Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy – Detailed Guide (2024)

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy

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Whenever individuals decide to cancel their bookings, they might be a little worried. However, if you want to make a cancellation with Spirit Airlines then you need to go through Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy first. You can do it easily if you are one such flyer. Furthermore, all information here will help you complete the cancellation process quickly. In addition to this, you can even know about the refund process and information.  

Go through the information given below and know how do I cancel my flight with Spirit Airlines. However, before we know about the cancellation process, let us first learn about the Spirit Cancellation Policy.  

What is Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy?

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy – Step-by-Step Guide To Cancel A Trip

Before we know all about the cancellation process, it is essential to know about the Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy. So, go through the points given below.

  • Firstly, an individual can get a full refund if they cancel the bookings within 24 hours of making the reservation. Furthermore, one does not have to pay any cancellation fee in this case. 
  • Secondly, passengers can cancel all types of tickets and request a full refund. Also, one will get the refund amount in the original payment mode only. 
  • Furthermore, get in touch with the team of spirit airlines if you face any issues while canceling bookings via online way. 
  • Moreover, travelers can cancel non-refundable tickets too. The flyer will get the credit which they can use in the future. 

Spirit Airlines 24 Hours Cancellation Policy

Cancellation within 24 Hours is known as a Risk-free period. As per Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy of 24 hours, if you cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking then you will get a full refund. You will not be eligible for a full refund on canceling a flight after a risk-free period.

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy Due To Weather

Due to bad weather condition, the Spirit Airlines will rebook your seat on the other available flight. If the time of the boarding not matches to your plan then you can change it as per Spirit Airlines Change Flight Policy or cancel it. On the flight cancelled due to weather, you can apply for full refund. The refund can be obtained as cash if the flight booked with cash or credit if it is booked via miles.

Types of Bad Weather Conditions In which you are eligible for Cancellation

  • Thunderstorms
  • Fog
  • Snow and Ice
  • Freezing Rain
  • Wind
  • Low Clouds
  • Volcanic Ash
  • Hurricanes and Typhoons
  • Sandstorms
  • Turbulence

Policy For Cancellation with Insurance

Spirit Airlines cancellation policy with insurance: Spirit Airlines Travel Insurance covers 80% of coverage including cancellation. If you cancel your flight booked with Spirit Airlines 24 hours before the departure then you will be able to get an 80% refund of the actual cost of the flight ticket.

Flight Cancellation Due To Illness

Passengers suffering from any serious medical issue can cancel their flight booking and apply for a full refund. However, for cancellation, the airline will ask you for valid medical documentation as proof. On the flight cancellation form, you will be required to provide the reason for cancellation as well.

Types of illnesses or medical situations that might be considered eligible for flight cancellation

  • Serious Personal Illness
  • Hospitalization
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Pregnancy Complications
  • Mental Health Emergencies
  • Death of a Family Member

Cancellation Policy For Group Booking

Spirit Airlines cancellation for group booking: If you made a group booking and you want to cancel the whole booking at once then it is not possible. Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy for group booking allows you to make individual cancellations. On individual cancellations, you may be required to pay $50 per passenger on late cancellations. 

As per Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy for group booking, you will be required to inform the airline of cancellation in advance. If the flight is booked via a travel agency, you need to contact them directly.

Spirit Airlines Cancellation policy for Delayed Flights

As per Spirit Airlines Delayed Flight Cancellation Policy, if the flight is delayed more than 2 hours then you can claim $600. The delayed flight cancellation policy does not depend on the type of fare you have purchased. The Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy for Delayed Flights depends on the duration of the delay and the distance between your arrival and departure locations. For overnight delays, the airline will provide you with accommodation.

Common Reasons for Flight Delays

  • Weather Conditions
  • Air Traffic Control (ATC) Restrictions
  • Mechanical Issues
  • Crew Scheduling
  • Security Concerns
  • Late Turnaround
  • Baggage Loading
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Bird Strikes
  • Runway Closures
  • Volcanic Ash Clouds
  • Natural Disasters

Flight Cancellation Policy for Military Members

If a military member needs to cancel a flight for reasons such as military orders, government orders, death, illness, or theft, the airline will not ask for flight cancellation fee.

Spirit Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy For Unaccompanied Minors

As per Spirit Airlines Unaccompanied Minor flight cancellation policy, you are allowed to cancel a flight even 1 hour before the scheduled flight. Cancelling within 1 hour of departure will impose cancellation fees.

Cancellation Policy For Tickets Booked with Miles

If you want to cancel a ticket booked with Spirit miles beyond the 24-hour window, the regular cancellation fee corresponding to your departure date will be charged. Cancellations must be made via phone, and your miles will be returned to your account after the cancellation process.

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Spirit Airlines Same Day Cancellation Policy

  • Firstly, an individual can get a refund if they complete the cancellation process at least seven days before the departure. 
  • Spirit Same Day Cancellation works only if an individual wants to cancel the booking at least 10 minutes before the departure time, they will get their refund amount but only in terms of points. 
  • Moreover, Individuals who hold the premium ticket are eligible for getting a refund even after risk-free Passes. Also, in this case, the travelers will get the full amount as a refund. 
  • Lastly, if you miss the risk-free period to complete the cancellation process, you must pay some charges set by Spirit Airlines.

What Does Spirit Airlines Travel Insurance Cover?

It’s a good idea to buy travel insurance, especially if you’re worried about having to cancel your trip unexpectedly. This insurance can protect you if something unexpected happens, like falling ill, a family emergency, or bad weather causing trip cancellations. Just make sure to read the insurance policy carefully so you know exactly what it covers and what it doesn’t.

How To Cancel Spirit Airlines Flight?

Many individuals question, “How to cancel spirit flight?”. So, they will find the answer to this question once they go through the information given below. 

Online Method

There are specific steps that individuals need to follow to cancel their bookings via the Spirit Airlines Manage Booking feature by keeping the cancellation policy in mind. 

Spirit Airlines Online Cancellation Process

1. Firstly, visit the official website of Spirit Airlines. 

2. Once the home page of the official spirit site opens up, you need to click on the option of my trips. Now, you need to select the booking which you want to cancel.

3. Furthermore, enter your last name and booking code in this step. 

4. Once you enter all this information, your reservation will open up on the new page. Go ahead to select that booking and press the option of cancellation. 

5. Moreover, in this step, you need to click the booking and press the option to cancel the flight. 

6. Once you click the cancellation option, you can start with the procedure of getting the refund amount. Also, remember that an individual is eligible for getting the refund amount back in the actual payment source.

As soon as you follow all the steps given here, you will receive a notification from Spirit Airlines confirming the cancellation of your bookings.

Offline Method

If you are not willing to use the online method of cancellation, then you can rely on this method. Furthermore, go ahead to speak to a live person at Spirit Airlines by dialing 844-989-7283. 

How much is Spirit Airlines Cancellation Fee?

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Fee
  • Firstly, the cancellation fee of Spirit Airlines varies from $80 to $90. However, certain things are depending on which cancellation fee changes. 
  • If you are a traveler who wants to cancel their bookings via talking to a live person or directly at the airport, then the cancellation fee you need to pay is around $100
  • Furthermore, remember that the cancellation fee depends on the traveling route for making the reservation.

Moreover, If you want to claim a refund on the Cancelled flight, you need to follow the Spirit Airlines Refund Policy. To know all the policies, have a look below. 

What is Spirit Airlines Refund Policy?

How does Spirit Airlines Refund works? The airlines don’t offer refundable tickets; spirit airlines tickets are provided with a premier budget and low-cost non-refundable tickets. If passengers cancel the ticket, they will have to pay a cancellation fee under Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy. Unfortunately, getting a refund from airlines is a bit difficult.

  • If your spirit ticket is wholly unused, you will get a full refund on the purchased reservation.
  • If anyone has created a partially used reservation, you will request a refund on your booking.
  • Before claiming your refund from spirit airlines, you must cancel your booked flight ticket.
  • If you cancel your spirit flight after hours of booking, you must pay some cancellation charges, or airlines will be deducted from your ticket.
  • If a ticket is not used due to the death of a passenger, the airline will get a full refund.

Methods To Spirit Airlines Refund Request

Online Method

The customer can request a refund upon cancellation via spirit airline’s official website.

  • Visit www.spirit.com
  • Search manage my trip or my booking option and click to open.
  • On the new page, there are two options: cancel or change the flight.
  • You have to select the cancel flight option.
  • Inter your asked booking information.
  • Click on the cancel ticket option.
  • Now you can request a refund.

Via Email

The passenger can place a refund request by emailing spirit airlines with all the cancellations, and the reason lookup with a refund must be mentioned by the customer in the email, and the customer will receive a reply from the airline.

Via Spirit Airlines Phone Number

If the passenger can’t place a request online, the airlines offer the option to connect with customer care and request a refund by dialing 844-989-7283.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Spirit Airlines provide refunds after flight cancellation?

Spirit Airlines does not provide refundable fares as it helps the airlines offer low-cost tickets to the passengers. But passengers can change/cancel their tickets anytime through the Manage My Trips on Spirit.com.

What is the Spirit Airlines cancellation fee?

Spirit Airlines charges a cancellation fee from passengers from $49 to $99. However, people can avoid paying the cancellation fee if they cancel their flight within the risk-free period which is 24 hours after purchasing the ticket window on call 844-989-7283.

How long does Spirit Airlines take to refund money after ticket cancellation?

Spirit Airlines allows passengers to cancel their reservations via online and offline modes. Once you cancel the flight, ask the airline to refund your money in your account. Spirit Airlines will take up to 7 business days if paid through a credit card and 20 days if paid via cash.

How long is Spirit credit good for?

Passengers can cancel their flight and get credit for the value of their flight. The Spirit credit is valid and can be used within 90 days after issuance.

Is there a time limit to cancel a flight on Spirit Airlines?

Yes, there is a time limit to cancel your flight on Spirit Airlines. You can cancel or make changes to your Spirit flight up to one hour before of scheduled departure. Cancellation fees are subject to the time limit provided by Spirit Airlines.

Does Spirit give refunds for canceled flights?

If Spirit Airlines cancels your flight, the airline gives two options to the passengers. First is that they can accept a full refund for flight cancellation. And the second option is they can ask the airline to rebook a flight for the same destination. Spirit Airlines will not charge any fee for rebooking another flight for the flyers.

Does Spirit give you your money back if you cancel?

Yes, Spirit Airlines offers refunds for the flights that were canceled by the flyer. If any passenger cancels their reservation within the same day then they are eligible for a full refund. However, if they cancel their flight after the grace period the airline will deduct the cancellation fee and credit the remaining money in the traveler’s account.

Does Spirit charge a fee from passengers to cancel their flight tickets?

Yes, Spirit Airlines charges cancellation fees if any passenger cancels their ticket after 24 hours of purchase. Moreover, the cancellation fee also depends upon the route and time left for the departure of their flight.

How can I cancel my flight with Spirit Airlines?

If you want to cancel your bookings with Spirit Airlines you have both the online and offline options. You can cancel your flight online with the help of the manage booking feature. Also, the alternative to cancel flights offline is to contact Spirit Airlines representatives. They will ask for the required details including your name and the booking reference code. With the help of the given information, they’ll cancel your flight.

Does Spirit Airlines have a 24-hour flight cancellation Policy?

Yes, Spirit Airlines has a 24-hour flight cancellation policy, that allows the flyer to cancel their reservation on the same day they purchase their ticket. Also, if the passenger cancels their flight during this risk-free period they get a full refund from the airline.

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