How Do I Request A Wheelchair On United Airlines?

How Do I Request A Wheelchair On United Airlines

Do you want a wheelchair for your co-passenger when flying with United Airlines? Along with your allowed amount of checked baggage, united will accept your wheelchair or another assistance device at no additional cost. All wheelchair and scooter models, whether folding, collapsible, non-folding, powered or manual, are accepted. If you check additional wheelchairs used for recreation, you can be charged extra, oversized, or overweight baggage fees.

If you are traveling in a motorized wheelchair and taking a flight with less than 60 seats, you must give 48hrs notice in advance and arrive one hour before the airport’s official check-in processing time. Read this blog to get to learn more about how I request a wheelchair on United Airlines.

How Do I Request A Wheelchair On United Airlines?

How Do I Request A Wheelchair On United Airlines?

On, you can make a request for wheelchair assistance when making a reservation.

However, people with all class tickets except the economy class can use this option. Therefore, follow the instructions below to get wheelchair assistance:

United Airlines Requesting Wheelchair Process
  1. They can get in touch online with United Airlines’ accessibility department at any time.
  2. After visiting the website, choose the “Reservations” option.
  3. The airline will add your request as a special request to the airline reservations information.
  4. When they get to the airport, travelers should look for a United Airlines staff. And let them know they need help to get to the boarding gate in a wheelchair.

How to Request Wheelchair Assistance at the Airport?

If passengers need to have a wheelchair then provide all the related information to the airport staff. After you check-in, the airport staff will provide you with a wheelchair to assist the disabled person to the airline hassle-free.

How Do I Request A Wheelchair On United Airlines Over the Phone?

You can request a wheelchair for the disabled person over the phone by providing the passengers’ details. Also, people with tickets in the economy class are not able to request online. But remember to call United’s agent before 48 hours of your departure.

Passengers will get help directly from a united agent. You can call the United Airlines wheelchair assistance phone number by following the step-by-step guide.

  1. First, visit the airline’s official site.
  2. Then locate the “contact us” page. Next, get the helpline number from there.
  3. Afterward, call the United Airlines assistance number and then follow the given IVR guidelines.
  4. Now, click on the 9th option (IVR), and in a while, you will be connected with the representative directly.
  5. Lastly, you must provide the details of the disabled person. Let them arrange a wheelchair for you.

How to Utilize the  Wheelchair Service While Traveling with United Airlines?

United Airlines will not charge you extra to use the wheelchair and any other assistance aids when you fly with. They accept all models of manual and powered, collapsible and non-collapsible wheelchairs and scooters.

Collapsible wheelchairs are retained inside the cabin of the airplane. However, you can store other wheelchair models in the cargo section.

Before using a United wheelchair to assist them during their journey, passengers must check their luggage and wheelchair at the desk or departure gate.

  1. First, choose “Travel Information” on
  2. Customers with impairments comes under “Special Travel Needs.”
  3. Tap the “Customer Wheelchair Information” link.
  4. Then, enter your name.
  5. Include the serial number of your chair.
  6. Choose whether you want a “Powered” or “Manual” chair.
  7. Select whether the battery type is “Non-spillable”, “Spillable” or “Lithium.”
  8. Mention your chair’s weight.
  9. To demonstrate whether it is key-operated, choose “Yes” or “No.”
  10. If “Yes,” tell the start button is.
  11. Describe the locking and unlocking mechanisms for the brakes.
  12. Identify any components that can fold or collapse.
  13. Specify any detachable parts.
  14. Indicate if you are bringing any of these components into the cabin.
  15. Tell us if any tools are necessary and what they are.
  16. Include any extra directions.

Types of Wheelchair Services

Wheelchairs at the Airport

All United airports have wheelchairs available for use by passengers with disabilities. You can request a wheelchair well in advance of your departure. Making a call to United Airlines’ accessibility desk is the recommended course of action. Speak with a representative when you get to the airport and explain your desire. You might benefit if the airport offers skycap service as well. Assistance centers could be located in the lobbies of some airports.

Wheelchairs on Board

Wheelchairs are available onboard all airplanes with more than 60 passengers. You can use the wheelchairs to get to the restroom because they fit in the aircraft’s aisle. The onboard staff can assist you if you need help using your wheelchair.

Things to Keep in Mind Regarding United Airlines Wheelchair Service

Every wheelchair users can get specialize help. There are a few considerations you should make if you use a wheelchair before flying:

Things To Remember For United Airlines Wheelchair Assistance
  • Passengers can transport wheelchairs on board airplanes. They are kept in the luggage compartment.
  • When making a reservation or booking, several airlines ask passengers with limited mobility to complete a medical form (MEDIF). If passengers submit their request form on time, then airline can also decide on time.
  • For wheelchair assistance, some airlines charge a fee, while others do not. Before purchasing the ticket, it is best to confirm with the airlines.
  • When making a reservation or booking, you must indicate whether you need a wheelchair.
  • Inform the airline staff if you are bringing your wheelchair.


Does United Airlines charge for a wheelchair?

United Airlines accept the passengers’ wheelchair and other assistance devices in addition to the checked baggage without charging extra cost. United allows all types of scooters and wheelchairs that are collapsible, manual, powered, non-folding, or folding.

How do you book a wheelchair when booking a flight?

How do I request a wheelchair on United Airlines? Are you looking for the answer? If a passenger wants to ask for a wheelchair, they have to submit their request during booking their tickets. If passengers are bringing their wheelchairs, they should inform the airline about the weight, size, and type of wheelchair when booking their flight.

How much do airlines charge for a wheelchair?

United will give you one wheelchair at no extra cost. You can ask them at the airport, or even over the phone during their operating times.

How do people in wheelchairs get through airport security?

When passengers pass the TSA security checkpoint, they don’t need to get out of their wheelchairs. Passengers will get the pat-down screening if they cannot walk to the metal detector.

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    I don’t know if this is the correct place to leave this comment but I was flying out of Denver International airport on Wednesday, April 26 and requested a wheelchair months in advance . When I checked in to the wheelchair kiosk, I was advised there were several people ahead of me and directed to take a seat. After waiting 45 minutes, I saw a passenger being helped with a wheelchair that had come in 25 minutes after me . I questioned the person in charge and was told they called my name and someone else answered up so they served that person. I never heard my name called and did not leave the area. I knew I was being lied to because, they then asked to see my boarding pass to make sure I was who I said I was. Apparently that was not the same procedure that was followed when it was my turn to be serviced the first time. I made the reservation months in advance and I assumed there would be enough personnel available to help everyone. What irritated me even more was as I was being transported to the plane, I observed several wheelchair attendants sitting together at most of the gates just chatting away. I can’t believe that many were on a break or waiting for passengers to disembark. I consider a 30 minute wait time acceptable but not 45 minutes. Very poorly run and terrible customer service. If this was an inappropriate place for me to leave this complaint, would you pass it on to the appropriate employee?

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