What is Southwest Airlines Missed Flight Policy?

Southwest Airlines Missed Flight Policy

Not only a prominent airline in the United States of America but also the largest low-cost carrier globally. Also, with a fleet of 735 aircraft that operate to over 100 destinations.

Therefore, it is only understandable that Southwest is extra courteous towards their customers. For instance, they provide customers with several remedies if Southwest Airlines Missed Flight. Additionally, they offer user-friendly channels to make it easier for customers to seek remedies.

Remedies After a Missed Flight

Southwest Airlines Missed Flight Policy

Alternate Flight

Suppose a passenger misses a flight but can reach the airport within two hours of departure. In that case, they will be eligible for an alternate flight to their destination. That is to say; Southwest will schedule them on the next flight out of the day.

To utilize this solution, just visit the Southwest Airlines Missed Flight Help Desk. Subsequently, they will put you on standby for the next flight out, with no charges/penalties.

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In case the passenger’s is the last flight of the day or the last flight on that route for the day. Consequently, the passenger will not be eligible for an alternative flight. Thus, the only option remaining is to cancel the flight and apply for a refund or reuse.

Depending on the type of fare, the passenger may have a choice or not between the two.

Below is the step-by-step guide on Cancel, Apply for Refund & Reuse on various devices.

(H2) Computer Website

  • Flight Cancelation
    • Firstly, Visit the official Southwest Airlines website or dial +1-888-906-0670 for help.
    • Then click on Fight on the top right tabs.
    • After that, click on Manage Reservations.
    • Fill in your reservation details.
      • Confirmation#
      • First Name
      • Last Name
    • Once you do that, click on Search.
    • At last, click on Cancel.


  • After going to Manage Reservations, look for the ‘Change or Cancel Flight’ heading.
    • Then click on Cancel Flight under that heading.
    • Then fill in your reservation information.
    • After that, click on Continue.
  • Requesting Refund or Travel Funds
    • Click on Refund Method (if given).
  • Then select the method.
    • Request a Refund (Refund)
    • Hold for Future Use (Travel Funds)
  • Lastly, click on Cancel Flight.

*The refundable fare amount will be reversed through the original transaction medium. Within 17 working days, if you selected Request a Refund. However, if you selected Hold it for Later Use. Then Southwest Airlines Missed Flight will convert the fare amount into travel funds.

Phone Website

  • Flight Cancelation
    • Firstly, go to the website.
    • Then tap on the menu icon in the upper left corner.
    • Then tap on Look Up Reservations.
    • After that, fill in the booking information.
    • Once you do that, tap on Retrieve Reservation.
    • Then tap on Cancel.
  • Requesting Refund or Travel Funds
    • At first, tap on Refund Method and select your preferred method.
      • Refund to Credit Card.
      • Hold for Future Use.
    • Then tap on Cancel Flight.

Southwest Airlines Mobile App

    • Download the Southwest Airlines App.
    • Then tap on the menu icon on the top left corner of the screen.
    • Tap on Look Up Reservations.
    • After that, fill in the reservation details.
      • Confirmation Number.
      • First Name.
      • Last Name.
    • Tap on the Cancel button below your reservation.
  • Requesting Refund or Travel Funds
    • At first, tap on Refund Method.
    • Then select – Refund to Credit Card or Hold for Future Use.
    • Lastly, tap on Cancel Flight.

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How to Reuse/Rebook Flights Using Travel Funds?

Website & Mobile App

Southwest Airlines Rebooking with Travel Funds Process
  • Firstly, visit the Southwest website/Open the app or call the southwest helpline at +1-888-906-0670.
  • Secondly, click on flight/Tap on the menu icon.
  • Then click/tap on Book a Flight
  • After that, Fill in the route & passenger information.
  • Then select the fare you prefer.
  • Once you reach the Passenger & Payment Info page, scroll down.
  • Then click/tap on the arrow next to Apply Travel Funds, LUV Vouchers, and Gift cards
  • Once it expands, fill in the details
    • Confirmation Number.
    • Passenger’s Last Name
  • Then click/tap on Apply Funds.
  • After that, proceed with the booking process, and the website will automatically deduct the travel funds amount from your fare.

How to Check Travel Funds?

  • Website
    • Firstly, visit the official Southwest Airlines Website.
    • Secondly, select the “FLIGHT | HOTEL | CAR | VACATIONS” header.
    • Look under the Flight tab and select “Check Travel Funds.”
    • Thirdly, fill in the details.
      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • Confirmation
    • Lastly, select “Check Funds.”
  • Mobile Application
    • Firstly, download the Southwest Mobile App.
    • After that, install & open the app.
    • Either log in or select “Continue as Guest.”
    • Then tap on the menu icon on the top-left corner.
    • Secondly, tap on “Check Travel Funds” under the Flight section.
    • Fill in the details.
      • Confirmation Number
      • First Name
      • Last Name
    • Lastly, tap on “Look Up Funds.”

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Terms & Conditions for Refund, Reuse & No Show

  • Refund & Travel Funds
    • Firstly, passengers need to cancel their reservations at least 10 minutes before the departure time. Otherwise, their fare will not be eligible for a refund.
    • In case there is no Refund Method option given, it suggests that your fare is not eligible for a refund. Therefore, you only have the option of converting your fare amount into travel funds and using them to book another flight with Southwest.
    • The validity of Travel Funds depends based on the payment medium/method.
      • Credit Card – 12 months from the date of booking.
      • Gift Card – 12 months from the date of booking.
      • Southwest LUV Voucher – Till the validity of the LUV Voucher.
    • Southwest offers 24 hours cooling-off window from the time of the booking. That is to say, any fare if canceled within 24 hours of booking will be eligible for,
      • Full Refund.
      • Conversion into Travel Funds.
    • Southwest will automatically convert the ‘Anytime’ and ‘Business Select®’  fares not canceled at least 10 minutes before the departure into travel funds.
    • Southwest Airlines provide passengers with three classes of fares.
Name of FareRefundableReusable
Wanna Get Away®NoYes
Business Select®YesYes
  • Southwest No Show Policy
Southwest Airlines No Show Policy
  • In case a passenger with a Wanna Get Away® fare does not cancel a flight at least 10 minutes before departure time. Consequently, Southwest will mark them as No Show, and their fare will be forfeited.
  • However, in the case of passengers with ‘Anytime’ and ‘Business Select®’ fares, who fail to cancel their flights.
    • Firstly, the Rapid Rewards Points used to book will be submitted back into the Rapid Reward account.
    • Secondly, taxes, fees & fare amounts will convert into Travel Funds.

Contact Information

Contact Number(English) 1-800-435-9792(Spanish) 1-800-826-6667
Rapid Reward Customer Service1-800-445-5764
Automated Flight Information1-888-792-8747
FacebookProfile Messenger
MailP.O. Box 36647-1CR Dallas, Texas 75235
Customer Servicehttps://www.southwest.com/html/customer-service/index.html?clk=GFOOTER-SERVICE

If you’re still facing issues then check how to manage your southwest airlines flight or dial +1-888-906-0670.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What happens if you miss a flight with Southwest?

Southwest Airlines offers a lot of remedies for Southwest Airlines Missed Flight. Therefore, depending on the circumstances of a passenger’s missing your flight, as well as their fare class.

·         Firstly, Southwest will accommodate them on an alternative flight.

·         Secondly, they will have their fares refunded.

·         Thirdly, they will have their fares converted into Travel Funds.

And lastly, they will be marked as no show and have their fare forfeited

Q2. Does Southwest have a no-show fee?

No, Southwest Airlines does not have a no-show fee. However, if you have a Wanna Get Away fare, your entire fare will be forfeited.

Q3. Is it better to no show or cancel a flight?

It is always better to cancel a flight than a no-show. That is because most airlines charge a fine on your refund amount for a no-show. In addition, for basic fares, many airlines simply forfeit your fare.

Q4. What happens if you forget to cancel a Southwest flight?

The aftermath of a passenger forgetting to cancel a Southwest flight depends on the fare class. For example,

  • Fare Type Effects
  • Wanna Get Away®
  • Anytime Rapid Reward Point – Submitted back into Rapid Reward Account.
  • Taxes, Fees & Cash Amount – Converted into Travel Funds
  • Business Select® Rapid Reward Point – Submitted back into Rapid Reward Account.
  • Taxes, Fees & Cash Amount – Converted into Travel Funds
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