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    We cannot predict the future. So, we never know what situations might arise in the future. When we plan to travel to any destination, there are situations because of which we have to make changes or modifications to our bookings. Caribbean Airlines Manage Booking is one of those airlines which offers an effortless way to manage an individual’s bookings. This is one of the reasons why an endless number of people rely on this airline.

    If you are looking to manage your bookings, i.e., making the cancellations, adding in some facilities or assistance, rebooking it, and much more, then this is the right place. Find detailed information on managing your Caribbean Airlines Manage Booking in no time.

    Steps one needs to follow for Caribbean Airlines Manage Booking procedure- 

    People had suffered a lot in the past when they didn’t have the option to manage their bookings. But now, this process has become straightforward when this option is there. There are a few steps that the flyers need to follow in the correct order. And make the required modifications in their reservations. The steps that one needs to follow are mentioned below-

    • Start by opening your web browser.
    • Now, open the official site of Caribbean airlines or enter, or dial +1-805-270-2709 for help.
    • Once the site opens, you will reach the site’s home page. On the home page, click the option of “my trips.”
    • Once you click this option, a floating window will pop up on the screen. On this screen, you will find various options. From those options, click on “manage booking.”
    • In this step, you need to choose your payment option. So, choose between miles and cash. Then, click the one you chose to make the bookings.
    • Furthermore, enter the name and last name of the passenger and the booking reference number.
    • After entering this information, click on the option of manage bookings.
    • Once you follow all these steps, you can now retrieve your reservations and make the changes you want to in no time. Also, one can complete the Caribbean Airlines Manage Booking procedure by following all these steps in the same order. 

    What modifications can one make with Caribbean Airlines Manage Booking option?

    Making the changes of your choice in your bookings is no more a challenging task. People are now eligible for doing so in no time. Unlike past, managing bookings is not a time-consuming process. After knowing about the whole process of managing bookings, let’s find out what all one can do with the Caribbean Airlines Manage Booking option-

    • Cancellations

    The first thing one can do with the Caribbean Airlines Manage Booking option is to cancel their reservations. Here are the steps which one need to follow to cancel their bookings-

    · Visit the official site of Caribbean airlines.

    · To log in, you need to enter the booking number and the passenger’s name. Make sure you enter the same that was there on the booking.

    · Now, select the “manage Caribbean airline reservation” option. You will find this option under the heading of “flight.”

    · Now, when you click this option, a new page will open with “manage booking.” Select this option.

    · You need to enter some details in this step and then reach the option of canceling my bookings.

    · You will be asked if you want to cancel your bookings, hit the option of “yes,” and make cancellations.

    ·      Add extra assistance

    The flyers need extra help or assistance when they make the bookings. This is because they may have small children or aged members traveling with them. So, the flyers can add the extra help if they realize they need it once their bookings are completed.

    · Open the Caribbean airlines official site.

    · Choose the option of manage bookings. You will find this under the heading of “my trips.”

    · Once the new page opens, choose the special assistance option.

    · Lastly, confirm your changes and get ready to avail extra assistance during your flight.

    ·      Change flight 

    In addition to making other changes in your booking, an individual is even eligible for changing their flight via the Caribbean airlines manage booking option. At times, due to some situations, one might need to change their flight. But due to incomplete information, they might get worried about the same. So, Caribbean airlines have made it easier for you to complete the procedure of changing flights by using manage booking tab. 

    • Baggage Allowance

    Add more baggage to your already existing booking with the manage booking option. One can add in more baggage by following some simple steps.

    · Firstly, open the web browser on your screen.

    · Now, open the official website of the Caribbean airline or call customer service at +1-805-270-2709.

    · Go to the option of my trips and select it.

    · Now, you will find the option of “manage booking.”

    · Once you get this option, you will see the option of adding baggage to your booking 

    • Changes

    With the availability of the manage booking option, one can make some modifications too in the bookings. For example, an individual is eligible for making changes to the dates of travel, the timings, and the information of the passengers.

    • Name change 

    Do you want to change the name on the booking made with Caribbean airlines? If yes, you can do it via the Caribbean airlines manage booking option. Furthermore, an individual needs to visit the official website of this airline. Once the site opens up, you need to follow some steps. As soon as all the steps are followed, you will be able to complete the name change process. 

    Follow the steps given below to complete the name change procedure with ease- 

    • Firstly, visit the official website of Caribbean airlines. 
    • Furthermore, you need to click on the option of my trips and select it. 
    • Here, you will see the option of “manage booking.” Click on that option. 
    • As soon as you click this option, you will see the name change option. So go ahead to click on that option and complete the name change procedure. 

    ·      Rebooking

    To rebook your flight with Caribbean airlines, manage booking, here are the steps which flyers need to follow-

    · Enter on the web browser.

    · Reach to the option of my trips and click on it.

    · You will now see the option of “manage booking”.

    · In this step, first select the mode of payment. You need to choose from money or miles.

    · In addition to the above steps, you need to enter your last name and booking reference number.

    · Once you enter all this information, retrieve the booking you want to rebook.

    · When you find that booking, go to the option of rebook.

    Finally, one can now rebook by following the steps mentioned above.

    ·      Add in extra seats

    The flyers of Caribbean airlines are now eligible for adding extra seats to their existing bookings via the Caribbean Airlines Manage Booking option. Here is how one can add more seats to their bookings-

    · Visit the official site of Caribbean airlines.

    · Click the “my trips” option.

    · Now, go to the option of “manage bookings”. Along with this, enter all the details that are asked in this step.

    · When the new page appears on your device, select the option request seats. You can now

    · Select the option of manage my booking as soon as the home page appears in front of you.

    · Now, Add in more seats to your booking. Add in the seat of your choice and finalize the booking.

     Some important policies to know about-  

    • Cancellation policy 

    Knowing about the cancellation policy in advance will help the travelers a lot. Go through the points given below and find out Caribbean airlines cancellation policy in detail. 

    • Firstly, the cancellation policy applies on the tickets which are booked directly through the official website of Caribbean airlines, their service phone number, or the nearest Caribbean airlines ticket office. 
    • Furthermore, an individual can cancel their booking up to four hours before the departure time. This is the rule for international bookings. On the contrary, an individual can cancel their booking at least two hours before the departure time for domestic flights. 
    • Moreover, an individual can cancel all fare types and class of service selected. This is what Caribbean airlines allow you, regardless of the fair conditions associated with your ticket. 
    • Also, an individual can easily cancel their bookings by using the Caribbean airlines manage booking option on the official website or call the Caribbean helpline at +1-805-270-2709
    • All types of Caribbean bookings are eligible for getting canceled within 24 hours from purchase. But remember that the departure date must be at least seven or more days away when making the cancellation. 
    • Refund policy 

    When one cancels a booking according to the cancellation policy, then a full refund is issued to them. Furthermore, the refund amount is issued in the original form of payment. 

    Also, 24-hour policy is applicable only under certain circumstances. Go through the points given below and find out about those situations- 

    • The 24-hour refund policy is applicable for the passengers whose ticket include at least one sector where the travel is to or from North America.  
    • Furthermore, and the visual needs to buy the ticket directly
    • from Caribbean airlines. One can purchase the ticket via the official website telephone, service center, or mobile application of Caribbean airlines. 
    • Baggage policy

    About the Carry-On Allowance

    As per the Caribbean baggage policy, an individual can carry one personal item and one standard carry-on bag for free. So, one does not have to pay any amount for it. Furthermore, if you wish to buy additional carry-on, you need to pay $100. 

    Size and Weight Restrictions (Including Handles and Wheels)

    Personal bag- 13 x 17 x 6 inches 

    Carry-On: 22 x 14 x 9 inches and 22 pounds 0r 10 kg

    • Caribbean Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance
    RouteLiteClassicFlexBizBiz flex
    Domestic between Trinidad and TobagoNot availableNot availableFirst bag: FREE
    2+ bags: TT$3 ($0.44) per kilogram
    Not availableNot available
    Other routesFor the First bag: $30
    For the Second bag: $40
    For the Third bag: $150
    For the Fourth bag: $175
    For the First bag: No charge
    For the Second bag: $40
    For the Third bag: $150
    Fourth bag: $175
    For the First bag: No charge
    Second bag: Ni charge
    Third bag: $150
    Fourth bag: $175
    For the First bag: no charge
    Second bag: No charge
    Third bag: $150
    Fourth bag: $175
    First bag: No charge
    Second bag: No charge
    Third bag: No charge
    Fourth bag: $175

    All you need to know about Caribbean cabin classes-

    Caribbean Airlines offer economy and business class to its travelers. If you are going to choose Caribbean airlines for your next flight, you can choose between these two. Go through the information given below and learn about these classes in detail. 

    • Business-class

    Get ready to reach your destination by enjoying the utmost comfort when choosing the business class for your travel. Furthermore, when you choose the business class Caribbean airline, some things are included to make your flight hassle-free- 

    • Access to business class lounge offering comfort and privacy 
    • Priority booking and baggage retrieval 
    • Easy check-in 

    In addition to this, there are so many other facilities that an individual gets to enjoy when they fly via business class. 

    • Firstly, Caribbean airlines have redesigned their business class cabin, containing modern recline seeds. Thus, it makes travel even more comfortable. 
    • Furthermore, the seats are much larger and more comfortable. 
    • Moreover, the business class includes a video seatback touchscreen that keeps you entertained during your flight to your destination. 
    • Economy class

    Furthermore, one can travel with ease when they make bookings for the economy class of Caribbean airlines. You get to enjoy a friendly welcome and fantastic hospitality when you make bookings for this class. Furthermore, the crew of this class makes sure to give you the utmost comfort when you are traveling to your favorite destination. 

    How to cancel Caribbean airlines flights? 

    A passenger can easily cancel their flight with Caribbean airlines via the Caribbean Airlines Manage Booking option. All you need to do is visit the official website of Caribbean airlines and follow the steps there. Furthermore, you can also contact the travel representatives via phone at +1-805-270-2709 and ask them to cancel your booking. 

    How to change flight dates for Caribbean airlines? 

    If you wish to make any changes to the flight date, you need first to visit the official website of Caribbean airlines. Once you open the official website, you need to look for the Caribbean
    Airlines Manage Booking option. You will find this option on the homepage. Once you click it, you need to follow the steps given there. As soon as you follow all the steps, you will be able to change the date of your flight. 

    How much does Caribbean Airlines charge for extra baggage? 

    For all the routes, excluding the domestic flights, one needs to pay $30 for the first extra baggage. This is for the lite passengers. Furthermore, for the second bag, you need to pay $40, and for the 3rd bag, the price is $150, and lastly, for the 4th bag, the charges reach up to $175. 

    How much does it cost to change a flight on Caribbean airlines? 

    Caribbean airlines charge up to $50 if you want to change your flight. Furthermore, once the new flight time and date are available as per your need, you can pay this fee and make the booking for the new flight. Moreover, remember the change fee carries the validity
    of the ticket. 

    How much is it to reschedule a flight for Caribbean airlines? 

    The fee set by Caribbean airlines for the “lite” is $100 and for the “Biz” the charges are $50. 

    How to add in special assistance once I make bookings with Caribbean airlines? 

    An individual can easily add in special assistance even after they finalized their booking using the Caribbean airlines manage booking option. By visiting the official website and following some steps, individuals can add these services when they want to. 

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