Jetstar Manage Booking

Jetstar Manage Booking

If someone wishes to change their flight schedule, or if it’s a seat change or name change, Jetstar offers the opportunity to do it themselves. You don’t have to visit the counter or the airport. Using the Jetstar Manage My Booking option, you can easily manage your booking or add extra facilities online.

Today, we’ll talk about all the services and uses of Jetstar Manage Booking.

Retrieve & Customize Your Reservation Using Jetstar Airways Manage Booking

Jetstar Manage Booking – Steps To Access Your Booking

You may need to make changes due to an emergency or personal or professional reasons. Also, rescheduling your trip and thinking about cancellation and high fares can be a hassle, but Jetstar passengers shouldn’t be stressed. The Jetstar Manage My Booking section solves all problems. Go to your home page and click the Find Bookings tab to manage your bookings online.

Jetstar Airways has developed a tool for passengers to track flights, check-ins, and itineraries under the Jetstar Manage My Booking Section. It is available on both the App Store and Google Play. This app helps you book flights and save your travel history.

Jetstar Manage My Bookinghelps you find airline features and change your ticket. You can discover more by viewing the itinerary and booking details or requesting special services. Jetstar Manage My Bookingincludes some of the features listed below.

  •  Online check-in and boarding pass 
  •  Preselect Your seat
  •  Change or cancel a flight
  •  Add extra baggage
  •  Select your food
  •  Get  booking details
  •  Add  services to your trip

Best Way to Access Your Reservations Using Jetstar Airways Manage Booking

Visit the homepage of the airline’s official site, search for flights of your preferred destination and date, get all booking details, compare fares, choose the best deal, and choose one flight. You can manage your flight bookings online without compromising your comfort.

This section describes how to manage your bookings online.

1. First, you need to visit and log in to the manage booking section. 

Jetstar Airways Manage Booking
Jetstar Airways Manage Booking Tab

2. Then provide your details such as last name and booking number (confirmation code) in the corresponding field.

Jetstar Airways Manage My Booking
Jetstar Airways Manage Booking Login Portal

3. Once you provide all the details, you will get access to the flight that needs to be changed.

4. Click Continue, and you’ll see all the options for changes here (ticket time, date, or destination, cancellation of booking, payment of additional baggage, modification of ticket name, etc.).

5. If you are allowed to make the changes on your ticket, alter your ticket to your liking and pay online using your card.

6. Finally, you will receive a confirmation email in your email ID upon successful payment of your changes.

All You Can Do Using Jetstar Airways Manage Booking – Seat Selection, Flight Change, Name Change & Cancellation

Now, with the help of this tool, passengers can make a whole suite of customizations to their reservations.

Preselect Your Seat

You can also access the Search Bookings tab on the airline’s homepage for advance seat selection, or the Jetstar Airways app downloaded to your mobile phone. The seats offered by the airline are:

Extra Leg Room:  This option is for those who need more space to relax their feet.

Upfront seats: These are convenient seats for landing faster than other seats. Standard seats: These are the standard seats every airline provides to passengers.

Jetstar Airways Flight Change Policy, Fee & Method

Airlines understand that plans change. That’s why Jetstar Change Flight Policy is the most flexible. You can change the date or time on your tickets or even add extras like baggage, seats, meals, or inflight entertainment. Go to Jetstar Manage My Booking online and make changes instantly. However, change fees can cost you around $75 per traveler.

Furthermore, if you wish to change passenger or flight details, contact airlines support for help.

Easy steps to reschedule your bookings are:

  1. First, visit the official Jetstar website.
  2. Then, go to the Manage my Booking section.
  3. Afterward, provide the booking reference code and surname to fetch the Jetstar e-ticket you booked. 
  4. Then, find the list of reserved tickets and change them again if necessary. 
  5. Finally, reschedule your ticket before it expires. 
  6. According to airline policy, passengers can change the travel dates before the ticket’s validity expires.
  7. Alternatively, reroute or rebook your travel ticket for your trip without paying any fees or taxes (additional charges). 
  8. Similarly, if the traveler flies with a partner airline, the change will affect all passengers on the rebooked ticket or rescheduling. 
  9. This rescheduling policy will ensure customers can effectively reschedule or change their tickets.

If you wish to add more baggage to your booking, be sure to go through the Jetstar Airways Baggage Policy.

Learn to Make Corrections – Name Change on Jetstar Airways Fare

If you booked a Jetstar flight ticket but mistakenly entered the wrong name, you need to change the name. In this scenario, according to the Jetstar name correction policy, you need to cancel the original PNR  and create a new PNR with a new name & available fares. Therefore, the policy of name correction or name changes will only apply to bookings made on Jetstar Airways.

Cancellation Policy for Jetstar Airways Fares

Download the Jetstar Airways app, call your airline’s call center, or visit to see if your ticket has been canceled or needs to be canceled. You may also request a refund for the value of your ticket online at the airline’s website to get your refund. Read the following guidelines issued under the Jetstar Airways Cancellation Policy.

  • If you book your ticket through a third party, you will need to contact and process your cancellation or refund request.
  • You can cancel your tickets within 24 hours of buying, and the airline will not charge any ticket cancellation fee. To get a full refund of your tickets, you must request a refund 24 hours after purchase. The amount will be credited in miles or vouchers that passengers can utilize for future purchases.
  • It is essential to know that cancellation must be made seven days before the flight’s departure, and the fees will vary depending on the flight route. However, you can cancel the ticket 2 hours before the scheduled departure, but the refund will be made after deducting the cancellation tax and other fees.
  • If your ticket is booked as refundable, you will receive a refund for the cancellation of your flight. At the same time, if your ticket is non-refundable, you will not receive a cancellation deposit. And if the flight is delayed or canceled, the airline will assist passengers with compensation and fare refunds. However, all of this will depend upon delay or cancellation situations.


How to Request a Refund from Jetstar?

You must contact Customer Service to request a refund. Refunds will be fully refunded to the original payment method. If part of the ticket needs to be refunded, the difference will be reduced, and the payment will be refunded.

Does Jetstar make free cancellations?

If Jetstar cancels your future flight, it will connect with you directly to provide possible alternatives. Depending on the fare type and cancellation situation, such as date/time changes with no extra cost, eCredit equals the total amount of untraveled /unused tickets or cash refunds.

Can I get a refund on my Jetstar voucher?

No, you can get any refund for your Jetstar vouchers as they are non-refundable (the only exception is when you are eligible for a refund of your Jetstar vouchers under Australian Consumer Law).

How long does it take for Jetstar to refund?

Jetstar takes 15 business days to process the refund for the value of the passengers’ tickets.

How far in advance do Jetstar Release flights?

You can book Jetstar flights at least 300 days before the flights’ scheduled departure date.

Modify My Trips/Reservations

Enter Your Information To Look Up a Trip. After that you can Modify your reservations. In order to book a flight or make reservations, call on our Number.

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