Finnair Change Flight Policy – Fee For Date & Destination Changes

Finnair Change Flight Policy

If you have a flight booking on Finnair but now planning to change it, then you do not have to worry. The Finnair Change Flight Policy allows travelers to make flexible changes in their bookings without any hassles. It can be very challenging to alter your flight plans nowadays. The airlines apply numerous conditions and hefty charges to change your flight. Moreover, the process can take days to complete. However, Finnair stands apart for passenger satisfaction. Their convenient flight change policy is quick and simple. 

Finnair Change Flight Policy – Guidelines For Switching Flights

Finnair Change Flight Policy, Fee, & Step-by-Step Instructions

Here are the major points of the Finnair flight change policy.

  • Finnair allows only adjustments to flights made through Finnair channels, i.e.,, Finnair customer support, or the ticket office.
  • The flight change policy is applicable to flights operated by Finnair.
  • The Finnair Change Flight Policy covers all fare categories, restricted and non-restricted. 
  • Passengers have to pay change flight fees.
  • Finnair allows passengers to change the travel date, flight, destination, and name under the policy.
  • However, passengers who amend their flight bookings within 24 hours of the booking period do not have to pay change fees. But if the new flight costs more than the original trip, you must pay the airline the flight difference.
  • If the cost of the replacement ticket is less than that of the original, they will receive a future travel credit from Finnair.
  • Moreover, passengers are eligible to make changes only once for each flight.
  • Finnair’s name-change policy prohibits changing the ticket’s ownership. It means that tickets are non-transferable.
  • According to the change flight policy, travelers cannot change their reservation for a return trip until they have completed the planned departure portion of their booking.
  • From the time of booking, travelers have up to 11 months to modify the date of their flight.
  • Changes that are made after flight departure are not valid.
  • To make changes to a reservation made using Finnair miles or reward points, please get in touch with Finnair customer support.
  • If the booking contains hotel or rental cars, then travelers cannot amend them. The policy strictly applies to flights only. 
  • In the case of a significant delay in the scheduled flight departure, Finnair permits customers to seek free changes to their reservations. 

Finnair Change Flight Fee – Cost For Changing Travel Date or Destination

There will be charges for changing your flight bookings or travel date on Finnair. However, the fee and eligibility depend on the type of fare. There are three types of fares on Finnair – Light, Classic, and Flex.

Fare Type Eligibility to Change Travel Date or Flights
Economy Light No
Economy ClassicYes
Economy FlexYes
Premium Economy LightNo
Premium Economy ClassicYes
Premium Economy FlexYes
Business Light No
Business ClassicYes
Business FlexYes
Flight Change Eligibility For Finnair Fares

Here are the average change fees on Finnair flights. Please note that these prices can change anytime. 

Finnair Change Flight Policy
Finnair Change Flight Fee As Per Policy
Type of Ticket Change Fees per passenger per ticket
Finnair Middle East, Africa, and South Asia$ 350
Finnair US and Canada bound flights$ 300
Finnair trans-pacific booked online or through Finnair airport counter and Group Sales$ 300
Finnair International (except Europe)$ 250
Finnair Trans-Atlantic$ 200
Finnair – booked through Finnair airport counter and Group Sales$150
Finnair Domestic – booked through Finnair Contact Centres.$150
Finnair Change Flight Fee

How To Change Your Finnair Flight?

Finnair provides offline and online ways to make changes in their bookings. Here are the ways to process your change flight bookings.

Use Finnair Manage Booking To Change Flight Online

It is the most convenient method and allows travelers to adjust their booking from anywhere. 

Finnair Change Flight Online Process

1. Firstly, visit the Finnair website.

2. Click on the “Manage” option on the top menu.

3. After that, enter the booking reference number. Also, enter the family name.

4. Hit on the search button.

5. Now you can see your flight booking information.

Changing Travel Date For Your Finnair Flight

  • After retrieving the flight details, click on Change Flight. The option will be visible on your manage booking checklist only if you are eligible to make changes.  
  • Select ‘Finnair Change Fligh Date’ from the option.
  • On the screen, enter the new dates you want to travel on. 
  • After entering the dates, Finnair will show the available flights on that date. 
  • Choose the relevant flight. 
  • Pay the Finnair Change Flight Fee along with any fare differences.
  • You will receive a confirmation by mail.

Changing Travel Destination

Another change a traveler can make in their booking is the arrival city. Passengers having a round-trip booking can change their destination on their return flight only after completing the outbound trip as per the Finnair Change Flight Policy.

  • Passengers should quickly access the flight detail through above mentioned steps. 
  • Now, they should select the ‘change flight destination.’
  • Finnair will ask to enter a new destination. Enter the new destination.
  • It will show available flights to the new destination from the same departure city. 
  • Select the flight and pay the applicable charges to complete the request.

Call the Finnair Executive To Request Flight Change

Another method to make changes to your flights is getting in touch with the airline’s representative. However, it is not the quickest as the executives can be busy. 

  • Firstly, dial the Finnair change flight helpline number.
  • Follow the IVRS instructions to get in touch with the executive. 
  • After that, make a request to change the travel date/destination/ name.
  • Also, share the flight details.
  • The executive will tell you whether you are eligible to make changes or not.
  • If yes, they will process your request. Book your ticket on a new travel date or change the destination.
  • Pay the Finnar change flight fees and any fare differences.
  • You will receive a confirmation by mail.

Change Your Finnair Flight Directly At The Airport

If you are unable to make changes through phone or website, then you should visit the nearby airport. 

  • Find the Finnair airport counter. 
  • Talk to the executive at the desk and request them to make the necessary changes.
  • Also, share the flight details with the representative. 
  • They will process your request to amend the travel date, time, or destination.
  • Keep the credit/debit card ready to pay the applicable charges.
  • Once the payment is made, you will receive a confirmation by mail.

How To Change Finnair Flight After Check-In?

Yes. Passengers are eligible to change their Finnair flight ticket even after check-in. However, it depends on the ticket that a passenger has bought. However, the passenger who is willing to change the flight or wants to make destination changes have to cancel their check-in first. Here are the steps to cancel your check-in.

  • Go to the official website of Finnair. 
  • After that, select the check-in option from the top menu. 
  • Enter the booking reference number or e-ticket number.
  • You will be directed to a check-in page.
  • Finally, select the cancel check-in option.

Once your check-in is canceled, you are free to make flight changes.

What Happens If Finnair Changes Or Reschedules Your Flight?

There can be situations where airlines change your scheduled booking. It can be due to flight delay, cancellation by the airline, or denied boarding. In that scenario, Finnair will book you on the next flight. However, passengers can choose not to travel on the rebooked flight and claim compensation.

Finnair will provide meals and refreshments if there is a delay of more than 2 hours. It will also provide hotel accommodation for overnight delays.

For denied boarding against the will of the traveler, Finnair will compensate

  • 325 USD for a flight distance of fewer than 1500 kilometers. 
  • 525 USD for flights that travel between 1500 and 3500 km.
  • 725 USD for any flights with a 3500 km or more distance.

If a flight is canceled by Finnair, the compensation will be according to the Finnair Cancellation Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my Finnair flight date? 

Yes, you can change your Finnair flight date if your ticket allows you. You can use the manage booking feature to make the alterations quickly. 

How to change the destination in my booking through a call?

You can call +1 800 102 1233 to contact a live person. Share the flight details and request them to change the destination so that they can process your request and book you on a new flight to a new destination.

How long before I can change my Finnair flight?

You can change your Finnair flight before the scheduled departure. Moreover, Finnair allows changing your travel date up to 360 ahead. 

Does Finnair’s change flight policy applicable on all flights?

Finnair’s flight change policy is applicable to flights operated and marked by Finnair only. Also, it applies to all refundable and non-refundable fares.

How many times can a traveler make changes in their flights?

Finnair allows passengers to make changes in their flights once per passenger per flight. 

Does Finnair charge change fees?

Yes, travelers have to pay Finnair flight change fees for making travel date or destination changes. However, the fees vary according to the route and fare type. 

Can I make a flight change for free on Finnair?

Yes, you can make flight changes for free if you change the travel date, time, or destination within 24 hours of the booking period. 

What are the ways to make the Finnair flight change?

There are both offline and online ways to change your Finnair flight. You can use the official website, or mobile app, call the executive or also visit the airport counter.

Which fares are eligible for travel date change or flight change?

According to the Finnair Change Flight Policy, business and classic fare holders are eligible to make flight changes or date changes. However, Light fare holders are not eligible to make changes.

Can I make changes to rental cars and hotel bookings while changing the Finnair flight?

No, you cannot make changes to your rental car or hotel booking while changing the Finnair flight. The change flight policy strictly applies to flights only.

How do I change my flight on the Finnair app?

Open the Finnair app, and find the booking you wish to amend. Click on the change flights option and select the new flight to a different date. In last, pay the fare difference to confirm your booking.

How much is the change fee for Finnair flights traveling from USA and Canada?

Finnair charges $300 as a change fee for flights traveling to/from USA and Canada. 


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