Vueling Airlines Baggage Policy: Fee, Allowance, Size Limit 2024

People often like to pack a number of outfits and matching footwear while they plan for a vacation, regardless of their requirements. But, they should not forget that there is a limit on bringing bags on a flight. Vueling is a low-cost airline and to prevent fuel consumption it applies very strict baggage rules. Most airlines offer baggage allowance for a fee and have certain guidelines and restrictions. Similarly, the Vueling Airlines Baggage Policy provides a comprehensive overview of the number of bags according to fares, eligible items, and fees. There are also restrictions on weight and size of baggage on Vueling that we are going to discuss below. 

Vueling Baggage Policy By Fare Type (Basic, Optima, Family)

Vueling Airlines Baggage Allowance

Vueling allows travelers to bring carry-on and checked baggage. The baggage allowance and weight of each bag depend on the fare class. The airline has four types of fares from which passengers can choose the type of ticket they want to book according to their needs. Under the Vueling Baggage Policy, here is allowance according to fare. 

Basic Price Fare 

This is the lowest fare on Vueling which allows a free cabin bag, and passengers have to pay for a carry-on and checked baggage. 

Optima Fare

It allows travelers to bring a cabin bag for free but have to pay for the carry-on baggage. But, with this fare, the airline allows passengers to bring one checked baggage of up to 25 kg without any charge. 

Family Fare 

This fare is the same as the Optima which allows travelers to bring a cabin bag for free but have to pay for the carry-on baggage. Along with this fare, the airline allows to bring one checked baggage of up to 25 kg without any charge. It includes other perks that make it different from Optima fare. 

Time Flex Fare 

With this fare type, travelers can bring a cabin bag and carry-on baggage for free, yet have to pay for the checked baggage. 

Vueling Carry-On Baggage Allowance

vueling airlines carry-on baggage allowance

All passengers irrespective of fare class can carry a cabin bag for free on Vueling Airlines. According to the Vueling Baggage Policy, the bags that fit under the seat or in the overhead locker are considered cabin bags. The bag includes a laptop bag, a garment bag, and a tote bag

The maximum dimension of the under-seat cabin bag is 40*20*30 cm. 

The other hand baggage that is larger in size and fits only in an overhead locker has a different set of rules. The maximum weight of an overhead cabin bag should be 10 kg. The size of carry-on baggage should not exceed 55*40*20 cm on Vueling. 

Moreover, Vueling offers complimentary carry-on baggage allowance to:

  • Flyers with time flex fare. 
  • All the premium travelers, despite of which class they book.
  • Travelers who need special assistance at the airport and have booked the service. 
  • Those who are traveling with infants under 2 years of age. 
  • Passengers who have booked space plus and space one seat. 

Points to Remember For Carry-on Baggage

  • When passengers exceed their carry-on bags’ weight, they can ask the airline at check-in to consider it as checked baggage,  with an additional cost. 
  • According to the Vueling Baggage Policy, passengers can carry E-cigarettes, power banks, and loose lithium batteries in carry-on bags. 
  • Liquid, aerosol containers, and gels of more than 100 ml are not allowed in carry-on baggage.
  • Passengers can add their carry-on bags through Vueling’s official website or at the airport. 
  • Flyers traveling with infants up to 23 months can bring an extra 5 kg bag as hand baggage without paying any fee.

Fees for Carry-on Baggage on Vueling 

According to the Vueling Baggage Policy, only Time Flex fares get the free carry-on baggage allowance. Basic Price, Optima, and Family Fare only have free personal item allowances. Thus, if a passenger wants to bring hand baggage, they can purchase it online, by calling, or at the airport. The cost of purchasing baggage at the airport is more expensive than other modes. Here are the Vueling carry-on baggage fees:

Carry-on baggage Web, App, or via callAt the airport 
10 kg weight From EUR 20 to EUR 59From EUR 55 to EUR 75
Vueling Carry-On Baggage Fees

Checked Baggage Allowance on Vueling Airlines

vueling airlines checked baggage allowance

As we know Optima and Family fares give the free baggage allowance of one checked baggage per passenger. The maximum weight allowance is up to 25 kg per passenger. The maximum dimension of checked baggage on Vueling Airlines is 158 cm. 

On the other hand, basic and time flex fare holders can purchase their checked baggage via the official website or at the airport. The airline suggests adding online one day prior to departure to get a 50% discount on baggage fees. 

Points to Remember for Checked Baggage 

  • When packing, one must keep in mind the maximum weight and size of the baggage.
  • Flyers must tie a card with their name, phone number, and address mentioned to identify the baggage at the airport.
  • Ensure to remove previous flight tags, hooks, or attached objects as it can be confusing while handling at the airport. 
  • Somehow, if passengers refuse security screening of their baggage, the airline can deny both the baggage and the passenger to board the flight. 

How Much Can Checked Baggage Cost On Vueling Flights?

On Vueling Airlines, flyers get the privilege of purchasing extra checked baggage in addition to their standard allowance. The airline provides bag options with different weights.

From the list below, flyers can purchase one bag of each type per passenger. The checked baggage fees on Vueling Airlines vary according to the destination.

Checked BaggageWeb or AppOn Phone CallAt the Airport 
Up to 10 kgBetween 50 to 70 EUR
Up to 15 kgBetween 21 to 95 EURBetween 21 to 95 EUR
Up to 20 kgBetween 22 to 96 EURBetween 22 to 96 EUR
Up to 25 kgBetween 25 to 99 EURBetween 25 to 99 EURBetween 85 to 100 EUR
Up to 30 kgBetween 40 to 120 EURBetween 40 to 120EUR
Vueling Checked Baggage Fees

Vueling Charges Additional Fees For Extra Baggage

For instance, if a passenger is carrying baggage that is above the weight and size mentioned by the airline is called excess baggage. According to the Vueling Baggage Policy, the maximum weight for checked baggage is 25 kg. The maximum dimension is 158 linear cm. So, if passengers exceed these specifications, they will have to pay additional charges for bringing the baggage. 

Vueling Airlines charges EUR 12 for each extra kilogram of baggage at the check-in counter. The airline accepts a maximum baggage weight of up to 32 kg. At the gate, the passenger has to pay EUR 110 to EUR 140 for overweight bags.

Baggage Items Considered Dangerous and Prohibited By Vueling

Vueling Airlines does not permit some items that can be dangerous for the aircraft’s safety and its passengers either in the cabin or as checked baggage. Vueling strictly applies restrictions on these items under its baggage policy. 

Items Prohibited as Carry-on 

  • Explosives and incendiary substances.
  • Flammable liquids, like petrol and methanol, flammable solids, reactive substances, and beverages containing 70% alcohol. 
  • Oxidizing substances and organic peroxide.
  • Toxic or infectious substance.
  • Radioactive material.

Items Prohibited as Checked Baggage

  • Firearms and ammunition other than sports or hunting equipment.
  • Any type of bladed weapon.
  • Liquid-duty vehicles powered by lithium batteries, like mini-segways, hoverboards, air wheels, solo wheels, and balance wheels. 

Restriction on Liquids as Carry-on Items

The airline permits liquids to be carried that are purchased at:

  • The departure stores of the airport after the security check, provide to be packed appropriately and passengers must keep a receipt as proof that it is bought on the same day from the airport.
  • The point of sale is located in the security-restricted area to be approved for the security process as part of the airport security program. 
  • Shops in other European airports, with a condition that the liquid’s packaging is in a tamper-evident bag with proof of purchase from the airport. 

Special Baggage Allowance (Sports Items or Musical Instruments)

Per Vueling baggage policy, passengers can bring special items, consisting of sports equipment and musical instruments. These items are not included in any fare and passengers can add them while or after booking the flight. 

  • The weight of special baggage must be up to 32 kg.
  • Moreover, it must be properly packed, labeled, and protected. 

Equipment Includes:

  • Skiing.
  • Snowboard.
  • Surfboard.
  • Windsurfing.
  • Musical Equipment.
  • Sporting arm.
  • Golf. 

Fees for Special Baggage 

Special baggage Web, App, or via callAt the airport 
Up to 32 kg weight From EUR 45From EUR 55 
Vueling Special Baggage Fees

How To Add More Baggage on Vueling Airlines?

Passengers get a baggage allowance with their ticket purchase according to the fare type. However, if they want to add baggage after the booking, they can use the Vueling Airlines Manage Booking option, call the executive, or visit the airport. 

Add Checked Baggage through Manage Booking Online

  • Flyers can open the official website or the app.
  • Continue to the Manage Booking option.
  • Herein, mention the details to log in to manage my booking tool.
  • Now, select “Add a Baggage”.
  • The next section will show the baggage allowance as per the fare eligibility. 
  • Choose the baggage weight option from the list.
  • In the next step, pay the excess baggage fee.
  • After the payment, travelers can check their mail for updated itineraries. 

Request More Checked Bag Allowance via Call

  • Travelers after booking the tickets can call the airline helpline number.
  • Once the call gets connected to the executive, they can request the agent to add baggage to their booking.
  • Provide the booking details to the agent and the number of additional bags. 
  • After confirming the bag’s details, the agent will add them to the booking.
  • Pay the bag charges through debit or credit card details. 
  • The new itinerary will be sent to the mail address. 

Vueling Allows Adding More Baggage At The Airport As Well

Passengers can add their bags at the last moment. Passengers can visit the airport counter and request to add more baggage to their booking. Executives will add the bags. Lastly, passengers have to pay the excess baggage fee. However, purchasing the bags at the airport is costlier than doing it online. Therefore, it will be best to do it online. 

What To Do if Vueling Lost, Delayed, Or Damaged Your Bags?

According to the Vueling baggage policy, passengers must collect their baggage when they reach the required designated area assigned by the airline. Somehow, if the baggage has not arrived or is damaged, passengers should immediately contact the airline ground staff and inform them about the same. 

In Case of Delayed/Lost Baggage 

Travelers must inform the lost and found department of Vueling and fill out the form that includes the passenger’s name, address, contact number, and description of baggage. The airline team will provide passengers with the PIR number which has to be kept for future inquiries and claims. 

  • Vueling Airlines tries to deliver the baggage within a maximum of 72 hours of missing. 
  • When the airline finds out about the baggage, they will inform the passengers via SMS, or by phone call. 
  • Moreover, the airline team will deliver the baggage to the passenger’s address by confirming the PIR number receipt. 
  • If the airline is unable to deliver the baggage even after 21 days, flyers can claim compensation. One must show the following documents:
    • Boarding pass.
    • Baggage check-in label.
    • PIR number.
    • A copy of the passenger’s ID. 

In Case of Damaged Baggage 

  • Passengers must visit the lost and found department of the airline. 
  • Herein, it is suggested to fill out the PIR form.
  • The form includes the description of the baggage or the goods which are damaged. Therefore, passengers must mention the exact information about the baggage as it appears. 
  • Once the PIR opens, the flyer has up to 7 days to file for replacement of their damaged bag. 
  •  However, for any minor dents, scratches, or marks that can occur during handling, the airline is not responsible and will not compensate the passengers. 
  • Make sure the traveler carries the required documents, including:
    • Boarding pass.
    • Baggage check-in label.
    • PIR code.
    • A copy of the government-issued photo ID card of the passenger. 

Frequently Asked Questions – Vueling Baggage Allowance

What items can I take in my flight on Vueling?

Vueling Airlines allows passengers to carry a handbag, including a laptop bag, tripod, batteries, small electronic devices, and a medical kit inside the cabin. It also permits liquid with a maximum capacity of 100 ml and e-cigarettes. 

Can I carry smart baggage on Vueling?

Yes, the airline allows flyers to bring smart baggage either in the cabin or as checked baggage, with the batteries removed. The batteries must not be more than 100 W and should be kept separately in the cabin. 

What is the required size for carry-on baggage on Vueling?

According to the Vueling Baggage Policy, passengers can bring a handbag with a maximum dimension of 40*20*30 cm. On the other hand, the cabin bag that fits in the overhead locker should have a maximum dimension of 55*40*20 cm

Can I carry liquids in the cabin on Vueling?

Yes, travelers can carry liquids in their carry-on baggage with a maximum bottle of 100 ml capacity. Moreover, it must be packed in a clear re-sealable plastic bag and only one bag is allowed per passenger.

What is the weight limit of baggage on Vueling Airlines?

Vueling Airlines allows passengers to bring carry-on baggage with up to 10 kg and checked baggage at most up to 25 kg according to its baggage policy. Also, by paying the overweight baggage fee, they can bring excess baggage. The maximum acceptable baggage weight at Vueling is 32 kg.

How to purchase baggage on Vueling? 

Passengers can purchase baggage by visiting the official website and logging in to the manage my booking option. They can also call the airline or purchase it at the airport. 

What is the fee for special baggage on Vueling Airlines?

Passengers can bring special baggage like sports and musical instruments that are not counted as dangerous goods with a maximum weight of 32 kg. Moreover, the airline charges EUR 45 for adding through the official website or by phone call. If the passenger adds at the airport, EUR 55 will be charged. 

Can I add baggage of 30 kg at the airport on Vueling?

Yes, if passengers are carrying 30 kg of checked baggage, they must add it through the Vueling website or by calling the executive of Vueling. They will have to pay between EUR 40 to EUR 120. The airline will not add it at the airport.

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