United Airlines Name Change or Correction Policy & Fee – Updated

United Airlines Name Change

United Airlines allows minor changes or corrections only if you meet the United Airlines Name Change On Ticket policy requirements. The updated name must match the ID or passport granted by the government, and the traveler must make sure.

By going to the airline’s website, you can complete the name change procedures for United Airlines on your own. Continue reading this section to learn more about United’s current stance on name changes.

United Airlines Name Change On Ticket – The Policy, Process & Fee

If you’re interested in changing or making changes to your name, look at United Airlines’ stated fare policies:

  • On United Airlines, a name change request requires payment of around $75 if made within one day of the first purchase.
  • The name change fee depends on up to $200 applied per ticket if you wait longer than 24 hours to alter your name.
  • You now understand how to avoid paying the United name change fee & a few points on the changing policies at United.
  • However, you can contact United Airlines customer service if you face any issues when changing the name.
United Airlines Name Change Fee & Policy

Name Change Policy on United Airlines

  • Flights must be booked and operated by United Airlines.
  • The ticket number should begin with 016.
  • For the United Name Correction, only one ticket reissue per passenger is allowed.
  • Passengers can only change their name once per ticket.
  • As per the name change policy, you must pay some correction costs if you want to correct your name twice.
  • Per the TSA guidelines, the name on the ticket should match the government-issued photo ID.
  • The policy allows passengers to change their last name due to marriage/divorce by providing supporting documents.
  • Changes in date of birth and the name of the passengers are subject to the united Name change policy. However, only minor correction in D.O.B is allowed.

How To Change Name On Existing Flight Ticket?

Name Change Request Via United Airlines Official Website

United Airlines Name Change Online Process
  1. Visit the United website and click the “manage booking” link if the passenger needs to alter the name on the ticket.
  2. Enter the passenger’s name and booking number by finding the change button under the manage booking option.
  3. Navigate to the booking details page once you’re done, then use the edit feature to change the name.
  4. Follow the online instructions to fix the misspelled name in the reservations, then save the changes.
  5. Additionally, you can ask for name changes by calling the airline’s customer service line; once you do, the modification will be updated.

Name Change Over a Phone Call

United Airlines Name Change Offline Process
  1. To make changes in your name offline, you must fetch the customer service number from United’s official site.
  2. Once you get the number, dial it and wait till you get a response.
  3. Follow the IVR instructions and connect with United’s representative.
  4. Once you connect with the airline agent, provide him with all the details regarding your ticket changes.
  5. He may ask for the reason for to change and may also need supporting documents to initiate the name correction process.
  6. Lastly, make the needed name change fee if applicable. You will get your updated ticket with your changes in your mail.

Through Travel Agent

If you have booked United tickets and misspelled your name, then no worries, call your travel agent and request him to fix the minor errors in your name on your behalf.

United Airlines Significant Name Change – Correction Type

Correction Type  Acceptable Changes
First name/ last name/ middle nameNick NameInverted namesAdding the last nameUnited allows name change for all the tickets as the ticket name must match the government-issued photo IDs or passports.
Adding or changing a legal name due to marriage, divorce, or adoptionOSI United Name Change Waiver Code is applicable.
Add Middle NamePer the policy, and the middle name correction needs rebooking the ticket with the correct name.
United Airlines Name Correction

Important Supporting Legal Documents for Major Name Change

To fix the major name correction, airlines require supporting documents to proceed to change your name legally. The legal documents are

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Divorce Decree
  • Legal name change certificate
  • Government-issued certificate that shows old and new names.

Present Affidavit For Name Correction

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to change your name on a United Airlines ticket, don’t worry! United Airlines has a convenient name change policy in place. You can easily modify your name by presenting an affidavit with your desired alternative name. This streamlined process allows passengers to update their ticket information hassle-free. Additionally, if you need a copy of your photo ID, the affidavit can be of great assistance. Trust United Airlines to provide the necessary support for a smooth travel experience.

What is United Airlines Name Change fee?

Passengers do not have to pay for minor changes to their names. However, significant changes will be subject to a name change fee.

The United Airlines Name Change Fee is $75 if you request a name change on a United Airlines ticket before 24 hours of purchasing it.

The airline will rebook your reservation in the lowest class of service that is still available, plus any pricing differences.

Passengers may request a name change with United Airlines after 24 hours, but only up to 2 hours before the scheduled departure, and only for a price of $200 per passenger, one-way, plus any applicable fare difference.

Questions Most People Ask On United Airlines Name Change Policy

Does united allow name changes?

United Airlines lets passengers correct their misspelled names on their tickets. The airline will make only eligible changes to the name in your itinerary per the United Airlines name change policy.

How do I Change my Name on a United Airlines ticket?

Through the United airlines website, passengers can change or fix the misspelled name on their tickets. If unable to make changes to your tickets online, call the airline and request the name change.

How late can you change a name on a flight with United?

Passengers have 24 hours to modify their name and fix the incorrect name free of cost, whether you need to change a letter or the full name. Remember to review your cur flight confirmations immediately after buying tickets.

Do United Airlines charge to name change?

United Airlines allows minor changes in the ticket name without incurring any cost. However, the airline will apply the change cost plus the administrative fee for the significant changes. 

Do United Airlines offer a name change waiver?

If passengers have purchased the reservation on or after March 3, 2020, there will not be any cost to make changes as the airline offers travel change waivers to the airlines.

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