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Have you ever flown with Singapore Airlines before? If yes, you must be aware of the ‘Singapore Airlines Manage Booking’ feature. Right? The airline always thinks about how to make the travel experience of its flyers more comfortable and hassle-free. This is the reason this airline offers the manage my booking option so that passengers make changes or edits to their reservations without contacting Singapore Airlines to modify their itinerary. With the help of this feature, passengers can cancel your change their reservation as per their needs. So, to know more about the ‘Singapore Airlines Manage My Booking’ feature, read the guide till the end.

Singapore Airlines Manage Booking – Video Guide

Guidelines For Using Singapore Airlines Manage Booking 

Are you wondering what Singapore Airlines Manage Booking is? Well, it’s a feature that allows passengers traveling with Singapore Airlines to modify their itinerary using the manage booking feature.

This feature offers flexibility to the passengers to modify or edit their bookings as per their choice. Once travelers manage their reservations, their itinerary changes as required. This helps the passengers to travel with Singapore Airlines comfortably.

Read the below points to know more about Singapore Airlines Manage My Booking option:

  • Singapore Airlines Manage flight option allows you to cancel or change your itinerary as per your preference.
  • However, you can make changes to your reservation until your flight with Singapore Airlines departs.
  • Also, passengers must book their flights from the official sources of Singapore Airlines. If you have booked your tickets from any third party the airline won’t allow you to use the manage booking feature.
  • Some fares on Singapore Airlines are not allowed to make modifications to their bookings, Therefore, some passengers are not eligible to use this feature.
  • Also, there may be some charges that you need to pay while using the Singapore Airlines manage trip feature. 

Options At Singapore Airlines Manage Booking

Here’s a quick look at the primary options available on the Singapore Airlines Manage My Booking facility:

Options Singapore Airlines Manage Booking
  • Cancel the flight. 
  • Change the flight. 
  • Select meals or any special requirement. 
  • Request a refund from the airline after cancellation
  • Check-in or boarding the flight. 

Select Preferred Seat

The Singapore Airlines manage trip feature allows travelers to reserve a specific seat on the flight in advice. However, passengers need to pay some extra charges to book their preferred seat on the flight in advance using this feature.

Upgrade Your Seat or Cabin Class

Singapore Airlines manage booking also allows the passengers to upgrade their cabin class. Passengers can change their flight seat to a higher cabin class by paying the upgrade price. However, upgrading the seat on a flight depends on the availability of seats on the aircraft.

Modify Your Itinerary

Passengers can also modify their flight details such as their flight departure time, date of the landing and departure, changing their route, correction in personal details, removal or addition of a passenger, etc. using the Singapore Airlines manage flight option. However, the airline charges the modification fee based on your ticket class.

See also: Singapore Airlines Flight Change Policy

Cancellation & Refund

If you are stuck in unavoidable circumstances, you can cancel your flight using the Singapore Airlines Manage Trip feature. Once you cancel your bookings you can ask for a refund from the airline. The airline credits the refund amount to your account after deducting the flight cancellation charges. You can also check the status of your previously canceled flight with the help of the Singapore Airlines manage trip option. If you aren’t aware of the airlines’ cancellation rules, you are recommended to check the Singapore Airlines Cancellation Policy.

Add Extra Services

 You can also include some additional services to your itinerary by using the Singapore Airlines manage flight feature such as adding extra baggage, special food, beverages for medical conditions, booking space for pets, assistance for minors traveling alone, etc.

How To Manage My Singapore Airlines Flight Booking?

Travelers can access the manage reservation feature of Singapore Airlines in two ways. One is via membership and the other way to log in is through the Guest feature.

KrisFlyer Login

If you are a member of the Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer program then, you can access the Singapore Airlines manage trip feature by entering the ‘6-digit PIN and your ‘KrisFlyer membership number.’Once you complete the steps you’ll get access to all your current, previous, and future bookings. Therefore, you can make edits to your bookings as per your needs.

Guest Login

If you are not a member of the KrisFlyer program, you can still log into your manage booking account as a guest. To access the account you need to enter your last name along with your booking confirmation number. Once you successfully log into your account make the required changes accordingly.

Steps To Use Singapore Airlines Manage Booking

If you have booked your flight with Singapore Airlines, but want to make changes or add to your existing flight reservation then, you can use the Singapore Airlines manage reservation feature to make changes to your itinerary. Here are a few steps to use this feature:

Steps To Use Singapore Airlines Manage Booking
  • Firstly, visit the Singapore Airlines official website.
  • Now, select the ‘Manage Booking’ option.
  • After this, enter the booking reference and name to log into your ‘Manage Booking’ account.
  • Once you log into your account, your itinerary will be open on your device’s display.
  • Now you can upgrade the seats, change the flight, request a refund, cancel a flight, or do more things with this.
  • Once you make all the changes, pay for the required changes if any.
  • And finally, your itinerary will be updated.

What If Singapore Airlines Manage Booking Feature Is Not Working? 

Passengers don’t have to worry if they are unable to use the Singapore Airlines Manage flight options. They can ask Singapore Airlines representatives to change your bookings on your behalf. Travelers can contact the airline executive at any time of the day as they are available 24 hours for you to provide assistance. However, the representative will ask you for some flight and personal details to modify or cancel your reservation. Moreover, if passengers don’t want to connect with the airline executive over a call, they can visit their nearest airport. The airline official will help the flyers to manage their bookings.


Commonly asked questions regarding Singapore Airlines Manage Booking have been answered below:

How can I check my booking flight ticket?

You can check your flight ticket with the help of the ‘Manage Booking’ tool. To check your flight reservation, go to the manage booking section, and log into your account with the help of your last name and six-character booking reference number. After that tap on the ‘Manage Booking’ option and you’ll get a list of all your flight reservations.

When can I do an online Check-in on Singapore Airlines?

Singapore Airlines allows its flyers to check in online or use their official mobile app. Also, check-in online is quick and saves time too. Travelers can check in online anytime between 48 hours to 1.5 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.

How early can I book a flight with Singapore Airlines?

If you are planning your next trip with Singapore Airlines, then you can book your flight ticket online from up to 365 days before departure to all the seats are sold.

What is the US phone number for Singapore Airlines?

If you want to contact the Singapore Airlines executive via a phone call from the U.S., then you can dial +1 (833) 727-0118. Once your call gets connected with the agent share your queries with them and they will resolve your query as soon as possible. Plus, you can reach out to the executive at any time as they provide their services 24/7.

What is the difference between reserved and confirmed Singapore Airlines?

On Singapore Airlines, if you have made the payment of your flight ticket, then that seat will be yours, and it’s called Confirmed Seats. Whereas, Reserved seats are those seats that have been held, but the payment has not been made. These seats can be assigned to other passengers if the ticket payment is not made before its deadline.

Is Singapore Airlines Premium Economy worth it?

Yes, it is worth traveling in Singapore Airlines Premium Economy class. This class is worth the money as it offers more privacy and comfort during a long-haul flight.

The passengers get a variety of services from extra legroom space to chef-inspired meals. They get a more luxurious way to travel at an affordable price in comparison to the first and business class of Singapore Airlines.

Can I reschedule my already booked flight?

Yes, you can reschedule your already booked flight. However, you have to pay a flight change or cancellation fee to Singapore Airlines. This fee will depend on the fare class of your ticket.

How do I check my flight booking status?

You can check your flight booking status using the ‘Manage Booking’ feature. To check the flight status log into your manage booking account using your booking reference number along with the last name. After logging in to the account, you’ll get all your previous and upcoming flight lists. Now, select the flight and check its real-time status whether it’s delayed or on time.

Can I change my travel dates with Singapore Airlines?

Yes, you can change your travel dates with Singapore Airlines. According to the Singapore Airlines flight change policy, you can change your flight tickets as long as you have a fare that allows you to do so.

How does Singapore Airlines manage the Booking Feature work?

The manage booking feature of Singapore Airlines allows passengers to cancel or edit their reservations online. However, travelers need to pay the required charges for making changes in their bookings.

How is Singapore Airlines Manage Booking helpful for the passengers?

Singapore Airlines Manage booking option is a helpful feature that permits passengers to change their itinerary online. This feature is helpful because it saves a lot of time as travelers can make modifications to their reservations online without going anywhere.

How can I add meals of my choice to my itinerary using the manage my bookings feature?

If you have booked your flight with Singapore Airlines then you can add your favourite meal to your itinerary using the manage booking facility. You can pre-book your meal through this feature by visiting the Singapore Airlines website.

How can I make changes to my Singapore Airlines booking in offline mode?

If you are unable to use the manage reservation option then, you can seek help from the Singapore Airlines representatives to make changes to your bookings on your behalf. You can ask the executive to make alterations over a phone call.

Can I change the destination of my Singapore Airlines flight?

Yes, you can make changes to the destination of your Singapore Airlines flights as long as you have purchased a fare that permits you to change your flight.

Does Singapore Airlines manage trip feature permit travelers to request a refund after canceling their flight?

Yes, the manage flight feature allows passengers to request an airline for a refund after canceling their flight due to any reason. If the passenger is eligible for a refund, the airline credits the refund into the account of the traveler.

How to upgrade my seat with the help of the Singapore Airlines Manage reservation option?

If you have booked your flight in the business class of Singapore Airlines, but want to upgrade your seat to the first class then you can use the manage flight feature to upgrade your seat from one cabin to another.

Can I add more baggage to my itinerary using the manage booking feature of Singapore Airlines?

Yes, you can add extra baggage to your itinerary using the manage my booking facility of Singapore Airlines. You can easily add more baggage through this feature online.

Can I change my flight with the help of Manage My Trip?

Yes, you can change your flight bookings by using the manage trip option of Singapore Airlines. You can postpone your flight reservations as well.

What are the benefits of using the Manage Reservation option of Singapore Airlines?

There are multiple perks of using the manage reservation feature of Singapore Airlines. You can easily cancel, change, and upgrade your bookings with the help of this feature.

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