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We may have to cancel or change our flight booking in some cases due to unforeseen circumstances. To handle such a situation, we must know Spirit flight change policy. Spirit Airlines cooperates with the changes and amendments to flight reservations by its customers.

Spirit Airlines is one of the most economical and efficient airlines in the United States. Therefore, it has a policy of offering hassle-free flight changes, along with a quality travel experience.

In this blog, we will discuss the Spirit Airlines Change Flight. So, here are some key items to remember concerning Spirit Airlines Flight Change Policy.

To avoid future confusion and to be prepared in advance, passengers should read and understand Spirit Airlines’ new policy. You’ll learn everything there is to know about Spirit Airlines flight changes, including the terms and conditions.

Spirit Airlines Change Flight Policy

Spirit Airlines is America’s best, most efficient, and most inexpensive airline! This airline not only offers a fantastic travel experience, but it also makes changing flights a delight. We’ll go over Spirit Airlines’ Change Flight policy in greater detail. You should know the most important airline policies if you frequently fly by plane. contact the spirit helpline number at +1-888-503-5253 for help.

The ability to change flights is one of the restrictions that every air passenger should know. If you’re planning a trip with Spirit Airlines, an American ultra-low-cost carrier, you should be aware of their flight change policy. Due to Spirit Airlines’ ability to use several platforms to resolve and settle customer issues, the airline has been recognized as a flexible service provider worldwide. The customers can opt for any of them and delightfully perform the flight booking change process. In addition, spirit flights have a simple and easy policy.

We will discuss both changes in detail, as there can be changes such as name changes or flight changes.

Spirit Airline Flight Name Change Policy

What kinds of changes are covered under the Spirit Flight Change Name policy?

1.     Misspelling of passenger’s name-

If a misspelled name requires a minor correction, Spirit Airlines offers a free name change to fix the error. You must notify Spirit Airlines’ reservation centers at least seven days before the original departure date.

2.     In case of Legal Name Change –

To request a free name change on Spirit reservations if your legal name has changed. You must email the airlines with details of the reason for the name change, as well as supporting documentation, to Spirit’s Guest Relations Department at You can attach the papers to the request form in the space provided at the bottom.

3.     To Correct the Passenger information-

If you need to make any other changes to the passenger information, please contact Spirit Airlines Reservations at 1-801-401-2222 or email at The modifications include the date of birth, gender, contact information, and passport information. Changes may also require you to produce the required papers in order to submit your claim.

The required supporting documents are-

  • Decree of Divorce
  • Document for Legal Name Change
  • Court Order
  • Marriage Certificate

How to Change Name on Spirit Airlines Ticket?

It’s very uncommon for you to book a flight, only to discover when the confirmation arrives that you’ve entered the wrong name on your Spirit airline trip. You do not, however, need to be concerned. This, too, can be readily remedied, just like every other mistake. It’s unusual to book a flight only to find out later that you’ve entered the wrong name on your Spirit airline journey when the confirmation arrives. You, on the other hand, do not need to be anxious. Like any other blunder, this one can be easily corrected.

Steps to change name online:

  • To begin, install the Spirit Airlines app on your smartphone or call the helpline at +1-888-503-5253.
  • Select the Booked Ticket option from the menu.
  • Now select Check-in, and you will be redirected to the next page, where you may view your journey details.
  • Now type in the name you’d want to appear on your airline ticket.
  • To finish the procedure, click Continue and then Save.
  • You will get your name updated in the system.

How to change name offline

Digital activities are viewed by countless people as complex and insecure. As far as the airline’s flight change policy is concerned, it uses some traditional tips for aiding such passengers. Here are both the options:

  • You can go to Airport Ticket Counter
  • Customer Care Number (1-888-974-1691)

Spirit Airlines Name Change Fee

The cost for changing the name of a spirit will be applied according to the fare regulations or restrictions listed below.

ConditionsChange Fee
if you have done booking with the Spirit Airlines$225
Rebooking fee if once the Spirit Airlines name change request is made$250
name can be corrected up to three letters.$225
name correction request for flight sections from different airlines in the ticket booking$225
name correction that needs authoritative permission from the airlines$175
If changing the ownership of the ticket$200
genuine cases of typing errors$150
requests made for Europe bound flyings$250

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Spirit Airline Flight Date Change – Fee & Terms and Conditions

This table shows all the different change fees imposed by Spirit Airlines based on various conditions and periods.

Change Time & PeriodNormal Ticket TypeFlight Flex Ticket TypeAward Ticket Type
If you change the date within 24 hours of buying a ticket at least 7 days before the scheduled timeNo change feeNo change feeNo change fee
If you change the date after 24 hours of purchasing a ticket at least 7 days before the scheduled time$100 change fee via offline and $90 change fee via onlineFree – One time changeschange fee – $110
If you change the date within 24 hours after  purchasing a ticket for less than 7 days or more before the scheduled time$100 change fee via offline and $90 change fee via onlineFree – One time changeschange fee – $110
If you change the date after 24 hours of purchasing a ticket for less than 7 days or more days before the scheduled time$100 change fee via offline and $90 change fee via onlineFree – One time changeschange fee – $110
If you change the date within 24 hours of the departure timeearlier flight standby – $99 change feeearlier flight standby – $99 change feeNot allowed

Spirit Airlines Change Flight Process

The changes can be made online and offline. As per your convenience, you can choose any of the options.

1.     Spirit Airlines Change Flight Process Online

Customers can request an easy flight change before 24 hours of the originally scheduled departure without incurring additional fees. Follow these steps to make changes in your Spirit Airline Flight.

  • First, log in to your Spirit Airlines account on the company’s official website or dial +1-888-503-5253.
  • Now select My Trips from the drop-down menu.
  • Fill in the last name and confirmation code for the booked passenger.
  • Continue by pressing the Enter key.
  • Select the flight you want to change from the list of booked flights.
  • To complete the flight change procedure, you need to follow the on-screen instructions and guidelines.
  • Wait Until you receive confirmation of a newly booked flight through email or phone.

2.     Spirit Airlines Change Flight Process Offline

Under the offline environment, Spirit Airlines visitors have the following options – Customer Support Number and Airport Ticket Counter (1-888-974-1691). You can also visit the Spirit airline’s ticket booking center at the nearest airport if you cannot change the flight online. Furthermore, you can request a flight change by calling 1888-474-0163 or emailing at

It’s important to understand the airline’s policies when human plans shift due to unforeseen circumstances. Hope this article helps you to understand.

How long does it take for Spirit Airlines to refund money?

When a cancellation request is granted, the refund will take 20 days to process. Refunds will be granted in the same manner of payment as the original ticket purchase.

2.     How do I contact Spirit Airlines?

You can contact spirit airlines representative by calling this number (855) 728-3555.

3.    Does Spirit Airlines allow you to change the passenger name?

Yes, Spirit Airlines allow and change in name reservation request including a complete change of the passenger’s first name, last name, middle name, and any combinations of these names. If the passenger has legitimately changed the name of the ticket, Spirit Airlines will honor the request.