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Emirates Manage Booking is an online facility to manage flight reservations. You can use Manage My Booking to choose seats, check-in, change trips, and more. Not sure how to use Emirates Manage Booking? Read further for details on how to manage Emirates flight tickets online, guidelines for using the Manage Booking tool, and more.

Emirates Manage Booking

Emirates ‘Manage Booking’ Offers Multiple Options

The services that the Emirates provides under the Emirates Manage Booking tab are mentioned below:

Emirates Manage My Booking Options
Emirates Manage Booking Portal

Check Your Emirates Flight Booking Any Time

Check your itinerary whenever you want. Also, you can view, email, or print your itinerary. Check your flight anytime you want or make any required changes.

Access to Online Check-In

You can save time by checking -in online. Between 90 minutes to 48 hours before your departure flight, you can do it. Mobile check-in is also available, and you can download your flight boarding pass on your handset. Moreover, when you check in, you tend to get seats of your choice free of cost.

By using the online check-in option of Emirates Airlines, travelers are allowed to fly with their infants, unlike the other airlines.

Baggage Add-Ons

Emirates Manage Flight Add Baggage
Add Baggage through Manage Booking

You can also buy excess baggage by paying some extra baggage costs under the Emirates Baggage Allowance. Firstly, you need to see the carry-on and checked-in baggage’s size and weight limit. And if you are taking extra baggage with you, you need to pay 20 % less than the airport for the excess baggage fee online.

Extra Baggage Guidelines At Emirates

Once you have made your reservations, you must read the Emirates Baggage Policy and make an informed choice regarding how much baggage you will be carrying.

  • If you choose to travel in economy class, you are permitted to bring one large travel bag up to a weight of 23 kg.
  • In contrast, you can bring two large bags if you choose to take the Flex or Flex Plus.
  • The bags should have a maximum weight of 23 kg and a maximum size of 300 cm. Additionally, another benefit of Emirates’ baggage policy is the option to have your bags delivered to your home if you are carrying too many bags.

Advance Seat Selection For Emirates Flights

Emirates Manage My Trip Seat Selection
Seat Selection Fees – Emirates Manage Booking

With the help of the manage booking option, you can select your seat in advance. It allows you to choose a seat on the plane where you want to sit. Choosing your seat option can come in handy when you want to fly with your family and friends and want to sit with them.

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Update Your Emirates Booking Details

You can update your details like your contact number and email address. Keeping your details updated can help you receive any notices relevant to your reservations.

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Changes, Cancellations, and Refunds

Emirates Airlines Manage Booking Change & Cancellation
Change, Cancellation, and Refund via Manage Booking

Emirates allows passengers to change or cancel their flight bookings as per the Emirates Flight Change Policy through the Emirates Manage Booking tool. After confirming your changes or cancellations, you will get a confirmation mail in your inbox. However, if the delay or cancellation is from the Emirates side, it will refund you or reroute you as per your schedule.

As per Emirates Cancellation Policy, you are not allowed to cancel your flights last minute. The cancellation fee will be equivalent to the air ticket fare.

Manage Your Emirates Skyward Account

You can handle your Emirates Skywards account online. Use your membership when booking flights and receive Skywards Miles for each booking. Use your miles before they expire in upgrading your seat or many more.

Sign In To Emirates Skywards 

Check the “Emirates Book with miles” box and utilize your miles when booking an Emirates flight. Remember these points related to your Emirates Skywards.

  • Manage your account online. 
  • Add your membership number to your booking to procure Skywards Miles on your flight or utilize your Miles to overhaul. 
  • Check your Miles balance, see when they’ll terminate, and discover the number of Tier Miles you need to arrive at the following membership level.

Request Inflight Amenities

  • With Emirates, you have access to over 3,500 channels of on-demand content in many languages, including movies, TV series, music, and games.
  • For viewers who are hard of hearing or have visual impairments, ice Digital Widescreen offers films with audio descriptions & closed captions.
  • Additionally, passengers can select a seat according to their preferences, such as whether they prefer to sit at the front or back of the aircraft, extra legroom, a wonderful view from a window seat, or simple access to the aisle from an aisle seat.
  • The Wi-Fi services will be available on all of Emirates’ A380s and the majority of its Boeing 777s, allowing passengers to stay connected while in the air.

How To Use Emirates ‘Manage My Booking’?

Once you book a flight, you may wish to make changes to your reservations. You need to follow the step-by-step process of Emirates Manage Booking given below:

  1. Firstly, go to the website of Emirates Airlines.
  2. Then log into your account with your credentials.
  3. Visit the Emirates Airlines tab after locating the manage section.
  4. Provide your reference number along with your first name and surname, the same as your ticket.
  5. Now, tap on the retrieve booking tab to access your booking details.
  6. Lastly, select the modifications you would like to make and go ahead and confirm your changes.

You can also download the Emirates app from Google Play Store to manage your booking.

Manage Booking Guidelines To Note

Some of the specific guidelines for Emirates Airlines are given below:

  1. If any modification is subjected to an additional fee, you must pay for the change.
  2. The Emirates Manage Booking option is available for every ticket type.
  3. If you want to cancel or change your booking through the Emirates Manage Booking tab, you need to do it within the first 24 hours of the original booking so that you can avoid paying any cancellation or change fee.
  4. If you fail to do the Emirates Airlines Name Change on the Ticket within 24 hours, you need to pay additional charges as a change fee.
  5. Most importantly, if you cancel a flight after departure, you cannot apply for a refund.
  6. However, you can apply for refunds on the unexpired tickets.

How ‘Manage Booking’ Helps Emirates Flyers

Emirates Manage Booking makes it easier for flyers to change or update their flight booking

  1. Reschedule your flight such as change flight date, time, or name as required.
  2. Request for special assistance.
  3. Ask for extra baggage services.
  4. Edit personal details.
  5. Handle your Skywards account.
  6. Ask for add-on services like inflight entertainment and special meals.
  7. Add more travelers to the list.
  8. ‘Check In’ online with your phone and download your boarding pass.
  9. Select your seats in advance.

Therefore, these are the main benefits of using the Emirates Manage Booking tool online on the Emirates website.

Making A New Reservation With Emirates

Passengers can easily make their Emirates Booking at the convenience of their homes. Follow the steps given below and access the Emirates book a flight online option.

Emirates book or manage flight
Screenshot via
  1. Visit i.e., the official website.
  2. Tap on the ‘Book’ tab at the top of the page and then click on the ‘Book flights’ option.
    You must also fill out the following:
    • Click on the “Book Now” button on the homepage 
    • Enter your booking details and requirements and then tap on click on ‘Continue’ on the website’s homepage
  3. Enter the flight ticket requirements 
  4. Tap on the ‘Continue’ tab.
  5. Follow the given screen instructions, select your flight classes and seats, and pay the required fee.
  6. Lastly, you are done with Emirates flight online booking.

Book or Manage Booking via Emirates Reservations Phone Number

To obtain further information about Emirates Flight Booking, you must contact a live agent at Emirates Customer Service. You must use the information below to obtain the details:

  1. You should start by going to the Emirates help page on the company’s official website.
  2. You should be able to find the information about the Emirate’s contact number in the official section.
  3. You must now call the Emirates hotline to speak to a live customer service representative.
  4. Once you are speaking to a live person, you should ask him for a variety of information.
  5. You can easily use Emirates’ service to talk to a live person about this problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Manage Booking in Emirates?

Manage Booking in Emirates is a feature that allows flyers to edit and manage all their travel needs online. So, if any travelers have specific dietary requirements, or want to check their flight status or check-in online, they can do it all using the manage booking tool.

Can I chat with Emirates customer service?

Yes, you can chat with the customer service team of Emirates Airlines. You’ll get the live chat option on their official website. So, if you have any questions or concerns related to your flight bookings, flight status, etc, then you can use this feature to get the answer to your queries in seconds.

What is a preferred seat on Emirates?

Preferred seats on Emirates are those seats which are located on the upper deck or at the front of the flight. Passengers usually select these seats so that they can be the first ones to disembark from the flight. This helps them to save their time once their flight reaches the final destination.

Why is Emirates so expensive?

In comparison to the other airlines, Emirates is one of the most expensive airlines. The flight tickets on Emirates Airlines flights are on the higher side. The reason why this airline is expensive is the comfort and superior level of services it offers to its flyers. Top-class services are offered to the flyer right after they board. They get all the amazing facilities like delicious meals, luxurious amenities, extremely comfortable seats, and royalty with attentive staff as well.

Why should I check in online with Emirates?

If you are traveling with Emirates Airlines, then you must check-in online. Check-in online will help you in saving your time. This will also help you in avoiding standing in long queues. You can check in online on Emirates Airlines flight 48 hours before the departure of your flight.

How do I contact Emirates?

You can contact an Emirates Airlines executive via a phone call. To get connected with the representative dial  +1 800 777 3999. Once you are connected with the agent share your concerns with them. They’ll try to resolve your query as soon as possible.

How many hours before can I do an online check-in in Emirates?

Emirates Airlines provides online check-in services 48 hours before the departure of the flight. If the passenger has e-tickets then they must check-in 90 minutes before the scheduled departure of the flight.

How can I check my flight ticket online?

You can check in online using the manage booking option. To check in online go to your manage booking account and log into your account using your last name and booking reference number. After that select your flight and follow the on-screen instructions to check in online.

How to select seats on Emirates for free?

If you want to select your seat on Emirates for free, then you must purchase your ticket in First Class, Business Class Saver, Flex Plus, Flex, and Premium Economy cabin class. Additionally, if you have a Business Special fare, then you’ll get the facility to select a complimentary seat.

How do I select a seat on a flight after booking?

You can select a seat on a flight after booking through the seat map. So, once your flight reservation process is complete, tap on the view seat map option and pick your desired seat. Also, if you are traveling with your family and friends on the same booking, then their seats will be assigned near your seat as well.

How can I check my Emirates ticket status?

Through the Emirates Airlines Manage Booking tool, you can access your ticket details online. You can fetch your booking details after reaching the manage booking tab. However, you need to provide your booking last name and reference number, i.e., PNR number. To check your flight status, click here.

Can you get your money back on Emirates flights?

Yes, you can receive your ticket refunds depending on the fare conditions. The refund will be redirected to your credit card, which has initiated your payment. Moreover, you can use it in your future booking.

How long does it take to get a refund from Emirates?

It will take seven to eight business days to refund your ticket amount. However, the requested refund is subject to the fare conditions.  

How much is the Emirate’s cancellation fee?

You can cancel your flight with Emirates Airlines with ease. However, the cancellation charge for the ticket is $200. It is chargeable only if you cancel your flight after 24 hours of booking. Moreover, after the cancellation deductions, the remaining value of the ticket will be sent to your account as a refund for more information contact Emirates Airlines

What happens when Emirates cancels your flight?

If your flight is canceled from the airline’s side, you can get full refunds for any unused portion of the ticket. However, you need to request the airline for a full refund.

How do I talk to a live person at Emirates?

Dial 1-(800)-777-3999 to connect with the live agent at Emirates. Alternatively, passengers can also visit the website and access the live chat option.

What is the Emirates Reservation Number?

Passengers can call the Emirates reservation number at +1 800 777 3999 and book their tickets without visiting the airport. Passengers can fetch the number from the website easily and get their issues resolved.

How do I track an Emirates flight?

If you want to check your Emirates Flight Booking Status, you must go to and provide your reservation reference number to log in to your account. Next, click on the “Check Flight Status” tab. Alternatively, passengers can also contact the Emirates agent and ask about their flight status.

What days are the cheapest to fly Emirates?

Friday is the cheapest day to book a flight on Emirates Airlines. You must visit the official site and get the latest deals on Emirates Airlines booking. To get information on deals and offers, you can sign up for notifications, and the airline will inform you every time it launches a deal.

Do we get cheaper flights if we book from the airport directly?

In the end, there are no benefits to purchasing tickets in person at the airport. Even travelers who experience adverse circumstances, such as having their ticket canceled or needing to reschedule their departure schedules, typically aren’t given any special discounts on flights at the airport.

How do I book a flight on Emirates without paying?

When checking out, select “Hold My Fare” to hold the flight fare of your choice for 72 hours. With just your name and booking reference when you’re ready to pay, you’ll guarantee a seat on that trip and won’t be required to pay any more if the fare increases before you book.

Do I have to pay for Emirates seats?

You are not charged for selecting your seats in First Class, Business Class Saver, Flex, or Flex Plus fares, or when flying in Premium Economy. When check-in begins 48 hours before your flight, business special fare passengers can choose a free seat.

Can I check in 5 hours before the flight Emirates?

From 24 hours to 4 hours prior to takeoff are allowed for check-in. At Airport Check-in, provide your health records, check in your luggage, and pick up your boarding pass.

Modify My Trips/Reservations

Enter Your Information To Look Up a Trip. After that you can Modify your reservations. In order to book a flight or make reservations, call on our Number.

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