How To Change Vueling Flight? Policy, Fees (2024)

Vueling Change Flight Policy

Travelers may need to change their flight because of any emergency or changes in their plans. Yet, losing money is a big concern for everyone. As people get afraid that by changing their booking they will lose their ticket value. Vueling Airlines understands the concerns of the passengers and has enabled travelers to change their booking by paying a certain charge as a flight change fee. But, before making any changes to the booking, travelers must check the Vueling Flight Change Policy and restrictions to avoid any hassle at the last moment.

Vueling Flight Change Policy – Schedule Change Guidelines

Vueling Flight Change Policy – Video Guide

According to Vueling change flight policy, passengers can make changes to their flight booking up to 2 hours before departure. The changes can be made through the official website, by calling the airline, or at the airport. There might be a flight change fee, depending on the fare type of the passenger. Here are a few major points of the policy.

  • Travelers can change their flight booking up to 2 hours before departure.
  • Vueling Airlines does not allow to change the flight for just one passenger in the booking. 
  • Passengers can change their flight within 24 hours of booking without paying any charge. 
  • For instance, if any passenger is sick, highly pregnant, or in case of court summons, the airline allows to change the flight for a passenger in the booking. 
  • The airline permits to make changes in the flight date or time.
  • Vueling does not accept changes in flight departure airport and the destination. 
  • Flyers having Timeflex fare tickets can make changes to their flight multiple times while only paying the fare difference. 
  • Vueling charges change fees for flight changes on the same day with confirmation at the check-in, online, or by calling the airport helpline service.
  • Tickets purchased with Avios, are also eligible for flight change.
  • Changing flights does not affect the additional services in the passenger’s booking. Moreover, the new booking will be included with all the added services. 

Vueling 24-Hour Flight Change Policy

Vueling Flight Change Rules
  • Vueling Airlines allows its travelers to make changes in their flights within 24 hours of booking without paying an additional charge. 
  • Passengers can change the date or time of their flight. 
  • When a passenger fails to change their flight within 24 hours of booking, they must pay the flight change charges. 
  • The 24-hour rule applies to all types of fares on Vueling. 
  • Moreover, travelers have to pay only the fare difference of the flight. 

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Vueling Same-Day Flight Change Policy – Departure Day Changes

The Vueling same-day flight change facility allows travelers to book an early departing flight on the same day. 

  • With Vueling Airlines, passengers can change their flight time on the same day of departure.
  • The changes can be made through the official website or at the airport. 
  • There are charges that passengers have to pay for any changes, except TimeFlex fares. 
  • The fee charged for same-day flight changes is EUR 40 per passenger. Timeflex and premium members can change it for free. 

Is Your Vueling Fare Type Eligible For Flight Change?

Vueling Airlines has four types of fares that passengers can choose according to their requirements and budget. All fares have different allowances for flight change policy. 

Basic Fare

It is a standard type of fare that includes only a ticket at the lowest price. This fare type is best for people who are going for short trips and only carry hand luggage.

Optima Fare 

This fare includes an allowance for both carry-on and checked baggage along with the benefits of selecting seats. Yet, does not offer any flight changes for free.

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Family Fare

The fare type is suitable for families traveling with children, as the airline allows family fare holders to choose their seats to sit together free of charge and also get priority boarding service. However, passengers have to pay a change in flight fee. 

Time Flex Fare 

It is a type of fare for frequent flyers and premium members that allows travelers to change their flight multiple times until the last minute of their scheduled flight departure free of charge. Passengers have to pay the fare difference if required. Timeflex also offers priority check-in and boarding services. 

Ways To Change Vueling Flight

With Vueling Airlines, passengers can change their flights with different modes. The methods include an app, an official website, a phone call, or at the airport. If the passenger has booked through a third party, they must contact the travel agency to make any changes to their flight. 

Steps To Change Flight Date Online

vueling airlines change flight process
  • Open the official website of Vueling Airlines. 
  • Go to the main menu and select the “Vueling Airlines Manage Booking” option. 
  • After that, fill out the passenger’s last name, as well as the confirmation number. 
  • Now, choose the continue button and your trip details will appear on the screen. 
  • Now, select the “Flight Change” option from the list. 
  • Enter the new travel date. The flights on that date will show up on the screen. 
  • Now, choose the desired flight.  
  • If there are any differences in flight charges, they will appear on the right side of the screen.
  • Pay the flight change fee and fare differences if necessary.
  • Click on continue when you have completed the changes. You will receive a confirmation email.

Steps To Change Vueling Award Ticket

If you are a frequent flyer member then here are steps to change the flight.

  • Visit the Vueling website and log in to your frequent flyer account.
  • Click “My Trips” and select the trip you wish to modify.
  • Click on the “Flight Change” tab to make changes to the flight.
  • You will need to choose the new flight and pay for the fare difference if it is required.

Speak To Vueling Live Person For Flight Change

  • Call the official helpline number of the airline.
  • Follow the IVR instructions and press the desired key.
  • After connecting with an executive, request them to change the booking.
  • The executive will ask about the passenger’s details and booking number.
  • After that, the executive will ask for an alternate traveling date. They will also share the flights available on the following date. 
  • Upon confirmation of the flight, the agent will change the booking, according to the passenger’s requirements.
  • The passenger has to pay the change fee if liable.
  • Hence, passengers will receive the mail about cancelation at the mail address.

Make Flight Changes at the Airport Counter 

Passengers can visit the airline counter to raise a request for changes to the booking. If they are willing to change their flight to an alternate date, then they can speak to the agent at the Vueling’s desk. The executive will guide passengers through the process. After making changes to the ticket, passengers can choose a new date or time and pay the fare difference to confirm the modifications.

Vueling Flight Change Fees

Vueling Airlines does not charge any fee when passengers change their flight within 24 hours of booking. After 24 hours of booking for any changes, the airline charges a certain fee according to the fare type. 

Fare typeMore than 15 days Less than 15 days 
Basic Fare EUR 50EUR 60 
Optima FareEUR 50EUR 60 
Family Fare EUR 50EUR 60 
Time Flex Fare Free of charge Free of charge 
Vueling Flight Change Fees

In case of same-day flight change, Basic/Optima/Family fare holders have to pay EUR 40 whereas it is free for Time Flex fare holders.

How to Avoid Vueling Flight Change Fees?

You can avoid paying the Vueling flight change fee if you have purchased a Time Flex fare. The Time Flex fare gives the advantage of making flight changes free of cost. Even you can make same-day flight changes without any extra cost. You can change your flight multiple times till the expiry of the ticket.

However, if you hold Optima/Family/Basic fare then you can use the 24-hour grace period policy. You can change the flight to an alternate date for free if you request it within 24 hours of the purchase of the ticket. 

What To Do If Vueling Changes or Reschedules Your Flight?

Somehow for any reason, if Vueling changes the flight, then the airline will provide an alternative flight to the passengers. Thus, if the passengers are not ready to fly on that flight, the airline is liable to compensate them according to the distance. If due to delays flyers miss their connecting flight, then the airline will provide assistance.

In the meantime, the airline will offer the following facilities free of charge:

  • Complimentary meals and drinks.
  • Two telephone calls, faxes, or emails.
  • If travelers have to wait overnight, then the airline will provide accommodation, meals, and transport facilities. 

Passengers can also claim compensation. The compensation amount depends on the flight distance. 

Distance lengthCompensation 
Up to 1500 kmEUR 250
Between 1501 to 3500 kmEUR 400
Above 3500 km EUR 600
Vueling Change Flight Compensation

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I change the Vueling flight for one person/passenger only?

Vueling Airlines does not allow a change of flight for one passenger on the booking. Any changes to the flight date or destination shall be applied to all the passengers on the booking.

Can I change my Vueling flight booking?

You can reschedule your Vueling flight up to 2 hours before departure. However, you may have to pay a change fee depending on the fare.

Can I change my flight without a fee on Vueling Airlines?

Yes, you can change your Vueling flight without a fee. If you have a TimeFlex fare or you are a premium member of the airline, then you can change your flight multiple times without paying any extra charge. 

What is the 24-hour flight change policy of Vueling?

The airline allows passengers to change their tickets within 24 hours of booking free of charge. The policy applies to all ticket fares. However, passengers must have booked the flight seven days before departure. 

Is there a fee for changing flights on Vueling?

If passengers are making changes to their flight within 24 hours of booking, no charges will be applied. But, if a passenger is making changes after 24 hours, a certain fee is charged, except for TimeFlex passengers. The fee ranges between EUR 40 to EUR 60 for one way. 

What is the deadline to change the Vueling flight?

Travelers can change their Vueling flight up to 2 hours before departure. They can do it through the Manage Booking feature or call the airline. They can also visit the Vueling sales office to modify their booking. 

Can I change my destination on the Vueling flight booking?

No, passengers can only make changes to the date or time for their booking. The airline does not allow to make changes in their departure or destination locations. 

How much is the same-day flight change fee on Vueling?

The same-day flight change on Vueling is free for Time Flex fare holders. On the other hand, Basic/Family/Optima holders need to pay EUR 40. 

What is the contact number for the flight change on Vueling?

However, the airline has different numbers for each location to provide assistance in making changes to passenger’s flights. Travelers from the United States can call +349-3151-8158 between 9 AM to 10 PM, from Monday to Sunday.

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