How To Change Name on Emirates Ticket? Rules & Process

Emirates Airlines Name Change Policy

Everyone makes unintentional mistakes. If you made a mistake with your while purchasing your Emirates Airlines ticket, that is nothing to worry about. I have covered all of the main points of Emirates Airlines’ name correction policies, process, and change fee. If you read this article to the conclusion, I’m confident you’ll be able to solve your name change problem. 

You do not need to be concerned with name correction; continue reading the information all the way through. If you follow the Emirates Airlines Name Change policy, you will certainly find fix for your problem in a short period.

Emirates Airlines Name Change Policy 

In this section, we have discussed the information regarding Emirates Airlines’ change policy. By doing this you can correct your name mistake while booking an Emirates ticket. You can apply for a reservation with your current booking and continue enjoying your journey without any problem. Let’s make a proper understanding of policy point to point.

  • As per Emirates Airlines name correction policy, you are allowed to edit your name up to 4 characters only. A four-letter clause should not be considered one of the middle, last, and first positions.
  • According to the Emirates name change policy, the people on the ticket cannot be changed. In other words, Emirates Airlines does not allow the transfer of ticket ownership.
  •  In such cases, passengers should cancel their current booking, request a refund, and re-arrange Emirates flight tickets with eligible passengers.
  • Passengers are allowed to change their surname or divorce, legal name change, or marriage, subject to change in Emirates Airlines policy.
  • Change of name is not permitted under any circumstances when tickets are purchased using a Skyward Frequent Flyer Rewards account, subject to the Emirates Name Change Policy. 
  • After processing the name change on Emirates Ticket, the updated name will be routed to the current PNR. Each passenger will be charged a fee for the Emirates name change in addition to any valid ticket difference.
  • After completion of the Emirates name correction application, passengers will be required to board the flight and re-select their seats. It is not possible to transfer seats between old and new PNR as per Emirates ticket conversion policy.
  • Following the Emirates Passenger Nomenclature Policy, all segments of aircraft associated with the wrong name must be canceled before scheduled departure to prevent loss of no-shows and claim a full refund for the unused ticket portion as a result.
  • Ticketed passengers must have the same name as it appears on a government-issued photo ID or passport based on the Emirates Name Registration Policy. Passengers are not allowed to board an Emirates flight if their names differ.

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Online Process to Emirates Name change on Ticket

You can follow the step-by-step procedure to change or edit your online name.

  • First of all, you have to open your preferred browser and open the official website of Emirates Airlines.
  • Now you have to go to the Booking Management section.
  • Now you need to enter your last name and booking reference number that is six-digit.
  • You need to click on the Emirates Name Correction tab to follow. 
  • Only you can correct up to four digits of your name, including your middle ending and first name.
  • Correct your name which should exactly match your photo ID card.
  • You have to match your name with the photo ID issued by the government.
  • Now pay the fee for renaming Emirates flights with your price difference.
  • Once a name processing request has been processed, your Emirates booking will be returned to the sender for retrieval by the same or a higher level of service, subject to availability.
  • Once the Emirates name processing request is completed, you will receive a new e-ticket and correct name by email within 4 hours.

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Offlines Process to Emirates Name Change on Ticket

  • To change your correct or change your name you need to dial the Emirates phone number.
  • It takes some time, throughout you should until the official get connected.
  • Once your call gets connected you need to provide all your credential that the officials ask you.
  • According to the name correction policy, you need to correct up to four characters of your name.
  • The officials will correct your name as per the government-issued photo identity card or as your name is mentioned in the passport.
  • After completing the process you will receive the changed name confirmation msg along with the new corrected name.

Emirates Airlines Name Correction Fee

Emirates Airlines Name Correction Fees
  • In nations like India, the United Kingdom, and Brazil, the airline charges a price of US$30 for name correction. The requirement is that the ticket is purchased through the website or contact center.
  • Furthermore, if the booking is made through the Emirates website, ticket office, or center, travelers will be charged GBP10 in the United Kingdom. If the booking was made through a travel agent, the cost might reach GBP20.
  • Whenever it comes to Brazil, if your departure and selling point are both in Brazil, you will pay nothing. India is also in a similar situation.

Emirates Name change Fee

Emirates Airlines Name Change Fees

If you want to change your name with Emirates Airlines then you need to request a name change 24 hours before scheduled departure. You are required to pay the name change fee, and cancellation fee along with your fare difference if applicable. Here is the important information that you need about the fee of name change Emirates Airlines.

  • Emirates name change costs to vary depending on the class of service and the type of ticket. In such cases, the cost of changing the Name of Emirates may apply per segment of each flight.
  • As per Emirates policy, passengers will have to pay for the difference between the cost of the first booked flight and the cost of the flight for which the Emirates name has been applied.
  • Except for incoming and outgoing flights, applications named Emirates Passenger were allowed only during travel.
  • As per the Emirates name change policy, customers will be required to pay an Emirates name change fee if payment is not made within 24 hours of booking.
 Emirates Airlines Class of serviceBusiness Flex Business ValueBasic FareBest ValueEconomy FlexBusiness Basic
Name Change Fee$200$200$250$250$250$200
Emirates Airlines Name Change Fee

Emirates Transfer Ticket to another Person

  • If you want to transfer the ticket to another person, then as per Emirates Airlines policy, you can not transfer your ticket to another person by changing your name.
  • Emirates Airlines might ask for some more documents and evidence to change the ticket to another person.
Emirates Change Name On Ticket Guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Change the Name of Emirates Airlines Passengers’ ticket?

Yes, According to the policy you can correct your name up to four characters including first, middle as well as last name. You should not be misunderstood about the four letters as each. You can amend a total of up to four characters. Passengers are also permitted to modify

Can I Travel With an Incorrect Name on Emirates Airlines?

You can not travel with an incorrect name on Emirates Airlines as per the policies. It should exactly match the government-issued photo identity card or your passport. If you go there at the airport you will pass through the screening process conducted by the government officials and watchlist. And also they will approve you that you are a significant person to fly or not.

What is the cost of Changing Name With Emirates Airlines?

If you want to change your name then you can perform this process 24 hours before your purchase time. Fee categorized in the class of services of Emirates Airlines and ranges from $200-$250

If you need more information then contact the emirates airlines manage booking or dial the helpline number for help.

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