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    Want to review your reservations after booking? Looking for ways to avoid long queues at the airport while checking in? Sometimes emergency happens, and that directly impacts your schedule. Emirates comes with a manage booking tool to provide convenience to the passengers. 

    You can do many things with the Emirates Airlines Manage Booking Tool. By using Emirates Airlines Manage Booking, you can take control of bookings in a few steps. It is easy to get started. Just keep close your booking id and your surname with you. In addition to this, Emirates Airlines Manage Booking tool is very secure to use.

    Our blog has covered all the relevant details related to Emirates Airlines Manage Booking tool below or you can speak to a live person at emirates by dialing +1-805-270-2709.

    Do not waste your time just fill in the details below. To manage your emirates booking fill in your details and hit the manage button.

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    Manage Emirates Booking

    Fill in your booking details to check the itinerary and make changes or add a service to your booking.

      Grab Exclusive Services with Emirates Airlines Manage Booking

      The services that the Emirates provides under the Emirates Airlines Manage Booking tab are mentioned below:

      1. Check Your Itinerary

      Check your itinerary whenever you want. Also, you can view, email, or print your itinerary. Check your flight anytime you want or make any required changes.

      • Online check‑in

      You can save your time by checking -in online. Between 90 minutes to 48 hours before your departure flight, you can do it. Mobile check-in is also available, and you can download your flight boarding pass on your handset. Moreover, when you check-in, you tend to get seats of your choice for free of cost.

      By using the online check-in option of Emirates Airlines, travelers are allowed to fly with their infants, unlike the other airlines.

      • Buy Excess Baggage Allowance

      You can also buy excess baggage by paying some extra baggage costs. Firstly, you need to see carry-on and checked-in baggage’s size and weight limit. And if you are taking extra baggage with you, you need to pay 20 % less than the airport for the excess baggage fee online.

      • Select a Seat

      With the help of the manage booking option, you can select your seat in advance. It allows you to choose a seat on the plane where you want to sit. Choosing your seat option can come in handy when you want to fly with your family and friends and want to sit with them.

      • Update Your Details

      You can update your details like your contact number and email address. Keeping your details updated can help you receive any notices relevant to your reservations.

      • Flight Cancellations/ Changes

      Emirates allows passengers to change or cancel their flight booking through the Emirates Airlines Manage Booking tool. After confirming your changes or cancellations, you will get a confirmation mail in your inbox. However, if the delay or cancellation is from the Emirates side, it will refund you or reroute you as per your schedule.

      However, you are not allowed to cancel your flights last minute. The cancellation fee will be equivalent to the air tickets fare.

      • Handle Your Emirates Skywards Account

      You can handle your Emirates Skywards account online. Use your membership when booking flights and receive Skywards Miles for each booking. Use your miles before they expire in upgrading your seat or many more.

      How to Manage Your Booking with Emirates Airlines?

      Are you looking for a method to alter or change your booking? Do not worry! Emirates is here to assist you. You need to follow the step-by-step process of Emirates Airlines Manage Booking given below:

      1. Firstly, go to the website of Emirates Airlines or call on toll-free number +1-805-270-2709.
      2. Then login into your account with your credentials.
      3. Visit the Emirates Airlines tab after locating the manage section.
      4. Provide your reference number along with your first name and surname, same as your ticket.
      5. Now, tap on the retrieve booking tab to access your booking details.
      6. Lastly, select the modifications you would like to make and go ahead and confirm your changes.

      General Guidelines for Emirates Airlines Manage Booking

      Some of the specific guidelines for Emirates Airlines are given below:

      1. If any modification is subjected to an additional fee, you must pay for the change.
      2. Emirates Airlines Manage Booking option is available for every ticket type.
      3. If you want to cancel or change your booking through the Emirates Airlines Manage Booking tab, you need to do it within the first 24 hours of the original booking so that you can avoid paying any cancellation or change fee.
      4. If failed to do it within 24 hours, you need to pay additional charges as a change fee.
      5. Most importantly, if canceling a flight after departure, you cannot apply for a refund.
      6. However, you can apply for refunds on the unexpired tickets.

      Other Benefits of Emirates Airlines Manage Booking

      1. Reschedule your flight such as time and date or name as required.
      2. Request for special assistance.
      3. Ask for extra baggage services.
      4. Edit personal details.
      5. Handle your Skywards account.
      6. Ask for add-on services like inflight entertainment and special meals.
      7. Add more travelers to the list.
      8. Check-in online with your phone and download your boarding pass.
      9. Select your seats in advance.

      Therefore, these are the main benefits of using the Emirates Airlines Manage Booking tool online on the Emirate’s official websites.

      How can I check my Emirates ticket status?

      Through the Emirates Airlines Manage Booking tool, you can access your ticket details online. You can fetch your booking details after reaching the manage booking tab. However, you need to provide your booking last name and reference number, i.e., PNR number.

      Can you get your money back on Emirates flights?

      Yes, you can receive your ticket refunds depending upon the fare conditions. The refund will be redirected to your credit card, which has initiated your payment. Moreover, you can use it in your future booking also.

      How long does it take to get a refund from Emirates?

      It will take seven to eight business days to refund your ticket amount. However, the requested refund is subject to the fare conditions.  

      How much is Emirate’s cancellation fee?

      You can cancel your flight with Emirates airlines with ease. However, the cancellation charge for the ticket is $200. It is chargeable only if you cancel your flight after 24 hours of booking. Moreover, after the cancellation deductions, the left value of the ticket will be sent to you in your account as a refund for more information contact emirates at +1-805-270-2709.

      What happens when Emirates cancels your flight?

      If your flight is canceled from the airlines’ side, you can get full refunds for any unused portion of the ticket. However, you need to request the airline for a full refund.

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