How To Get Delta Sky Priority Access? – Benefits and Eligibility Criteria

Delta Priority Access

Are you a Delta Airlines passenger looking for a hassle-free journey on the flight while traveling?

Passengers face many security checks and must complete several formalities to board the flight. Therefore, flyers sometimes feel irritated and exhausted while performing all these formalities.

Fortunately, the airlines offer plans and services such as ‘Delta Priority Access. By accessing these plans, passengers can avoid all the problems and issues that arriving at the airport or flight boarding. 

Are you looking for the details regarding ‘Delta Priority Access? Then, you are at the right place. Therefore, read this blog to get information regarding this policy.

Table of Content 

  • What is Delta Priority Access?
  • Delta Sky Priority Benefits.
  • Who is Eligible for Priority Access? 
  • How to avail of Priority Access?
  • FAQ.

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What is Delta Priority Access?

Delta Priority Access

Like other major airlines in the business, Delta also offers Priority Access to its passengers. In addition, flyers traveling with the Delta can purchase ‘Delta Sky Club’ to get Delta Priority Access. 

This Delta Sky Club is created for passengers to make their travel easy, faster, and more convenient. Therefore, Priority Access is available on all major hubs and airports dealing with Delta Airlines and Delta-connected flights. 

The existing members of the Diamond Medallion program, Virginia Atlantic Flying Club, and Sky Team Alliance program. The passengers traveling in First and Business Class are eligible to enjoy the benefits and facilities offered by the Delta Sky Club. 

What are the Benefits of Delta Priority Access/Delta Sky Club?

Passengers with Delta Sky Club membership get several benefits compared to other flyers. Check out all the significant benefits that help in easy security check-in and traveling. 

Delta Priority Access Benefits
  • Fast and easy check-in and boarding

Flyers with Delta Sky Priority don’t have to follow all the regular security lines for boarding. However, passengers need to follow Sky Priority lines for check-in. Moreover, passengers can ask the airport agent if they are unaware of all Sky Delta Priority Access.

  • Extra and Free Baggage Allowances

Passengers can bring one extra baggage with them that must not exceed the limit of 10 kg. 

Moreover, during check-in, airport agents attach a tag to all the baggage of Sky Delta Priority members. Through these airlines, make sure to prioritize the passengers. Also, they receive their luggage first compared to other flyers on the flight.

  • Priority seating 

Passengers with Priority Access are allowed to Board early on the flight without any hassle. Therefore, they also get the facility to choose their preferred seat.

Although, this group of members is allowed to board the flight after some specific group of passengers, such as:

  1. Pre-Boarding.
  2. Delta One or First Class.
  3. Diamond Medallion.
  4. Delta Premium select.
  5. Delta Comfort.
  6. Sky Priority.
  7. Main Cabin 1.
  8. Main Cabin 2.
  9. Main Cabin 3.
  10. Basic Economy. 
  • Priority Passengers Waitlist.

Suppose Sky Delta Priority passengers are on the waitlist. Therefore, the airline will board these passengers on the next available flight. 

Airlines provide 24/7 Customer Care Service to these passengers. Therefore, flyers are free to ask queries at any time about their reservations.

Who is Eligible for Delta Priority Access? 

As noted above, several categories of passengers are eligible for Priority Access.

Eligible Passengers For Delta Priority Access
  1. Medallion Member

This Club is one of the regular programs of Delta Airlines that is offered to the flyers. Therefore, it consists of three membership such as.

  • Diamond.
  • Platinum,
  • Gold. 

Passengers with Medallion Club are eligible to get all the benefits of Priority Access. 

2. Virginia Atlantic Flying Club

Delta Airlines offer Virginia Atlantic Flying Club to its flyers. This Club is mainly provided to the International Frequent Flyers. Therefore, it also consists of three types of membership:

  • Gold members.
  • Virgin Australia Velocity Platinum.
  • Virgin Australia Velocity Gold.

3. Premium Fares Passengers

Passengers traveling on Delta Airlines can’t directly buy any services provided by Priority Access. Therefore, if passengers are not a member of Delta Sky Club, they can purchase premium fares such as:

  • Delta One.
  • Delta Premium Class.
  • Delta First Class. 

4. Members of Sky Team Elite Plus.

This Club of Delta Airlines consists of two different elite statuses: Sky Team Elite and Sky Team Elite Plus. Therefore, only Elite Plus members are eligible to receive all the facilities and services offered by Priority Access.

Note: To confirm or check your Priority Access status; please get in touch with the airline Sky team guide or the airline’s customer care number. 

How to Avail Delta Priority Access? 

Therefore, if passengers want to get Priority Access, the airline has some criteria. First, they need to earn 50 000 MQMs and $6000 MQDs to reach Gold Medallion Status. 

Moreover, passengers can directly buy a membership to SkyMiles and can get Sky Miles Reserve Card. 

Therefore, passengers do get several benefits if they become a member of Gold Medallion Status, such as

  • Passengers get complimentary access to Delta Sky Club while traveling with the airline. 
  • Airlines allow first free checked baggage on flights.
  • Airlines don’t charge any fee for foreign transactions.
  • Flyers get a domestic first-class every renewal.
  • They also get Delta comfort plus companion certificate on
  • Although, this card also has an annual fee ($550).

Moreover, if you are a loyal and regular Delta Airlines passenger, the best and easiest way to earn Priority Access is through a Co-Branded credit card.

Therefore, if you have one, it will help you to earn more MQMs that will help you to become a Medallion Member. Also, you will earn Award Miles.

Furthermore, if passengers are cardholders of SkyMiles or have any Priority Access membership, they are eligible for all the priority privileges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can passengers buy Delta Priority Access for Boarding?

Yes, passengers can purchase Priority Boarding for any flight of Delta or any Delta Connected flight. Moreover, passengers have to pay a fee to the airline if they are willing to buy this service. In case they are not a member of any elite club on Delta Airlines.

Q. What does Sky Delta Priority Access provide the benefits?

As I have noted above, Priority Access provides priority boarding, extra baggage and handling, check-in, and security line access.

Q. How do passengers know if they have any Sky Delta Priority Access?

Passengers need to confirm or check the status of their Priority Access. Then, they can contact the airline Sky team guide or customer care number.

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