Avelo Airlines Cancellation Policy

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Avelo Airlines Cancellation Policy

Travelling is blissful, either with loved ones or on a solo trip. But at the same time, life is unpredictable too. The unexpected can strike you anywhere, anytime, without prior notice. So we become helpless when we have to change our plans according to the situation.

Regardless of all your precautions and planning, you may still be in a position to cancel your flight. However, flight cancelation is no big deal as long as you know about the Avelo Airlines Cancellation Policy. In this blog, you will learn about Avelo airlines cancellation policy.

What is the cancellation policy for Avelo airlines?

You can ensure a flexible and smooth trip experience with Avelo Airlines when you book your flight tickets with this airline. Please read the following cancellation policy to avoid any problems:

  • Passengers can book a flight with Avelo Airlines online and offline.
  • The passengers need to cancel in the same manner they made their reservation to make it simple.
  • If the customers cancel their reservations within 24 hours, the Avelo refund will start immediately.
  • However, any lag in the schedule would mean that the passengers will be responsible for the cancellation fees.
  • The cancellations made within 24 hours would not result in a fee being assessed to the passengers. Therefore, this time frame is thought to be risk-free.
  • The airline will charge a certain fee even if the passengers cancel their tickets one hour after the risk-free cancellation period has passed.
  • It is important to note that the passengers should buy a refundable ticket for a refund.
  • The airline is not responsible for providing reimbursement if non-refundable tickets are purchased.
  • The Avelo Airlines ticket-specific cancellation fee.
  • The cancellation fee typically varies depending on factors like the type of tickets, the time of cancellation, etc.
  • If passengers cancel their tickets on time, they need not pay anything, according to Avelo Airlines cancellation policy.
  • The airline doesn’t charge the passengers if they had purchased a ticket with insurance. The entire cancellation fee is covered by insurance.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my flight?

Yes, passengers can claim refunds for their Avelo flights. However, there are specific guidelines that dictate the process & eligibility of a ticket’s refundability.

  • Within 24 hours of flight booking, Avelo Airlines accepts cancellations of flights without incurring fees.
  • The risk-free cancellation window is the only time passengers can cancel their flights and receive a full refund.
  • Online flight changes and cancellations are available for passengers up to 15 minutes before the flight’s scheduled departure.
  • If you cancel by speaking to the customer care staff, there will be a non-refundable fee per reservation.
  • The airline processes refund request within 7 business days for credit or debit card purchases and within 20 days for other modes of purchasing a flight ticket.
  • Refunds for purchases made with credit or debit cards are given to customers in the form of the original payment method.
  • By speaking to the customer care staff, you can submit your refund request in the shortest amount of time.

Steps – How To Cancel Flight With Avelo Airlines

There are 3 ways for passengers to cancel their flight, one method online & two through offline means. Please read carefully as we will go over all 3 methods in detail.

Cancel Flight Online

1. Firstly, visit the Avelo Airlines official website.

2. Secondly, you can see the “My Bookings” section at the top.

3. Thirdly, click the manage my booking tab.

Avelo Airlines Cancellation Policy
Avelo Airlines Manage Trips Tab

4. Furthermore, enter your flight booking reference number & last name.

Avelo Airlines Manage Booking
Avelo Airlines Manage Your Trips Login Portal

5. Now, click the search button.

6. Your flight information will be visible on the screen.

7. Click the cancel button.

8. Enter your reason for canceling the ticket.

9. Click Confirm.

10. Fill refund form if applicable.

11. Finally, once you finish the cancellations, you will get a confirmation mail for flight ticket cancellation.

Cancel Flight Offline

As noted above, there are two methods through which passengers can cancel their Avelo flights.

In offline mode, passengers can choose either to talk over the call to the customer care staff, or they can walk up to the airport kiosk. But it is preferable whatever way you book a flight, choose the same way to cancel the flight for an easy cancelation procedure.

Avelo Airlines Cancellation Policy – Refund Eligibility & Steps To Cancel A Flight
What is the cancellation fee for Avelo airlines?

According to Avelo Airlines cancellation policy, the cancellation charges are solely determined by the type of ticket purchased. It also depends on the mode of cancellation and the time of cancellation.

Can passengers cancel the flight for free?

Passengers can cancel their ticket free of cost if they do it within 24 hours of flight booking, according to Avelo Airlines cancellation policy. The airline will charge a small cancellation cost if they cancel after the risk-free period.

What are the ways to cancel the flight?

There are both online and offline ways to cancel your flight.
Furthermore, for smooth cancellation, passengers can opt to cancel the flight booking strictly as they book.

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