How Do I Choose My Seat On Lufthansa?

Lufthansa Airlines Seat Selection

Lufthansa Airlines provides its passengers with various services to make air travel easier and straightforward. If you are wondering how to select your seats on Lufthansa Airlines, do not worry. Lufthansa allows passengers to choose their preferred seats by paying a fee.

Lufthansa Seat Selection is one of the best features of this airline. You can select your seat in any class, such as First class, Business class, Premium Economy, and economy. Avail of this seat selection option by visiting its website.

You can use this seat selection not only for opting for a new seat but also to upgrade your seat to the upper class. So, let’s discuss in detail Lufthansa Airlines Seat Selection.

What is the Lufthansa Airlines Seat Selection Policy?

Lufthansa Airlines Seat Selection Rules
  • Lufthansa airlines let passengers select their seats up to 52 hours before their scheduled departure.
  • Also, you will receive the seats based on a First Serve, First Come basis and also depend on the seat availability.
  • Moreover, the cost of seat selection varies on the travel classes. For example, premium economy seat charges from $40-$50. For standard seats, it will charge $12.
  • And if you have an Elite membership, then Lufthansa will not charge you anything for the seat selection.

How to Select the Seats on Lufthansa Airlines?

Lufthansa Airlines provides passengers with various methods to select their seats.

Enter “” in the search bar of your search engine.

Lufthansa Airlines Seat Selection Process
  1. You can scroll down to the “Check-in” tab once you’ve visited the Lufthansa website. Then, click on it to continue with the Lufthansa Seat Selection process.
  2. Then, complete the information requested in the drop-down menu. These specifics cover the following:
    1. Name and Surname of the traveler.
    2. “Ticket Number” or “Booking Code.”
  3. You are now able to check in after giving all the required information.
  4. You can access your reservation after you’ve finished checking in. Then, continue by selecting “Open Seat Map” from this menu.
  5. Afterward, you can choose the option you desire from the choices on this seating chart.
  6. Lastly, finish choosing your tickets on Lufthansa by making any necessary payments now.

The Offline procedure of Lufthansa Airlines Seat Selection

  1. Suppose you want to select your seat through the offline procedure. First, you must dial its phone number.
  2. After you dial their phone number, you will hear the computerized voice instructions.
  3. Afterward, the instruction will help you connect with the live representative.
  4. After you get connected with the live agent, tell him about your request.
  5. Then, you must share all the relevant details of your booking with him to initiate the seat selection process.
  6. Finally, provide your preferred seat options.
  7. After you pay for your seat selection, you will receive all the details of your seats and a new itinerary in your mailbox.

The above methods will help you in seat selection with Lufthansa Airlines. Moreover, follow the steps carefully, and select your preferred seat hassle-free.

Types of Seats on Lufthansa Airlines

Economy Seats

Lufthansa Airlines is the lowest cost seats available on the Lufthansa. In addition, it offers extra legroom. In this class, passengers will enjoy various in-flight amenities such as radio, TV entertainment, and other services. Also, passengers will get served the standard food and beverages. Moreover, the advanced feature of Lufthansa seat selection in Economy class allows travelers to select the position of their seats. As a result, the seats are comfortable and best for short-haul flights.

Premium Economy

The Premium Economy seating choice is an upgraded version of the Economy seats. As a result, the passengers of this class will have access to better services. The primary characteristic of these seats is comfortable seating with increased legroom. In addition, passengers are eligible for two free bags.

The Premium Economy seat selection cost on Lufthansa can range from $30 to $50. However, the price is determined by the distance traveled and the travel zone. Hence, these type of seats is best for lengthy flights.

Business Class

Business class seats on Lufthansa can provide passengers with the most comfortable postures. In some airports, passengers in this class get access to lounge services & spa facilities. In addition, business class people can have priority boarding and pre-flight snacks and beverages. 

The in-flight services will include lie-down seats, 12-inch TV, Wi-Fi services, cuisine dining, etc. This class lets passengers carry two free-checked baggage and one personal bag. 

However, Lufthansa airline does not charge for its seat selection except for continental flights.


The first class is the highest-paid seat on Lufthansa. Its seats are the most luxurious and equipped with several services and amenities. It also provides fully-reclined seats of about 6.5 ft and a fine mattress. This cabin also offers passengers in-flight entertainment by providing them with 15 inches flat-screen TV with headphones and touch-sensor headphones.

The meal will include delicacies from across the world, added with Caviar. Moreover, the fee for First class seats is similar to the business class seats.

Lufthansa Airlines Seat Selection Fee

Some travelers have the option to secure seats in advance. The cost of a Lufthansa Airlines seat selection varies by booking class. In addition, senators and members of the Lufthansa HON Circle are eligible to reserve a seat in advance for no additional cost by Lufthansa Airlines.

The basic seat on the intercontinental route costs $25.00. The cost of the regular seat is from $11 to $25. Additionally, the seat reservation would depend on the Lufthansa Airlines booking class.

Lufthansa Seat Selection Policy and Fees


Do you get to pick your seats on Lufthansa?

Passengers can select their seats in advance. Whether they want an aisle seat, window seat, or extra legroom seats, Lufthansa offers passengers to reserve their preferred seats. If passengers forget to select their at the time of booking, they can choose their seats during check-in or before that through the manage booking options.

Does Lufthansa charge for seats in Premium Economy?

Yes, Lufthansa will charge $30–$50 for a seat selection fee for the premium economy class. However, this depends upon the travel time and zone. The premium economy seats will be best suitable for long-haul flights.

How much is a seat on Lufthansa?

Standard seats can cost passengers up to $20-$66 in the preferred seating area. At the same time, additional legroom seats will cost you around $30 and can increase to $132 for long-haul flights.

What is preferred seating on Lufthansa?

The preferred seating area is behind the premium Economy or business class and in front of the Basic Economy class. The preferred seats allow passengers to deboard quickly, making your trip hassle-free.

How do I choose my seat after booking?

Passengers can choose their seats after booking their reservation with Lufthansa. They need to follow the given steps:

  1. First, open the Lufthansa website in your browser and go to its homepage.
  2. Locate the “My Trips” option from the drop-down menu.
  3. Now, provide your surname and reservation code to fetch your itinerary.
  4. Afterward, click on the flight for which you want to select the seats.
  5. Next, move down & tap on the “Choose Seat” option.
  6. Lastly, make the required payment for the Lufthansa seat selection and wait for the confirmation mail in your inbox.

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