Singapore Airlines Baggage Policy: Checked Allowance, Fees (2024)

Singapore Airlines Baggage Allowance

If you are planning your next trip with Singapore Airlines, then this guide is surely for you. It is necessary for you to be aware of the Singapore Airlines Baggage Allowance policy to avoid all the additional fees and unwanted surprises. In this guide, you will get to know all the essential details regarding the baggage policy of the airline, from weight and size limits to fees for additional baggage. So, to make yourself well prepared for your journey read the guide till the end.

Singapore Airlines Baggage Policy

Singapore Airlines Checked Baggage Policy

Singapore Airlines  Checked Baggage Policy

According to Singapore Airlines’ checked baggage policy, the airline offers various allows to travelers based on their destination and the travel class. Passengers must know about the baggage allowance policy of Singapore Airlines, whether taking a flight from the USA or traveling on an international flight. The checked baggage allowance of the passengers is based on the weight or piece concept, depending on the final destination of the flyer. When a traveler books their flight ticket from the official sources of Singapore Airlines, their fee baggage allowance is indicated on their travel ticket.

 It is advised to all the passengers that they pack their valuable and fragile items in their checked baggage, including:

  • Laptops
  • Medication
  • securities / negotiable papers
  • silverware / precious metals
  • money/jewelry / other valuable items
  • business/travel/identification documents
  • perishable items

If you are concerned about your valuable or fragile items carried in your checked baggage, then you can purchase travel insurance that covers damaged or delayed baggage. Make sure that you click the picture of your checked baggage before check-in. You can also use a tracking device to check the location of your checked baggage. You can also use the Singapore mobile app to check the baggage check-in status.

Weight Limit For Checked Baggage On Singapore Airlines

Class of travelAllowancePPS Club membersKrisFlyer Elite Gold / Star Alliance Gold members
Suites and First Class50 kgAdditional 50 kgTotal: 100 kgAdditional 20 kgTotal: 70 kg
Business Class40 kgAdditional 40 kgTotal: 80 kgAdditional 20 kgTotal: 60 kg
Premium Economy Class35 kgAdditional 35 kgTotal: 70 kgAdditional 20 kgTotal: 55 kg
Flexi 30 kgAdditional 30 kgTotal: 60 kgAdditional 20 kgTotal: 50 kg
Standard 30 kgAdditional 30 kgTotal: 60 kgAdditional 20 kgTotal: 50 kg
Value 25 kgAdditional 25 kgTotal: 50 kgAdditional 20 kgTotal: 45 kg
Lite 25 kgAdditional 25 kgTotal: 50 kgAdditional 20 kgTotal: 45 kg
Checked Baggage Weight Restrictions

All the members of Star Alliance Gold, PPS Club members, and the KrisFlyer Elite Gold program must know that the additional baggage allowance is only applicable on those flights that are operated by Singapore Airlines. Also, the operation airline baggage policy applies to all the codeshare flights.

However, for all the travelers from mixed cabin classes, including Premium Economy Class combined with Economy Class, Business Class, and First Class, their checked baggage allowance might differ from the amounts listed above. Passengers of these cabin classes should check their e-tickets to know the correct checked baggage allowances as per their flights.

In addition, if the flyer is traveling with an innocent, then the infant is allowed to carry up to 

10kg of checked baggage. Also, if the passenger is a flyer with an infant, they can check in one item in each of the categories given below:

  • Fully Collapsible stroller or a pushchair.
  • Car seat or a carrycot.

Checked Baggage Allowance – Piece Concept

Class of travelTo/From  Canada or the USAPPS Club membersKrisFlyer Elite Gold / Star Alliance Gold members
Suites and First ClassTwo pieces, up to 32 kg each2 Additional pieces, up to 32 kg each1 Additional piece, up to 32 kg each
Business ClassTwo pieces, up to 32 kg each2 Additional pieces, up to 32 kg each1 Additional piece, up to 32 kg each
Premium Economy ClassTwo pieces, up to 23 kg each2 Additional pieces, up to 23 kg each1 Additional piece, up to 23 kg each
Economy ClassTwo pieces, up to 23 kg each2 Additional pieces, up to 23 kg each1 Additional piece, up to 23 kg each
Checked Baggage Allowance

Note- According to Singapore Airlines’ checked baggage policy, the total dimension of the baggage must not exceed 158cm (62 inches).

The piece concept of Singapore Policy, for all the members of KrisFlyer Elite Gold, Star Alliance Gold, and PPS Club, is similar to the weight concept policy. Additionally, if you are traveling with an infant, then you can carry one checked baggage that is up to 23kg to 32 kg, depending on your travel class. 

 Also, if you are traveling with an infant, you can also check in one item from each of the categories given below:

  • Carry-cot or car seat
  • Fully Collapsible stroller or pushchair.

Baggage Items Prohibited/Restricted By Singapore Airlines

There are a bunch of items that are not allowed by Singapore Airlines. So, passengers should check the list of such items before packing their bags.

Prohibited Baggage Items

There is a list given below of those items which are prohibited by Singapore Airlines. Passengers must ensure they don’t carry any of these items in their checked or hand baggage.

  • Flammable liquids such as paints and adhesives.
  • Explosives, fireworks, munitions, sparklers, etc.
  • Radioactive materials.
  • Ammunition, including blank, spent
  • Security-type cases containing  lithium batteries 
  • Compressed gases such as butane, propane, fuels, etc.
  • Lighters and powered batteries.
  • Poisons such as arsenic, cyanides, or insecticides
  • Radioactive materials

Restricted Baggage Items

As per Singapore Airlines’ baggage allowance for carry-on baggage, the airline has put some restrictions on some of the items that cannot be carried as carry-ons. Below is a list of the following restricted items:

  • Scissors and any other sharp objects.
  • Devices with spillable batteries.
  • Knives.
  • Hand Cuffs.
  • Weapons such as batons or stun guns.
  • Non-radioactive medicinal or toiletry articles

Singapore Airlines Cabin/Carry-On Baggage Policy

Singapore Airlines Carry-on Baggage Policy

If you are flying with Singapore Airlines, you can carry up to two bags into your cabin. However, the size and dimension of the baggage depend upon your class of travel. As per the policy, passengers must place their baggage securely under their seats or in the overhead compartment.  The airline suggests that passengers ensure that their overhead bins are not complete and the cabins should remain cruelty-free. If a traveler’s cabin baggage limit exceeds, Singapore Airlines collects and stores that baggage in the cargo compartment of the flight. Moreover, if the cabbage baggage limit exceeds the limits, Singapore Airlines charges an extra baggage fee from the flyers.

Items Allowed Onboard By Singapore Airlines

Below is a list of those items which are permitted by Singapore Airlines. Passengers can carry one of these items on their flight without paying any charges along with their cabin baggage allowance.

  • Umbrella
  • Camera / Camera bag
  • Overcoat
  • Laptop / Notebook in bag
  • Ladies handbag
  • Document bag
  • A small amount of duty-free goods. 
  • Infant amenities and food for consumption on board. 

 According to the Singapore Airlines cabin baggage policy, the size limit of these bags should be 40x30x10cm each. However, if the baggage exceeds the limit, the airline counts it as a part of the standard cabin baggage allowance. Therefore, passengers choose whether to check in with their additional items or cabin baggage.

Special Luggage Policy – Singapore Airlines

If you are traveling with Singapore Airlines, you don’t have to worry about carrying large or heavy baggage. You can easily carry your musical instruments and sporting items while traveling with Singapore Airlines. Most of these items are checked in or taken on board.

 The dimensions of baggage, which are odd in size, must be 200cm x 75cm x 80cm. If the measurement exceeds the size limit, travelers can seek assistance from the cargo team of Singapore Airlines.

Sporting Equipment Allowance

As per Singapore Airlines baggage allowance policy, the airline counts the sporting equipment of the passengers as checked baggage. If the flyer exceeds the set allowance, they must pay additional checked baggage charges.

If a traveler is flying to or from the USA and Canada, most of the sporting items are treated as one-piece bags by the airline. However, a canoe is treated as two pieces of baggage. In addition, your sporting items are charged as per the baggage allowance that applies to your journey.

Singapore Airlines only allows those sporting equipment that are under 32kg as their checked baggage. However, if your item is more than 32kg, you must reach out to the Singapore Airlines Cargo team to get help.

Musical Instrument Allowance

As per Singapore Airlines baggage policy, the musical instrument of a passenger must be stored in a hard and protective case to keep it safe from any damage. If your instrument has strings, make sure to loose the strings before backing them in the protecting case. Moreover, the size and weight of the musical instrument decide whether it can be checked baggage, seat-cabin baggage, or cabin baggage.

As Checked Baggage

If your musical instrument like a cello or full-sized guitar, exceeds the cabin baggage allowance, it must be checked-in and will be counted as a part of your checked cabin allowance. In addition, you’ll have to pay the extra baggage fee if you exceed the free baggage allowance limit.

As Cabin-Seat Baggage

If a passenger does not prefer to check their musical instrument, they can purchase an additional seat on a Singapore Airlines flight. This will help the traveler in securing their musical instrument. Flyers must also ensure that their musical instrument is 40kg in weight and the dimension should be 127cm  X 45cm x 30cm to carry their instrument as cabin-seat baggage.

As Cabin Baggage

If you have a small musical instrument such as a violin, the airline allows you to carry it as cabin baggage. However, the weight of the instrument must not exceed 7kg and the dimension should be 115cm.

What To Do If Singapore Airlines Delayed Or Damaged Your Baggage?

According to Singapore Airlines’ damaged baggage policy, if the baggage of any passenger did not arrive with them or is damaged, the airline will repair, return, or recover your luggage. Also, if your checked baggage arrived late or damaged, you can make a report at the airport.

 Additionally, Singapore Airlines is not liable for those baggage damaged due to normal wear and tear, which includes:

  • Singapore Airlines is not responsible for those baggage that were accepted under the conditions of the Limited Release Tag.
  • Also, the airline is not accountable if the baggage has scratches, marks, or cuts.
  • Singapore Airlines is also not liable for the loss or damage to protruding parts such as wheels, zipper tabs, external locks, pockets, etc.

 Singapore Airlines suggests all passengers not to keep their essential documents fragile and valuable items in their checked baggage. If any traveler has purchased travel insurance, they can make a claim or request for the loss of luggage.

How to File a Report for Lost, Delayed, or Damaged Baggage?

Passengers of Singapore Airlines lodge a report online if their baggage is damaged or delayed. Also, if any traveler leaves an item behind on the flight or lounge, they can contact the Lost and Found department to seek help. Flyers can quickly raise a report for delayed or damaged baggage by visiting the official website of the airline. They need to enter the flight entrance number and their name. After that, it will hardly take 10 minutes to submit the report. Once you submit the information, the Singapore Airlines team will try to hand over your baggage as soon as possible.

 Note: Furthermore, if the checked baggage arrived damaged, passengers need to report the damage within seven days of receiving their bag.

How To Add More Baggage On Singapore Airlines Flight?

If you want to add more baggage to your itinerary then Singapore Airlines provides the facility to prepurchase your additional baggage. You can easily pre-purchase your additional baggage allowance online up to 6 hours before the departure of your scheduled flight. Also, you will get a discount of up to 10% to 25%. This will help you in saving your money and time and hassle-free check-in at the airport. You can pre-purchase the additional website online through the Singapore Airlines Manage Booking feature.

Singapore Airlines Baggage Fees – Extra/Excess Bag Charges

If you are traveling to/from Canada or the US with Singapore Airlines, the additional baggage fee will be charged on the type of fare shown in the table below: 

Charges for Additional Baggage Between Canada or the USA* andOther Itineraries

Additional 9kg

Band 1$100 Band 2$125 Band 3$175 Band 4$ 225SIN – Band 3$50 Band 5$50 Others$ 100

Additional Piece of Baggage
Band 1$150 Band 2USD 200 Band 3$250 Band 4$350SIN – Band 3$50 Band 5$ 50 Others$150

Oversized Baggage
Band 1$100 Band 2$125 Band 3$175 Band 4$225Band 1$100 Band 2$125 Band 3$175 Band 4$225
Singapore Airlines Excess Baggage Fees

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I take two pieces of baggage on Singapore Airlines?

Yes, you can carry two pieces of luggage on Singapore Airlines. However, you must ensure that both of your baggage is under the weight and size limits Singapore Airlines sets.

 How strict is Singapore Airlines about baggage allowance?

Singapore Airlines is very strict when it comes to their baggage policy. As per Singapore Airlines baggage policy, the weight of your checked baggage should not be more than 32kg.

What items are not allowed in checked baggage on Singapore Airlines?

According to Singapore Airlines baggage policy, there are some restrictions on some items, such as Security-type cases, flares, explosives, etc., which can not be carried in a checked bag by the passenger.

Is the stroller counted as a part of free baggage on Singapore Airlines?

Singapore Airlines allows passengers with infants to carry strollers for free as a part of checked baggage. However, the weight of the stroller should be below 10kg. Travelers can fit in a fully collapsible stroller or a car seat for free.

Can I bring medicine on a plane Singapore flight?

Yes, you can carry your medicines while traveling with Singapore Airlines. You can keep your medicines in your hand baggage to keep your medicines and other essentials near you. However, you must carry the letter from your physician regarding your medications and health conditions.

What happens if my luggage is over 32kg on the Singapore Airlines flight?

Singapore Airlines will allow you to carry your baggage with a weight limit of 32kg. However, if this weight limit exceeds, you need to pay some additional baggage fee to the airline.

 What items are restricted by Singapore Airlines to carry as carry-on baggage?

Multiple items are restricted by Singapore Airlines to carry as a carry-on for the safety of all passengers. These items are knives, scissors, handcuffs, etc.

Does Singapore Airlines charge for oversized baggage?

Yes, Singapore Airlines baggage weight limit for oversized baggage. The fee for all the flights between the US and Canada is different as per the band. There are various types of bands, which include many countries. 

Are there any special allowances for frequent flyers or loyalty program members with Singapore Airlines?

Yes, Singapore Airlines offers more baggage allowance to its KrisFlyers (Frequent Flyer Program). However, the baggage allowance depends on the class and membership tier of its flyers. The members of the KrisFlyer program enjoy additional benefits, including priority baggage handling and extra baggage weight allowance for Singapore Airlines.

Can I pool the baggage allowance with my travel partner when traveling with Singapore Airlines?

You can pool your baggage allowance with your travel partner when flying with Singapore Airlines. The airline allows the pooling of baggage allowance for those travelers who travel on the same booking and under the same cabin class.

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