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Jet2 Airline Cancellation Policy

Life is full of uncertainties at every moment. Canceling a flight is a very normal thing these days. We have to travel within or outside the territory for family functions, business smelting, or traveling. But before canceling, one needs to ensure that the person is aware of all the terms and conditions and the steps to cancel a flight. So, if you are familiar with and know how to proceed, it will help you do it smoothly.

This blog aims to familiarize you with Jet2 Flight Cancellation Policy and the process to cancel flights and receive a refund if applicable. Read the blog carefully.

Jet2 Flight Cancellation Policy

JET 2 Flight Cancellation Policy – Refund Guidelines
  1. When a traveler requests the cancellation of a flight ticket, they will get an email confirmation.
  2. It is important to note that all Jet2 scheduled flights are non-refundable.
  3. We highly advise that you get comprehensive travel insurance at the time of booking to cover unforeseen occurrences that may cause you to miss your flight.
  4. You can, however, modify the name and date of your reservation.
  5. If you bought a travel insurance policy from Jet2Insurance & need to file a claim, please go to the concerned department. (kindly note if the passenger has purchased it on or after April 30, 2019.
  6. Please speak to Jet2Insurance by calling +1-888-906-0670 with your policy number in hand if you require any more assistance.
  7. Open on Monday-Friday and timings are 08:30-18:00 and on Saturday timings are 09:00-17:00 UK time.
  8. If a flight is canceled by the airline and a similar Jet2 flight is not available, you will be refunded to the credit card used to make the original ticket.
  9. You can cancel your flight at Manage My Booking.
  10. If Jet2 cancels your flight and it cannot find a suitable replacement, you will receive a full refund.

How to cancel the flight ticket with Jet2?

Once you know the jet2 flight cancellation policy, you need to do the steps to cancel the Jet2flight ticket to receive the full refund online:

Jet2 Online Flight Cancellation Process

1. Firstly, visit the jet2 official website and login to your account.

2. Then, click manage my booking section

3. Now type in the booking reference number, passenger’s last name, & departure date

4. Click Submit

5. Click on the cancel flight option after reviewing your booking

6. When you click the link for cancellation, you will direct to your itinerary cancellation confirmation page

7. Click confirm the cancellation

8. Upon clicking the confirm tab, your ticket will be canceled

9. You will receive the confirmation mail at your email id

The refund process will take seven to ten working days

Jet2 Flight Refund policy

A refund and flight compensation are two separate things. Therefore, after knowing the Jet2 flight cancellation policy, one should also understand the Jet2 Flight Refund policy.

  1. If your flight is canceled, the airline will endeavor to rebook you on a similar flight, but if that is not feasible, the cancellation refund will be a full cash refund.
  2. Your claim would be successful if no special circumstances were beyond the airline’s control.
  3. Assume Jet2 cancels your journey due to unforeseen circumstances, such as COVID travel restrictions or severe sickness, and you are not provided a new flight.
  4. In that instance, you can get a full ticket refund because your planned flights were unavailable.
  5. Passengers will receive a complete refund in cash or by credit card.
  6. Vouchers are only permitted if you expressly consent to them.
  7. We do not advocate taking vouchers owing to their short expiration periods and probable redemption limitations.
  8. Jet2 offers you a substitute flight with a similar arrival time, but you decline. You may forfeit your claim to both compensation and a ticket refund in that situation.
  9. If a new replacement flight comes 3+ hours later than your original scheduled arrival time, you can typically reject alternate flights and obtain a full refund.

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How do I get a refund from the Jet2 holidays?

Jet2 Holidays Refund Policy
  1. If you cancel your ticket within 24 hours after purchase, you will receive a full refund. After 24 hours, jet2 will incur cancellation fees based on the ticket class and time left for departure.
  2. Three days before the flight’s departure date, you cancel or amend your flight ticket.
  3. You will receive a full refund if jet2 airline cancels the flight ticket.
  4. The airline will also allow you to reschedule your holiday.
  5. Tickets booked with jet2 airlines may only be canceled through the jet2 official website or customer service.


Do I get money back if I cancel the Jet2 flight?

You can cancel your flight using Manage My Booking. However, all planned Jet2 flights are non-refundable. However, if the airline cancels your flights and cannot provide a suitable alternative, you will receive a full refund.

How do I cancel a Jet2 holiday online?

Just log in to Manage My Booking and select ‘Cancel booking’ from the menu to cancel your booking. If you have any questions or want to talk with one of their helpful advisers, please phone +1-888-906-0670.

How do I speak to customer care at Jet2?

Passengers can speak to UK Freephone – +1-888-906-0670, and if calling from abroad, dial +44 (0)203 059 8337.

How long does it take to get a refund from Jet2?

If they have contacted you regarding a refund, please allow up to 14 days for the funds to be credited to your account. If it’s been longer than 14 days, it might be because of a failed refund. For instance, if your card has expired, they will call you as quickly as possible to obtain new account information.

Can passengers cancel a Jet2 booking within 24 hours?

Yes, regardless of cost, all passengers will have 24 hours from the time of their original booking to cancel their Jet2 airlines flight ticket without being charged a Jet2 cancellation fee.

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