Turkish Airlines Manage Booking – Change, Cancellation, Add Baggage, & more

Turkish Airlines Manage Booking

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If you have a flight booking on Turkish Airlines, then you are up for an amazing experience. Even if you want to modify your itinerary later, the online Turkish Airlines Manage Booking Facility is a suitable way to do so. In this guide, you will know in how many ways you can use the Turkish Airlines Manage Booking option. If you don’t know how to manage your reservations at Turkish Airlines, you can consult this guide. 

How to Access Turkish Airlines Manage Booking Option?

Passengers can access the Turkish Airlines Manage Booking option online via the official website and the app. They can take the following steps:

Steps to Use Turkish Airlines Manage Booking..

  • Open the official website
  • Go to the Plan & Book tab. 
  • Choose the Manage Booking option. 
  • Enter the ticket number or reservation code along with the surname. 
  • Choose the relevant option from the trip summary and follow the on-screen instructions to modify the booking.
  • Lastly, pay any additional charges to confirm the changes. 

Turkish Airlines Manage Booking Features – Step-by-Step Process

Here, you can change or edit your previous booking information with the required fees, such as changing or editing information charges. 

Check Turkish Airlines Flight Ticket Online

After making a reservation on Turkish Airlines, you may need to check the status of your booking. So, to do that, you can use the Turkish Airlines Manage Flight Booking option. 

Through this option, travelers can keep track of their flight and any advisories related to their travel.

Reschedule Your Flight to a Different Trip Date

Passengers with reservations on Turkish Airlines can also change their travel date for any reason. The Manage Reservation option is available at Turkish Airlines and is the most convenient way to reschedule your booking. Before processing the request, passengers must understand the Turkish Airlines Flight Change Policy

After accessing the flight details, travelers can opt for a Change Flight option. They can enter their new travel date and choose from the available flights instantly. 

Select an Alternative Destination

In a flight segment, two airports are involved – first, the airport from where you depart to your final destination. And second, the airport where you land in the destination area. Thus there might be instances where you need to even change any one of these airports.

If you need to change the airport details on your Turkish Airlines flight ticket, you can do so using the Turkish Airlines My Booking option. You can enter the new destination after fetching the trip details and pick the flight available on the route with My Trips. 

Canceling the Flight Becomes Easier

If you are not allowed to make the changes, you can consider cancellation as per Turkish Airlines Cancellation Policy. You can cancel your current flight ticket using Turkish Airlines Manage Booking. The process is easy. 

During the cancellation process via Turkish Airlines My Trips, travelers get to review the cancellation rules depending on the fare. It helps them to make wiser decisions.   

Change Passenger Details

If you mean changing the entire name, it is not allowed. No airline allows this practice. However, Turkish Airlines permits passengers to make minor corrections to their names. It can be done online via the Turkish Airlines My Trips option. Passengers have to adhere to the Turkish Airlines Name Change Policy.

With Manage Booking, travelers can also update the contact details of the passenger, such as email address, phone number, and Miles and Smiles number. 

Seat Selection in Advance

On Turkish Airlines, passengers can choose the seat from 355 days up to six hours before the flight. The Manage Booking Flight tool on Turkish Airlines’s website allows travelers to pick the seat of their choice. 

Business Class passengers can choose the seat for free, whereas, other cabin class travelers have to pay a seat selection fee. They can pay for their seats online through the Manage Booking. 

Pack Extra Baggage

You can purchase additional baggage on Turkish Airlines as per Turkish Airlines Baggage Allowance. However, you can only do it once. Therefore, after booking your flight on Turkish Airlines, you can purchase extra baggage only once.

You can use the manage booking option at turkishairlines.com to buy extra baggage.

Upgrade Your Flight to Business Class

You can upgrade to Turkish Airlines Business Class if upgrades are available. To check if upgrades are available, you can talk to Turkish Airlines. However, you can also learn about such upgrades on your reservation dashboard, either on the website or the app.

To access the reservation dashboard, you need to log in to your Manage Booking section and check the eligibility of the fare. 

Alternative Ways to Handle Turkish Airlines Reservation

Turkish Airlines also offers other ways to handle the reservation. If the passenger cannot update their trip using the Manage My Travel option, they can use these other resources to connect with Turkish Airlines. 

Calling the Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines offers a dedicated phone number for various regions of the world. Travelers can quickly connect with the executive over a phone call and request them the changes. 

Chat with Smart Travel Assistant

Travelers can also chat with the Turkish Airlines Smart Travel Assistant over Whatsapp to resolve their concerns. They can initiate the change, add, or purchase request over the chat. An agent will connect with the passenger at a later stage to complete the modifications. 

How is the Turkish Airlines Manage Booking Option Effective?

Turkish Airlines’ Manage Booking option gives the passenger the flexibility to handle their reservation anytime and from anywhere. With the Turkish Airlines Manage My Booking, the passenger has the privilege to modify their booking with just a few clicks. It serves as an all-in-one platform.

Moreover, travelers get to access all their booking details with it. So, passengers can utilize the Turkish Airlines My Trips option to make their travel plans better. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose my seat when I buy a TK flight ticket?

When buying a flight ticket, you can choose your seat. In addition, depending on the trip & ticket characteristics, seat selection is either free or charged. Still facing an error while booking time just visit Turkish Airlines Manage Booking team for help.

To talk to Turkish Airlines, search for its customer service. However, if nothing works, cancelation will absolutely work. Thus, cancel your reservation first and then rebook with the correct name.   

Can I change my ticket date to Turkish Airlines?

Passengers can not make changes to their booking online after they make the reservation online or through the app. And if they have booked their ticket via a third party, there will be no refund of the reservation fee.

Can I change the name on my Turkish airline ticket?

Turkish Airlines suggests its passengers cancel their ticket and rebook it with the correct name. If cancel within the risk-free period, you don’t need to pay any additional charges.

Can you cancel Turkish Airlines flights within 24 hours?

Yes, passengers can cancel their flights within 24 hours and get a full refund on their canceled tickets. Also, they don’t have to pay any cancellation charges if they cancel their flight within the risk-free period.

How do I change my Turkish Airlines flight details using the manage booking feature?

If you are traveling with Turkish Airlines, you can easily make changes or modifications to your reservation with the help of the manage booking feature. This tool can be used for check-in online, canceling, or rebooking flights, etc online.

What does Turkish Airlines manage booking feature mean?

Turking Airlines manage booking is a feature that allows passengers to edit or change their reservation online. This feature allows travelers to book, change, or cancel their reservations at any time until they check-in. Moreover, the flyers can easily check the correct status of their flight using this tool.

Can I make changes to my online booked flight ticket using TK manage booking?

Yes, you can make changes to your online booked flight using the TK manage booking tool. You can add meals, pre-select your desired seat, check your flight status, etc. online through this too. In addition, you can also request a refund after canceling your Turkish Airlines flight.

Can I choose my seat after purchasing a Turkish Airlines flight ticket?

Yes, you can choose your desired seat on a Turkish Airlines flight through the manage booking option. To select your flight you can visit the official site of Turkish Airlines, where you’ll get the ‘Manage Booking’ feature through which you’ll be able to select your favorite seat on the flight.

Can I use the manage booking option if I have booked my flight through a third party?

No, according to Turkish Airlines policy, if you have booked your Turkish Airlines flight ticket through a third party, you can’t use the TK manage booking option. However, you can ask the third party to make the required changes to your itinerary.

How do I contact Turkish Airlines to manage my bookings offline?

If you are unable to use the manage booking feature of Turkish Airlines, you can contact the airline representative to seek assistance from them. You can reach out to the Turkish Airlines executive by calling 1 (800) 874-8875. Once you get connected with them, share your concern and they will make all the changes in your reservation as per your requirements.

Can I cancel my booking with Turkish Airlines?

Yes, you can cancel your flight bookings with Turkish Airlines using the manage booking feature. To cancel your flight reservation, visit the official Turkish Airlines website. Then, go to the manage booking section and cancel your reservation flight.

Can I change my Turkish Airlines flight booking date using the Manage My Trip tool?

Yes, you can change the date of your flight with Turkish Airlines as per your choice. There can be an inescapable situation that prevents you from flying on your previously booked flight. Therefore, you can use the manage booking tool to change the fate of your flight.

Can I change the route of my flight using the TK Manage booking option?

Yes, if you want to change the route of your Turkish Airlines flight then, you can use the TK manage booking option. To change the route you need to go to the official website of the airline and then tap on the ‘manage booking’ option and change your flight route.

How is the Turkish Airlines Manage My Trip feature useful for passengers?

Turkish Airlines Manage My Trip option is an amazing feature that offers multiple services in one place. You can change or add services to your itinerary with the help of this option. Moreover, this option helps you in saving your time as you can make modifications to your bookings online.

How do I check my bookings with Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines allows passengers to check their bookings through the manage booking feature. To check the flight bookings go to the ‘Manage Booking’ section and type your [NR number along with your name and that’s how you can check your booking with Turkish Airlines.

How do I confirm my flight with Turkish Airlines?

Passengers can check whether their flight booking with Turkish Airlines is confirmed or not with the help of the manage booking feature. To check the flight status, visit the official website, click on the manage booking option, and enter your name and PNR number. After that, you’ll get the latest status of your flight bookings.

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