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Swoop Airlines is anultra-low-cost Canadian airline, which offers customers with the scheduled flight services at an affordable price. Besides, to make sure that passengers don’t get to face any issue during traveling, Swoop airlines has introduced different policies that help in covering various risks related with booked reservations.

Also, Swoop airline offers customers a feature of Swoop Airlines Manage Booking to change, cancel or rebook their flights before their scheduled departure. Therefore, in case, you’re planning to modify the date/time of your flight or change or flight or cancel your booking, you can easily do it with Swoop Airlines Manage Booking option. Y

Here you can get the full details of how to use Swoop Airlines Manage Booking feature along with the procedure.

Steps to Use Swoop Airlines Manage Booking toCancel Your Flight Bookings

First of all, ensure to make your booking cancellation at least before 24 hours of the flight departure. You have to request to make your desired changes before the flight’s departure date so as to not lose all the credibility. For that, you have to contact the airline & inform them about yourdesire to cancel your booking. You can also make the return changes after the departure, either directly with Swoop airlines at your destination city, or just by contacting our experts and paying the required applicable fees. You can cancel a Swoop airline’s flight ticket, eitherby talking to airline’s experts at our toll-free phone number, or at the ticket window of the airport itself of Swoop airlines. You have to inform the Swoop airlines in advance,so you don’t get to pay a large cancellation fee. Also, you can ask for refund when you’re going to cancel your flight.

Let’s see how you can cancel your flight ticket online using Swoop Airlines Manage Booking option of Swoop Airlines:

1. First,go to the booking page & click the log-in button for enteringyour correct e-mail address & password.

2. Select ‘Manage Booking’& click at your flight option displaying in the list & press ‘next’ button.

3. Enter your flight name & number into the fields and then press ‘next’ button & enter the details of the passenger.

4. Enter name of passengers & their mobile numbers into the precise fields of Swoop Airlines Manage Booking option.

5. Select the cancel button & follow on-screen instructions so as to perform your cancellation task easily.

After completing the task, now you can just click ‘refund’ button to get the refund in a certain span of time.

How to Cancel Swoop Airlines’ flight Online within 24 hours

1. For cancelling your reservations with Swoop Airlines, passenger is required visiting the airline’s website and use Swoop Airlines Manage Booking option.

2. After that, the passenger needs to navigate to ‘Manage Booking’ option of Swoop airline.

3. Now, passenger needs to provide their reservation details so as to retrieve their booking details.

4. Then, the passenger is required to click at the flight’s cancellation option & confirm their flight cancellation.

Know about the Swoop Airlines’ Refund Policy

In the above way, one can cancel their bookings usingSwoop Airlines Manage Booking option of Swoop Airlines. But, many of the passengers have queries related to the Swoop airlines’ refund policy. Hence, in order to help the passengers, here are a few of the main pointers of refund policy, which one must know.

1. To claim a refund, it is needed that passenger submits a refund-request form using Swoop Airlines Manage Booking.

2. However, as written in the airline’s policy, passenger is provided with the non-refundable reservations as well.

3. Furthermore, the refund will get provided to passengers in the terms of travel credit that they can easily use for their future purchases.

Hence, this concludes the full details about Swoop airlines’ cancellation policy, flight changing process, refund policy&the procedure of Swoop Airlines Manage Booking through which it is all done that you need to know. However, if you have any queries, thenyou can feel absolutely free to contact our team to seek any kind of help and assistance.

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