, these dimensions include both handles and wheels. 
      • Moreover, in this case, the maximum allowance should not be more than 23 kgs or 32 kgs. This weight depends on your ticket and route. 

      Pet Policy 

      • According to the in-cabin pet policy of British Airways, only service animals are eligible for traveling as in-cabin pets. Therefore, it is essential to provide seven days’ notice to British Airways in this case. 
      • Furthermore, you are eligible to carry dogs, cats, fish, ferrets’ hamsters, rabbits, birds, and other animals. If you have larger animals like horses, cattle, etc., with you, they are taken care of by an approved agent. 
      • Moreover, you need to certificate issued by the licensed veterinarian at least ten days before the traveling date. Make sure to attach all these forms to the crate. 
      • In case of temperature issues traveling with the pet might not be possible. If your city has a temperature forecast of above 30 degrees Celsius or below 7 degrees Celsius, you are not eligible to carry your pet. 
      • Lastly, the puppies and the kittens need to be at least ten weeks old. Any pregnant dogs or cats are not eligible if they exceed their six weeks of gestation period. 

      About Group Booking of British Airways- 

      • Firstly, you are eligible to make the booking for a group if you have nine or more than nine individuals going on a trip. 
      • Furthermore, if you make group bookings, you are not eligible to make the changes to your ticket without getting in touch with the travel representatives of British Airways. Until and unless you won’t contact the travel representatives, you won’t be able to make any changes. 
      • In the case of group bookings, you cannot complete the check-in procedure via the online method. Go ahead to visit the airport directly and complete this procedure. 
      • Each individual in the group needs to carry one identity card with them when they reach the airport. 
      • Lastly, when you choose to make group bookings with British Airways, you need to pay extra or additional charges. 
      Additional Service Provided By British Airways Manage Booking

      When you travel with British Airways, you enjoy a lot of additional services. It depends only on passengers choosing the required services to make their flight hassle-free. Some of the additional services that British Airways provides to its Flyers are the following- 

      Medical services: We never know when an individual might have to suffer from any medical issues. The airline will provide you with the required medical help if you encounter any issues. 

      Meals: Get ready to enjoy tasty paid meals when choosing British Airways for your flight. Individuals tend to select their favorite meet when they choose to fly with this airline. So, if you want any specific meal of your choice, then British Airways will provide you with it. 

      Assistive devices: Furthermore, you are eligible to ask for assistive devices in case of problems or disabilities. If you have any impairment or any other issue, then go ahead to ask for additional services from the team of British Airways. 

      Can an individual postpone their British flight ticket? 

      Yes, the flyers can postpone their tickets. They need to visit the official site of and then visit the option of manage booking or connect with the helpline number at 

      How many do I have to make modifications to my bookings? 

      Individuals can make changes to their bookings 48 before the original departure time. 

      Can I make the cancellations using British Airways Manage Booking option?

      Yes, you are eligible to cancel your reservations using British Airways Manage Booking Option. Just visit the official website to make the cancellation. 

      If I change my booking, do I have to do it for all passengers in my bookings? 

      No, once you make the changes in booking, it will apply to all the flyers on your bookings. 

      How do I know the changes I have made in my booking are confirmed? 

      Once you make the changes, the team of British airways will send you the confirmation message stating that your changes are confirmed. 

      What do I need to manage my bookings? 

      You only need to have the last name of the passenger in addition to the booking reference number. With this information, one can manage their bookings.

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