United Airlines Missed Flight & No Show Policy – What To Do If You Missed Flight?


If you missed your United flight, you have got yourself in serious trouble. Why? Because that, if nothing, is at least bound to cause you some delay. And, that becomes a genuine concern when you do not have much time to spare. But, do not worry. Every bad situation has a way out. in this blog, you will learn more about united airlines’ missed flights in the easiest ways.

So, think of this blog as a way out. This blog talks about various situations arising out of missing your United flight. And, not just situations but also what you should do under any of such situations. 

When you miss a United flight, United categorizes you as a No-Show. Thus, in other words, this blog talks about United Airlines No Show Policy. call the United helpline at +1-888-906-0670

United Airlines Missed Flight Policy — What is your situation?

United Airlines Missed Flight Policy
  1. Situation:
You know you won’t be able to make it. Therefore you want to know about united airlines missed flight, or what to do after missing your flight when it was your fault.

Solution: you tell United that you won’t be able to make it, and it might rebook you on another flight free of cost.

If you feel that you cannot make your flight on time, you must immediately inform United about that. Thus talk to United and get the information on what you can do according to your situation.

Thus if you want to talk to United, give it a call on one of its customer care helpline numbers. You can consider using the helpline number or facing any issue while traveling moment visits united airlines manage booking for help.

Moreover, if you inform United of your late arrival at the airport, there are higher possibilities that you get the following benefit:

  • Getting rebooked on another flight without a fee or extra charges; or,
  • Getting rebooked on another flight with some extra charges.

When you inform the airline about it in time, you might get rebooked on another flight. If you do that, you allow the airline to sell your seat to another person and confirm your seat on another flight. This way the airline can make a profit out of your missed flight that otherwise would have flown empty. And if the airline can make a profit out of your missed flight, it might rebook you on another flight for free. But, in some cases, you might also need to pay some extra charges.

  • Situation:
You thought you would make it but couldn’t and thereby missed your flight. What to do now?  

If this is your situation where you thought you would be on time, but you reached late at the airport, do not worry. Simply, check if United has already rebooked you on another flight or not.

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How to check if rebooked?

There are the following three ways to do that:

Ways To Check If Your United Flight Rebooked
  • You can check this on the United app;
  • You can go to the official website of United to check; and,
  • You can also use a kiosk to do so.

If you are using the United app, you need to open it and go to “Check-In” specifically.

If you use the website to check if you are already booked or not, you have to go to united.com/checkin first. Once you have reached the check-in page, fill in all the essential information. Afterward, you can see if United has rebooked you or not.

If you have access to a kiosk, get over to it and immediately find out if United has already rebooked you.

  • Situation:
You missed your flight, and United has not rebooked you on any other flight yet.

If this is your situation, you only have the following two options.

First, either you can rebook yourself on a flight that has vacant seats, or

Second, you can join the standby list.

How to Rebook United:

If there is a flight with vacant seats, you need to rebook yourself on this flight.

How to rebook is given below.

United Airlines Rebooking Flight Online Process
  • After that, fill in your confirmation or eTicket Number, and your last name into the check-in search engine;
  • Once you have done this much, it will lead you to your missed itinerary or flight details, and thus now you can rebook from here.

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Why should I join the standby list?

After missing your flight, if there are no flights available with vacant seats, you cannot rebook. In this situation, you have to join the standby list.

Because if any seat becomes available in any of such flights previously having no vacant seats, you will be given priority in the rebooking process.

Thus if no flight seats are available at first, join the standby list. If you do that, United will rebook you if any seat becomes available on any previously full flight.

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How to add your name to the standby list:

If you cannot rebook because of the non-availability of flights, just talk to the gate agent, and they will have your name added to the list.

  • Situation:
You missed your flight and thus put your name on the standby list but it is taking too much time to get you rebooked and you cannot deal with the delay anymore. call the united helpline at +1-888-906-0670 for help.

In this situation, there is still an option left that you can consider if nothing works for you. And, that option is finding an alternative airport.

Suppose, your missed itinerary was to fly from A to B. But, you missed it. Now, even after putting yourself on standby, you are not able to get rebooked within a reasonable time. Thus, you find out an alternative airport that is C from where you can immediately book to fly to B. In this case, you get a flight to C first from A, and afterward, get a flight to B from C airport. So, if nothing works, this works definitely, i.e. finding another way to get back on track.

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