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Sunwing Change Flight

In this blog, you are going to learn how you can change or modify Sunwing flight in straightforward ways. Sometimes, passengers can get stuck in changing their flight reservations due to many reasons. Well, in this post we are going to give all the valuable information to change a flight within minutes. All the important terms & conditions are mentioned below to help you in making changes to your flight itinerary.

Passenger can easily change their reservation booking with Sunwing airlines in the most flexible mode. Whether you can visit the airport or call the Sunwing airlines executive team to change the flight. 

What is the Sunwing Change Flight Policy?

Sunwing Change Flight Process

Changing a flight is not a big issue, but it’s most important to understand the terms and conditions described by Sunwing airlines for its passenger. With Sunwing airline’s flight change policy, passengers can know about various rules and guidelines regarding the cancellation process through the official website. 

  • Passengers are allowed to make change their flight within 24 hours from the scheduled departure. 
  • If you have canceled your flight booking after 24 hours, you will be entitled to pay a certain charge to change the flight.
  • Flight change depends on various types of purchasing tickets. 

How To Change Sunwing Airlines Flight –

Have you made your reservations with Sunwing airlines but now are looking to make changes or modify your flight ticket? Onwards, due to multiple reasons, the passenger needs to change their flight booking. Don’t worry, well. Sunwing airlines provide you to change flight options to your preferred destinations.

By dialing the Sunwing airlines change flight number, to make change flight booking very smooth. Even though passenger can modify or changes their flight ticket by taking the online method or offline. 

Change Flight Procedure –

Via Online Method – 

Sunwing Change Flight Process
  • Visit
  • Now click on the Sunwing Manage Booking option on the homepage. 
  • Then enter the booking number and last name. 
  • After that, new pages appear on your screen of the change flight you need to select a particular flight that you want to change. 
  • Follow the on-screen structures that you need to follow and change your Sunwing flight ticket

Via Offline Method –

It is the traditional way to make a change flight through the offline method. Passengers can follow the points by which are method below. 

  • Customers can dial the helpline number of Sunwing Airlines.
  • Passengers need to visit the airport directly to make any changes and corrections to tickets. 

At the Airport –

Passengers can request to change their flight booking at the airport from their departure airport. They can request to modify or changes flight up to 2 hours prior to schedule and departure. 

  • Visit Sunwing airport to change or modify your flight.
  • Then, you need to provide the six-digit booking reference number and request to change the flight 
  • Now check the Sunwing change flight fee and the applicable fare. Ask the travel agent to head up to change flight through Sunwing flight. 
  • Passengers can pay a certain fee to make a change flight with the case as well as debit or credit. 

Sunwing Change Flight Fee –

Here are some significant methods to consider before paying the change flight fee. Sunwing change flight-free depends on various aspects and the term and conditions that you need to follow the points are given below.

Sunwing Change Flight Fee
  1. There is no additional charge to change a Sunwing flight within 24 hours. 
  2. Passengers need to pay a change flight fee of around 100 USD if the change flight is requested 21 days or more prior to scheduled departure. 
  3. In case you have booked the vacation package for your holiday, a charged flight will be applicable for flight booking only. No the hotel charge on cancellations. 

What additional services provide by Sunwing airlines? 

  • Change in date facilities available on Sunwing airlines. 
  • Change in flight.
  • Change flight seats.
  • Change and add on meal facilities in flight. 
  • Other services are also available. 


How to make a change Sunwing flight online?

Yes, passengers can change their flight tickets by visiting the official site of Sunwing airlines and making changes or modifying their ticket hassle-free.

Is it free to change Sunwing flight ticket?

Yes, passenger allows changing their flight free within 24 hours.

How To Modify Sunwing Flight Ticket?

Yes, the airline allows to you modify or change flights online or offline way.

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