Southwest Low Fare Calendar: Advantages & How Does It Works?

Southwest Low Fare Calendar

Planning a solo or a group trip with your favorite cousin is always exciting, but the main part that makes the travel part stressful is staying under a budget. Your budget can get a hit if you purchase an expensive flight ticket. Therefore, you must reserve your flight tickets in advance to avoid unnecessary expenses. To save your hard-earned money you can use the Southwest low fare calendar to book your flight ticket.

With the help of this tool, you can reserve your flight itinerary at a reasonable price. However, if you are traveling on Southwest Airlines for the first time, then you might find it difficult to use the low-fare calendar. But don’t worry, you’ll get all the necessary details about the low fare calendar in this guide. 

In this guide, we have included all the important topics, including:

  • What’s is Southwest Low fare calendar
  • How to use it
  • Advantages of using this calendar
  • Also, some important FAQs as well.

So, without any further delays, let’s quickly begin with the basic question that is What is the Southwest Low Fare Calendar?

What is the Southwest Low Fare Calendar?

  • Southwest Airlines is a low-cost airline that is famous among flyers as it offers low fares and amazing services. Southwest Airlines low fare calendar is one of the most useful tools for searching for a budget-friendly trip. 
  • It is an online tool of Southwest Airlines that allows travelers to find their flights on specific dates and check the lowest fares available in the upcoming month or days.
  • Furthermore, this tool makes it easier for the flyers by showing the lowest available flights every day.
  • With the help of the low fare finder of Southwest Airlines, passengers can search for one-way trips, round trips, and multi-city trios as well.
  • Travelers can get all the flight prices either in dollars or in Rapid Reward points.
  • Additionally, this feature also helps the flyers plan their trips and search for the best deals at several travel destinations.

How Does The Southwest Low Fare Calendar Works?

Passengers can easily use the Southwest Low fare finder tool via the Southwest Airlines official website. Here are the quick steps to find and reserve a flight ticket at a pocket-friendly price:

Southwest Low Fare Calendar Portal
Southwest Low Fare Calendar Portal
  • The first step is to visit the Southwest Airlines official website.
  • Next, tap on the Southwest Low-Fare calendar tab.
  • After that, choose your arrival and departure airports along with the date of your travel.
  • Next, choose your trip type, whether it’s a round, one-way, or multi-city trip.
  • Once you add all this information to the respective fields, hit on the “Search” option.
  • Next, you’ll get all the available flights along with the ticket prices.
  • So, choose your arrival and departure flight tickets according to your budget.
  • After selecting both flights, review the full fare, including all the taxes and fees.
  • Next, enter your personal information and make the payment to reserve your travel seat.

Note- On the Southwest Best Fare Finder feature, you can filter your search by fare type like Any Time, Wanna Get Away, Wanna Get Away Plus, and Business Select.

Advantages of Using Southwest Low Fare Calendar

While reserving your flight with Southwest Airlines, it is essential for travelers to know the perks of using the Southwest low-fare finder. Here are the benefits of using this calendar:

  • One of the best advantages of using this fare finder is that it offers the opportunity to reserve different destinations flight tickets at an affordable price.
  • Moreover, Southwest Airlines also shares amazing promo codes and deals with the flyers who book their tickets using this tool of Southwest Airlines.
  • Additionally, if you want to reserve the complete destination package for your reservation with this airfare calendar, then it would be helpful for you to search for the right time to buy the travel ticket.

Maximize Savings by Efficiently Using the Southwest Low Fare Calendar

Here are some of the useful tips that can help you in using the Southwest Best Fare Finder as a better way to save more money:

  • Be flexible with your travel dates: The low fare finder tool of Southwest Airlines permits you to book the cheapest flight across a range of dates. You can save more money on your airfare by simply being flexible with your travel dates.
  • Book early: Southwest Airlines also permits you to book at least 6 to 7 months beforehand. Therefore, you should book your flights as early as possible to grab better deals and offers.
  • Consider alternative airports: If you are traveling to a major city, then you must consider flying to a nearby airport instead of the far one. By doing this you can save a decent amount on your airfare.
  • Use Southwest’s “Wanna Get Away” fares: Southwest Airlines offers four different fares: Business Select, Anytime, Wanna Get Away Plus, and Wanna Get Away. So, to save an extra amount of money, you must select the ‘Wanna Get Away’ fare type as they are the most affordable fare under the low-fare calendar.
  • Check back frequently: You should also check the Southwest Airlines flight ticket frequently as they get updates regularly. So, it will be beneficial for the passengers to check back frequently to get better deals.

Note- By following the above travel tips, you can make the most of the Southwest Best Fare Finder and save money on your flight booking.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What does the low fare calendar mean on Southwest?

The Southwest Low Fare Calendar offers a way to find the lowest fare available on Southwest Airlines for any given month. With the help of this tool, you can easily search out your one-way, multi-city, and round trips as well.

What day of the week is the cheapest to book flights on Southwest?

Generally, the cheapest days to travel on Southwest Airlines are Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. You can book your Southwest Airlines flight ticket on these days to grab the best deals and offers.

Where does Southwest Airlines fly for $49 one-way?

If you have reserved your flight with the Southwest low fare calendar for $49, then you can cover various destinations, including Oakland, San Jose, Los Angeles, and Ontario as well.

Do Southwest flights get cheaper last minute?

No,  the flight ticket on Southwest Airlines doesn’t get cheaper on the last minute. Usually, the travel tickets get more expensive as the flight departure time gets closer. So. passengers must ensure that they make their flight reservation as early as possible to get more affordable flight options.

Can you view low fare calendar in the Southwest app?

Yes, you can view your low fare calendar in the Southwest Airlines app. Also, you can find the link for the low fare calendar on the official website of the airlines as well. Moreover, Southwest Airlines has added a new section to buy and earn points as well.

What is the best day to purchase Southwest Airlines tickets?

If you are planning to book your next trip ticket on Southwest Airlines, then you must make your reservation on Tuesday. If you book your flight on this day of the week, then you might redeem some Southwest points.

Do Southwest flights get more expensive closer to the date?

Yes, Southwest Airlines flight tickets get more expensive when the departure date is close. Therefore, you should try to book the flight ticket as soon as possible to avoid purchasing expensive travel tickets. 

Does Southwest have a sale every Tuesday?

Yes, Southwest Airlines has a sale every Tuesday. During this sale, the prices of the tickets drop on some routes covered by the airline. So, if you also want to grab the best deals, then make sure to make the flight reservation on Tuesday.

What does it mean when a flight says low fare calendar?

A low fare calendar is a tool that offers flight tickets to passengers at a cheaper price than the usual ones. The airline offers low-fare flights to various destinations. So, you can book your travel ticket through the low fare finder feature as per your targeted destination. 

What is a low-fare alert?

A low-fare alert is a great tool in a passenger’s toolkit. They can set the low-fare calendar, when they are tracking the prices of the specific flight ticket or route. It will help them to find the best and affordable deal according to their budget.

How can i find out if my flight is going to be cheaper?

It is easy to know if a flight ticket is going to get cheaper or not. You can predict it by checking if the prices is high and the seats are empty. If you notice this pattern, then wait for a week to check if the prices decrease or not.

Are low-fare flights safe?

Yes, low-fare flights are safe. If you are booking your flight with a budget airline, then it doesn’t mean that you are not safe. These flights are the best options for the passengers who want to explore different destinations at an affordable price.

Are last-minute Southwest flights cheaper?

No, last-minute flights on Southwest Airlines are not cheaper. The price of the tickets gets expensive when the departure is closer. However, exceptions are always there. You might get a cheaper flight ticket even on the last day if the seats are empty before the scheduled departure of the flight.

What is the advantage of using the Southwest low fare calendar in 2024?

The best advantage of using the Southwest low-fare calendar in 2024 is provides the facility to book flight tickets to your favorite destination as at a budget-friendly price. So, you can save your money for doing other fun activities on the trip.

How does the Southwest low fare calendar work?

Passengers can easily use the Southwest low fare calendar feature via the official website of the Southwest Airlines. They can use this feature to search out the best and most affordable ticket as per their selected destination.

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