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Qatar Airways Refund Policy

Qatar is one of the most prominent airlines in the world, it is the flag carrier of its home country of Qatar. They facilitate most of the travel from their country to middle and upper-middle-class travelers. Qatar provides travelers with travel to up to 90 countries throughout the world, in both hemispheres. know about the qatar airways refund policy

Their itinerary covers, most of northern Europe and Asia, and almost all of North America, Australia, along with some parts of South America and Africa.

If you’re a client or hoping to use the services of Qatar Airways, you should know about the policies and guidelines, as there’s no telling about fate. We’ve all had to cancel our flight plans at times due to some unforeseen situations.

Let us tell you the answer to the question, Qatar Airways Refund Policy, If confused about refund policy then call the helpline at +1-888-906-0670

Process for Applying for a Refund

Qatar Airways Refund and Cancellation Process

Booked through Qatar Airways


Qatar Airways Refund Process
  • Go to Qatar Airways’ official site –> Manage a Booking
  • Enter your Booking Reference ID and your Last Name in the given fields.
  • Click on Find Booking.
  • Cancel your flight, and apply for a refund.


  • Go to –
  • Click on Refund & Travel Vouchers.
  • Enter your Booking Reference ID
  • Enter your Last Name
  • Click on Retrieve Booking.
  • Cancel your flight, and apply for a Qatar Airways Refund Policy.

The refund claim will be transferred back through the same channels used for the purchase.


Customer Care 
Phone Number+1 877 777 2827
Working Time24/7

Or you can directly visit our nearest office to your location, to find it-

  • Go to – or call the Qatar helpline at +1-888-906-0670
  • Scroll down.
  • Click on Find Us.
  • Enter – Zip Code, Country, Street, City
  • Click on Search.

You’ll get the address and contact information of the Qatar office nearest to your location.

Booked Through a Third-Party

In case you booked your flight through a third party, like a travel agency. Then, you’d have to contact them to engage the cancellation and refund, since they have all your transaction information.

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Policy & Guidelines for Ticket Refund

Qatar Airways Refund Rules
  1. Refundable TicketsRefundable tickets, are generally completely refunded, minus any refund charge, if any.
  2. Non-Refundable TicketAs the name suggests, these are not refundable in most cases, however, under certain exceptional circumstances, the passenger may get back some or all amount.
  3. If the tickets are non-refundable, the fare + the YR/YQ surcharges will not be refunded.
  4. XP charge will remain non-refundable.
  5. In case of a refund, the airline will charge the no-show fee and the cancellation fee.
  6. In case of the fares are issued on more than one basis, the most restrictive rules will be applied to the ticket.
  7. The cancellation fee and No-show fee will be charged, in case the traveler was denied entry due to a lack of proper travel documentation, like – Passport, Visa, etc.
  8. For tickets reissued more than once, the highest cancellation charges will be applied.
  9. The amount/portion of the total ticket cost that is eligible for a refund depends on different factors. These also include several changes in the total fare, charged by the airlines, like –
    1. YQ – Surcharge to cover the increased insurance & security cost.
    2. YR – Surcharge to cover Fuel cost.

Both these surcharges are not refunded along with the base fare in case of a non-refundable ticket in the US.

  • In case of a non-refundable fare/ticket, flown-based taxes on unutilized coupons are refunded.
  • In case of a non-refundable ticket is reissued as a refundable ticket, the fare will be completely refunded, excluding the YQ/YR surcharges and the fare of the original ticket.
  • There are times when non-refundable tickets are eligible for a refund, in certain circumstances.
    • If a passenger with a confirmed ticket is not able to travel, due to-
      • The passenger using an alternate means of transport, in case of a delay, and the flight operator is unable to provide a reasonable alternative.
      • Medical emergency for passenger or their close relative, in this case, to claim a refund, the passenger needs to provide the operator with a medical certificate.
      • Flight operation failed because of extraordinary events, or the events mentioned under the Act of God, for example,
        • Flooding
        • Extremely Volatile Weather
        • Earthquake
        • Tsunami
        • Hurricane
        • Volcanic eruption
        • War
        • Political unrest
        • Strike
        • Riots
      • The customers are being denied a visa.
    • System Error or printing error.
    • Passengers that are on the “blacklist” or “no-fly list”, will have their tickets canalled, and refunded.
    • Passengers who missed their flights due to Qatar Airway’s error will have their tickets refunded with no no-show charge.
    • Refund validity
      • Unused Tickets – 12 months from the date of issuing.
      • Partially used tickets – 12 months from the first flight.
    • After the 12 months, tickets will only be eligible for refund, if-
      • Local Law Requirement
      • Death of the Passenger, in which case the heirs will need to submit the death certificate.

Types of Refunds – Based on Departure (For Refundable Tickets)

Claiming a refund can also depend on the flight being departed or not.

Before Departure – If the ticket is completely unutilized, all the amount (including the tax) will be refunded, minus the cancellation charge, if there is one.

After Departure – This is only applicable for two-way tickets that allow a refund after departure. The refund is,

Refund Amount = Total Fare Paid – (One Way Fare + Cancellation Charge)

Claim Period

Payment MethodDuration
Credit Card7 Business Days
Cash, Cheque, Etc.Up to 20 Business Days

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you get a full refund from Qatar Airways?

Yes, the passengers can get a full refund under some exceptional circumstances-

  • The fare is refundable, without any cancellation charges.
  • The flight is canceled by Qatar Airways Manage Booking, and no alternatives are available.
  • Passenger using alternative transport due to flight delay (only applicable if no alternative transport is given by QR, or if it is not fitting the passenger’s schedule)
  • Ticket printing error
  • Extraordinary Events
  • No-show due to Acts of God

Q. What happens if my flight is Cancelled in Qatar?

In this case, Qatar Airways will arrange an alternative flight as soon as possible to your original departure schedule. If no alternative transport is available, your fare will be refunded

Q. How do I contact Qatar Airways by email?

You can Qatar Airways on 3 different email addresses, based on the nature of your query-

Q. What is partially refundable?

A partially refundable fare/ticket means, that some charges, like the surcharges, taxes, and cancellation charges will be deducted from the total amount of the refund claim, Dial the Qatar helpline at +1-888-906-0670.

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