Qatar Airways Cancellation Policy – Updated Fee & Refund Guide

Qatar Airways Refund Policy

Have you ever booked your flight with Qatar Airways but now wish to cancel it? Changes in plans at the last minute have become very common these days. There are so many things an individual can get caught up with at the last moment, which results lead to the cancellation of plans. Also, being unaware of the cancellation process can make the life of a traveler miserable. Qatar Airways Cancellation Policy is one of the things that passengers must know if they make bookings with Qatar. From knowing about the cancellation fee to the steps you need to follow to cancel your bookings, you will find each piece of information here.

Qatar Airways Cancellation Policy – Step-by-Step Guide

Qatar Airways does not have its flyers restricted to one destination or country. People from all over the world rely on this airline for safe travel. This is why the Qatar Airways Cancellation Policy is very flexible. It is set in a way that the flyers don’t face any issues at the time of canceling their bookings. Let’s check the detailed video on Qatar Cancellation Policy.

The points below will let you know what is the cancellation policy for Qatar Airways.

  • For flyers who make the bookings via the official website or directly by the airline can cancel the reservation within 24 hours of booking. 
  • People who do not want to end up in any of the hassles should prefer to purchase refundable tickets.
  • In case the airline delays your flight by three or more hours, then you can ask for a refund.
  • There are times when the airline itself cancels the bookings. In this case, all the flyers can ask for a refund. You just need to get in touch with the travel expert of Qatar airways.

After learning about the Qatar Cancellation policy, one should have information on the fee structure of Qatar Airways. When an individual gets to know about the fee structure later, there might be some issues or queries they face.

Qatar Airways 24-hour Cancellation Policy

For the flights from the USA and to the USA, all individuals can cancel or modify their reservations within 24 hours without paying any fee or charges. I

The cancellation policy only applies to flights with a departure date seven days ahead. Qatar Airways’ 24-hour flight cancellation policy does not apply to travel credit bookings and group bookings. 

Qatar Airways Cancellation Policy For Students

If you are a student going to study abroad then you will get a discount on booking a flight with Qatar Airways which comes under Student Club. However, the Qatar Airways Cancellation Policy is the same for everyone. On cancellation after a risk-free period, you will be required to pay the cancellation charge as other passengers.

Qatar Airways Cancellation Policy for Various Fares

Qatar Airways offers various fares. According to the fare purchased, the cancellation policy differs.

Cabin ClassLiteClassicConvenienceElite
EconomyNot AllowedFees AppliedFees AppliedFees Applied
BusinessFees AppliedFees AppliedFees AppliedFree
First ClassFree

Cancellation Policy Due to Injury or Illness

If the passenger or their travel companion is severely injured or ill, then Qatar Airways allow free cancellation. Passengers will have to provide medical documents for verification. 

If a passenger dies before flight departure, the traveler’s companion can cancel the flight and receive a full refund. 

How to Cancel Qatar Airways Flight?

Travelers can cancel their flight booking in the following ways.

  • Through the My Trips tab.
  • Calling the Qatar Airways reservation department.
  • Visiting the Qatar Airways sales office. 

Steps to Cancel the Flight Online

Below are the steps traveler needs to follow in the same order to cancel their bookings.

1. First, visit on your web browser and log in to your account.

2. When you open the site, on the home page you will see various options. The option which you need to click is “My Trips.”

3. Once you click this option, a new page will open on your device. Here, you need to fill in some of the information that they asked you for.

4. Make sure to enter the last name of the flyer along with the booking reference number in this step.

5. In the next step, press the option of “retrieve booking.”

6. Once you will click it, you will find the whole list of your present and past reservations about this airline.

7. Choose a particular booking and select it to cancel your booking. Here, the individual can ask for a refund, too.

8. Find the option of “cancel booking” and press it.

9. Here, you need to select the option for a refund too. The refund will come from the original source of payment.

10. Finally, click the option of “done.”

11. When all the steps are followed properly, the individual will receive mail on the registered e-mail.

12. In the mail, you will receive the PDF through which one can download the ticket they canceled for future travels.

Dial the Phone Number

Another way to cancel your Qatar Airways flight booking is to call the airline. They can dial 8000 404 657 and speak with the executive. The agent will help you out in the cancellation process. 

Visit the Airport Counter

It is the least preferred way to cancel the Qatar Airways flight. Passengers can go to the nearby airport and visit the Qatar Airways reservation counter to revoke the bookings. It will take longer to cancel the ticket at the airport. Thus, travelers must try to utilize the Qatar Airways Manage Booking. 

Qatar Airways Cancellation Fees

Everyone thinks about the fee. Individuals tend to get very stressed when they have to pay a large Qatar Airways cancellation fee. But as per the Qatar Airways Cancellation Policy, the flyers do not have to pay a large amount as cancellation charges. This airline has set its charges for both types of flights, i.e., international and domestic flights.

The cancellation fee varies from $100 to $400. 

If the traveler holds a tier in Privilege Club Members, the airline will charge the following fees. 

24 hours before departure 

  • Platinum or Gold main member – No cancellation fee applies.
  • Silver or Burgundy o member – $25

Between 24 hours to 3 hours before departure

  • Platinum or Gold main member – No cancellation fee applies.
  • Silver or Burgundy o member – $100

Qatar Airways Refund Policy – For Refundable & Non-Refundable Tickets

Along with the fee structure, people also want to know the Qatar Airways Refund Policy & if this airline is giving a full refund or not. So, here are the points that one needs to go through-

  • For the non-refundable tickets, no flyer will get any amount of refund.
  • Flyers who cancel within 24 hours of making the booking will get the full amount as a refund.
  • Flyers whose flight was canceled and no other flight was given to them are also eligible for the full amount as a refund.
  • Refundable TicketsRefundable tickets are generally completely refunded, minus any refund charge, if any.
  • Non-Refundable TicketAs the name suggests, these are not refundable in most cases. However, under certain exceptional circumstances, the passenger may get back some or all amount.
  • If the tickets are non-refundable, the fare + the YR/YQ surcharges will not be refunded.

Refund Policy if Booked Through a Third-Party

In case you booked your flight through a third party, like a travel agency. Then, you’d have to contact them to engage the cancellation and refund, since they have all your transaction information.

Read Detailed Guide on Managing Booking: Qatar Airways Manage Booking

How to Get a Refund for Your Qatar Reservations?

You can use the following ways to apply for a refund from Qatar Airways upon cancellation.

Qatar Airways Online

  • Go to Qatar Airways’ official site –> My Trips under the Qatar Airways Manage Booking option.
  • Enter your Booking Reference ID and your Last Name in the given fields.
  • Click on Find Booking.
  • Cancel your flight and apply for a refund.

The refund claim will be transferred back through the same channels used for the purchase.

Offline Method For Refund If Booked Directly With Qatar Airways

  • Call the Qatar Airways helpline phone number +1-8000 404 657.
  • Or you can directly visit the nearest office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel my Qatar Airways flight reservation and get a refund?

Yes, you can cancel your Qatar Airways ticket with the help of the manage booking option. Once you cancel your reservation, you’ll get a refund in the original form of payment.

Will I get a full refund if I cancel my flight on Qatar Airways?

Yes, you’ll get a full refund from Qatar Airways if you cancel your reservation on the same day of booking. Qatar Airways 24-hour cancellation policy allows you to cancel your ticket within 24 hours and offers a full refund after a successful cancellation.

Does Qatar Airways compensate passengers after canceling their flight?

Yes, Qatar Airways compensates passengers if they cancel their flight from their end. Qatar Airways either offers an alternative flight to your same destination or provides a full refund. So, it’s your choice which option you want to pick.

Does Qatar Airways allow flyers to cancel their booking via its official website?

Yes, Qatar Airways allows flyers to cancel their bookings via their official website. To cancel your bookings online, visit the official website and then log into your manage booking section, and select the flight that you want to cancel. Once you cancel your reservation, wait to get back your refund in your account.

Can I cancel my Qatar flight and get a refund?

Passengers can cancel their flight and receive a refund of the part of the ticket that they have not used as the source of payment. If you are booking your flight directly on Qatar Airways’ official site, request your refund online or through Contact Centres. To initiate your refund online, you must visit the Manage your Booking section.

Does Qatar Airways offer a refund on non-refundable flight tickets?

Yes, if you cancel your non-refundable travel ticket within 24 hours of your booking, Qatar Airways will provide you with a refund. However, this refund will be in a voucher form not in cash. These vouchers can be used for future trips with Qatar Airways.

Are Qatar Airways tickets fully refundable?

According to Qatar Airways flight cancellation policy, passengers will get a full refund for all unused tickets. However, the cancellation process must be completed within 24 hours of reservation. You can make a refund request online via the Manage Booking option.

How can I cancel my Qatar Airways ticket offline?

If you want to cancel your flight offline, you need to contact the airline representatives. Once you get connected with them share your name and your booking reference number. They will use these details to cancel your reservation. After the cancellation, you’ll get a refund in your account.

Can I cancel my Qatar Airways ticket after 24 hours?

Yes, you can cancel your Qatar Airways tickets after 24 hours. However, you’ll get your refund after deducting the cancellation fee. So, to avoid charges or penalties, try to cancel your ticket within 24 hours of purchase.

Does Qatar have a  24-hour flight cancellation policy?

According to Qatar Airways’ 24-hour cancellation policy, customers can easily cancel their flight up to 24 hours after booking without incurring any fees. But if you want to cancel your ticket within 24 hours of the departure time, there is a $100–$400 cancellation fee that you must pay.

What is the cancellation policy for Privilege Club Members?

The Privilege Club Members with Gold and Platinum status can cancel the booking for free up to 3 hours before departure. On the other hand, Silver and Burgundy members will have to pay $100 for canceling the flight less than 24 hours before departure. 

How long before I can cancel my Qatar Airways reservation?

You can cancel your Qatar Airways reservation up to three hours before departure by paying a cancellation fee. You can also cancel in less than three hours, but you will not get a refund. 

How much is the Qatar Airways Cancellation fee?

Qatar Airways flight cancellation fee depends on the route and fare. It may vary from $100 to $400 depending on the cabin class and time of request. 

How do you cancel a Qatar Airways flight ticket booked via a third party?

If you have purchased a Qatar Airways flight ticket from a third party, then you have to contact the third party for cancellation and refund. 

What happens if Qatar Airlines cancels the flight?

If Qatar Airlines cancels the flight, then according to its cancellation policy, travelers can request a full refund or book an alternate flight. 

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