Is Ryanair Priority Boarding Worth It? – Baggage Allowance Benefits (Guide)

Ryanair Priority Boarding

Do you want to plan your next trip with an airline with several offers and flexible policies? Also, you always look for a low-cost carrier to travel with as a passenger.  

Therefore, if passengers are looking forward to the ‘Ryanair Priority Boarding’ access. This will allow the passengers to access some baggage services while traveling with the respective airlines. 

Passengers can go through the below-given blog. This will provide all the essential details regarding the ‘Ryanair Priority Boarding. Make sure to look at every detail before proceeding with the policy. 

What is Ryanair Priority Boarding? 

Ryanair Priority Boarding Benefits

Several airlines in the business offer priority access to their passengers. Well, priority boarding is one of the facilities provided within the priority access service. Through this service, passengers are allowed to carry more baggage in comparison to other passengers.

Ryanair Airlines is one of the low-cost airlines in the business. As a result, these airlines offer the best service to their customers. Through this service, flyers can bring a specific amount of luggage to the flight with a fixed limit.

Therefore, passengers, after getting access to the ‘priority boarding. They can bring more luggage to the respective Airline’s flight cabin.

What is Ryanair Airlines’ boarding process?

Usually, passengers must stand in line at the airport to complete their check-in and luggage boarding procedures. 

Therefore, Ryanair Airlines provide different boarding facilities to the passengers traveling with them.

Unlike other airlines, Ryanair airlines have two different boarding procedures: Priority Boarding and General Boarding. 

Therefore, go through the below-given details regarding these Boarding to understand the difference. 

  1. Priority Boarding

As I have noted, passengers who have access to priority boarding can bring more bags/luggage to the Airline’s flight cabin. 

Passengers can directly purchase this priority boarding while making their reservations for the airline ticket. 

Moreover, they can also purchase this facility as another service or can buy this as a package. Such as

  • Plus.
  • Flexi plus.
  • Priority + 2 cabin bags. 
  1. General Boarding.

General Boarding is the ‘simple boarding’ procedure the airlines offer their passengers. As these passengers are the ones who are not eligible for priority boarding. 

As noted above, passengers have to perform all the essential formalities. In addition, they must stand in the boarding line to complete all the boarding procedures. 

Passengers cannot bring extra luggage to the Airline’s cabin. 

Overall, this boarding type includes the most significant number of passengers compared to priority boarding. 

Ryanair Cabin Baggage 

As noted above, Ryanair offers two different ‘Boarding’ to the flyers traveling with the airlines.

The number of luggage passengers carry mainly differentiates this Boarding. 

  1. Carry-on Bag.
Ryanair Carry-on Baggage Allowance

Passengers with a Non-Priority package can only bring 1 item to the flight cabin. With the total dimensions on 24cm x 40cm x 20cm. Weight should not exceed 10kg. 

Passengers with a Priority Boarding are allowed to bring one small bag with dimensions of 24cm x 40cm x 20cm. These passengers can also bring one suitcase of 10 Kg to the flight cabin. The total dimension of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm. 

  1. Check-in Bag.
Ryanair Checked Baggage Allowance

Passengers are allowed to bring one piece of luggage per person. 

This luggage should not exceed the limit of 20 Kg weight.

Baggage Charges of Ryanair Priority Boarding

Online PriceAirport/Post Booking price
Priority Bags €6- €20 €6-€20
Exceed Bag €11
Sports Item€35€40
Musical Instruments€50€65
Child Equipment€15€20

Note: if the limit of bags exceeds more than 20 kg. Passengers can be asked to purchase a bag from the airport ticket counter. That is up to a maximum of 32kg. 

How to add Ryanair Priority Boarding?

Passengers traveling with Ryanair Airlines can easily access the Priority Boarding package. If they are willing to carry some extra baggage to the Airline’s cabin. This is the best policy airlines offer to passengers.

Passengers can purchase these packages while making their bookings.

Airlines also allow flyers to add these packages while proceeding with their check-in process. 

Moreover, passengers can also move to add these packages after bookings, with the help of the option ‘Trip Extra in the manage my booking feature. 

Ryanair Airlines Cabin Class with priority boarding

Flyers traveling with Ryanair Airlines are offered five different types of cabin classes on the respective Airline’s flight cabin.

Passengers can make reservations in affordable cabins as they prefer.

  1. The value fares. 

Value Fare is one of the low-cost fare options available on the Ryanair flight. 

Suppose passengers travel for a short period on a limited amount of money. They can make their reservations on this cabin fare. 

Passengers are only allowed to carry one small bag to this cabin class.

  1. The regular fare.

This is one of the newest fares introduced in the cabin class of Ryanair airlines. 

Passengers willing to travel on this package are eligible for ‘Ryanair priority boarding. As flyers can bring two carry-on bags to the flight cabin. 

  1. Plus.

Passengers can book their tickets in ‘Plus Cabin’ if they are willing to spend a little money on their comfort. Therefore, this cabin will provide flyers with several facilities. 

Also, flyers can get a discount on travel extras. 

Airlines allow passengers to bring one small carry-on bag and one check-in bag per person. Also, passengers can make free online check-in and select their preferred seats.

  1. Family Plus. 

This fare is designed to make travel easy for families traveling together: this offers flexible policies and unique travel extras. 

Airlines allow one carry-on bag per family member to the flight cabin. Flyers can bring two check-in bags per passenger on the Airline.

  1. Flexi Plus.

This fare of tickets includes several flexible facilities and offers for passengers traveling on it. This provides all the top services onboard services to the flyers. In addition, airlines allow passengers to bring two cabin bags in this fare type as they are eligible for Ryanair priority boarding. 

Also, passengers can select their preferred seats and make free check-in.

Is Ryanair Priority Boarding worth it? 

If passengers want to travel with lots of luggage and don’t want to put their essentials in the check-in luggage.

Therefore, purchasing a ‘Ryanair Priority Boarding package is worth it for the flyers. 


Q. How much does Ryanair priority boarding cost?

As I have noted, passengers must pay €8 – €32 to the Airline if they are willing to buy a Priority Boarding package.

Q. Do you get allocated seats with priority boarding Ryanair?

No, seats are allocated during the check-in procedure. Moreover, passengers can select their preferred seats while making the reservations.

Q. Which fares types include Ryanair Priority Boarding?

There are three types of ticket fares that include priority boarding packages.
The Regular Fare.
Flexi plus.

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