Ryanair Refund Request – How To Request A Refund From Ryanair?

Ryanair Refund Request

Ryanair Airlines is one of the most trustable, low-cost, charged airlines in business and the largest in Europe. Have you planned your next trip and made all the reservations on Ryanair Airlines?

But now you are facing some issues with your thoroughly planned trip that is leading you to make cancelation your reservations. 

Or are you facing issues such as Flight Delay or Flight Cancelation from the airline’s side? 

In such situations, passengers are only worried about their Ticket Refund. However, if you are a Ryanair Airline customer wishing to get a refund, you are looking for the details of a Ryanair Refund Request.

We bring you all about Ryanair Refund Request, such as the procedure for requesting the refund and all the significant refund policies. 

Go through the blog before making any refund request. Also, understand the refund policy; this will help you solve your issue quickly.

Methods for applying Ryanair Refund Request

Ryanair Refund Request Process

There are several methods provided by Ryanair Airlines through which passengers can apply for their Ryanair Refund Request.

Several passengers prefer Online methods for requesting their ticket refunds, although airlines also provide Offline methods to their passengers. 

Therefore, passengers can go through the methods given below.

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Online Method 

Ryanair Refund Request Process
  1. Via MyRyanair Account
  2. Firstly, sign in to your MyRyanair account.
  3. Therefore, follow the given instructions step by step to apply for your refund. 
  4. Wait for the confirmation mail or message of Ryanair Request Refund.
  5. Lastly, passengers will be provided with their full refund within seven business days to the original source of payment. 
  6. Via Website
  7. Firstly, visit the official website of Ryanair Airlines
  8. Secondly, click on Manage My Bookings.
  9. Then, fill in your ‘Booking Number’ and your ‘Last Name.’
  10. Click on submit.
  11. Afterward, you will get the details of your original tickets.
  12. Then, scroll down and click on Request Refund and Submit.
  13. Wait for the confirmation mail or message of Ryanair Request Refund.
  14. Lastly, passengers will be provided with their full refund within seven business days to the original source of payment. 
  15. Via Website Chatbot
  16. Firstly, visit the Ryanair Chatbot.
  17. Secondly, log in with your Email Id.
  18. Then, fill in “How can I get a refund” on the new page? Or any relevant word to refund.
  19. Answer all the questions in the chatbot.
  20. Lastly, it will provide you with the Ryanair Request Refund Form link. 
  21. Via Refund Form
  22. Firstly, visit the Ryanair Refund Claims page.
  23. Therefore, fill out the asked details regarding your ticket reservation.
  24. Along with your name and email address.
  25. Lastly, click on submit.

Offline Method

Via Call Center

Ryanair Refund Request Offline Process
  • Firstly, visit the official site of Ryanair Airlines or any social media handles of the respective airlines.
  • Secondly, click on the ‘Contact Us.
  • Therefore, you will be connected to the Call Center of the airline.
  • Then, follow the automatic IVR instructions Step-By-Step. 
  • Therefore, you will connect to the Live- Airline Agent.
  • Afterward, tell them your issue and ask them to make your Ryanair Refund Request.
  • Passengers must provide the airline with all the details regarding their original tickets.
  • Wait for the confirmation mail or message of Ryanair Request Refund.
  • Lastly, passengers will be provided with their full refund within seven business days to the original source of payment. 

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Ryanair Request Refund Policy

  • If passengers cancel their original tickets and make the Refund Request within 24 hours of the ticket purchase, the airline will provide their full refund.
  • The passengers will get their full refund to the source of their payment.
  • If the flight is canceled by Ryanair Airlines, passengers will get their full refund to the original payment source.
  • The airline will charge a cancelation fee from passengers if they make the cancelation request after 24 hours of ticket purchase.
  • The cancelation fee varies from ticket to ticket. It is different for all the flyer classes and depends on the distance and the fare of your original airline flight tickets.
  • Airlines also provide vouchers to the passengers instead of their full refund. It’s all up to passengers if they want to accept it or not. 
  • These vouchers can be used on your next Ryanair Flight Tickets Reservation.
  • The airlines will ask for a cancellation fee if passengers cancel their Flight Tickets within 24 hours of flight departure. 
  • Ryanair Airlines will provide passengers with their full refund if a Flight Operation fails due to any Act of God such as an Earthquake, Flood, Bad Weather Condition, etc.
  • If passengers are canceling the tickets at the last minute due to some unexpected situations and ask for their Ryanair Ticket Refund, they will be provided with their full refund only if-
  • Genuine reason in case passengers reached the airport late.
  • Loss of any family members.
  • Medical Emergency in the family.
  • Severe illness or Death of that respective passenger. 
  • Ryanair Airlines will provide passengers with their full refund if there is any System Error at the Airport during the Check-in process. 
  • Ryanair Airlines does not provide any refund to the passengers if their respective flights are delayed for 2 hours.

How long Does it take to get a Refund from Ryanair Airlines?

As per Ryanair Airlines Refund policy, passengers must receive their full refund within seven working days. 

Although, there are very situations where Ryanair Airlines cannot proceed with their passengers’ refund requests. In such cases, passengers receive their refund within six months of refund request. 

Is it possible to check the Refund Status on Ryanair? 

Suppose you have requested your Ryanair Refund and want to know about your refund status. Passengers should be aware that there is no such feature provided by Ryanair Airlines that helps passengers track their Ryanair Refund Request Status. 

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Q. Can passengers get a cash refund instead of a voucher?

Yes, passengers can get a cash refund instead of a voucher. Sometimes, Ryanair Airlines offers coupons in place of refund money. It’s all up to you to accept it or not. 
Therefore, passengers can click on the cash refund option in the Ryanair Refund Request Form.

Q. How long does the Ryanair Refund take?

Ryanair Airlines takes 5 to 7 business days to proceed with the refund back into your original source of payment.
If passengers ask for their refund in cash, it will take almost 15 to 20 business days to proceed.

Q. What are the details passengers need to submit to proceed with a refund request without any delay in case of the respective passenger’s death? 

You need to submit the original flight ticket reservation number.
Confirm your relationship with that respective passenger.
You need to attach relevant documentary evidence.
Lastly, select the Full option Refund or Partial Refund and submit. 

Q. Will passengers get a Refund if Ryanair Flight is canceled by the airline Itself?

Of course, passengers will get their full refund without applying for any Ryanair Request Refund if the flight was canceled by the airline itself.

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