How To Change Swiss Airlines Flight

Swiss Airlines Change Flight

There can be countless reasons to change the flight. We all are human beings, and we all lead different life in every aspect. And the same thing is applicable to our flying plans to our destinations. But sometimes we are trapped in our work lives or in the responsibilities that we miss on many things. One of the missed incidents can be that you miss your flight. But with time, many things have changed in terms of ease and convenience. If you want to change your flight, then Swiss Airlines gives you an option to do it quickly due to any reason. But the point is – are you aware of the Swiss Airlines Change Flight Policy?

The purpose of this blog article is to provide passengers with a thorough understanding of Swiss Airlines Change Flight Policy to avoid any hassles.

Swiss Airlines Change Flight Policy

Swiss Air Change Flight Policy, Fee, and Eligibility Criteria
  • According to Swiss airlines change flight policy, the passengers should cancel the flight  24 hours before flight departure to claim a full refund. It also varies from flight to flight.
  • If the passengers book a new flight and the fare is comparatively higher, they have to pay the difference.
  • And if the new booked flight ticket cost is lesser than the original ticket cost, the remaining amount will be transferred in the form of travel reward points that can be used for future travel use.

Eligibility Criteria – Swiss Airlines Change Flight

Let’s know the eligibility criteria first what flight reservations can apply for the flight change.

Eligibility Criteria For Swiss Air Flight Change
  • The first number on a Swiss e-ticket should be 724.
  • A ticket must be bought with a credit voucher.
  • For your ticket to be valid, your Swiss Airlines flight reservation must be active.
  • Open tickets and tickets without the accompanying flight segments cannot be rebooked online.
  • Round-trip or one-way or tickets with single flight routes cannot be rebooked online.

Let’s know the bookings that do not qualify to be eligible for the flight change.

  • If the flight booked is combined with another different flight segment.
  • The bookings with no confirmations.
  • If the status of a Swiss ticket is different other than – A (available) & O (open).
  • Tickets purchased that are booked as part of a group.
  • The ticket does not indicate the tariff computations.
  • Reservations that contain extra services, for example – transportation of any medical equipment/animal, etc.

How To Apply for Swiss Airlines Change Flight?

There are two ways to apply for Swiss Airlines Change Flight. They are:

  • Online Method
  • Offline Method

Let’s follow the steps for both methods to apply them with ease.

Online Steps To Apply for Swiss Airlines Change Flight

Swiss Airlines Change Flight Process

1. Firstly, visit the Swiss Air official website or dial +1-888-906-0670 for help.

2. Secondly, click – Manage Reservation.

3. Thirdly, type – six-digit booking reference number along with the passenger’s last name.

4. Click – Edit Booking.

5. Choose the flights that must be modified, and click – Change Flight button.

6. Choose a new date and time.

7. Review your new flight schedule.

8. Pay the fare difference and required fee if applicable.

9. Finally, press – Confirm

10. A change flight date confirmation will be sent to your registered email address.

Make a Call To Apply for Swiss Airlines Change Flight

Passengers can simply call the Swiss Airlines Customer staff number at (1-833-626-0737). You will be connected to the staff and let them know that you want to change your flight. Keep your booking reference number with you. Then, follow the steps asked by the Representative, and your flight will be changed.

Important Tips – Swiss Airlines Change Flight

Swiss airlines are the best option to book a flight and fly when planning a trip to Switzerland. This airline makes things easier and more convenient for the passengers. But passengers must know some dos and don’ts before making a flight reservation.

  • Buy Travel Insurance.
  • Know about Swiss Airlines Change Flight Fee Policy.
  • Purchase your plane tickets at the appropriate time.
  • Call Swiss Airlines customer Support Staff whenever required.

Swiss Airlines Cancellation Policy

This is completely the passenger’s choice to cancel the flight (reschedule or rebook) or modify their bookings.

  1. According to Swiss Airlines cancellation policy, the passengers need to cancel the flight within 24 hours from the date of purchasing to claim a full refund.
  2. Please note that if the passengers cancel their reservation within 24 hours, they do not pay any cancellation fee.
  3. The tickets can be canceled easily by visiting the official website.
  4. If you have purchased a ticket through a travel agency, please ask the agency to do that.
  5. If Swiss airlines itself cancel the flight, the passengers are entitled to get reimbursements and compensations.

Swiss Airlines Refund Policy

After canceling a flight, passengers always feel anxious about claiming and receiving a refund. However, you don’t need to worry because Swiss airlines have a refund policy under which you can receive a refund.

  1. If passengers cancel their booking within 24 hours of purchasing a ticket can apply for a full refund.
  2. The ticket must be refundable to claim for a full refund on cancellation.
  3. If the ticket is non-refundable, it won’t be eligible for a refund, but the passengers can get travel points for future travel use.
  4. The refund amount will be transferred via the same method the purchase has been made.
  5. Once the refund request has been raised, passengers can expect a refund within seven days.
  6. If any delay is there in receiving a refund, please contact the Swiss customer support staff or your bank.


Is it possible to change a name once a Swiss Airlines reservation has been confirmed?

After a ticket has been confirmed, any additional name changes, even name corrections, are not permitted.

● The first and last name of the passenger must match the travel documentation exactly and be entered accurately.

● The passenger’s exact name is mandatory for a hassle-free flight with Swiss Air.

● There’s also a file for adding suffixes and prefixes to a name and a middle if it’s listed exactly in any govt id Card.

Will a new booking reference be issued if the passengers made changes to the swiss Airlines flight?

The answer is no. After rescheduling or rebooking the flight, the six-digit booking reference or 13-digit e-ticket number would remain the same.

Can I change my flight reservation once I’ve checked in online?

● Only tickets with an ‘open’ status on Swiss Airlines can be changed online.

● If you need to reschedule or rebook a checked-in flight, call Swiss Airlines at (1-833-626-0737).

● As part of the caller’s authentication and to proceed with the flight changes, the customer service team may require you to confirm your six-digit booking reference.

When flying with Swiss Airlines, how may travelers change their flights?

● Passengers can change their flight dates with Swiss Airlines by going to the ‘Manage booking’ section on its official website.

● If passengers make adjustments within 24 hours after purchasing, Swiss Airlines will waive the change flight cost.

● Only a significant difference would be required to pay. still facing any issues call the swiss helpline number at +1-888-906-0670

Can passengers request a refund from Swiss Airlines for an unused ticket?

● Passengers would be unable to get a Swiss Airlines refund for an unused ticket online.

● However, if the traveler booked a refundable ticket, they must contact the Swiss Airlines Manage Booking and customer service number at (1-833-626-0737).

● Your Swiss Airlines compensation would then be processed automatically.

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