Air Canada Seat Selection Fee – Updated Policy Guide (2024)

Air Canada Seat Selection Policy

Have you made bookings with Air Canada? But you weren’t able to get the seat of your choice. Then you are at the right place as Air Canada Seat Selection allows its flyers to choose their seat to make flights convenient and hassle-free.

So, gone are the days of uncertainties about whether you’ll get the window seat or not. With Air Canada, you can rest assured that you’ll have a premium view of the clouds. Or maybe you’re the type who enjoys a little extra legroom on the aisle seat.

So, if you are looking for information on Air Canada Seat Selection, keep reading.

Air Canada Seat Selection – The Process & Fee

Air Canada Seat Selection Policy

Air Canada provides several channels/methods through which passengers can select seats.

Seat Selection At The Time Of Booking New Flight

First & foremost, Air Canada passengers can proceed with advanced seat selection during the booking process.

In order to do that, just follow the given procedure:

Air Canada Seat Selection Process
  • Firstly, the passenger has to visit the Air Canada Official Website.
  • Secondly, go on the option of flights. Further, the passenger must fill in the required details such as journey date, no. of travelers, and destination. And click on the ‘Find’ tab.
  • Then, a screen will pop up with the seat selection details.
  • Afterward, after selecting, press continue. And the passenger will be on the new page.
  • Then, fill in the required details such as the passenger’s name, D.O.B., and contact information. And press the Continue tab.
  • Now, the passenger can select the seat from the given seat map.
  • After selecting, the passenger must go on the payment page and make the required payment for their seat and ticket.
  • And at last, a booking is made.

Seat Selection After Booking The Flight

In case a passenger forgets to select seats during the booking process. Then, they can perform Air Canada Seat Selection anytime between the booking date & flight date through Air Canada Manage My Booking option.

  • Firstly, the passenger has to visit the official website of Air Canada.
  • Secondly, on the homepage, the passenger must search for the option ‘My booking.’
  • Then click on the tab and fill in the required details, such as booking reference I.D. and the last name.
  • Further, a page will appear on the screen with the option to ‘Choose Seat.’
  • Then, a passenger can select the desired seat from the given seat map.
  • And, at last, passengers can make the payments required.

How Do I Reserve My Seat in Advance (Before Check-In) For Air Canada Airlines?

  • Firstly, the passenger has to visit the official site of Air Canada.
  • Secondly, on the home screen, search for the option’ Check-in.’
  • Then, press on the tab and fill in the required details. And press continue.
  • Now, a new page will pop on the screen, and passengers can select the desired seat from the seat map.
  • Afterward, there will be a few changes for which passengers might have to make the payment.
  • Once the payment is completed, the passenger will get the boarding pass.
  • At last, the passenger can download or print the boarding pass, as required.

What Kind of Seats does Air Canada offer to its Passenger?

The airline offers its customer to have the best in their budget range by giving various options. They provide tickets and seats at different prices to meet the demands of multiple passengers. Hence, this is available under the Air Canada Seat Selection chart.

Therefore, below are the options for various classes:

  • Economy Class: These seats are best for the passenger who wants to travel on a budget. This class not only helps in cost-cutting but is also helpful in providing its passenger with more extra services. For example, passengers have the facility to have a site of free entertainment on a touch screen T.V. of 22.6 cm, whereas an audio jack to use with headphones and a power point for charging.

Hence, some other benefits of this class include a specific fee for a pillow and blanket. Therefore, the passenger must pay the seat selection fee while making an advance selection.

  • Premium Economy Class: This class comes near the business cabin, also known as Premium Economy Class. In this cabin, the seats have more advanced features and amenities with extra legroom. A passenger can recline their seat to around 7 inches, which is the most remarkable feature of the cabin. In addition, passengers can enjoy basic complimentary amenities such as free entertainment on approximately 11 inches of a touch screen with a laptop charging point, USB port, and many other in-flight services.

Thus, this cabin provides a complimentary seat selection during the purchase with flexible flying conditions.

  • Business Class: This class has first-class seats and is also known as the Signature Class with the highest cost in the booking. The class also justifies its name by providing luxury for its passenger. In this class, passengers are provided with a full-size bed approx. 203cm long, as well as priority services with on-demand amenities. Passengers who are flying in business class can also relax at the lounge. Thus, buying the signature class seat during the sale can significantly reduce costs.

Overall, the business class cabin ensures its passengers an excellent experience.

  • Preferred Seating: The airline also offers preferred seating with extra leg space and other basic amenities at an affordable price. The passenger purchases these seats while booking and after the reservation. They have extra space of 4 inches, and the seats have bulkhead arrangements with extra knee space.

Moreover, these seats are located in the front and on the aircraft’s exit, allowing passengers to exit first. Thus, passengers can opt for the preferred seat if they are flying for short distances.

Air Canada Seat Selection Fee

Travelers can use the pre-book seat option, for which they might have to pay extra charges. Thus, these charges vary from one cabin class to another. It also depends on the arrival destination of the traveler. So, the basic costs of seat selection are given below:

Air Canada Seat Selection Fees
  • The Air Canada Seat Selection Fee for the Economy class varies between domestic and international flights. The selection cost for a domestic flight is between $20 to $100, and for an international flight, it is between $30 to $100.
  • The fee for selecting standard seats is around $10 to $50 on domestic flights, whereas $20 to $50 on international flights.
  • The airline also provides preferred seats for its passengers, which start from $17- $299 and can be anywhere.
  • There are no charges on seat selection in Premium Economy & Business Class. Thus, it is complimentary if the passenger makes a booking in the above classes.

Air Canada Seat Selection Policies

To know more about the Air Canada Seat Selection, kindly read the policies mentioned below:

  • Passengers can select their seats within the booking of 24 hours.
  • Travelers can book their seats in advance by making the payment in advance.
  • Passenger members of the airline can upgrade their seats at no cost.
  • Suppose a passenger upgrades his seat at the last minute or just before 3 hours of departure. Then, he has to pay the upgradation amount.
  • Passengers can make a seat booking by contacting the airline’s customer support or using the website.
  • If a passenger has joined any airline programs, he is eligible to upgrade his seat at no cost.
  • Passengers traveling with a disabled person or an infant can have a seat according to their preference.
  • A passenger traveling Abroad can upgrade his seat within 48 hours at no cost. But, if he elevates it after 48 hours, the passenger must pay the charges.
  • At the time of check-in, passengers are allowed to select their seats.
  • If a passenger does not get his preferred seat and the seats are available on another flight. Then, the passenger can opt for the seat on another flight by paying the difference in the fare.

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Does Air Canada charge any fee for seat selection?

Yes, Air Canada Seat Selection is a charged service. That is to say; the cost varies between $20 to $100. At the same time, Premium Economy and Business Class don’t charge any fee for seat selection

What are the various methods of selecting a seat at Air Canada?

There are multiple ways of selecting a seat which are:
● While booking a new flight.
● After securing the flight use Manage My Bookings for help.

Does Air Canada provides its passenger with preferred seating?

Yes, it provides its passenger with preferred seating, which starts between $17 – $299. At the same time, passengers also get extra benefits such as extra leg space and other amenities.

What does Air Canada charges for selecting a seat before check-in?

There are no charges for selecting the seat before 24 hours of departure. But, if the passenger will make a booking before the departure window opens, then he has to make the payment for seat selection.

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